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The Roman Burger



Roman Burgers!

Hello everyone and welcome to a new edition of Atrice's blog!

I was inspired by the chat on Discord, where someone linked to an article on the ancient Roman burger... and I can tell you all to make it at home, because it tastes quite good. I have made the Roman burger at home a few times (it's our Lupercalia food, it seems). The burgers are called Isicia Omentata. I use Apicius' recipe - Apicius was a Roman gourmet who wrote down a number of recipes from his era and the recipes and cookbook has been preserved until today. You can find a recipe - along with many other interesting ancient Roman recipes right here: Antique Roman Dishes. A friend of mine is also rather fond of the melon salad just below the burger recipe. I prefer to use minced pork, but you can use any kind of meat you want, since the recipe does not mention which kind. I'm sure it would be good with beef too. I prefer to eat them in a bun, but you can do however you like, because we don't know if they ate them like we eat burgers today (in a bun) or if it was a side dish or just on their own. You could also bake the Pompeii bread (look it up on Google) and serve with the burgers. 


Bon Appetit!


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Some day we should have an Aero cook out where we all do a Roman dish from Apicus' recipes and post pics and critiques! Thanks for sharing Atrice!

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Sort of unrelated, but not, I was on an rp site once where about once a month they had a "bake off" and there would be a recipe chosen and anyone could try it out and post pics of the results (and they could post about what they thought of the recipe and the fianl product etc) and then people would "vote" for their favorite (which of course was based on the "presentation"). Once the recipe was posted, you had like...a week...to do it. Maybe more - I can't recall. The recipes weren't historical or anything. But it was a fun way to just have something to chat about and share ideas about baking, etc.




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That could be a lot of fun @Gil with an ancient Roman cook-out of sorts. I've been wanting to try and make his pancakes for a while and I also need to test that melon-salad that my friend says is good. I've also once made Conditum Paradoxum, which is a sweet and spiced wine drink from Rome - it's good too! 🙂

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