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The AeRonian.

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AeRonian Issue 8.2019.



The AeRonian

Issue eight 2019

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New character Mod functions! 

There has been a character mod update and it has brought with it some handy features.

We now have an automated Who's Who listing. Please check the character group to tell whether they have been accepted or not. 

Additionally, there are other handy features to be made aware of. 

Character Listing.

In the top right you are able to search the character's name. 

You can sort or filter it depending on your personal preferences. The unsorted member group is for characters who have not yet been accepted onto the site yet. 


Quick Applications for Events! 

Quick Applications!

These are disposable characters that are used for racing, gladiatorial games, and have a separate application for this purpose. 

Usually these characters end up dying or being maimed during or at the end of that particular event. These characters may use face claims but they are not able to 'hold' a face. 

If you decide that you would like to continue playing this character? Fill in the full application form to get them underway and wait for the usual application review process. 


Gladiator and Racing team information! 

We have made some edits to the information associated with the Gladiator teams.

However, most importantly, the Racing teams have been updated and added onto with more information about the current factions. 

Please be sure to update me about which faction your racing person or Ludii related person is a part of. 



There is currently a push to get the gladiators underway. 


We have the information available here along with the racing canons. For the purpose of AeRo RP, regular horse racing has been added into the chariot racing teams as well. 

Thanks to @Gil for the racing information! 


Gladiatorial bouts! - How they are to be decided! 

We are currently working out how these matches will be decided. Stay tuned for the next issue for more information on them. 


The F.A.Q needs you! 

Check out our F.A.Q to see if there are any questions you would like to be added to the listing. 

Checking the F.A.Q is a great way to double check things before coming to a member of staff with your question. If your answer is not there though, please feel free to message one of us. 


The Clubs feature! 

The clubs feature is now able to have characters linked to it! 

We're sorting through how we're going to use them. Stay tuned for more information to come about how we will be managing it. 


Information and Edits!

If you think some information needs to be added or edited to the site information. Please ask the staff if it is okay prior to doing so and the information will be reviewed by staff prior to being posted on the site. In the past there have been incidents were members have added information that clashed with existing site information and/or would give incorrect information to other site members. 🙂 

Also! Are there any parts of the timeline you would like to be expanded on? Any information you think would be helpful? Please let us know so we can fill it in. 


Canons to be made available once more!

The following canons will be made available once more;

  • Junia Silana.
    Related to the Juni-Silani clan. There is a chance she would currently be married or would have re-married after Junus. 
  • Titus Flavius Caesar Alexander.
    The second of the Roman princes. Eldest surviving son of Quintus. 
  • Appius Vitellius Scaurus.
    Leader of the Servian Collegium. Senator. He has children and other family members available. 
  • Imperiosa Acuelonis. 
    Mother of Titus Flavius Caesar Alexander. 
  • Livia Lucretina
    Noblewoman of Rome. 


If you are interested in playing any of these canons. Please send message the person who is responsible for the information, and organise backstories, etc. 

Also please note that if you are having trouble IRL or issues playing a character. Please let the staff know so we can offer help or you are welcome to take a hiatus if needed. Please take the time to post on the Absence board to let people know you are going on a hiatus and when you expect to return to the site. 


That's all for now, AeRos! 

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