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  2. Her brother Gaius had accompanied her to the Imperial palace tonight. Her father would have it no other way, if Sosia was to go to this party. And although Gaius was not invited, he was not going to stray far from the palace, just to a nearby poppina and he would wait there for Sosia. Meanwhile Sosia's body slave Helia would follow her inside and was instructed to send a messenger boy to Gaius, should anything happen to Sosia. She sighed as she heard them discuss the instructions before she went in, as if she was some small child and not a grown woman invited to the party by none other than Tiberius Claudius Sabubicus! Since she met him, she'd found out who he was. That he was the son of a former Caesar and the infamous Lucilla Augusta, of whom she'd always heard a lot. Think, that he was related to them! It almost made him god-like in her eyes, she'd heard tales but never thought she would meet someone like him. And he had said all those things to her the day they met, and she barely knew who he was! But her father told her all about it and would surely write to her mother about it too. And now, here she was, at the palace. She thought she might meet him here. Did he send the invitation? Her father hadn't said. But she was here. At the palace. It was so grand. It was nothing like the villa near Capua or their domus in the city. It was so vast. She wore a stunning crimson gown, that went well with her dark and curly hair and her hazel eyes - and her skin, like slightly tanned marble. Over it she wore a thin, matching palla. Her father said it had been her mothers once, when she was young. Now it was Horatia Sosia's turn to wear it. And together with her slave Helia she entered, soon arriving at the gardens of the palace. It looked so stunning! So exciting, like a story she'd heard once but now got to experience. She stood for a moment, just taking it all in, until a slave passed her with a tray with goblets and asked if she'd like one. Oh of course! She picked one up and looked at Helia with a happy smile and ventured further in. She barely knew anyone here. It was all so new to her. And then she did see someone she knew! Gods, of all places, they would reunite here! "Ovinia!" She said with a grin, approaching the girl she met on the way to Rome, "I did not know I would see you here! It's so exciting, isn't it? You look beautiful! How have you been?" @Sara @Sarah @Chevi
  3. She definitely felt flustered and at first she’d not been sure he would notice, or she had hoped he would not, but when he called her beautiful, it was impossible to not be flattered and flustered all at the same time! She was not used to this kind of attention, but how could she not welcome it? And from someone like him. Her father would approve, she thought. He wore a white toga and he was elegant and even attractive, how could she not admire him? He agreed that it would be nice to think that the goddess would wish them well. She nodded, glad that he agreed and then he added he hoped he’d see her again. Sosia felt she blushed again, “I hope that I may see you again too.” She said and didn’t know if that was a stupid thing to say or what. But it’s what she felt and hoped for, truly. He was so kind and friendly. Then he said he had to go and she’d brightened his morning. She dipped her head politely when he took his leave. “I am certain the goddess is already smiling upon you, Tiberius.” She said and stood there until he was gone. He said she was beautiful. That he hoped to see her again. That she had brightened his morning. When he was out of sight, she carefully ducked into the faint light of the temple to present the pie and the flowers to the statue of Minerva. She thanked Minerva for her kindness and for allowing her to meet Tiberius at her temple. May Minerva bless her with wisdom and courage to continue this adventurous life in Rome and please her family. And Tiberius. Gods she hoped it was not a lie, when he said all those things. @Sarah
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  5. Davus told her about the Porticus Liviae and it suddenly struck that she had heard about the place before. Only Ovinia had called it something slightly different and that's why she did not know of it. But Davus knew it too and now he'd show her! It was so exciting and surely a good place to go, proper for a woman like Sosia, if Ovinia knew of it too. "I'd like to see that place. I think I may have heard about it before, actually. I met another girl on my way to Rome, and she mentioned it briefly. But she also spoke about all the other things Rome has to offer." She explained while they walked, "She seemed so surprised that I hadn't experienced it all already. Is it really such a bad thing?" She asked him, while walking and looking around her as they walked. Rome was such a big place. She didn't notice that her body slave had not abandoned her, but followed at a distance to watch over her mistress. @Sharpie
  6. Sosia did notice how Ovinia's jaw dropped just briefly, before the other young woman collected herself and sighed. She said Sosia was not a bore, just sweet and unworldly. She couldn't help but feel a bit struck by that. Of course she grew up in the countryside and her parents had been very strict with her since she grew from girl to woman, but that didn't mean she was stupid and weird, did it? Ovinia kept talking though, about how people might try and take advantage of Sosia, but at least she had Ovinia. And she promised to show Sosia all that Rome had to offer. She wanted to take Sosia to a game. A gladiatorial game? It sounded so... both grim and fascinating at the same time, to Sosia. She had heard about the games. She just never went to one. "I'm sure he will." Sosia replied with a small sigh, when Ovinia finally allowed a long enough break for her to speak, "I'd love to go to the games. Is it really as wild, as they say?" She'd heard the slaves at the villa talk about them. She looked at Ovinia, hoping she could really trust her and that she would not try and take advantage of Sosia. She knew what she was doing! She wasn't a little girl anymore, she could handle herself. Right? @Sara
  7. Ovinia took a piece of savillum, and so did Lucius. He had had fun making it. Maybe it could have been a tad less sweet, but all in all, he was satisfied with the result. More so than the conversation, which was taking another boring turn. "I understand the savillum was made by a trainee cook. If it not up to your standards, I am sure that the cook in question could be set to cleaning the floors while they contemplate their choice of position in this house," Ooh, Gaius was losing his cool. Lucius had the decency to look a little sheepish about it. "What of yourself, Ovinia Camilla? Do you prefer the country or life in Rome?" "The city.With my father being a Praetor we generally stay through the summers as well given he has to work, and despite the heat I've come to actually quite enjoy it. And I'm afraid I find the countryside a little...dull, serene though it might be." Lucius hid his smiled behind the pastry. She just had to keep commenting on things to annoy him. Wasn't she supposed to be paying more attention to Gaius?... The brother seemed to think so. Not very subtly. "What of you? I understand from your brother that he spent most of his youth in the country but that you did not? Perhaps you'll convince me of its benefits?" Lucius looked at his brother, wondering what he would say to that. Of the two of them, Lucius clearly liked the estate and the country better. But the question was aimed at Gaius, in a not entirely innocent way, and he had been annoying enough for now. @Sharpie @Sara
  8. Thessala managed to pull Alexius down to the ground, but it seemed he had the same idea. They rolled, and he came out on top, being heavier and larger than she was. The crowd cheered. Bastards. Thessala hissed and bared her teeth as he leaned down, but paid attention to his words. “Want to end it here or should we give them more?” "I think we can do better. Stay still or I'll kick in the wrong place. And take the belt first, idiot." she whispered. She gave him a moment to adjust, before she brought her knee up with convincing force, hitting him in the thigh. Hopefully, he'd be grateful for it. Using the momentum, she aimed to roll them over, hopefully leaving her wide belt in his hands as a result. @Atrice @Sharpie @Sara @Liv
  9. "Not gossip. Just conversation. Trying to learn to be a good hostess, isn't that what a wife does? Greet her husband's clients and make them feel welcome?" Lucius shrugged. He was not sure how things went in families like her. His mother had raised them out in the countryside, his father had died early, and Gaius was not married yet. But at least Ovinia seemed to take her duties as a Roman matron very seriously already. He did not doubt she'd be good at it. "You'll have to give me the low-down on all of your brothers, should things progress...I don't want to seem an idiot..." "I doubt you ever would." Lucius smiled, more genuinely this time. He could see she was shivering, still very much soaked through. He patted one of the children on the head. He looked like a hamster with his cheesk full of pastry. "Go bring the lady a cloak. You're the weaver's kid, right? Servius'? Tell your parents I will pay for it. Go." @Sara
  10. Mercifully the fire was still confined to the upper stories of the insula but the smoke and the haze had drifted its way down into the lower levels. Titus tugged up the scrap of material he wore knotted around his neck to cover his nose and his mouth, eyes already burning. He heard a voice behind him and stopped. Of course. Not only would he be in trouble for charging in here without permission, but he was now about to get a citizen wounded or worse. He fought the urge to snap and tell the man to fuck off back outside with the rest of the people gawking, but time was running out and with two of them they might be able to get twice as many people out. Thrusting his fire pole at the man, he glared - "Stay close to me, and use that," He jerked his head at the pole, "To test the floor before you walk on it - the fire eats through the beams, you'll fall right th-through if you're not careful." The smoke was already making it hard to breathe, let alone speak and Titus hurriedly turned around and continued down the corridor. Most from this level would have been evacuated, but they needed to reach the top floors. Buckets of water - full - lay abandoned on the stairs from where the vigiles had abandoned them when recalled from the insula. Hoisting one up, he began to trudge up the stairs to the sound of crying and the heat of the fire. TAG: @Chevi
  11. She chuckled and couldn't help the flush that came to her cheeks. It had been a few months since she'd last seen him, after the failed attempt to get her father consider a marriage he'd been forbidden from attending the salutatio until her father had calmed down. And even now he'd been allowed to return, Ovinia was not to venture into the tablinum or anywhere near it when Decimus was in attendance. It was frustrating, and irksome. "Not gossip," She chided, rolling her eyes and clearing her throat awkwardly, "Just conversation. Trying to learn to be a good hostess, isn't that what a wife does? Greet her husband's clients and make them feel welcome?" She sniffed, water still in her sinuses and chill eating at her bones. "You'll have to give me the low-down on all of your brothers, should things progress...I don't want to seem an idiot..." TAG: @Chevi
  12. "Because they're going to let it burn." "What?" Lucius managed to locate the medicus, and supported the young man until he could pass him on to the already overworked medic. He wondered what even could be done for him at this point. But his attention was already back to the other one who had been yelling. Was he serious? Was no one helping the people inside? He headed back towards him. "If the centurion asks, you tell him you don't know where I am, alright?" He arrived just in time to see the blonde man slip back into the building and disappear in the smoke. Alone. "Dammit." Before he could think twice, Lucius followed. Smoke was immediately stinging his eyes and scratching at his throat. He pulled the edge of his cloak up to cover his mouth and nose. "Wait!... Let me help." @Sara
  13. "Raising a family and running a household is work, thank you very much." "Fair." He was not going to question how much effort it took to run a Roman household. He had seen his mother do it. And children were always a handful. Even so, her mention of another name in passing piqued his interest. Who was Decimus? "Pay attention. My brothers are Tullus, Gaius, Lucius and Tertius...Decimus is another of papa's clients. He does spice imports and other things." "I see" he quirked an eyebrow. One of her father's clients with whom she was swapping gossip in passing. "And here I thought I was the only one gossiping with the merchants." @Sara
  14. "Because they're going to let it burn." Titus spat back, his own chest heaving and burning. He glanced up again at the insula. Nobody was coming out anymore - no civilians and certainly no vigiles who merely stood around with their firesticks looking confused or worse, bored. Titus ground his teeth and glanced to the youth next to him who looked ashen faced and terrified. It was likely the first big fire he'd seen. "You'll be fine." He clapped the lad on the back which made him jump with a start. Titus saw the flicker of fear in his eyes and wondered if the boy would bolt. He didn't, but he did glance sideways to the centurion. He'd be useless in there, Titus thought. The only thing worse than having no help was having somebody who was so shit-scared that they'd make stupid mistakes. Suppressing a frustrated groan, he grabbed the front of the boy's tunic and shook him to get his attention. "You're not going up, but I want you to stand here and wait for me and anybody else that I bring down, alright? If the centurion asks, you tell him you don't know where I am, alright?" The youth nodded dumbly, and then, without a second thought, Titus slipped past him and into the haze and the smoke of the building... TAG: @Chevi
  15. She arched a brow, glancing across at him. "Raising a family and running a household is work, thank you very much." She scoffed, shaking her head. For women of her class that's all there was. That and running meaningless charities or hosting parties, but she thought he'd laugh out loud if she said anything on that. Still hanging back from the kids, she folded her arms around her waist. He was right - despite the summer sun, she was getting cold. "No," She shook her head, rolling her eyes, "Pay attention. My brothers are Tullus, Gaius, Lucius and Tertius...Decimus is another of papa's clients. He does spice imports and other things." TAG: @Chevi
  16. The children had taken Lucius at his word, and descended on the food like locusts. Oh well, at least they had kept up their end of the bargain. "Not big on work, are we" He smirked at her. They were back to the banter from... having uncomfortable thoughts. "Who's Decimus? One of your brothers?" He kept forgetting them, there were just too damn many. He'd learn when one of them came to kill him.
  17. Ovinia furnished him with a grin and a mock bow as they drew closer to the hut. The kids were rifling through Lucius' sack without a care in the world, evidently on the hunt for more food. The melon had already been taken, as had the pastries judging by the crumbs left behind on the grass. "One of my fathers clients is a woman," She commented as she hesitated a few yards away from the kids - warily watching them to see if they had any more buckets or soaked rags hidden near them, ready for attack, "She runs a grain import business. I can't imagine anything worse...I mean, a comedian at least you'd have time off but..." She wrinkled her nose, "That poor woman spends all her life working. Never married, according to Decimus." TAG: @Chevi
  18. It was a little reassuring that, for a brief moment, she seemed almost as flustered as he felt. He'd been warned that women could be great actors - just as men - but it didn't feel like an act. Either Sosia was the slightly unworldly young woman that she seemed, or she was very, very good. And he didn't think he could pick the difference; he might have grown up in Rome but Tiberius had been closeted in his own way, likewise for his safety. But there was no harm in what was said, and he decided that it was preferable to assume the best, until he had cause to think otherwise. He wanted to assume the best. A lovely young woman from the country, going to the temple, whose only crime was having timing as bad as his own. And it was hardly an unpleasant encounter. It was a pleasant thought in a way, that Minerva herself might have a hand in their respective terrible timing, if also slightly unnerving. Did one truly want the direct attentions of a God? "It would be nice to think that she wishes us well." Though he was aware that they were taking up space on the steps of the temple, and he had duties to attend to. "And that I might see you at future events." After all, being from a Senatorial family, she should move in the same kind of circles. In fact, he was planning to discuss organising a more informal party with Marcus Julius Silanus, when he next caught up with him. But time moved on. "I need to continue, and I dare say that Minerva is hungry." He smiled and nodded to the pie that Sosia still carried. "But you have brightened my morning." He assured her. "I hope the Goddess continues to smile on you this day, and please give my regards to your father." It never hurt to cultivate a potential political ally, especially one with so pleasant a daughter. Yes, he'd definitely invite her to the party. @Atrice
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  20. It had been a serious question that demanded a serious answer, especially in view of the potential change in Menelaus' status that would be happening soon - and if he did not win, Marcus would see him free via another route. He deserved it, after all. He watched the man consider Marcus' response to his question - he was a serious sort of person who considered a variety of things before making a decision, yet who was not afraid to make a decision on the fly. A charioteer was, after all, by their very nature someone who could make snap decisions having taken in the view at a glance (how often did a charioteer round the spina and have to act instantaneously to avoid a shipwreck, after all? It happened far more often than you might think from the number of times shipwrecks actually occurred). "We will have a further talk after the celebratory races," he said, looking up at the charioteer who was still standing there, waiting for his dismissal. "You may go." The inauguration for the boy and the probable retirement for Menelaus - the celebrations were going to mark some interesting changes within the Whites' line-up. @Járnviðr - thank you! It's been an interesting thread!
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  22. "I was joking. It'll have to be the legions...you can't tell when somebody is lying or mocking you, absolutely not cut out to be a lawyer. My father has a few of them for clients, trust me I know." Lucius wrinkled his nose at her. It was only a joke because it was so obviously outside the realm of possibility. Which was a shame, according to him, but not according to her. And if being a lawyer was not his calling, the alternative left was the legions. "How sweet that you worry about me so much. Or do you just want to nurse me back to health? Try out being medicus for a day?" Once again, that strange feeling that made him look away, as if she had crossed a line in her joking, even though he did not know what the other side was. "You know I might not make a good lawyer, but you are missing out on being a stellar comedian." @Sara
  23. Ovinia rolled her eyes and very, very hesitantly stepped out into the sunlight again from where she had sequestered herself. "I was joking." She tutted, "It'll have to be the legions...you can't tell when somebody is lying or mocking you, absolutely not cut out to be a lawyer. My father has a few of them for clients, trust me I know." Walking slowly (very slowly - lest there be kids hiding with buckets of water) back in the vague direction of the hut, she glanced up at him, arching a brow. "How sweet that you worry about me so much. Or do you just want to nurse me back to health? Try out being medicus for a day?" TAG: @Chevi
  24. The children all hurried back to the shelter, and Lucius grinned as they slowly walked after them. Ovinia was trying to get her outfit into some semblance of order. She was still dripping water as she walked. "You could be a tutor? Instead of a lawyer or tribune? You're good with them." "That would be fun to do. But alas, usually done by slaves or freedmen." Lucius sighed, adjusting his own soaked clothes. "I'm too high born for most of the things I'd like to do. I can't even complain about it." He chuckled. "Let's hope your litter gets here fast. I would't want you to catch a cold." @Sara
  25. "My hero." she preened with a giggle and a grin. She was taking this utter and complete lapse in self-control far better than she had when she'd sung, so that was...something. Then again, she had lots of hours left in the day to regret things. Chuckling as he stepped from the shadows but biting her tongue to stop from snapping that she was very much not a princess, she watched him. Leaning against the brickwork of the column she couldn't help the soft smile on her face as he interacted with the kids. Almost as soon as he'd said the words 'pastries' they bolted, pails and buckets abandoned as they sprinted back towards the make-shift hut she'd constructed. "You could be a tutor?" She called out as she affected to fix her hair, tucking it behind her ear before attempting to realign the straps of her tunica under the cloak, "Instead of a lawyer or tribune? You're good with them." She grinned, feeling relaxed despite herself. TAG: @Chevi
  26. He was worried for a moment that his choice of words crossed a line... but if there was a line, she seemed to be blissfully unaware of it. Did she not...? Oh, Venus. His brother had his work cut out for him. "Well, either I'm getting murdered for being alone or you are for drenching me. I vote you. I'll say we were harassed by some kids whilst I was waiting for my litter and I panicked and ran away. You did your very best to save me and calm me down. We will not mention that I threw the bucket or ran. Deal?" "Deal. Just... keep the details vague." he was still going to get an earful from Gaius about this. His brother did not tend to see him as a hero in any unusual circumstance. Even when he really was being helpful. "Can you at least tell them to fu-...go away?" Lucius grinned, peering at the kids. "Not in those exact words, princess." He stepped out of the shadow of the building, and held up his hands. "Whoever puts their pail down gets pastries. But you'd better race back to the hut, I don't have an endless supply..." @Sara
  27. The Gods were shining on Lucius Vipsanius Roscius when fate had made him interact with Ovinia Camilla, because for all her claims of worldliness, her knowledge of the intimate was severely lacking. The double entendre passed her by completely and instead she just scoffed, folding her arms over her chest and adjusting the cloak to shield herself. "Well, either I'm getting murdered for being alone or you are for drenching me. I vote you. I'll say we were harassed by some kids whilst I was waiting for my litter and I panicked and ran away. You did your very best to save me and calm me down. We will not mention that I threw the bucket or ran." She gave him a breathless grin. "Deal?" She cast a glance out of the solitude of the aqueduct to see the kids milling about, glancing in their direction and whispering amongst themselves. "Can you at least tell them to fu-...go away?" TAG: @Chevi
  28. They were definitely treading dangerous territory. Visiting a festival was one thing, but splashing water around and running away to the gods knew where was definitely not a good look for nobility. Especially for a decent young woman... even though, from the glances he stole at her, she seemed to be having a good time. "Alone? Or are you willing to suffer through another lecture from your brother if I tell my family that you were my chaperone and you managed to get me in...this state." "Alone. I'm not suicidal." he shook his head with a smirk "You could explain these are the holy rites of Neptune... but I think your brothers might still bury me alive for getting you too wet" he already knew by the end of the sentence that it had been the wrong choice of words. "Your dress." @Sara
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