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  2. "Run away." What dream do you remember most vividly? What happened?
  3. Sara

    Carpe Diem

    Charis swallowed, and nodded with a sigh. "Remembering it hurts though." She offered a weak smile. But Cynane was right - to forget was as awful as being complicit here. She was a free woman, a married woman and she should never forget the slight that had been inflicted on her. Waving a hand, as if trying to brush past it - because whilst she should remember, she shouldn't do so now - she offered a sigh and a shrug of her shoulders. "Let's not remember it right now...life is so miserable here, I don't want to make it any worse." And she meant it, dredging up the past now would serve them no good. She grinned then, as Cynane agreed to her plan. It had been a daydream, a fantasy (how simple her fantasies had become!) but at Cynane's affirmation, her smile beamed. "Really?!" She laughed. Gods how she wished to watch the sun go down, drinking and laughing, joking and gossiping with a friend amongst nature. Glancing about, realising her exuberance had garnered her some stares from passers-by, she bit her lip to stop the smiling. They had neared the markets now and the amount of people was overwhelming. Quickly her hands went to the little coin purse hanging from her belt. It contained almost nothing, just enough to buy a honey-cake for each of them. She'd been saving. "I...can't afford to get wine." She winced and shrugged her shoulders, "But I can get you a honey-cake and we can still go to the gardens...? Nobody will miss me I'm sure." For some reason, she simply didn't care if they did. TAG: @Atrice
  4. "I would like to meet my sister again... and any children of mine." What do you desire to do, that you should not long for?
  5. She was quite pleased that she managed to avoid Thessla’s attack at her and wanted to be attacked again. And well, she’d heard the name Pluto mentioned before and she knew it was a Roman god, but that’s about all she knew. It wasn’t like any new slave was trained in Roman mythology and worship. Slaves were just slaves. Thessala seemed surprised with the question, wondering where Rana came from. “Germania.” She said simply, “Two winters ago.” She added, while the other paused and considered how to attack. And then it came, faster than the first time and for some reason, she made the same move! Rana managed to jump back again, but Thessala came closer and swung the sword at Rana’s sides. She fought to defend herself, but Thessala’s plan worked and Rana ended up with her back against the wall. “Enough!” She said, didn’t want Thessala to beat her up now she had the chance. She was certainly quite fierce! And Rana would have to not just leap backwards to escape and cheat, she would have to be more creative next time. “How am I doing?” She asked, hoping the other would step away and give her some space, so that they could start over. @Chevi
  6. He was almost finished now. He couldn’t do much more than what he’d done… it was nice then, that the patron enjoyed the conversation too. He said how he was lucky to have a job that paid him well and allowed him to meet interesting people. Helenus couldn’t help but smile, when the man looked up at him. Then the patron went on about how amazing the baths were, but then added that he didn’t know what it was like working here… Helenus ran his hands up over the patrons shoulders, giving them a small squeeze, “I’m done with your massage now.” He said, while still considering if and how he should respond. He was not supposed to speak ill of the baths, but most Romans only saw the beauty of the places. They didn’t see the slave quarters, they didn’t live and work in a building with constant moist air and slippery floors… and they didn’t consider that the water wasn’t changed as often as they thought. The slaves would sometimes get sick. Helenus was lucky he hadn’t fallen that sick yet, although he felt what the moist air did to his breathing sometimes. “You’re quite fortunate, that you get to come here as a patron, Dominus.” Helenus finally said, attempting to sound cheerful, while he had a hand ready if he should help the man up to sit again, “Is there anything else I can do for you?” @Chevi
  7. Atrice

    Carpe Diem

    Cynane hated how the Romans turned the British and so many other people into slaves. Sure they had slaves in Britannia too and sometimes they were captives from battles, but more often it was people unable to pay a debt or they had been traded between tribes as a token. Or they were just the lowest in the society… it wasn’t like here, where the Romans decided they had the right to be superior to everyone they conquered, and they decided who’d live and die and who would be free and who would be a slave. She felt so sorry for Charis. The other woman apologized for making Cynane feel what she felt, and then she said how she should not dwell on the past… “Sometimes it’s hard to not dwell on the past. I still haven’t forgotten. If you forget what you had before… they have truly won.” She said to the younger woman, because that’s what she believed. They could own her body and give her orders, but her dreams and memories were hers and hers alone. She changed the subject though, as they were going to the market for honey-cakes and she felt the mood wasn’t all too good now. Charis agreed how the honey cake sounded good, and then went on about how she hoped to go the gardens in Rome at some time. Cynane gave her a smile, “Maybe we have time today. If we hurry. Honey cakes and wine sounds so good…” She could not remember that she had a good time outside of a household like this, in Rome, at any given time. But now she had a chance… “Should we do it?” @Sara
  8. Guest

    Chasing Fireflies

  9. Match 1 (Domus Venus) Claudia Gaia Titiana Novella “Don’t ask me why I do these things, because I genuinely have no idea either.” Match 2 (Aedes Bona Dea) Seia Imperia Rufia Flavia “If I’m awake before noon, I’ll be surrounded by people more awake than I am. Do I really want that?” Match 3 (Circus Maximus) Lexus Naevius Gineverus Tiberius Claudius Sabuchius “Look, do I have a reason to lie to you? I really don’t.” Match 4 (Emporium Magnum) Rufus Aenaes “Next time you’re around, we’re gonna fight. You hear me?” Match 5 (Domus Augustana) Volusa Pinaria Lucretia “Stop telling me what to do when you don’t know the other side of the story. It’s just bad advice at that point.” Match 6 (Domus Venus) Justina Gaius Fabius Maximus “We should probably stop telling people we’re good at this. It’s a little embarrassing when they watch us fail.” Match 7 (taberna Bacchus' cup) Felix Appius Cornelius Scipio “Running never got me anymore meaningful, but anything was better than staying there, you know?” Match 8 (Domus Augustana) Oriana Laecania Jullus Flavius Alexander “I was letting you come to your senses, but I see that hasn’t happened yet.” Match 9 (Poppina via Lata) Aia Vibia “I’ve never heard of something so pretentious, ever. Wow.” Match 10 (Castrum Cohortes Vigiles) Thessala Charis “Why would you give them a knife? We’re doomed.” Match 11 (Porticus Liviae) Paulus Annius Faventinus Sulpicia L Venusiana Show your solidarity by throwing your sandals out the window too. It’s only fair. Match 12 (Aedes Vesta) Pontia Comina Valeria Maxima “Why do we do this to ourselves? Why?” March 13 (Thermae Mercurai) Helenus Flavia Juliana Stop singing to the creatures in the sea. They have no mercy to offer you. March 14 (Naumachia Augusti) Teutus Lucius Caecilius Metellus Maybe I wasn’t clear last time. I said that if you came around here again, you’d have to deal with me. Guess you get to see what that entails.” Match 15 (Emporim Magnum) Quintus Flavius Theodorus Spurius Antius Claudus “Nothing is more important to me than sleep. Except, maybe, myself? Or money. One of the two.” Match 16 (Circus Maxima) Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus Cornelia Scipionis “Some would say I’m a genius. Others… well, they’re wrong.” Match 17 (Flavian Colosseum) Rana Horatia Pulvilla I work miracles only sometimes. The rest of the time, I hope that I don’t fail.
  10. Aulus was of the opinion that the Romans should rule by military might. If they fed the poor of Rome (never mind offering housing and education!), then eventually the poor in the rest of Italia, and the provinces beyond, would come to expect the same treatment. And that could not be sustainable by any means! He was not utterly against the proposal, despite his natural inclinations, however. "Most excellent Augustus, and my fellow Senators," he began, when it was his turn to speak. "This seems to be an admirable proposal, although I have two reservations: Where are the funds to come from - if the rest of the Empire is to pay for this and receive nothing themselves, that will foster unrest, especially in provinces such as Judea and Britannia. Secondly, are these benefits to be given out to our poorest citizens with no regard for a return? I would propose some method to ensure that those who could afford to pay even something would be expected to do so." He sat down again so that the discussion could be taken up by the next Senator. @Brian (for Lucius)
  11. Gothic

    Eyes on me

    His eyebrows raised in amused surprise when Helios blocked his path. Well, well, well..... someone was getting pretty bold. Marcus did not step back and instead stepped forward so they were both chest to chest. Perfectly happy to barge Helios out of the way when he wanted to leave. It meant Oriana had decided to take things to the next level, and that would be her final action. Already there were too many people who knew his business. Or wanted to know his business for whatever reason. His eyes narrowed briefly with suspicions concerning Helios' motives. "Goldylocks, you are as transparent as your hair is fabulous." He answered set of prying questions. However, Helios also always flirted with him. So perhaps, he could have seen more than he would have realised. The next question caught him a little off guard. Marcus was not above violence in order to protect someone that he loved nor cared for. Yet it never came out of the blue. "Harm her?" He asked with a raised eyebrow, now that was interesting and that encouraged him to ask one of his own. "And what could you possibly mean by that?" @Atrice
  12. "None, unless you include all Romans as my children." Is there anyone you would like to meet?
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  14. After Titus Faustinus had declared the official start to the meeting, Quintus gave a nod to the senior statesman and then took the floor for himself. There was a moment of silence, as he looked around the Curia to examine the faces of the men in attendance. He could remember in years past when the Senate had been almost empty of notable men and families - some because the families had been exiled or nearly wiped out, some because their scions had retired for fear of their safety, and some because they did not wish to be seen openly defying the will of less-than-understanding emperors. Quintus had spent a great deal of time extending leniency to the senatorial class, while also maintaining a balance with the rising upper-equestrians. A military man through-and-through, this day he was to speak of a social matter closer to home. "Gratias, Faustinus," he said to the Princeps Senatus, and then returned his attention to the sitting senators. "Senators, there are a great many matters of discussion open to us. Indeed, I have been busy these past weeks with reports coming in from the east and from the limes about the movement of the Graeci against the Parthians, and the Germani against one another. As Romans we have for a long time cast our eyes out to other lands, our focus on the next conquest, or the next piece of glory we can claim for mother Roma. It is in our blood, one could say, for us to spill the blood of others." He paused, turning his gaze to the other side of the Curia. "Yet, ten years ago it was neither the blood of the Germani nor the blood of Parthians we were spilling, but the blood of fellow Romans, fellow citizens of our great empire. I was not present in our great city when the tyrant Clemens took power, and I was not witness to the atrocities he committed. Though I know the severity of the reports I heard in Asia were enough to fill me with a resolution to secure and protect my beloved homeland. Had I been able to take a road to Rome that was free from bloodshed, that spared the lives of my fellow Romans, I surely would have. Alas, the fates saw to influence more ambitious men to lesser actions, and battle could not be avoided. There is not a day that passes where I do not lament the loss of my brothers-in-arms, even as they plied those arms against me. For they believed they were fighting for Rome, however misguided they might have been. "Here in our city, men and women fought and died. In Italia they did as well. Not only our soldiers, but our people. I, too, suffered the loss of my oldest son, a wound I share with many of you. Now, a decennium and more after we have peace, there is again a need to protect that which is ours. Yet before we can march against outward enemies, we must first look inward at our future. "We cannot speak to the Glory of Rome and marvel at our marble architecture and triumphal arcs without taking a closer look at the naked and starving orphans hiding in the shadows of those same structures. Those children are the future of Rome, yet what future do they have when they have little choice but to live as beggars?" Caesar paused, surveying the Curia once again before continuing. "I am proposing an alimenta - a nourishment - of our Italian homeland. To provide food, education, and housing for the poor and the disenfranchised children and their caretakers so that we might strengthen the heart of our homeland, and bring hope to its future. Any and all ideas and suggestions for the implementation of such a program are welcomed." With that, Caesar returned to his seat and the floor was open again. ((OOC: If there are any questions about this, send myself or one of the other staff members a PM or message on Discord.))
  15. Sara

    Midnight Games

    "I missed certain parts of you." She acquiesced with a little grin, "But your talking is not one of those parts." She was jesting. She'd found few decent conversationalists in the Venus - or rather - few that she enjoyed the company of. Marcus was a rare exception and certainly brightened up what could often be a decidedly monotonous existence. She eyed him in silence as he spoke, trying to gauge him. Absently her fingers went to the rich gold necklace she had forgotten to take before she had collapsed onto her pallet. It had cost her most of her wage of the previous month but what women didn't enjoy the finer things in life? Still, she concentrated carefully on him. "Of course I've seen you." She rolled her eyes, "And my pretty little head knows that you keep all of us lovely flowers safe but...is that...it?" She offered a little laugh, perhaps cruelly and dismissively. Vibia had a shockingly high opinion of herself given her own station, and it was only natural she held those in her life to the same standards. Amused, she pulled her hand away from his and folded her arms across her chest. Tilting her head to the side, she arched a brow. "A grown man and all he does to earn his glory is...guard some rowdy whores?" She laughed again, cruelly and arched a brow. She liked to goad others, but sometimes didn't realise the sharpness of her own tongue. TAG: @Gothic
  16. Sara

    Years Apart

    "Aia." Charis repeated, as if trying it out for size, mouthing it to herself silently again. Occasionally she stole a glance at the other woman, now with her modesty preserved the young Briton felt less awkward, and she still couldn't quite believe that the scrawny young man was now here...sat in front of her...and decidedly feminine. Nonetheless, she listened with patience and couldn't help the shadow of a smile that crossed her lips. "You were never a very good teacher...if you were I would have been able to speak Latin and would have been sold for a lot more...poor children." She joked, feeling a bit of her lost vigour return. "But that sounds nice." She added almost wistfully, before glancing at her companion with a frown. "But what made you leave the legions? You just...left...did you come back here after?" Charis was too proud to admit she had been hurt by the sudden absence of somebody she had considered a friend. Or at least an amusing acquaintance. Shrugging thin shoulders, a flush coloured her cheeks, as if embarrassed by her newfound circumstance. Self consciously, she wrapped the towel further around her shoulders. "Again...you don't need to be sorry, I don't need your pity..." She said stiffly, because she knew if she let the emotion in it would drown her. Awkwardly, she continued, but kept her gaze away from Aia. "When they first put me in the cage...even when I was here, and sold I thought that they'd listen to what happened and release me, send me back." she swallowed and cast a cautious look up at the older woman. "But that's not very likely...is it?" She needed somebody to be honest, for once. TAG: @Chevi
  17. Sharpie

    Brian's plotter.

    @Brian - sorry on the delayed reply! I'm definitely open to a thread with Aulus - now that you've got Gaius up and running, would that work? Perhaps Gaius wants to network with an older senator or something?
  18. I just finished reading an Inspector Lynley crime/murder mystery - "This Body of Death" - which happened to turn around the discovery of some Roman loot in the New Forest of England. So that was kind of fun! I've never watched the TV show (BBC?) made from the books. But I can HIGHLY recommend the entire series of books by Elizabeth George. (If you like contemporary "murder mysteries")
  19. DIFFERENT WORLDShttps://imgur.com/AunMWwZ.jpeg] Different Worlds is a multi-fandom premium Jcink role-playing forum. What makes us different than other multi or pan-fandoms is the fact that most of our fandoms are kept seperate. They have their own storylines, and members are given full creative freedom. We are a fun, laid back community invested in having fun above all else. We are active on our discord where we vote on new fandoms that are to be added to the board, or discuss fandoms we'd like to remove. Everything is member driven and we work together. Index Current Fandoms Rules and Guidelines Wanted First Link Link Back Home
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    Midnight Games

    There was no way anyone could consider Vibia could be ugly. She was still as beautiful as the day he met her, and knew that there were many women who were insecure about their looks. Marcus was a bastard at times, and was not above using people's insecurities against them. Again he squeezed her hand in order to reassure her concerns, "Losing your looks? Never, you are utterly beautiful," He praised her, smiled and noticed the change in her when he mentioned his wife and family. Marcus thought she knew better than to mention or pry into his family life. But soon the thought was forgotten as she rolled her eyes at him. "Uh huh, you missed me," He teased her, grinned and around his eyes creased as he did so. Smug was an understatement. Marcus loved watching her reaction, and only occasion did he feel a pang of guilt over leading her on. Still.... he could not help but enjoy it. Marcus could not prevent himself from grumbling at the mention of a 'better offer'. He was glaringly aware that he could not afford to gift her what any of the patrons managed to do so. Vibia was here to work. However, those fingertips of hers soon distracted him from the sensations they gave him. Marcus raised his eyebrow at her question. Surely she had seen him deal with customers who did not wish to pay? Or ones who got too violent with the workers? Or the varying escorting duties? Essentially, a majority of his duties were associated with the Domus Venus and the Domina, Titinia. Rather than his official boss, Marcellus Severus Minor. Still... he did not suspect her motives at this time and could not resist an opportunity to gloat. "Oh, surely you have seen me. Keeping you nice and safe from any rough customers, escorting them out," He continued, code for roughly showing them the door and encouraging them to return when they remembered their manners. "Keeping an eye on things. Nothing you need to worry your pretty head over." Marcus said. Ideally he should be willing to ask her what she did but he knew already. @Sara
  21. Brian

    Sarah's Plotter

    Allo! I have a few options to consider. For Aeneas, I have Titus who is the Imperial Client of the Dacicus Ludus. Perhaps they happen to meet or something of the sort? Titus would likely want information and to see what any potential gladiators are like, etc. It could be quite entertaining. For Tiberius, I have Appius who is a relative of Tiberius'. So there is a connection there. I also have Lucius who was connected through marriage to Jullus, Tiberius' uncle who married Lucius' daughter. He also wants to keep in the know with the Imperial family. Gaius is another possibility, too. Again, all for those Imperial connections. If you're interested, please let me know.
  22. "Myself, in all seriousness, Jupiter and Mars." Who are your children? How old are they?
  23. Alaric often side-eyed the more hard core of the racing teams fans. Some of them were so devout, so determined for their team to win and he had seen similar behaviour from religious people in the past. It disturbed him greatly. He listened and thought for a moment before he begrudgingly nodded his head in agreement. Sabotage, violence, and an overall lack of respect for life was clear. Alaric had seen horses and charioteers fall. "It can be violent," He answered, then shrugged, "It can be incredibly violent and there are rumours of sabotage," Alaric added, it was no surprise. Considering the amount of coin used? It made sense. After Theodorus paid his for his food, he exchanged coin with the vendor and got an earthenware jug with some bread, with cheese and meat in it. He double checked his coin purse to ensure that none of the children had managed to steal anything from him. Everything seemed to be in order. "Right, let's go in, keep an eye on your coin purse," Alaric fussed again and walked with Theo into the stands. Already they were beginning to fill up with people eager to watch the races. It was one of the few events where men and women were officially permitted to sit together. He covered the glare of the sun with his hand and soon found what he deemed to be a suitable spot. @Chevi
  24. I will confess to rereading my Asterix books recently... The most recent actual book I've (re)read is Eagle of the Ninth, which remains awesome.
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  26. Yay! I'm freeeeeee! Time to post. 😄 

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