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  2. Aglaea cast her eyes down on the floor once she was done speaking, fully expecting to get slapped again. In the moment, she hadn't processed it, but now there was more quiet time she realized how much it had hurt - both physically and emotionally. She understood that Livia was upset with her, and she knew she deserved it. But slapping her for not coming to her? And the irony was that Aglaea had wanted to tell her more than anything. But what Secundus wanted in his domus, he got - Livia's ire, Aglaea's womb, his secret hypocrisy kept under wraps. What did he expect to happen? Did he think
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    Hey @Mew! So I've been thinking about how my characters could possibly cross paths with Aulus. While I'm unfortunately drawing a blank for my lower-class people, my Livia could get in touch with him if she caught wind of what he does - not necessarily guess at the darker stuff, but if she comes to know that he buys/sells/trades information she would assume that he also has contacts who do others' dirty work for them, and that would be just what she needs. She wouldn't go straight to him with that, though, but would first test his skills and discretion with some other task(s). As for
  5. Had Aglaea really wanted to tell her, thought? Or had she just taken advantage of Livia's fragility to do as she pleased? No-- that was spite rearing its ugly head and there was no reason to doubt Aglaea's claims; she had always been steadfast until this moment... and what a moment it had become. Of course Aglaea was speaking the truth. She had to be, because the alternative was just too horrid for Livia to even consider. "You're right," she admitted quietly, releasing her grip on Aglaea and letting her arms drop to her sides. Her body slave knew her better than she knew herself. If the t
  6. Thessala danced around the man, although in her drunken state it was a lot less graceful, or efficient, than she would have been in the arena. Oh well. Not like anyone was watching. The mand doubled over, cursing, and she kicked him in the ribs. Yes. Hurt. She wanted to hurt him. She wanted to hurt everyone, really, everyone in this goddamn city, but this man would have to do for now. She was not done yet. "You have to be! Come on..." SHe was suddenly yanked backwards, as the other guy grabbed her by the arms and pulled her away. Thessala cursed in her native language, aiming one la
  7. The scent was overwhelming, even in the middle of the market where there were already so many smells to deal with. Spices were all good and well, individually or mixed with food, but all in one place... Azarion wrinkled his nose. Safinia, of course, noticed. "What, didn't your people cook with spices?" Azarion huffed, looking over the stall. Of course they did. What kind of an idea did people have about whom they called barbarians? He pointed at some of the containers. Ginger root. Thyme. Caraway seed. Strings of garlic. Tarragon. Lemon balm. He could almost taste them. Especially t
  8. One of the girls got up and walked over to pour him some wine. Iophon flashed her a grateful smile and drank deeply; talking always made his throat dry, and wine was a good remedy that. It was somewhat watered, but strong enough to make customers generous with their time and money. The storyteller chuckled, holding his cup out for a refill before he took a comfortable seat on one of the couches. "I'm sure you are a golden-throated singer. Are you going to tell us a story?" "With pleasure" he grinned at the girl "Or... without peasure, if you so prefer. I have many stories for many mo
  9. Aglaea's eyes were glued to her mistress as she finished talking, clouded with tears though her eyes were. But her eyes were not clouded enough not to notice that her mistress was on the verge of crying as well, or that she tore at her hair and began pacing around the room like a caged lioness, ready to murder. The slave couldn't take her eyes off of the other woman, frightened of what she would do. Even someone not as close to Livia as Aglaea was could see the turmoil inside of her, threatening to boil over. I did this to her, Aglaea thought hopelessly. How could I have done such a thing?
  10. Livia found herself holding her breath in anticipation of the furious outburst she was sure would follow the changing emotions flashing through her husband's face, but was taken aback when the explosion did not come, replaced by icy calm. Averted until later, she thought, though it did not make her feel any more calmer. In fact, his parting words made her own temper flare. "You needn't worry. Even if you disrespected me and our marriage by bringing a whore into this house under the guise of a party, I will not do the same to you by dressing like one, regardless of how many men may be watching.
  11. Artemon kept his ears open, nodding at what Alexius was saying. They made sense, but even something as easy as gift-giving had him more than a little confused. "Right, something they want but not necessarily need. But how am I supposed to know what she wants if she won't even talk to me?" Couple that with them only liking presents sometimes, as Alexius had said, and Artemon was at a loss. Plus, given the sorry state of his finances, he couldn't very well be spending money on gifts that would be so far off the mark that they were refused. It was all so baffling! He scratched his chin next
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  13. Iophon was right about one thing at least - the Elysium was ironically named. Nothing could be so far from heaven than this place. Deianira had only been here for a few months but already, she was miserable. Mistreatment at the hands of her master, aloofness and coldness from her fellow workers, an authoritarian group of guards, and Marcus Barbatius, who adored one thing: inflicting pain. It was enough to make anyone miserable. Tonight, though, was one night when she wasn't. She had had very little traffic and the flow of customers was lower than usual, meaning she had some time to herself. Sh
  14. "I guess family. I have family here... somewhere..." "Is that right?" he did not look like he would have rich cousins or something in the city. Was he looking for enslaved family members or something? Iophon was intrigued by the possibility. Quite a long journey to take on such a slim chance at reunion. "I don't have much... coin, that is used for trade. For buying. So maybe not taverna that is... need... much coin?" "A place on the cheaper side. I've got you." Iophon smiled and nodded, picking a direction to walk in as he sorted through the possible taverns in his head. "Are y
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  16. Aglaea didn't care that she seemed irrational or out of her mind. Quite frankly, she felt like she might as well be, and so decided to stick with her defiance. As Secundus's expression changed rapidly from shock, to fury, to calm (which she knew from experience was a farce), she stared him in the eye, her own expression cold and yet still furious. Her one defiant act couldn't be punished more harshly by being followed by another, more innocuous one. She listened to the spouses speak, holding her tongue for now, then watched as the man strode out of the room, like a rooster having put his hens
  17. He waited as patiently as possible for Teutus to show up. This was an important conversation to have, he thought. And it should be before the ceremony with the newborn son. Gods he wanted to see the boy, but tradition was tradition and he’d just have to wait. Meanwhile he could focus on the son he’d known most of his life, but only recently did something good for. Something that should have been done years ago. And what now? What if tradition was unable to change and he wouldn’t ever be able to claim Teutus as his rightful son and heir? He had an idea for what to do, if that was the case,
  18. It was interesting getting to know Artemon, who seemed to long for someone to hold onto, although Alexius still had to figure out how to tell the young man, that Lucilla was not the girl he ought to pursue. It would never end well. Someone would end up getting hurt and it most likely would not be Lucilla’s heart that was broken. He smiled when Artemon spoke of presents and wondered why you should not sell things to women, “They do like presents, sometimes. But don’t offer them things. Give them things. And it must be something they want, although not necessarily something they need. Some
  19. He was quite certain it was obvious he was a foreigner. He did not wear the same clothes at the Romans and his broken, accented Latin was also a giveaway. This man here, he definitely looked Roman to Wulfric, but then everyone who were not from the North as himself, looked Roman. The welcoming stranger grinned and said he knew a taverna and actually several. All of the taverns in the city? They had many? Of course, such a huge city catered to so many people. There had to be taverns. Places where you'd buy your drinks. It wasn't like back at home at all, you might trade, but not so much with li
  20. Of course he was sweet, but he was also honest. She mentioned again what an idiot she’d been, to follow that man. That part was true though and now she learned her lesson the hard way. Alexius still couldn’t quite wrap his mind around the idea of someone just wanting to cut and do nothing else to a woman… if you were such a beast anyway, why not go all the way? It just made it even more sick, to him. That man was an idiot too! Alexius caressed her hand gently with his fingers and tried to focus on what they did know about the man, should he make an attempt to find him. What made her think
  21. Secundus started at Aglaea in undisguised shock for a brief moment- then pure rage, at having been addressed that way- and then, a mask of stoic calm. He crossed his arms; they looked tense: coiled and ready for action. He listened to Aglaea's outburst with no further sign of emotion at all, because there wasn't much of one beneath the surface. She had clearly lost her faculties, and he would ignore her until she had recovered them. His wife's tone was less surprising, but he bristled at it. He did not want her diffidence. He wanted her anger. "Livia, I am happy to leave your slave to her
  22. Teutus had spent the night awake like the rest of the household, and comforting Antonia, who was scared by all the sudden hustle and bustle, though he did not think that she fully understood what was going on and the potential danger to Charis. He had spent the morning trying to concentrate on his reading, except that his mind kept turning to the precariousness of his own position here. Especially as he had been informed that the baby was a healthy boy. Born to a slave mother, the child might be, but Teutus could not imagine that Tertius would not acknowledge it and raise it as fre
  23. Secundus fixed Rufus with a stern, level gaze. He had dealt with many a liar in politics. If a slave tried to lie to him- firstly, it would be easier to detect due to the rightful fear slaves felt in the presence of their betters, but secondly, if the answers disappointed him, Secundus could reach out to Rufus' master to request assistance. A crime against a patrician could not simply be ignored. "My wife's slave, Aglaea, told me that when she was conducting some shopping for her mistress, her purse was stolen. Now, shortly after this unidentified pickpocket stole her purse without her no
  24. Azarion passed Bassus on his way back to the stables, after he handed Borena off to one of the chariot builders. H ehoped the guy would be capable enough to hold her still. There were other horses still in here, and his heart pounded as he entered th swaying building again, hoping to rescue another horse. “Have you seen Safinia?” Azarion paused, then shook his head. He had not. Did Safinia even sleep here, in the building? Or did she live elsewhere? As much as he didn't mind the girl's company, he did not know a whole lot about her. Pressing on, Azarion got another horse and led it o
  25. Secundus smiled, his eyes glinting dangerously. He needed to do something to get Livia's attention. She had been distant lately, an unwelcome return to the earliest days of their marriage. He wanted to provoke a reaction- and the only way to do that was to make her temper flare. He had learned that lesson a long time ago. Perhaps showing off Vibia would offend her into speaking to him with something other than downcast eyes and false deference. He was growing weary of her games. Secundus pulled back, finger tickling Vibia's chin. He had places to go, and things to do. This had been a plea
  26. "Go on right in my friend, you are entering the realm of the Blessed" Iophon said with a flourish, as he ushered another guest inside the brothel. It was a steep exaggeration, steep enough that even he himself kind of felt bad about it. The Elysium was an establishment notorious for many things... but blessings were not one of them. Still, they gave him coin if he steered some guests their way every once in a while. Iophon tended to pick the friendly, harmless looking ones. The girls and boys deserved a break sometimes. "And how are all the nymphs and goddesses and demigods doing on this
  27. The kiss went on for a while. Alexius was a good kisser, both enthusiastic and gentle. Felix assumed he had a lot of practice. It felt nice, kissing someone just because he felt like it. Well... felt like it, and had lost a game to. "Well... That felt nice." Felix smiled as they broke the kiss. He was not sure what Alexius' expectations were, but if he was content, then the game had gone well for the both of them. He handed over the coin. It was Alexius' turn now. "But I guess it is my turn now, in our game. Tails did me well last time, so I call for that again... See, I said
  28. "Well, I can't really say it's any worse than any of the places I've been at before." Thessala made a mental note to find out more about Elysium sometime. She could not do much about it, being a slave and all, but she knew people. And the people she knew, like Alexius, knew people too. A guard came and ordered Deianeira in. The show was no doubt about to start. Thessala stood too, but the host's plan must have been sex first and blood later, because th eguard shook his head, keeping her back in the room. Dammit. "Thank you for the advice, Thessala. And for the wine. I hope we
  29. He had done the right thing by coming to Alexius, Artemon concluded, even if it had been nothing more than a stroke of fortune that they should meet on the stairway. If he had had papyrus and ink, he would have started taking notes, but being in the possession of neither he would simply have to make the effort to remember Alexius' tips. "So... you should not sell things to women? I thought they liked presents," he countered, scratching his ear and completely oblivious to the fact that if you bought something for yourself then it was hardly a present. But his neighbour was popular, and so Artem
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