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  • Create a character mask & Viewing Character List


    Create a Character Mask.


    1. First up make your Character Mask.
    2. You can go to the arrow in the top right.
    3. Click the upside down arrow.
      (( You may not have all the options seen here. Click Character at the bottom. ))

    4. image.thumb.png.e5e7165153cfaa58d3acfa5ca519c5bf.png
    5. Put in the name and submit. The rest of the options can be edited or changed later on.
    6. A staff member will verify your character mask and will let you know when it has been put in the right group,


    Viewing your account character masks. 

    (At this time, you cannot go to your OOC profile and go from there.) 

    1. Character masks are able to be viewed on a tab on your character account.
    2. Click here to see all your other character masks.




    Editing your character profile & add an avatar. 



    Click and a dropdown will allow you to edit. 

    and then,


    Posting with your character mask.

    1. postascharacter.PNG.e10bbcdf06b3c563f0d892859dd8d211.PNG





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