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Mood-setting Music



I generally don't have music on when I write these days, but I do have (and keep wanting to expand) a playlist of various soundtracks I like listening to when I want something to set the mood. And I thought you guys might like them, too. Links will be to Amazon UK but they're digital so you ought to be able to get them where you are. If anyone knows of any others, let me know!

HBO's Rome - not sure if this is available as a download from Amazon, I had to go hunting for somewhere to purchase it and now can't remember the site :( There are a bunch of places where you can stream it, though, like last.fm. I believe you can purchase a download of it here.

Europa Universalis Rome soundtrack - from a video game but an excellent score. You'll recognise some of the tracks if you've watched my AeRo vids.

Rome Total War - another soundtrack from a video game, another one I really like (especially tracks like Barbarian Victory, for some reason).

Domina - music from the Amazon series, really good

Gladiator - the soundtrack from the Russell Crowe film. By Hans Zimmerman, some of it is a bit reminiscent of his later work on Pirate of the Caribbean, but it's still heart-rendingly good

Pompeii - really good score for what was a pretty mediocre film. The track 'My people were horsemen' always makes me think of Azarion and Jason, I can't think why!

Coliseum - don't know whether this is from a video game or a foreign language film or TV series, but the music is pretty decent. The first couple of tracks are reminiscent of sword and sandal epics from the 50s and 60s but that's OK.

SPQR; SPQR II; SPQR III and SPQR IV by David Chas - some really good atmospheric music for Roman stuff (also check out his Bandcamp page for some Celtic/Anglo-Saxon and Viking mood-setting music if you want to explore further stuff than just 'Roman' themed music) His page now includes SPQR V

Enemy of Rome - another one with some really atmospheric tracks (I particularly like Victory.)

Glory of Rome - very short album but still pretty good

Attila the Hun - just added; another one with a very similar feel and mood to the rest on this list

Back on Bandcamp is Imperium from Atomic Music Audio, which I haven't listened to all the way through yet, but is pretty good from what I've heard.

And available from Amazon is Radix by Heimis - I had an issue with the download of this thanks to receiving an incorrect link which was sorted out really quickly by Amazon's customer service. I don't know if that was just the link I got or is somehow endemic with this download so be warned. (Customer service was really good once I explained the issue!)

As ever, I will update this if I get more music in a similar vein!

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