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The AeRonian.

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AeRonian Issue 7.2019.




The AeRonian

Issue seven 2019

Half way through the year! Whoo! 

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Things have been busier than usual so I have been a bit behind with things. I'm also back at uni again and naturally that hits me like a bus to the face. There will still be issues of the AeRonian coming out.


New faces! 

We have plenty of new faces here with us. Welcome, welcome! Hope you enjoy being here with us and the community. 


What is coming! 

Influential people.

The section on Influential people of the past will be completed. We hope that this will help people to see the prominent characters of the past and help to give background about these characters. If you would like for your character to be connected to these characters, please let me know. 


Site Canons. 

They are going to be polished and perfected. If you see any inconsistencies that are associated with them, please let us know so these can finished as soon as possible. 


Family trees.

AeRo's families are all pretty big! Family trees will be coming to help with this. 


Chariot team leaders.

These will be up shortly to take along with some general wanted positions. 



At the moment there is no time frame when these things will be completed. Rest assured, they will be completed and there will be more things to sink your teeth into. Some other pieces of information will gradually be reworked and sorted out. 


Thread Roulette! 

Sign ups are finished and soon you will be assigned your RP partner! Let the fun begin! 

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If you have any ideas about what you would like to see here. Post below!

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