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The AeRonian.

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AeRonian Issue 6.2019.



The AeRonian

Issue six 2019

Better late than never, eh? 😉

happy game of thrones GIF


Character Spotlight! 

Helenus played by Atrice!

Helenus is a cheeky bath slave and has stolen clothes in the past. Check him out! Hit Atrice up if you want to thread with him. 



Got a character you would like to nominate and why? PM me with it. (No I don't just want PMs.... okay, I do 😛 )


Senate in motion! 

Come and check out the different Senate factions here and add yourself to where your character aligns. 

The Senate thread is currently in motion and is open to members of the Senate only. Please reply and get the Senate rolling with us! This is a bit of a tester to see how we're going to be doing things in the future. 

Also give the Senate procedure thread a look. 


Lemuria! Roman Halloween! 

It is currently in motion here. Everyone is more than welcome to take part with the celebrations. Maybe your character will something or someone spooky? 

Check out the information if you need some information about what the event is. 


Events Organisation!

The most recent event will be on the left with two other categories. Current events are other events from this year and Old Events are ones from last year. Feel free to participate in both although keep in mind that time has moved on since then. 

Got a site event you would like to see? Post it here and who knows, it may appear! 


What is coming? 

We hope to get the gangs and the gladiators in motion. 

There is a clubs system with the software that would be excellent for this. Hopefully in a later issue you will see this being perfected and released into the community. 

Time change? 

It is happening on the sixth of this month. 

Be on the look out and remember to timestamp your threads accordingly. 


Skins and themes, oh my! 

A new theme is currently in the works and I have been listening to your feedback here. 

If you haven't already. Come and vote here, feel free to leave a comment. 


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