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The AeRonian.

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AeRonian Issue 9.2019.



The AeRonian

Issue 9 2019

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Gladiatorial Games! 

Are currently open!

Feel free to come and watch the bloodshed. 

Imperials & Senators in one area.

And the lower classes in another! 


Advertising/General Mod! 

The AeRo staff team is currently looking for someone to join our team to help with Advertising and events. 




Next Senate Meeting! 

This part of the Senate thread is wrapped up.

Characters within the Senate are more than welcome to attend this one whether or not they attended the first one. It is likely they would have heard bits and pieces of what went on via the grapevine. 

If you are stuck on the Senate thread or proceedings. Check out these threads to help you get a feel for things.  

Other Senate Meetings will include; 
- The situation in Germania.
- Matters concerning the East with the Seleucids. (Slower build up with this one.) 

If you have any ideas or things you would like for the Senate. Let us know and we will check them out.


Hiatus member group! 

The staff have reviewed the rules that have been put in place concerning activity.  Basically, RL kicks people in the butt sometimes and people need a break.

What we ask of you is to keep in touch with us and answer questions you may have concerning what happens with your characters. While people will do their best to keep you in the loop. Please remember threads and plots may move on without you. 

Members can request that their accounts go under hiatus for any reason. Please DM or PM a staff member to let them know and make sure to post a notice on the Away board as well. 

At this time there is no time limit for how long a member can be under Hiatus. 



The Clubs!

We are more actively using the clubs feature for the collegia, racing factions and the ludi. We're still trying out this feature and getting used to it all. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know!

Also please note, members are welcome to join the clubs but please keep character memberships for characters who are actually involved in that particular faction. 🙂 


The Collegia Info! 

We have updated the gangs areas of expertise, made some edits and clarified things.  Loosely these are the changes that have been made; 

The Mandatum focus on protection for businesses. 

The Syndicate focus on a mixture of prostitution and violence. 

The Apolloni are focused on more low level violence. 

The Wolves of Roma are focused on betting scams. 

The Servian Collegium are focused more on high profile targets. 


The Timeline regards to canon

Okay, this has come up a couple of times. The Timeline is currently being revised to make the system and events easier to follow.

 However, the Timeline is what is considered site canon and any threads that may differ are not. If you would like to request a change to the Timeline you may do so in private, however, there may be reasons why something was changed and the staff will consider your request. We will let you know if it has been added or not.


Other relations

There has been some interest in borders well beyond Rome. At the moment, we are focusing on plots centered around <> and <>. However people from <> are welcome so long as they are merchants. There are no plans to expand this. (need more)


Featured Canons! 

Prince Titus is currently available and it would be fantastic to have him in play. 

Titus Flavius Caesar Alexander.

Suggested Face claim: Alfred Enoch.
Age & Birth Position. 17 (b. 57 CE), Eldest son.
Position: Potential Heir, Caesar's son.
Parents: Q. Flavius Caesar Alexander Augustus & Imperiosa Acuelonis
Other family: Twin brother, Cneaus Flavius Alexander Gemellus (deceased). Half-sister, Flavia Caesaris (goes by Rutiliana) and half-brother, Drusus. Adopted brother, Tiberius.
Personality: Very outgoing and generally loved by the people. He's not a cruel young man by any means, but he does have a certain pride to the way he presents himself -- he enjoys his station as the son of Caesar and thinks it's a given that he will be the next emperor. He enjoys spending time with his uncles -- Scaurus Alexander most of all (because he's youngest) -- and also is good friends with Marcus Silanus.
History: Raised half with his grandmother, Annthea and his father in Rome. However his mother was still a regular part of his life. He had an excellent education and was incredibly close to his deceased brother. During the civil war he went to live with his father and returned to Rome when he was victorious.
Ultimate Goal: To rule Rome.
Other information: Has mixed Roman, Greek, Egyptian and African origins.
Who to contact: Gothic and Chris.

Please message @Chris if you are interested 


Christianity & Other religions. 

On AeRo there are some differences from what happened earlier in religion but here are some pointers to make in regards to AeRo. 

We have information written up here for you to view



Art of AeRo! 

This is a reminder to the community that you are more than welcome to make character art and other works to stick in the gallery. 

Check it out here!



Members are welcome to use the Blogs feature to create their own blogs. Primarily, it is near enough a free-for-all. However, please do not use it as an oppurtunity to talk negatively about AeRo's community (I doubt anyone would ever do it.) or another community. Ideas for possible blogs are; cooking, RPing, historical facts, etc. 


Happy Holidays and End of the year! 

Thank you to everyone who came with us to IPS and to those no longer with us. 

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays! I hope everyone enjoys the holidays and will be joining us in the new year. 

Okay, this was published later than I expected  but happy New Year!

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