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Juggling RL and RPG



This is something I have been thinking about on and off. Basically, my RL has gotten more involved over time and I have not been able to dedicate the same amount of time I used to AeRo in years past. For one; it was unhealthy as fuck, and two; my life has a lot of other priorities and I want to keep RP as a hobby. A much beloved hobby, but, a hobby none the less. This is going to be a tad rambly and hopefully I will edit it before I post it. But I might not depending on how I am going at the time. I also deal with chronic illness and depression that can limit the amount of time I can dedicate to it. There will be times when I am quieter because I am dealing with those issues. 

I set hours for work related, study and AeRo in my calendar on my computer and write them into my journal. My calender near enough has every single activity that I need to do per day in it. E.g. Household chores, cooking, eating, rest time, hygiene, and social time. Yes, I have organised social time because I am perfectly happy being a hermit weirdo even if it is bad for me long term. It is a fairly loose system. 

Basically, I go by the following.

Do any apps need reviews? Yes. Do them. No? If it isn't Thursday. (My designation site updatey day and it isn't urgent? It can wait). 

Then I go by posts. Sometimes, I will go by character who I have been thinking about the most and then by who has been waiting the longest. Sometimes I need some time to think of how they would realistically react to whatever it was. I have a lot of characters (not as many as I used to though!) and some vary in their role in the site. Some were primarily just me wanting to play a character for fun (and there were times when I used to have to justify doing so). It made me realise how much I had turned AeRo into a job and a chore, in some cases before. It didn't end well. 


the lord of the rings GIF

^^  That is me when I do posts and other things. 



I try to be organised but unfortunately I am a creature of chaos. 

Being organised but flexible can really help muse and routine. 

RP is not a job. Don't treat it like one. 

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