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The AeRonian.

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The AeRonian Issue 2




The AeRonian

Issue Two (April)

A month in! 

arden myrin regina sinclair GIF by Insatiable

Way to go, AeRos!

Are we all surprised that I kept up with the AeRonian? 😛  I know I am. 


Upcoming Events! 

Lupercalia is coming up and Sarah has put down Tiberius as a candidate. 

Do you have a man who you think would be suitable to run naked through the streets of Rome and strike ladies with a bloody piece of skin from a sacrificed goat? Nominate him here and we can get rolling! 

We have the opener for the Senate thread in the works. 


More characters! 

We have so many new characters that have been brought to the community! I love reading the apps and seeing them get involved in plots with everyone. 


Canons and Wanteds! 

Feel free to check out the site canons and the wanteds!

These are a great way to get involved with the community off the bat.


New features!

Members are now able to change their display name once every seven days. 



Members are free to post statuses on the site. 

You can also post messages (and gifs!) on people's profiles, too. 


Time-stamping threads! 

It looks like people have been forgetting to do this recently. Remember to add in the Month and year at the top of the first thread. This helps to keep a track of threads. During the archiving process, it gets added in as a tag to make things easier to find. 

When your thread is done poke me on the request threads archived/moved to be archived. 



Do you have any suggestions for things? Let me know! Feel free to send a PM, a DM, or contact me through the private staff contact board

Also feel free to comment on this, too.

We have a few more things up our sleeves to unveil to you next time. 😉 


Looking forward to writing the next one and have a good one!

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