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  2. Attis had not expected anyone to be behind him, had certainly not expected anyone to follow him, so when someone said his name - and in about the most unfriendly tone he had ever heard! - he jumped and spun round. It was a woman's voice that had addressed him, but he wasn't sure he could remember the woman in question. She seemed somehow familiar, though, and she certainly knew him, but it was only the way her eyes narrowed that brought the full recollection back. She had been a prisoner, had bested a young legionary, and Longinus had seen potential in her to be a successful gladiatrix.
  3. Wulfric remained silent for now, waiting as patiently as possible on his father’s reply. Would Tertius even believe it? But he had to. Just look at them! And he only met Aglaea because she thought he was Tertius! They looked alike. Wulfric was Tertius’ son. It was certain. “I understand that much. Even if I didn’t admit it, I think anyone would guess.” Tertius then finally said, “I didn’t know Frieda was pregnant when we parted ways.” Tertius began, as if he were unimpressed, and then Hector showed up with a jar of wine and two cups. He poured for them both in silence, while Tertius consi
  4. Aulus had visited the Temple of Juno where he had offered a sacrifice in thanksgiving for his wife and their marriage, and then gone on to the Temple of Jupiter to offer a sacrifice for the continued health and well-being of the Emperor, and to ask for favour in his quest for consulship - and for wisdom if he was elected (he would go and make similar sacrifices at the Temple of Minerva if he was fortunate enough to be elected). Although he had Quintus Augustus' approbation, so that was something. He wasn't about to take it for granted, though - anything could happen between now and then,
  5. Teutus squinted at his drinking companion's slightly blurred face. He was Roman, he knew about gladiators, even if he didn't particularly like watching the Games. "I'm not a barbarian," he said, feeling a little insulted. "You have the retiarius, with the net and trident, the secutor with the sword and shield, the Thracian - you know all this, better than I do!" He shrugged. "I have been to the Games before, I just don't find them particularly appealing." He saw little point in watching combat for fun. Maybe he wasn't truly Roman after all. "What is so appealing about watching m
  6. Marcus nodded at his mute trainee's gestures; he had indeed noticed Safinia's throat. He had managed not to touch the body while conducting what examination he could - he had no wish to have to go through a ritual cleansing just because he had come into contact with a dead body (even that of one of his own faction). He would if it became necessary, but if he did not, so much the better. He absolutely did not like the implications. She had been out here on presumably lawful business, and had been killed in what passed for daylight here under the shadow of the Circus Maximus. Anyone might h
  7. Early March, 76AD Returning to the stables after a grueling day often helped Menelaus return to a state of comfortable relaxation. The rush of having survived another day as a charioteer still filled him with pride. He’d proven himself, time and again, but each day he lived felt like a victory. Today, he would join a few of the other charioteers at the poppina; the older ones, who had lasted almost as long as he had. He didn’t have anything to speak with the younger ones about. It felt disorienting, talking to them and seeing their hope that would soon be dashed underfoot by hooves or whe
  8. Wulfric watched Secundus stand too and glance towards the exit, seeming in thought. What was going on inside his uncle’s head? Wulfric wished he could know somehow, because that might aid him in helping Aglaea with her situation. It was lucky that he hadn’t run into her here, or it might have gone very wrong. On the other hand, Secundus was his uncle. Surely, if he knew this fact, he wouldn’t be so hard on Wulfric… but he didn’t know, of course, so this was for the best. That Aglaea hadn’t been here and that Secundus now thanked him for the visit as politely as possible. “I will tell hi
  9. January, 76 AD Alexius just needed a break – and a drink! He’d been working for some senator the last few days, apparently the man had fallen out with a gang and wanted extra protection, so Alexius was luckily at the right place at the right time to protect the man. It would seem that the problems had settled now and Alexius would be out tomorrow, looking for something new to do. Tonight though, he got his payment for the job and he had plenty both to pay his landlord, food for him and Lexus… and for a night on the town. Working shady jobs for senators usually paid well! And who knew
  10. Tertius wasn’t sure if he trusted this Wulfric – or his intentions here, although he didn’t know them. The letter he received, which he doubted was from Wulfric’s own hand (Germans rarely knew how to read or write Latin), stated that the Chatti prince had come with an important message for him. And what could that possibly be? Tertius had not been near Germania since 20 years ago and he had no bonds with anyone there. Was it something concerning Secundus, perhaps? But why seek out Tertius then, and not Secundus? Did it have something to do with Wulfric’s oddly familiar appearance? Tertius had
  11. It took a few moments, but then Thessala was looking straight at her, as if she could see her. So she could see her, still. Rana wasn't sure for how long though. She didn't know how or why she knew this, but she knew she wasn't as firm as earlier. At least Thessala could see her though and now she said it out loud too. Rana came closer to her, smiling, seeing the hand that was reaching out for her. She touched it. Could Thessala feel it? She could feel Thessala's warmth. "Maybe?" Rana said, "It is confusing. I am here, but... I sense I may not stay?" She didn't know how she knew this, she
  12. He smiled when Teutus agreed that he liked Alexius – that was a good start, then, on many different levels. And maybe he could make Teutus see the interesting part about gladiators. They were much more than slaves who fought for entertainment. They were men (and women) fought for survival. Alexius thought that if he had not back then hoped to someday meet his sister again and return to Germania, he might not have lived. But he had the hope and that kept him going. Teutus pointed out that his father was more interested in the gladiators’ looks than anything else. “Of course he is. And I
  13. Marcus didn’t know the man’s story or what he might like, but he sure did take his time to consider which scent he’d like to the water. Of course he did not have to have scent added, but it would up the cost of the treatment and even though money were not his main agenda in life, they were nice to have and he did have a shop and a home to run, after all. Little as he wanted to, fed slaves worked better and harder. Finally the client wondered if he had any scents from the North and then he narrowed it down to Gaul. Marcus smiled. “Depends which part of Gaul.” Marcus said, “I was born in G
  14. Rufus groaned at the pun, though he'd leave it to Didia to smack Theo upside the head for it - he might be friends with the pair of them but he wasn't about to overstep his bounds as a friend and do that. Besides, Theo was standing on the other side of the table and Rufus would have to stand up and move, giving him plenty of opportunity to get out of the way. "Free, and willing," he said instead. Perfectly willing, not that he thought anyone would really recognise what he meant, or take him up on it if they did - which was a shame but he would live, and their friendship would remain
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  16. Marcus had enough sense to send the slave who could actually speak to the aedile. Azarion turned, hurrying back to the stables to find people with the litter. That was easy enough, all he had to do was point and make hurrying motions. Some had seem him leave with Marcus earlier so they suspected something serious was happening. It didn't take long for two of the stable boys to grab a litter and follow him out. Azarion returned to Marcus. Shock was visible on the other two boys' faces as they saw Safinia's body. Azarion leaned down, carefully lifting her onto the litter. She was still limp
  17. "Thessala... I am here." It was hard to tell if she imagined the words of heard them. Reality and dream seemed to blend together. Thessala thought that maybe once the rush of the fight ebbed away her brain would right itself... but Rana was there again, looking almost tangible. She sat up an looked at her. She'd never thought she'd get to look at her again. "I can see you." she said quietly, reaching a hand out to her. "Are you here to say goodbye?" @Atrice
  18. His reaction might have been the right one, because Rufus visibly relaxed, and Didia giggled (the spiced wine was doing its work). Theo earned a kiss from his wife, which was always a good sign. "Io Saturnalia. Don't be jealous, Theo - you were just talking about orgies. Or you were the first to mention them, anyway." Theo arched an eyebrow at Rufus again. This was one of those cases where there was a whole lot of difference between theory and practice. "I could always give you a kiss too, if you're feeling left out," It seemed like Rufus was intent on pushing this as far
  19. Artemon was easily pulled into the wildest plans, as long as they were made by someone he looked up to. Which was most people, but especially his brother. Iophon also knew he would never notice or point out any flaws in said plans, so it fell to him to think things over before they were caught red-handed in the storehouse. "Yes, rats! And if somehow we're caught, we can say we were investigating the situation. Like where the rats came from and what they ruined!" "What are we doing with the file, though? Isn't a crowbar better? And what if you don't know what it is? Should we take a
  20. Wulfric would of course love to tell Aglaea about his people, but he wasn’t sure where to start – there were so many things to tell and what would interest her? She then wondered about government and their homes and what they ate. Wulfric chuckled, thinking her questions kind of sweet. First starting off with a big one about government and then coming down to what they liked to eat, “Rome government I think… is a bit… much? We have king and he has friends and advisors. And guards. And then other men important too. But not like Rome. At all.” He explained, “Our houses not like Rome either. You
  21. I have several sources I can cap myself, too, so if you want any pics from any of the following, let me know! My DVD library is growing, so I hope to be able to add to this list in future. Agora Ancient Rome: Rise and Fall of An Empire Attila the Hun Barbarians (first season, I don't have the second season yet!) Ben Hur (both the 2011 miniseries and the 2016 film) Eagle of the Ninth (the 1977 BBC TV miniseries) Gladiator Hannibal: Rome's Worst Nightmare I, Claudius Imperium: Augustus Imperium: Nero Jesus of Nazareth Julius Cae
  22. "Me, a quitter? I should hope not," Aulus told her, with a smile. "I wouldn't be on the verge of becoming consul if I was! Though I don't mind telling you I've had to pinch myself once or twice at the realisation. I don't suppose you ever saw yourself as the wife of a consul, either." He dropped a kiss on her head and went where directed, taking the needle she passed him - a far smaller and more delicate tool than anything he had used before - and squinted at the woven cloth. "Who chose pink at this point, anyway? And listen to me, sounding as if I know anything about any of this!" He cou
  23. "Yeah, I like you," Teutus said. "I did say, if you really want to show me your gladiators, I'll come with you. I've never had an ex-gladiator talk about them, only listened to my father, and he's more interested in their looks than... Anything else. I think." He seemed to have fallen in with someone who preferred someone else to take the lead which Teutus wouldn't mind doing nine times out of ten. Today was the tenth time, though, when he'd prefer not have to make any sort of decision of his own but follow someone else's ideas. The only thing he was perfectly clear on was that he wanted
  24. Letter dated 21st of February 76 AD Titus Sulpicius Rufus to his dearest friend Longinus, birthday greetings! No invitation for a celebratory party has arrived yet, but I'm sure that can be explained by a disoriented slave rather than forgetfulness on your part... although you have just grown a year older, so that's not outside the realm of possibility. Ageing takes a toll on mental faculties, I've heard. I've heard a new search was afoot, and I do hope it comes to a fruitful end and that you rejoin the ranks of the happily dutifully married. I will be expecting a full r
  25. Livia remembered the forgetfulness, the sleepiness, the hunger. The butterfly movements that she had originally thought to be an upset stomach. But she hadn't had the chance to feel actual kicks to the ribs, or toss and turn endlessly at night because no position was comfortable enough to sleep in. She did not want Aglaea's dreams to be dyed a blood red, nor for her not be rewarded with a cry of victory at the end. Until things had come to a successful conclusion, Livia didn't dare fully hope. "We don't know if it's a boy or a girl, do we? Hence it," she observed, voice as cold as ice as she t
  26. Artemon blinked again, squinting as though the sun was shining straight in his eyes (which was of course impossible at that time of night and inside a warehouse to boot). "Your employee...?" This made no sense at all. And the woman was looking more displeased by the second; Artemon felt himself wilting under her intense gaze like the flower inside the crates. It hadn't looked much like a flower to him since it was all dried up and had no petals anymore, but she wasn't wrong. Which made the situation all the more dire for him. Well, it had been his idea, so he had to stay true to his word.
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