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Travels #1: Side



Due to a case of wanderlust combined with clinical depression and a circadian rhythm disorder, I like to travel to sunny spots when possible. Some of these spots end up being places that were once a part of the Greco-Roman world.

This time I visited Side, in the southern coast of Turkey. Back in the day it was an important settlement in Pamphylia, much plagued by pirates until Pompey gave them the boot. Here's a few pictures of the remaining ruins:


Temple of Apollo







Agora and Temple of Tyche


Public baths, which house the local museum


A beautifully decorated sarcophagus. The marble is so polished I thought it was alabaster at first.


Milestone from Republican times with inscriptions in both Latin and (Ancient) Greek. I saw only one other stone artifact with inscriptions in both languages, everything else was in Greek - which, of course, makes perfect sense given the region.


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Beautiful pictures, Liv! ❤️ 

Thank you for sharing them with us. What was your favourite place to visit? 

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I'm the point-and-shoot variety of photographer, so I'm glad you think they're nice!

Of all Greco-Roman places I've been to, it's a tie between Rome itself and Pompeii. The former for its variety, the latter for the glimpse into daily life it provides. It's really hard to choose! 

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