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  2. Alexius knew Annis had seemed very shaken the morning after the earthquake, but he had to return home to his son too and he had not had the time to return to the ludus until now. He knew of course lives had been lost and was honestly still a bit angry over that - why they would keep gladiators locked up, even during an earthquake, that was beyond him. To think that slaves had so little worth, that no guards cared to stop and unlock the doors and Alexius had failed to do it with the keys Annis found for him. But he didn't know how bad she was doing now. He found her in the courtyard, with a jar of wine near her, just staring into nothing. "Annis, finally I found you." Alexius said, trying to sound cheerful, although judging by the look on her face, she wasn't feeling cheerful at all. He stopped near her, "Mind if I join you?" @Echo
  3. It was a pity, that no man (or woman) had ever kissed Florus’ handsome and lush lips before. They had not been touched or kissed by anyone and Alexius would be more than happy and proud to be the first. And once Florus had learned how nice it was, he would want more. He listened to the young man tell about how he did not want to get into something with someone and not know what he was doing. Well not everyone thought that far! Alexius thought most people just kind of… did it. He nodded quietly at Florus’ words though and then he’d asked how Florus even came to the knowledge that man could like men the same way men liked women. Florus blushed again and shared that a friend had told him and made him realize it all, because he’d never found a woman he was interested in like that. And then he would know how Alexius found out. “I didn’t really have much of a choice in finding out.” Alexius revealed. “I began my training as a gladiator when I was 15 years old, I think. And I don’t know if you know this… but gladiators are often rented out to patrons to sleep with, the same way whores do. Gladiators don’t just fight. In a way, they are also a kind of prostitutes.” He admitted, he never spoke to anyone about it like that before, “But… that’s how it was. And I was still quite young when that happened to me and a man paid for my time and my body. He wasn’t bad though, it wasn’t a bad experience with him and although it wasn’t really by choice it happened… I enjoyed it enough and I was curious enough to want it another time. Soon it also happened with a woman and… it kind of just took off like that, I guess. I learned how to share and enjoy pleasure with anyone, back then.” Alexius said with a smile, “And I still do… enjoy sharing pleasure with anyone. With you too, I’m sure.” He added with a wink to the handsome youth. His insula wasn’t far away now. @Ejder
  4. He thanked her for promising to not touch him there again, thinking it kind of strange for a man to not want to be touched by a woman, but she also knew why, of course. It she thought so, at least. Samorix was however still ready to learn more about how to defend himself and agreed on her idea. He would play the attacker and she would be the one defending herself, so she could show her what she meant by her words. He took his combat-ready position again and she smiled once more, thinking again she had to teach him about that bit too. At least he held his handsome chin high. "Good. So come... grab me from behind." She said and turned her back, if he was to play the attacker, he better attack her. When he made his move, she bent forwards, thrusting her hips backwards, which would shift the weight and surprise the attacker long enough for her to yank her elbow into his stomach first and then stand and move the elbow to his jaw. She did all the motions, but slowly and not too hard, so he'd get the point without getting hurt. @Ejder
  5. It was so unexpected that he followed her and apologized! That surprised her and managed to take her aback and few things did that nowadays! But she stood her ground, stating again that not everyone had the same interests and she didn't enjoy everything about Rome. Far from it, in fact, but he didn't need to know that. Marcellus apologized again, saying he forgot that not everyone liked the races. And she didn't have to. She nodded, deciding to give in because after all, he did seem like a somewhat decent Roman. He apologized... that was new for her. Romans never apologized for anything, especially not the men. "Your apology is accepted." She said, which was a big step for her too, but he probably didn't know or guess that. He stayed though, wondering what she liked and then he couldn't help but suggest that she should give the races another chance, without her mistress. "Maybe I will, we'll see." Cynane just said, she wasn't about to give in that easily to that part. But what did she like? These days? Not much... so it was a tough question, when she barely knew him and wasn't ready to reveal her most inner thoughts to him yet! "I like... time for myself." She then said, "And I like spending time with my own countrymen. I enjoy... hmm... a good fight, I suppose. I guess I'm not your typical, humble and shy Roman woman. Maybe because I'm not Roman at all." She then added with a small smile, revealing she wasn't sad about that at all. @Echo
  6. She had not really been fair to her new companion – and who knew, maybe friend? Annis seemed so nice and friendly and Cynane was just bringing the mood down. Maybe she shouldn’t go out, if this was all she had to offer anyone… negative pieces of advice. She apologized for her mood, but Annis blushed and said Cynane should not worry. She did, however, and decided to tell Annis the reason for her mood. She seemed like someone who might actually understand… a fellow Briton, enslaved by the same man as Cynane and in the situation she had once been in. So she told the story about Charis and Annis seemed almost shocked, then felt sorry about what had happened. And then she of course too was angry about how the Romans did as they wanted, no matter how evil it would be. “I don’t think there’s anything anyone can do. I go to her house every week, the day we used to meet… but I haven’t seen her since February. And no one at the household are willing to help either, it seems. We’re at their mercy.” She added and looked at Annis, remembering how they came to talk about Longinus in the first place, “I hope your master… our captor… is smart enough to not let you waste your skills away in a brothel. I wouldn’t wish that for anyone.” @Echo
  7. Aia's reassurance brought the twitching inkling of a smile to Florus' mouth. Hopefully Tranquillus would indeed. There was not much he knew about the other man, come to think about it. He knew his eyes, his smell, his lips... He knew the body slave was a great kisser, he was patient, kind, steadfast and attractive... But he didn't know what his favourite flower was. Or if Tranquillus cared enough about flowers to actually have a favourite. There was so much they had to learn about one another. 'I am a gardener,' he confirmed. 'That's why I was named thus.' He resisted the urge to tell her Florus wasn't his name. It was someone else's, that had been bestowed upon him because the Romans didn't even care enough to learn his actual name. He was more guarded than when he had met Cinnia, though, and wasn't about to share information that could potentially get him in trouble. 'And what is it that you do?' @Chevi
  8. Florus nodded seriously. 'Gratitude.' It was a weird thing, that someone grabbing at him like that stressed him this much. It wasn't as though it had been anything other than an attempted robbery, right? Couldn't very well be anything else. Still, it had set him on edge, and even recreating the event to teach him about self defense brought him anxiety. She explained to him the next move, and he nodded, serious as always. 'That makes sense. I'm ready.' He didn't know whether he'd be any good at that, but they'd just have to see. Florus assumed his combat-ready position, and looked at Cinnia, chin held high, somewhat defiantly. It gave him a measure of confidence. @Atrice
  9. 'No,' Florus replied pensievely. 'I shouldn't like to get into something with someone and not know what I'm doing.' Of course, Attis had explained the bare bones of it all, but there was bound to be more. Presumably one didn't just jump on the object of their affection and do the deed. Presumably there was a lead up to it. At least he hoped. And with any luck, Alexius would explain it to him. His cheeks had been doing a fine number today, with all the blood flowing through them, but they seemed to be returning to normal, at least until Alexius asked him how he had stumbled upon his knowledge. At least it was only pink, and completely unnoticeable. Hopefully. 'A friend told me. I said I'd never found a woman I was interested in, and he said it didn't have to be a woman. I didn't know that! How did you find out?' @Atrice
  10. JULIA VALERIA- POST HEREBARBARA STILICHA- POST HERETACITA- POST HERE {may need to re-home her if her owner is dropped)
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    A 'day' out

    Summer in Rome meant heat, but they were heading into early Autumn which for Tacita meant relief. There were so many tasks that needed done daily regardless of the weather. Sweltering heat made tasks less enjoyable. This day was a slightly cooler day and she was using the opportunity to check out the market as she had part of the day free. Normally she would come to the market with someone to help translate, but Corva and Linus were both busy today. Corva warned her to only use their ‘regular’ merchants. By regular it meant that they knew her deficits & they knew who her master was- there was less chance that they would take advantage of her. Tacita arrived at the market, took a quick look around and then headed towards one of the stalls. At the first stall she picked out a few items to make herself a little ‘lunch’. The vendor told her the price and she used her fingers to ‘negotiate’, although not much was required. Tacita placed the items in her drawstring bag then headed off to a bench under a tree-glad for some shade. She settled herself down on the bench and pulled out the bread and fruit.
  12. Annis had been very little use to anyone the last few days. After her initial exertion of digging out Thessala and the few survivors of the earthquake, she had realized that her arm wound, though it hadn't reopened, had become irritated with the hard work, so that even though she wanted to help rebuild, she couldn't. She had really wanted to help because the physical labor would have helped keep her mind off of all the horror she had witnessed, and the guilt she felt at being one of the lucky few that hadn't been injured or killed in the collapse. Her mind kept returning to those horrible few seconds where she tried to help the gladiators escape their locked room, kept thinking she could have done more to help them. If only she could've been more helpful. To keep the demons from her mind, Annis had taken to drinking. If the wine couldn't make her fully forget, it would at least cloud her mind to a numbing hum, obscuring her thoughts and helping her relax. It wasn't late in the afternoon, so she hadn't had much, but she was already feeling a buzz come on as she sat against the wall in the courtyard, sullenly watching the excavation efforts continue. @Atrice
  13. Deia smiled sheepishly, a bit disappointed that the curses weren't real. "I guess that's all the same, then," she said. What would she even do with a curse? Curse Titus? That wouldn't do at all - if his luck ran dry, then so would the luck of all the workers at the brothel. If his fortunes dried up, his mood would sour even more than it already was and he might dole out more punishment than he already did. Deia nodded as the other woman introduced herself as Thessala. "Deianira. It's nice to meet you." She eyed the other woman as she explained her own line of work, understanding that she might have preconceived notions about her line of work. Not unjustified notions, either. "So, what do you do with your time when you're not 'cursing' people?" she asked, giving a grin. @Chevi
  14. As she stopped, he leaned over to catch his breath, his hands on his knees. After a brief moment, he straightened up and looked at her, grinning sheepishly at her flat tone. "Sorry. I get so caught up in the races, I forget that not everyone loves them like I do. So I'm sorry. Really." He listened to her speak again and he nodded, scrubbing his hand on the back of his head. "Yeah, I get it. You don't have to like the races." Marcellus was born in Rome and raised among horses, so naturally he enjoyed the heart-racing, blood-rushing excitement of the races, both as a spectator and as a competitor. But what did Britons like? How did they spend their free time? Surely, they had horses. "Well, what do you like?" He paused again, sizing her up and psyching himself up for his next statement. "Maybe you should give the races another chance - maybe you should come sometime without your mistress. I think you'd like it if you just gave it another chance." @Atrice
  15. Annis immediately felt bad for her sullen response to her advice. Clearly, there was something on Cynane's mind that was bothering her and Annis realized she shouldn't expect her to be perfectly happy. "No, don't worry about it," she said quickly, her cheeks burning in shame. "I understand." She finished her cup and gestured to the bartender for another one as she listened to Cynane's explanation as to why she was so moody. Annis sunk even further into shame as she listened. All the things she told her would make anybody moody - Annis wasn't sure she could be as nice as Cynane was being if she were in the same circumstances! "Oh, my goodness..." She grimaced at her own lame statement. There was little she could think of to say to what she had told her, but she felt touched that after knowing her for only a few minutes, Cynane trusted her enough with that information. "I'm sorry that's happened. That's a tough situation." She bit her lip. "But the Romans can do what they want, can't they? Evil bastard. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help." @Atrice
  16. Last week
  17. The corners of the Briton's mouth had been slightly turned up at the edge at her boldness, despite the fact that she was still frightened of this man. But that quickly disappeared as Titus struck her across the face, sending a resounding crack around the small room. Having not expected the blow, her head snapped to the side and her eyes widened in shock as she rounded on him, holding a hand to her mouth which she half-expected to start trickling blood. She was speechless for a moment as he spoke, fully understanding his threat against her and Longinus. At this, she almost laughed - what did she care what happened to Longinus? But then she reasoned that if he were to meet an unexpected end, the details of her ownership would be left up in the air and she could very well end up in the hands of this animal before her. Could he be so bold as to threaten to assassinate a senator? Annis might not have been fully versed in the ways of Roman politics, but she knew that the senators were second only to caesar and that to threaten one was almost certain death. She pulled her hand across her mouth as blood did indeed trickle out. Fine. If this lecherous creep wanted to see her flesh, then she would show him her breasts. Not in the interest of Longinus, but because she wanted him to go away. With a glare, she lifted her tunic above her breasts. Perverted creature. @Beauty
  18. Caecina appeared so excited, he thought to himself while they walked through the area of the stables near the great circus. When he said her horse had been named right, she told him about how Aurelia had been the first time she rode the horse, which earned the horse its name. She called the horse fast as the wind. Caeso smiled, thinking he might really like to see this horse sometime and find out if at least half of Caecina's stories were true. He then made a move for more conversation, asking further into her interest in horses. She exclaimed how she loved them and thought them easier than humans. Caeso nodded, "They often seem so. Humans can be so complicated. Horses are more... sympathetic." He replied to her and she went on with how she learned how to ride, but rarely did it in the city. Then of course she was curious as to when he learned how to ride. "I was 13, when my current master acquired me and I came to work here. I knew little about horses before. But as we already discussed, I find them easier to understand than humans. I thought they were interesting beasts to work with and I enjoyed getting to know them. You might say I got along with them, as I still do. I learned how to ride when I was 14, I think. And then I learned how to use the chariot. I enjoyed that too - working with the horses as a team to gain the victory we all desire. The rest is history, I guess. As it is made every day." He said thoughtfully and looked at her as he realized he had talked a lot, "Apologies, I get carried away sometimes, young domina." @Echo
  19. "Thessala? Are you alright?" Was she? She could hear noises now, someone rolling bricks and debris aside. She coughed again, her throat dry and painful. She was still sitting curled up by the door. She was not sure if she was dying or not. She didn't feel bad pain other than her side. She'd been injured in the arena before, but this... was something totally different. Was she alright?... "Here" her voice came out more of a croak. "Rana..." @Atrice @Echo
  20. "How much do curses cost?" "A lot. I'd charge less if they were real." Thessala grinned, taking a swig of the wine. She played the role of a witch, but she never ventured into seriously dabbling it the things they did. It was just for show. She was not even Thessalian, after all. "I work at the Elysium. What's your name?" "Thessala." she grinned. She knew Elysium, from rumors anyway. It was one of the many brothels in the city of Rome. "And yours?" @Echo
  21. Caecina grinned as Caeso remarked that Aurelia sounded as though she were named appropriately. "Oh, yes, it was the first name that came to mind when I rode her for the first time. She nearly threw me off! But we've come to an understanding with one another and she's as fast as the wind." Caecina was never the kind of girl to complain overmuch when thrown by a horse, or swoon when a mouse or a snake came into her view. It just wasn't practical! And if Caecina was anything, it was practical. Caeso then asked her if she enjoyed horses and how long she'd been riding. "I love horses! They're easier than humans, I think." Though Caecina understood people, she felt more at peace among horses because they were simply less demanding or judgmental. She could be herself around them. "I don't even remember when I learned to ride! I suppose when I was a little girl, my mother sat me on a pony and let me learn. But of course, living in the city, I rarely have the chance to ride nowadays." She looked at him again. "And when did you learn to ride?" @Atrice
  22. Early July, 75 AD Everything seemed to have settled down after the earthquake that shattered Rome – and a great deal more – not many days ago. Alexius had stayed at the ludus for hours that morning, helping with digging people out, but eventually he really had to excuse himself, because he had a son and needed to know if he was safe! It had been an eventful day, he even met his neighbor when he returned to the insula… and luckily Lexus was fine, even if he was a little shaken. That was all a few days ago now, and Alexius had busied himself with helping others dig out their homes and loved ones. He had been paid a little for that at least, although it was far from his usual job. He thought he better check in on Annis though, and maybe Thessala, if she was in any mood to talk at all, but he wasn’t sure. Annis had seemed shaken too and he doubted the gladiators had been training much these last few days. Alexius showed up at the ludus during the afternoon. He was a known face now, and now not only because he had once come just to see the gladiators train… he had then become Thessala’s occasional sparring partner and he had seen Annis a few times too. Oh and Theo, don’t forget him, he patched up Alexius’ latest bad cut in his arm, after he saved Felix from a beating. Alexius had then been here at the earthquake and helped out. He was practically family now, wasn’t he? The guards allowed him in and pointed Alexius in the right direction - far from everything was rebuilt yet and some of the gladiators had to be relocated in the ludus. Alexius found the right way and hoped to find Annis - ready to give her a bit of needed attention and maybe some tender loving care. @Echo
  23. Dev Jullus Flavius Alexander - here Rufia Flavia - here Valeria Maxima - here
  24. The worst part of the earthquake seemed to be over now. Alexius stood with Annis by his side and covered his mouth from the amount of dust and dirt in the air. Slowly it began to settle and he looked around. It wasn't the entire ludus that had crashed, but a part of it. He wondered if the wealthier people's homes looked as bad as this though - they could afford better improvements. And not locking up their slaves. Thessala had not been locked up though, so she had to be somewhere among all the rubble, right? At least Annis was fine. And there were a lot of people out here in the yard. But not everyone. Theo began shouting out orders and Alexius jumped on it too, helping Annis moving bricks and stones to dig out people, "Thessala!" He called out again. She was a good friend. He didn't want to think he lost her. She had been calling a name, hadn't she? Was her friend buried, perhaps... and that's why she had not wanted to leave? But what use was it that two people died instead of one? He carefully moved further in over all the rubble and tried to remember where the doors had been, the doors they had tried to open. Everything was changed now. He heard someone cough and saw a person, covered in dust, she seemed almost white, like a ghost, there near a door that had survived standing, while the walls around it had fallen in, mainly on the other side of the door, "Thessala? Are you alright?" @Chevi @Echo
  25. It wasn't nice to be out with someone you liked and were interested in, only to go around and kiss and flirt with others. Alexius would try his best to show Felix all of his attention, because the handsome body slave deserved to be treated right. And besides, why would he not want to give Felix all of his attention and treat him right? He was nice, even if he was a man of fewer words than Alexius... and he was good looking and wanted to spend time with Alexius. So why not? And now they were even decorated with garlands, both of them. After that, Alexius thought of drinks and Felix agreed with the idea and wondered how else you'd celebrate Fors Fortuna. Alexius winked. "People don't tend to be so serious... and it's Fortuna we're celebrating, she would want us to enjoy ourselves. Let's see the temple first. Pay our respects... and then..." He added with a certain playful look at Felix. The closer they got to the temple, the more stalls were there with people selling drinks and also bits to eat. Everything was decorated. There was a feeling of joy and merriment all over. He saw a stall with wine that wasn't too expensive and steered that way, "So what do you do, Felix, when you just want to have fun?" @Chevi
  26. Sharpie

    Ave Imperator!

    Aulus stepped back as a messenger brought a missive to the Augustus. He found himself a little annoyed at the sudden sense of trepidation and put it down to the sudden scrutiny his family had come under for no apparent reason. The Emperor must receive hundreds of written communications daily; even as a provincial governor, Aulus had been the recipient of several score of letters and notes all seemingly of the utmost importance. He was not so self-centred that he was convinced any such message must concern him, but he could not completely dismiss the notion that perhaps it did. "I hope that you will forgive the presumption, Augustus, but I find myself in the middle of a... delicate situation, concerning one of your own Praetorians," he said once Caesar had returned the note to the guard, without saying a word in reply to whatever its contents might be. "One of my slaves was picked up and taken to the Castra Praetoria where he was questioned with regard to my connections to certain men including but not limited to Lucius Cassius Longinus and Marcus Scaurus. It was suggested that my loyalty to you might be in doubt." If Quintus himself thought that Aulus was poised to betray him, then there was nothing that Aulus could do to stem the tide. If, however, it was all due to the Praetorian in question as Aulus suspected it was, then he had at least made the Emperor aware of it. And his relationship with Quintus went back a good twenty years or so - to Aulus' service as a tribune many years before Quintus had risen to the purple. Twenty years of loyal service would not easily be put aside, by either man - or at least that was Aulus' fervent hope. @Chris
  27. After the initial surprise at the woman coming into the room, Deia was able to focus on her appearance more and she was intrigued. It wasn't everyday that she saw a woman in such wild clothing, besides what Titus might make a centerpiece lady wear to catch the eye of the customers, and it was fascinating. Deia herself rarely decorated herself besides cosmetic changes to her face with kohl and rouge, let alone jewelry. The other woman explained that she was a witch and some of the things she did. Deia let out a wry grin at the mention of curses. "How much do curses cost?" She was mostly joking, but if they worked... Sometimes she felt like she was cursed somehow, though she'd never done harm to anyone on purpose. She blushed a little at the woman's question about her occupation but shrugged and told her anyway. "I work at the Elysium," she remarked delicately. "What's your name?" @Chevi
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