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  • Gangs of Rome


    The Gangs of Rome

    The Servian Collegium
    Run by Appius Vitellius Scaurus Minor

    Originally referred to as the Servian Collegium after its founder, the Collegium is controlled and funded by a nobleman of considerable influence and financial means – one Appius Vitellius Scaurus Minor. Though the Collegium enjoyed the perks of being the undisputed top dog of the Roman underworld for decades, it is now on weak footing after fighting a bitter turf war for the better part of the past decade.

    The Collegium has a shaky truce with The Syndicate, and continues their grinding war against The Apolloni while being neutral with the other gangs. Their main sources of income are money-lending, and high-profile assassination contracts.

    The Syndicate
    Run by Marcellus Severus Minor

    Founded by Marcellus Severus, a plebeian equal parts insane and genius, the Syndicate went through its own period of weakness after Severus’ murder. The gang’s turf split between its captains who warred against one another, or joined in with rival gangs in attempts to call themselves Head of the Syndicate. Roughly five years ago, Severus Minor – Marcellus’ long-lost son – defeated the various would-be bosses and has claimed control of the gang for himself. They also dabble heavily in prostitution with Marcellus' wife, Titania Novella, owns the Domus Venus, the best brothel in Rome. They have both high and low end prostitution rings. 

    Though weaker than they have been in the past, the Syndicate still makes good profits from lucrative smuggling – particularly of grain and exotic imports from the east. They maintain a truce with the Collegium, are neutral with The Apolloni, and hostile with The Mandatum.


    The Mandatum
    Run by Oppia Nitra

    Originally founded as a sub-gang to the Syndicate, their loyalty broke upon the murder of Marcellus Severus. Seeing an opportunity before them, the Mandatum quickly snatched up pieces of the Syndicate’s territory as well as encroaching on their business of smuggling. They are involved in protection for businesses, and have been known to attack clients of other gangs if the need arise. They are equally matched with the Syndicate.

    They are hostile with The Syndicate, and maintain neutrality with the other gangs of Rome.


    The Lovers of Eris
    Run by Antonia Vitellia

    Though on the surface the women of Eris appear to be simple courtesans, they are much, much more. Controlled and funded by the very wealthy Equestrian noble Antonia Vitellia, The Lovers of Eris are trained in the arts of seduction, manipulation, espionage, and assassination. Their biggest commodity is information, and their biggest client (for information) has been the Caesars.

    Though technically not an organized mob-oriented gang with a “standing army” like the other gangs of Rome, The Lovers of Eris are at various times threatened by the other gangs of Rome. They maintain a careful balance of alliances with the other gangs to ensure their survival.

    Lupii of Roma
    Run by Titus Justinius Canicus Phiscerus

    Having remained neutral during the conflict between Clemens and Caesar. They offered support to Caesar. Neither favoured nor hated, they do Caesar's bidding. Typically they influence the racing games and the gladiatorial games. Because Justinius also owns a Ludus, this lends to the gang's ability to roll in the money in their original pursuit: betting scams.

    The Lupii make most of their money rigging the games that take place at the Ludus and, if they find it in their reach, at other game places as well. A partially-cut stirrup on a saddle, a dull sword instead of a sharp one and one man could make a fortune in the space of an hour. The only question, of course, is how much you're willing to pay for the sabotage...

    The Apolloni
    Run by Publius Suetonius Metellus

    Originally a splinter faction of The Collegium, The Apolloni have successfully chipped away at The Collegium’s powerbase over the past decade of Quintus Caesar’s rule. Led by Publius Suetonius Metellus (just called Metellus), they originally were funded by Clemens and took in several of his praetorian cronies after his fall from power (bolstering their numbers).

    The Apolloni are in a never-ending war with The Collegium, and maintain hostile relations with The Lovers of Eris. They are neutral with The Syndicate. Their main sources of income are extortion, ransom, gambling, and slavery.

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