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The AeRonian

Issue 3, 2019.



Whoo hoo!

funny birthday GIF by happy-birthday


The site has now been around since 2008! 

Thank you to all the members and past members for making the site such a memorable one! 



Down memory lane.....

Some of my most fond memories of AeRo is meeting and making friendships with people around the world. Many who still check in on us and see how we are doing. I am happy that the community has grown and in many ways, grown with us. Many of the lessons I have learned, friendships I have made, and skills will be with me for a lifetime. Many of us have grown up with the site. I am so grateful to have had it and all of you in my life.❤️  

Feel free to comment on the thread with any happy memories that you have with the site. 

We also have a range of old banners available to be viewed in the gallery here! 





Deceased characters in play?

Yep! You can app and play deceased characters although there are some conditions. 

  •  They must be played on the Back in time board and the AU board only.
  • You need to check with permission beforehand to see if you can play that character. 
  • Be aware that generally you need to have played that character in a past version of AeRo to play them. Especially if they are a canon. 
  • The Deceased characters use black and white avatars (much angst!) and do not hold any face claims. 
  • They go through the same application process. 


Check out Flavia Lucilla Augusta and Titus Imperios Acuelo Gurges as examples! 



I am artiste!

There are some features with the software that I don't think everyone knows about. We have the gallery feature where members are welcome to post memes and things about their characters, pictures, and their artwork, too.

We also have a showcase of AeRo over the years for you to check out. 





Blog for me, bb.

Atrice made a blog already. Come and check it out. 

Members are welcome to create their blogs. Think of it like your development board. Do you want to show what kind of dresses your characters wear? Notes and bits? Facts about Rome? Feel free! 



The IC consuls for the year are!

Marcus Aemilius Scaurus Alexander and Marcus Valerius Maximus (available as a wanted)



The Lupercalia has begun! 

There is an opening and a setting thread for you to check out to get an idea about what is happening. 

Tiberius, the prince and Titus, Cousin of Caesar are both the youths going to do the running. 

Players will be able to take part in the main thread and have side threads, too. 

We also require ladies who wish to be struck with the pieces of bloody lamb skin. It is for fertility! 



Old events?

They can still be posted in and enjoyed. Thank you to everyone who participated in them!❤️  



Ideas for events?

Got an event you would like to see? Poke me about them and we will see if we can get it rolling. 



A date?

Please make sure you remember to add in the month and year onto your threads.  It can either be done at the top of the first post or using the tag system. This helps with organising and archiving threads by the Historia account. If you're stuck on when it happens, you can put the loose time period. Jan-March instead. 



Months ahead! 

We will be moving from Jan-March to April - June

This will take place on the 20th of April. 

Got threads still in the past? No worries! Keep going with them until they are complete. 



In the house or a business?! 

Would you like a house/business? Come and post here to get one.

There are some guidelines for you to check out too. 



Finished a thread? Or want it moved?

Reply here and it shall be so! 



The Registry! 

Okay, say you need to rush around to find when someone got married since the RP began, or a divorce, or when someone was born? Don't wanna flail around through tags and wailing? 

This is your saviour! 

I present the Births, Deaths, Marriages, Divorces, and Events Registry! 

Did anything big happen? Reply to the thread and you in about a years time will thank you! 😄  



Don't forget to reply with those memories! 😉

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I am still very much a newbie but I just wanted to say the memories I DO have are lovely ones! Gothy you have always been so kind, so helpful and so upbeat! Thank you for all the hard work you have poured into this site. It really shows! I know there are others a bit more "behind the scenes" - Chris and Anna. Thank you guys too! I really appreciate having a great place to RP this is so interesting, so friendly and so supportive! All the players here are amazing!


Rock on Aero! Another deacde? Easy peasey!! 😄

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I too am relatively new to this game, but I love the friendly, welcoming community and the sense of light-hearted fun that permeates the writing. I am still puzzled as to what it is about ancient Rome that attracts so many antipodeans - myself included - but I am looking forward to weaving many stories here with everyone! Gothy, Chris and Anna have put an amazing amount of effort into building a delightful game; no surprises it's going strong after eleven years. Here's to more of the same!

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I think I've been on AeRo on/off since 2012 and you know how much I love this place. I love that this is a board where you're always welcomed back and there has been very little drama over the many years. Everyone's just happy to plot and post with each other and there is no pressure from you amazing admins. So there's my praise for Aeterna Roma 😛

Good old Lexus (now Lucius Antonius Alexius) I think is the first character I ever made here and he has really developed a lot from the beginning... and his story continues, so there's no knowing when or how it'll all end. It's fun to see especially "old" characters develop and see what has happened from the time I joined and until now 🙂 

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Happy birthday to the site and thank you to all the old hands and mods who have kept the place thriving for over 10 years!

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It's crazy to think I've been writing and developing as a writer here for over a decade. Like... wow haha.

Love AeRo, always have. Even through my crazy developments in life, it's been great to make friendships and grow as a writer and be able to get completely lost in my love for ancient Rome / history. Huge thanks to everyone who's ever been a part of the site, and especially those members who pushed me to improve my writing and RPing skills.

My first character was in 2008, named Atticus and based off a mix of Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird and also Atticus the brand by the dudes in Blink-182 ha. He transformed into Renius Suetonius Metellus and I had some good fun with him. I've always been one to put my characters through struggle, and kill them off. I've honestly lost track of how many characters I've killed - but pretty much all of them! 😛

Here's to another 11 years! (When I'll be over 40 😮)

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