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Character Clothing: Claudia Gaia



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Gaia was a character that I never thought I would get into. She was one of my, "well, throw her into the world and see where she ends up!" and I got to say, her story has surprised me. Gaia or Χρυσανθη (Chrysanthe) started her life as a poor farm girl in Greece. However, in AeRo, her story began as a slave when she was given as a gift to Manius (one of Claudius' heirs and his nephew) by Archaita, Manius' mother. Essentially, she was supposed to be some entertainment for him. She was 15/or 16 depending on what was changed. Her innocence and sexuality were both two things that drew Manius to her, and gave her freedom, marriage, etc. 

Despite his passing, she has always had a lustful streak and it is shown in her clothing. Her hair is often loose, untied and it is not uncommon to see her wearing a simple chiton. Free flowing, relatively casual, and I want to describe Gaia as a bit of a free spirit through her clothing. 

When she does dress up, this is normally how her hair tends to be. 



Later on, I will do Corinthia's as well so there is a bit more of a comparison between mother and daughter. Earlier, much of Gaia's clothing was a symbol of how out of water she was when it came to dealing with the wealthy members of Rome. In comparison to now? She wears these pieces of clothing because she wants to. 


Some examples of Gaia's clothing. (Yes, I know these are modern. These are more ideas, inspo so 😛 )








That is all I can think of for Gaia. 

I hope you like checking out this piece on Gaia's clothing choices and glimpse into her personality. 😄 



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