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  2. Cynane was certain she'd act differently, if she was suddenly freed and elevated in ranks. But that was unlikely to happen, unless she married someone of a higher rank and right now, she could not imagine marrying anyone at all. Not that it was in the cards anyway. On the other hand, if she was freed, would she then just submit to the laws of Rome, the unspoken rules about what you did and how you were supposed to act as a woman? It wasn't something she did right now, after all. Anyway, she was a slave. It didn't matter at all. But she knew the rules, at least. Sosia seemed surprised to hear s
  3. Poor Teutus, life sure had dealt him the wrong hand. Maybe he needed to do like Alexius and put his life in the hands of Fortuna. You were there anyway, so you better just submit to the powerful and lovely lady anyway. And let her guide you instead of pull you down. Alexius had done that and it worked for him. He felt sorry for Teutus though, who thought life had been very unfair to him. Life wasn't always what you expected. And still, you had to do something with the path you'd been dealt. Alexius tried his best to enjoy it, no matter what. He tried to explain to Teutus that he, as a fr
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  5. [IMG]https://i.imgur.com/6kuuwBJ.jpg[/IMG][URL=https://exadia.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=20]RULES[/URL] ♢ [URL=https://exadia.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=34]WELCOME[/URL] ♢ [URL=https://exadia.jcink.net/index.php?showforum=22]RACES[/URL] ♢ [URL=https://exadia.jcink.net/index.php?showforum=24]APPLICATION[/URL] ♢ [URL=https://discord.gg/saEqRRS]DISCORD[/URL] ♢ [URL=https://exadia.jcink.net/index.php?showforum=5]ADVERTISMENTS[/URL]Medieval Fantasy // brand new // no word count // LGBT+ friendly.Offering a highly detailed, lush, Medieval Fantasy environment with opportunities for epic tales a
  6. "Well, I never expected it to keep on being as unfair as this," Teutus muttered, and sighed. He would eventually get used to it, and would start to plan his new future, but right now he didn't want to, he didn't want to do anything other than mope (or grieve, or sulk about) the future he'd been supposed to have, the one that had been promised to him for his entire life. He scowled at the wine in his cup as if it was Tertius' smug face. He tried to ignore the sense of curiosity provoked by the other man's words, but couldn't - which had probably been the whole reason he'd said what he had.
  7. Alexius would not force sad Teutus here to share his story, if he didn’t want to, but he kind of had the feeling that Teutus did want to talk about it. He just had no one to talk to… well until now. And Alexius could be many things. He liked to make others feel comfortable in his presence. So if it was someone listening to your story you wanted, that’s what he would be. Teutus chose to share his story then, after a good gulp of wine. Alexius had no idea Teutus was talking about a slave girl he knew, but he knew it sounded a bit depressing to Teutus. If not a lot. “Life isn’t always fair,
  8. Didia was sweet for laughing at his jokes and comments, but she also seemed to agree with the excuse he’d have ready, if anyone were to ask what they were doing. He chuckled at her words though, “I don’t know if the other times counts as only excuses… but yeah…” He replied and then he had told her about men also needing to be saved sometimes. Not all men could fight. She seemed surprised to hear it and believed that if she was larger she could have fought him off. “It would depend on your skills, no matter your size. It’s not always strength either, actually. It’s skill.” Alexius lecture
  9. Maybe he was becoming a bit sentimental or soft, but he didn't know. When you'd lived a life like he had and it often took you by surprise, taking you somewhere new... and you eventually just learned to live with whatever you had, was it so strange to want to dwell by memories sometimes? That's what he came here to do. He did like watching the gladiators of course, some were good and most were handsome men (and women), but that wasn't the entire reason why he came. Now he'd show Felix the seats where you could watch the gladiators train for free and he showed Felix the doorway to the staircase
  10. Was she maybe not dead after all? She could feel Thessala’s warmth, the softness of her lips, she could even taste her. And not just her, to be honest. The blood from the battle had also come on Thessala’s lips, making her even more attractive to Rana. So she was definitely still dead. Or not. She was in between, wasn’t she? A spirit, like Thessala said… When the kiss broke, they looked at each other and then Rana had to know what that kiss meant… what it was for. She had a feeling, but she wasn’t sure and she had to hear it said. For some reason, she had to hear it said. And Thess
  11. Wulfric gave a surprised look, when Iophon more or less chocked on his drink. Why though? In Germania, Wulfric was considered a kind of prince, sure, and he protected the king, sure... but he was still also a man of the people and in Germania, they were not quite as elevated above the rest as here in Rome. He bet the Roman Emperor would never go out on his own and just talk to common people. It was different where Wulfric came from. In Germania, you were in control, but you couldn't be too elevated and reserved. Then you wouldn't be liked. And that was very important too. People had to believe
  12. "I don't see why she wouldn't be. She's patrician, born of patrician parents, my loyalty to the Augustus is without question - and they have to look somewhere for prospective wives, why not Calpurnia? They can hardly marry some foreign princess or something, it just wouldn't be - Roman." The scions of the Imperial family had married good senatorial girls before. They weren't Egyptian, to marry their own sisters (only look what sort of a mess that had led to, in the end!) "I'm not going to force her to marry someone she'll hate, or despise. Of course I don't want her to be unhappy - J
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  14. Attis was not slow in taking the offered seat, aware that it was very few slaves who could ever claim to be privileged enough to be allowed to seat themselves on the same level as their masters. "I've got Metella back home, domine, she's all the girl I need." She'd probably rip his balls off and feed them to him if she learned he'd been spreading his favours around in Greece while she was stuck back in Italia. "And no, it wasn't. I mean, we both know you can, and we both like it well enough, but if you want a girl, who am I to argue about it?" A day and night to himself in Athens...
  15. "You're a good friend, Didia," he told her, and shrugged. "I don't know. You just... Didn't sound happy when you spoke of maybe being married, that's all." He was pretty sure that the majority of people in the city wouldn't be so insistent on cutting a slave in on the treasure they'd found, much less giving them equal shares in it. Though, to be fair, right now that was theoretical or hypothetical shares in a very real treasure. If they could buy the house, there would be no question about who owned it but as it was... "If you take two now, I'll take one, that's all I can reasonably
  16. Longinus quirked a brow. “Was that a veiled suggestion that you’re annoyed about Lutatia in there taking your place?” He jerked his head in the direction of his bedroom where the young woman who he had left sleeping, had already left. “She’s sweet, I’m sure if you spoke to her you’d get over your petty jealously.” He grinned, jesting. He’d met the twenty-something in one of the many bars in Athens, and spirited her away for an evening. They’d made tentative plans to see one another again, but he was utterly unawares that she’d already left without a goodbye. He gestured that Attis could t
  17. Attis dropped into a squat by Longinus' feet. "Of course you're allowed to ask for a conversation, domine," he said. "Or anything else at all, for that matter." He didn't need Attis to tell him that, they were both products of the same society, though at vastly different ends of the social spectrum. Longinus was entitled to make any use of Attis that he wished, from mere conversation to slaking his needs in bed. "And no, you didn't, domine," he added in response to the next question. Days off had been mentioned, but Attis knew better than to push and hadn't raised the topic again. He was
  18. Horatia’s eyebrows rose and she studied her husband. “Do you think she’d even be considered?” Aulus was held in high regard as was her own family, but the imperials? Really? “I love her, of course, and think she’d make an excellent wife but I’m sure they have others they’re considering.” She sighed and tucked a loose strand of auburn hair behind her ear. She narrowed her eyes and leant back in her own chair. “I know my friend Atia has a son, I think eighteen or twenty or so. Secundus Lutatius Caletus‘ boy? But Calpurnia,” She sighed a little, “Is a gentle soul. Quiet, like me, she might e
  19. "There are a couple of nice young men within the Imperial family - Titus Flavius Caesar Alexander and Tiberius Claudius Sabucius. I'm not sure how old they are but they must both be closer in age to Calpurnia than you and I are to each other. Neither Lucius Cassius nor Titus Sulpicius have a son the right sort of age, though each of them has a daughter who could be considered for a wife for Titus. I doubt he will want to marry before he's held his first senatorial post, though." And if the discussion highlighted the difference in expectations placed on the men and the women in their socie
  20. "Oh and I'm quite sure you were." She retorted back with an arched eyebrow and then, without warning, launched the coins back at him and into his lap. "And if you don't take some I'm not taking some! We're both the owners of this gold, so we should divide it equally when the time comes." She narrowed her eyes on him and crossed her arms across her chest, signalling that she wouldn't be moved. She blinked, however, at his odd little comment and frowned with a quizzical look at him. "Why...why do you say that?" She arched a brow, "I'm happy now." She nudged him again, "What more could I gi
  21. Longinus chortled. "Not unless you want to make a name for yourself as a creep that peeps at people sleeping, no, I don't want you to spy." He moved his legs to rest on a table (that was probably too expensive to be used as a footstool) and stifled a yawn. He was a naturally very early riser, requiring little to no sleep before he was ready for his day. His mother had always chided him that one day he'd crash and burn, but he'd gone thirty-six years like this thus far with limited ill effects. "Am I not allowed to ask for conversation?" He quirked his eyebrow with a smug grin, "Have you
  22. "Then you should suggest, I'd be happy to organise." She said with an affirmative nod, already half thinking of entertainment and menus. She sometimes grew a little morose that her intellect and passions were wasted on planning dinners and parties, but she didn't say anything on it. It was her lot in life, as Aulus' was in politics. "I'm not sure how it works, the process of it, I mean." She smiled back, "I was so young when Publius and Lucius got theirs, I barely remember it." She chuckled, "I've also not been thinking about it because I refuse to dwell on the fact I'm so old I have a ne
  23. "I'm sure I wasn't getting moody," he said, and dropped a couple of coins in her lap. "There. So you can take that trip without anyone telling you that you can't!" His smile grew. He'd seen some of the insulae but never from up close, and his previous home had been a humble villa near the sea, with its own small farm around it, nothing like the huge sprawling estates his current master probably owned. The prospect of seeing an insula didn't worry him; it wasn't as if the part of the house inhabited by the slaves could compare with the fancy mosaics and fine frescoes of the public areas of
  24. Attis scrambled to his feet at the sound of his master's voice. He was habitually an early riser (something about being a slave to a military officer, probably!) and had come out to enjoy the early morning before everyone was awake, though there were clattering sounds coming from the direction of the kitchen. "No, domine - should I? I mean, I can if you want me to!" He didn't think his master had any plans for today, not until later, and the young woman he'd found was already making her exit. She surely didn't have to, not so early - Longinus could probably spend another hour or so w
  25. "Good!" She said with a grin, "After we're finished here I'll take you home, nobody'll be in at this time and you can see where the other half of Rome's population live, and that way, when you have good news, you'll know where I live and can come and visit." She wondered if he'd be horrified. Even as a slave, he lived in a fancy house. She lived in a squat, upper story apartment with her whole family. She could just imagine the nobles wrinkling their noses at the thought of the 'squalor'. She tried to keep it as neat and tidy as she could, but it was bound not to live up to the standards of th
  26. Aulus sat back, crossing one leg over the other. "Whereas you have as much ambition as I have, to raise a good family and leave a legacy to Rome - in your own way, anyway. And I don't see why the Augustus and his wife would like to come for dinner in a private citizen's home, especially one he has described as a friend. If he would rather not, that's different - he can say no but I'd like to ask him." She was right about Titus, too, of course. "I'll tell Titus, he should know - it's about time we thought about giving him his toga virīlis, after all." Surely Horatia wasn't old enough
  27. "Well, if - when - I do, you'll be the first person I tell," he told her, with a shy smile. He held one of the coins up, looking at the portrait and inscription. It was at least a decade old, but gold was gold, and an aureus was worth quite a bit regardless of whose head was stamped on it. "They'll all think you're a fine rich lady, coming from Rome," he told her. "We'll take that trip - though you might end up with other people in your life who might not want you to, not with a nobody freedman." She'd said before that there wasn't really anybody she was interested in, not like that
  28. She arched a brow; "Do you think he'd want to come here for a dinner?" She'd happily throw a private dinner, it would certainly be easier to organise than some of the parties they no doubt would have to throw in Aulus' campaign for Consulship, but she queried whether a man such as Quintus would enjoy the comparably simple home of his friend and his wife, when compared to the palace. "I suppose I haven't spoken to him in some years, although I do recall from back in Greece he was a man of refinement. I don't wish to offend him if our house isn't up to par." She chuckled. It was a beautiful home
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