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  • Marriage & Divorce.


    Marriage & Divorce in Rome. 


    This has largely been simplified for the sake of AeRo.

    There are three main types of marriage in Ancient Rome during this time period. Confarreatio was reserved for the Imperials or the upper levels. Many conducted Coemptio or Usus styles of marriage. 

    These are;


    • Considered a public ceremony.
    • Ten witnesses.
    • Was religious in nature.
    • Only the children of parents married confarreatio were eligible.
    • b


    • gg



    The is also concubinage which is described as, "."

    Essentially, this was for a freedwoman (or a man) to live in a marriage like state if he does not have an uxor (or legal wife).

    <Name for slave marriage here>

    Was the marriage between slaves. Later <> 


    Inheritance & Kids.

    Children from <> were considered legal children. 

    Children from <> were not considered legal. 



    Divorce was done for the following reasons;




    Sources & References






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