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  2. (As Marcus Valerius Maximus) Marcus listened as most of the men brought up their own thoughts and considerations. Occasionally he would nod in understanding and scowl in frustration if a response did not please him. He was a practical man, always. Coin was an important part of managing the empire yet keeping the plebs content was equally important. The careful balance in Rome was essential to prevent crime yet it was not wise to permit people to become lazy, and expect to receive handouts. Still, the Civil War had been long and bloody with most families of Rome who had been impacted by what had occurred. He rose from his seat to address the gathered body of men. "Another suitable line of work and training would be new recruits for the army to serve Rome in thanks for the kindness. If we offer assistance there needs to be some type of economic or social reward." He explained another possibly yet he was always a man of few words. Soon he returned to his seat and waited for the Princeps Senatus to speak once more. OOC: Next up is the Senatus Princeps.
  3. Charis explained she’d not told the Vigiles about Tertius, since she wanted to get away and didn’t want to disturb him. He could understand her point, but on the other hand, she should have mentioned his name and where she belonged. It was too late now though and he’d have to try and explain to her how important it was for him to keep her safe. If she wasn’t safe, was he safe? She was his slave, after all. But they went on and Charis suddenly wondered what exactly he did for a living and he explained it. She said she understood he was important. Well, he was… maybe not the most important senator in the empire, far from it, but important enough. He was a praetor and had been one for a very long time, so by now, he knew what he was doing. And he actually liked it, which was why he hadn’t moved on much. You could say he was a senior praetor now. He would instruct younger men on what to do. He wondered though why she asked what he did and right away then saying the Vigiles hadn’t been nice to her. It didn’t matter about the gladiatrix, but Charis mattered, somehow. He slept with her, as the first woman in months, so for some reason, he couldn’t pretend she meant nothing. She was his property and his lover, now. Not that he’d tell her she mattered that much, he wouldn’t want it to get to her head. Didn’t want her to think she was in control. After he’d asked if she wanted the Vigiles reprimanded, she’d looked up at him with a small smile, as if she was at least considering it. Interesting. Sweet and pretty Charis wanted revenge… but she quickly lowered her eyes again and claimed they had the right to be unpleasant. He arched a brow now, “I don’t know if they have the right to. It’s just that no one will tell them not to.” And understandably not a humbled slave like Charis. However, she went on, musing about how they treated people, she didn’t want them punished, although she knew Tertius could probably do something. She wondered if it was right and said certainly that she didn’t think it was. This was very interesting. She did want revenge. And he honestly considered dealing it out, perhaps without her knowledge, but just to make sure such a thing would not happen again… “The way I see it… you’re my slave, Charis. It’s not up to them to do anything to you or to order you to do anything. That’s in my power, not theirs. If they harm you, they indirectly harm me, do you understand?” He said and paused as he thought about it, then continued… “It depends though, on what exactly they said to you or did to you. Please understand that you must be honest with me. If you’re not, how can I be a good master to you… I’m unable to take good care of you, if I don’t know the whole truth. So, how exactly did they mistreat you?” @Sara
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  5. Juliana was not prepared to wait a long time in case the supervisor finally arrived. Especially when she was told that there was a chance he would not even come in today. She had already wasted enough time dealing with this. She exhaled slowly in irritation, and while the temptation to simply let him go was there. It would not do him any good in the long run. The longer the wait was the more determined she became to see it through. "I see, do you know his name?" Juliana asked. Surely the slave would know this piece of information. If need be, she would write to inform him of the slave's mishap and offer her own solution. It was strange no supervisor nor head slave was left here to ensure that things ran smoothly. Hopefully this would not occur again. While his gaze was lowered to the ground in servitude she took some time to observe him. He had the darker complexion held by people from the East, long dark hair and eyelashes and even skin. In her younger days she would have been flattered by the attention he gave her. She waited for his response, and perhaps, there was a chance he would be sold to her if the supervisor agreed. That could be a better alternative than having his broken damaged... and he was quite appealing to the eye. @Atrice
  6. She shook her head, “I did not domine, I want to be out there quickly and did not want to disturb you.” And I was terrified of what you’d say or do...Charis listened with concentration as he explained his role. It seemed so alien to her, but she was grateful that Teutus had at least explained the basics so she wasn’t totally lost. Besides, she was familiar with judges - they were just usually the tribal elders or druids. The thought of him as a druid was almost laughable, but fortunately she managed to keep a straight face. All she said in the end was, “I understand domine, you important.” Still, as he asked the question she glanced up at him and met his eyes briefly with an arched brow and a small smile. Now how to play this? She knew he liked her sweet and innocent, he’d said as much before and this new vengeful side was probably intriguing - but would he like it? In usual circumstances she doubted any woman who had been through what he’d doled out would care what he thought, but she also knew (deeper down, in the pragmatic core of her) that his good opinion of her was one of the only things she had that was making her life easier here. And she wasn’t going to risk it just for petty revenge. Respectfully lowering her eyes again she shook her head and said; “No...I know they have right to be unpleasant.” They were far above her in rank, after all. And as much as she wanted to keep up the facade that she was sweet and innocent and kind (which she was mostly...), there was no harm in seeing if he would understand or jump on her light suggestions. “I just wonder if they should be treating important people slaves like that. I don’t want them punish.” Yes you bloody do Erea! “But I know you have power, and want to know if you think it was right, domine? The way they treat me?” She bit at her lip, “Because I don’t think it was.” This was a test of sorts, to see just how easy he was to influence, and to see if he cared for her...or his property rather, much at all. TAG: @Atrice
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  8. She told him about the gladiatrix, whose name was Thessala. That name did ring a bell. He really should see her, thank her for saving his slave and making sure she got home safely. She was quite fierce looking, as far she recalled from the arena. Not quite his type. But he knew of her, “I think I do know her name.” He simply replied, and then Charis explained further about which other men had been interested in her. Said men at the markets made comments, but he shouldn’t be jealous. Her words made him smile, it was good to know she would stay clear of sleeping around, when this was where she was supposed to be. “That’s the right way to think, Charis.” He complimented her, or at least he thought he did. Then Charis dared to asked a question and he gave a nod of approval, she could do that… she wondered what he did for a living and said the Vigiles hadn’t been kind to her or Thessala and had been cruel. If she'd mentioned whom her owner was, it might have been different, but of course that wasn't for certain... “I suppose you didn’t tell them about me, then.” Tertius said, a little irritated that they hadn’t treated her nicely. On the other hand, he wasn’t surprised, they weren’t senatorial of rank and could be quite rough… “I’m a praetor, a quite important office to hold. A praetor is a kind of judge, I judge legal matters between citizens of Rome, mostly… and then I partake in the Senate, of course.” If she even understood that, did they have judges in Britannia? Did she know what the Senate was, even? It sounded like a very civilized thing and he still couldn’t picture Britannia as a very civilized place… it was of no matter though. She’d wondered what he did and then mentioned how the Vigiles had been cruel to her. “Do you want them reprimanded for their behavior? Is that why you’re asking?” He tilted his head, watching her, this was a kind of new side of her. He didn’t know she had it in her, but he supposed after what happened to her, who could blame her for wanting some kind of revenge? @Sara
  9. She wanted to snap at him that when else was she supposed to find time to visit the baths, if not in the evening? But she bit her tongue. There was no point stoking an argument, not after he had finally shown the faintest bit of human compassion for her. Instead she only looked surprised; “She famous I think, Thessala.” That was how the Thracian woman had pronounced it, wasn’t it? Not the most skilled liar, Charis had never hid her emotions well, but the months she had spent in Rome thus far had helped and without missing a beat she only offered a little smile: “Men in market sometimes make comments.” Well, it was more men that she’d met on the way back from market but he didn’t need to know that. But she added, with good nature albeit boldly; “But you should not be jealous, domine, I know I’m not theirs.” Because I’m a married woman, and I belong to a man named Immin, not a confusing, cold Roman- she added in her head. Venturing, given he didn’t seem a particularly bad mood today, to dare a little further she asked: “Can I ask question, domine?” She paused for a little bit for him to answer before continuing; “What is it you do? I know you important, but I don’t know.” She really had no idea what he spent his days doing. Come on Erea, be bold, they deserve it, “Because Vigiles...weren’t kind to me or Gladiatrix, they make lewd comments, and were cruel.” They had been unpleasant - if anything they were just as frightening to her as the men who had tried to rob and violate her, and if there was one good thing to come out of her present living arrangements, maybe it could be that they were taught a lesson. Gods, was she becoming just as cold and cruel as the Romans? TAG: @Atrice
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    Road to danger

    The horse did what she hoped it would do, but then two men came at her from each their own side. Alright, think, Cynane! In the arena, you have to think fast. The one who came from the front, she ducked away from his attack and rolled on the ground, so that she had both of them to her front – except now she was further away from Claudia and she didn’t like that. It sounded though as if Claudia put up a good fight, she heard a scream from the man who got to the princess and that had to be good. If she’d had time to be pleased with her student, she would have been. But she was too busy with the men she had to fight, although a bit annoyed that she couldn’t help her princess. It was honestly hard to think, when she had to think about someone else to protect but herself and her own life. But she managed to slice one of the men’s arms and he had to hold it and use the same arm to fight with. Good. Then, not good. Claudia was on the ground with a blade to her throat and he threatened to cut her throat. Gods, really? Cut the throat of a princess?! “That would be unwise; you’ll have to deal with Caesar’s wrath if you do!” Cynane spat angrily. Surely no one were that stupid, although in Rome, she was often surprised… she stood still, not willing to risk Claudia’s life, but not happy to drop her weapon either. She knew she was not supposed to make demands here, but on the other hand, what would the attackers get from this, if they killed the most valuable person present? Although of course, she could fight without a weapon if she had to. She could do that. She dared it, hoping the man was not as stupid as he seemed… that he wouldn’t go through with his threat. She had to get Claudia home in one piece, safe, alive. She'd have to do that or die in the attempt, “If you remove your weapon from her, I’ll drop mine.” And she would do it, if he did remove his weapon. Then hers would be on the ground the next instant. @Gothic @Chevi @Sains
  11. When he mentioned he’d been a soldier, Charis said he’d been in Germania and he gave her a look – how did she know this? Someone must have told her. Maybe Teutus? What else had he said? “Near Germania, rather… in Northern Gaul. Not far from the wall and the border.” Tertius said and wondered if that would interest her at all and why. It wasn’t often he spoke of that time; not that it had been bad, well except for the weather and those bloody barbarian German tribes, but more because of the whole ordeal with his brother. Whom he’d rather not think about. She promised to tell him if she experienced any of the symptoms he described and then said she thought it wouldn’t scar, like her back. He had noticed her back, when he bedded her, but hadn’t asked about it. It wasn’t the right time or place and what happened before she came here, shouldn’t matter. The whip must have been because she misbehaved at some point, but now, she seemed much more obedient. That was good. Did she want to talk about though? Was that why she mentioned it? Gods, women could be so hard to read! “I doubt you’ll be scarred. It just needs time to heal.” Tertius simply replied, unsure of what else to reply to that. And then Charis suddenly went on explaining more about what happened the night of the attack. Apparently she met a gladiatrix, who saved and helped her and she joked about being taught how to fight. But she wasn’t a gladiatrix! She was meant to be here, working in the house and looking pretty for Tertius, she was not meant to fight. “You simply need to stay in when it’s dark outside. But maybe I should meet this gladiatrix, thank her for saving you.” Tertius said then and she’d looked up at him and said men seemed more interested in her here. He could see why, but since she mentioned it, that would actually worry him a little bit. She was his, after all… “Really? Other than me and your attackers?” @Sara
  12. Charis listened patiently and clasped her hands together in front of her waist to stop fiddling with her cheek. Rhoda was right, the more she prodded it, the worse it was likely to get. "In Germania..." She remembered, but wasn't sure where from. Maybe Teutus had mentioned it? Or Tertius himself? She half-wondered what he thought of it there, in a land not so dissimilar to her own home country but now was not the time to think of it. She was oddly perturbed by his concern. Even if it was just out of concern for an investment that was depreciating in value, rather than in her as a person, it was still unusual. She hadn't seen this side to him before - not even in their intimacy. "I will domine, thank you." She did not see his smile, her eyes respectfully on his chest rather than his face but as he spoke she frowned a little to herself. "I...y-yes domine." She nodded, confused. Was her face that bad that it repulsed him? Made him concerned that she'd not be worth bedding again? She could only hope. "I sure it won't scar, like my back." She added for good measure. She'd seen Turi and Calporunus when they got in their youthful scrapes, and their bruises always healed. "That was from whip..." She supposed he never asked about, was he not at least a little curious? Swallowing, she fiddled with a thin scrap of linen she had tied around her wrist. Since Tertius had taken her bracelet from her, she had found herself desperate for something to habitually spin, and remind her of the leather and a nondescript piece of fabric was all she could find. "I met gladiatrix, she one who save me." She offered with a little smile, trying to redirect the conversation; "I never met fighter like her before, maybe she should teach me in case it happen again, men here..." She was joking and risked a glance to his face but didn't meet his eyes, "Seem more interest in me than at home." Tertius, Alexius...Gods even Teutus had thought she was flirting...was she suddenly so irresistible in Rome? TAG: @Atrice
  13. She dropped her eyes and nodded when he said that he was most upset with her not telling him about her injuries right away. He could have helped her or protected her somehow. He could have tracked down the idiots who attacked her and made sure they knew what happened, if you crossed Tertius Quinctilius Varus! His ancestor might have been beaten by barbarians, but Tertius was not going to have his slaves harmed by brutes! Right now though, he went on about how she should make sure to eat and drink and stay healthy and that he’d even allow her to sleep in. He wondered shortly if she had something soft to rest her head upon. Meanwhile Charis thanked him for his kindness and then suddenly worried about whether she’d be okay or not. She went on explaining that she’d never been hit before and wondered how he knew about the headache. “I’ve not experienced such a headache myself… but I was a soldier, a long time ago, and I saw what happened to the others.” Tertius explained, “But if all you had so far is a headache, I think you’ll be fine. Just let me know if you ever feel dizzy or queasy or if the headache becomes worse. Then I’ll make sure a medic comes to see you.” He said and gave her a little smile, hoping it wasn’t too much for her, but he was being honest, “I don’t like to see you harmed, Charis. That’s what I meant to say before. You’re a very attractive woman and I’d hate for that to change. Do you understand that?” @Sara
  14. Clio made to swallow and found out her throat was as parched as the swaths of land the Nile did not reach, according to her meagre knowledge of Ægyptus. Up until today, the image she had of her dominus was of a serious man, continuously (pre)occupied by business matters, but after this meeting, that image would be tinged with a shade of fear. She got the feeling that even freeborns would not enjoy finding themselves on the bad side of Titus Justinius Canicus Phiscerus... As her master exhaled, Clio's own breathing caught in her chest, and she tightened her fists until her knuckles shone pale against her brown skin. Was a storm coming? Had she said the wrong thing? The moment of doubt was over as quickly as it came, and Clio allowed herself to let out a shaky breath. No more talk of gladiators, unless the master brought it up first. Domina was an intelligent woman with a keen eye for quality wares, but when said wares were fighting men, it would be unwise to arouse her husband's suspicion, and if Clio were the one to do it by mistake... well, it would be a very costly mistake for everyone involved. She quivered as the master spoke to her, but somehow managed to relax her hands; her fingernails had left crescent-shaped marks on her palms, and they were starting to smart a little. "Yes, Domine, I shall!" she nodded vigorously. "Is there anything that should be brought to Domina's attention before the next event?" What Clio really wanted to ask, but would never dare to, was how much longer this interrogation would go on for. She hoped she had a little more tact than that, and so she would stand up as straight as her unease would let her until the master dismissed her. @Brian
  15. There was a forum made originally for the stables called the Stabulum Factionum. However the RP threads is where threads for the stables and "Faction HQ" is located.
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    Joining forces

    Surprisingly, neither men made a fuss about his confession. Titus was counting on, at the very least, a raised eyebrow from Aulus Calpurnius Pratextatus - politeness, or pity, would suggest a gesture no more reproving than that - and the slave biting the inside of his cheek to keep himself from laughing... But instead, all he saw and heard was a shrug, a comment on the advantages of sea travel, and a slightly thoughtful, wondering look in the slave's eyes. Could Felix, too, be reluctant about travelling through Neptune's domain? Or was he perhaps picturing in his mind's eye already how Achaea was like? He gazed at the crude map drawn in the dirt, pondering what to do while listening with only half an ear to the other two. Time was of the essence in this situation, and even if he were to ride day and night, and be so lucky as to find fresh horses at every outpost... No, who was he kidding? Only himself. With or without seasickness, the truth of the matter was that the sea route was a good ten days or so faster. Legions could be mobilised, and cities besieged and destroyed in ten days. Titus pinched the bridge of his nose in defeat. The others were talking. "I can't converse about philosophy or anything, but yes, my mother talked to me in Greek." Good, so Felix had some knowledge of it. Spared them from having to translate for him, though few would bother doing it for a slave. "Well, nobody really expects a slave to wax eloquent about philosophy in Greek, unless that's exactly what they were purchased for," Titus deadpanned, letting his irritation seep through. He almost regretted having come across the pair, for otherwise he could have carried on with his merry, time-wasting delusion of taking an overland route. His stomach would have appreciated that... but it was not meant to be. He caught himself an instant later, though, and tried to smooth over any ruffled feathers. "It's definitely a plus that you speak it, though. One can never have too many eyes and ears in circumstances like this." Titus made to stand up; his mind was finally made up, and the sooner they got on with it the sooner it would be over. "How often do you think ships depart for Corinthus or Tarsus from Ariminium?" @Chevi @Sharpie
  17. As far as being sold - again - went, this day was definitely working out in Azarion's favor. That was a first. Technically, from what he could make out from the conversation, he was not even being sold. He was being loaned. Alucio claimed it was a financial decision, a shrewd investment of giving the boy to someone who could make the most of his skills, and cashing in the money without putting in any work ,or bothering with Azarion and his mute resentment. A few months ago, the Sarmatian boy would have believed that. Now, knowing his master a lot better... he suspected it was only half true. Either the gods really, really liked his sorry ass, or Alucio did. Gods bless him. Azarion was being loaned to the Whites, one of the four racing teams that regularly competed in the Circus. Pure magic, that was. Not quite the wild horse-riding competitions of Sarmatia, but it did involve horses, competition, and a whole lot of danger. Azarion had not been in Rome for long, and he'd been pretty isolated as a stable boy, but even he had heard people talking about the Circus with excitement and enthusiasm. This first visit was already proving that those feeling were well founded. The smell of horses, the open space, the craftsmen working on chariots and reins, and... it just... smelled like home. Azarion took a deep breath as he looked out at the courtyard. Oh, he was going own this place. "Come along, I suppose you ought to see where you'll be working," And that stern voice belonged to his new master, for all intents and purposes. His name was Marcus Eppius Parthenicus. He seemed a tad tired of the negotiations, and wary of his new charge. Azarion hoped he'd be half the master Alucio had been. He nodded silently as he followed along. Alucio had told Parthenicus that the boy was mute, and that he had some rudimentary skills in writing letters. He did not elaborate beyond that. They would just have to work it out as they went along. Azarion walked behind the taller man, his gaze constantly distracted, staring at the horses in the courtyard. @Sharpie
  18. A game from another forum I'm on...our playbys often crossover in other shows, and I always find it funny to see two of 'our characters' interacting in another story. For example: Charis seems mighty happy to be eating dinner with the slave trader that sold her...
  19. “Sounds like I must see. But how? I slave, not allowed if not fight? Or am I?” "Oh, sweetheart, everyone is welcome to the games" Thessala grinned, setting her plate down and stretching some more "Slaves and women like us get shit seats up top, but we can go if we want to. But here's the secret: As gladiatrices, we don't have to watch from the seats. We are a part of the show, so there are better places to sneak a peek from. I'll show you next time there is a fight." she waved a hand at the male gladiators sitting around talking, and others finishing up their training for the day "Until then, you are free to admire the scenery in here. Same idea, just less blood." @Atrice
  20. Whatever job the vigiles were living in the big building for, this man was clearly not doing it, or had any intention of doing it well. Thessala was beginning to lose her patience with him. Unattractive men were useless in general (except for maybe the medicus), but this one was downright frustrating. "I need to know what two lovely ladies were doing out alone after dark with no escort...they might say you were there for... For an indiscretion, in which case it would be you in the wrong if you attacked them, wouldn't it? And I doubt you have the Ludus' permission, do you girls?" Thessala pressed her bloody lips together. The man was implying that they were prostitutes. Which still would not have been an excuse, but at this point, she was willing to take offense on principle. And so was Charis. "They attacked me! I was coming back from baths and they tried to rob me! I just want to go back to domus...I tired of all of this..." "Oh, I was definitely on my way home from an indiscretion" Thessala said, tilting her head "You can talk about that with the Ludus and the very wealthy patron whose symposium I attended. I'm sure they'd welcome the interruption." It was only half a bluff; Thessala enjoyed a certain kind of freedom, especially when she could combine pleasure with business, and tie a few select patrons more securely to supporting the Ludus in the games. "This lady, however, is neither gladiatrix nor meretrix. She belongs to a decent household, and was attacked on her way home from the baths. Can you fault her for thinking you big strong men were surely keeping the streets of Rome safe?" She stared the man down until, after long moments, he was the one who looked away first. @Sara
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    Outside, inside

    Aulus made a satisfied sound as Felix worked through the knotted muscles. There was something unusually familiar about the scene. Had he been a slave trained for this kind of service, it would have been just that, a slave doing his job following the master's wish. But after spending a long time on the road, relying on each other with the kind of trust they would not have needed otherwise to survive, there was a bond between the two men. Felix would not have presumed to call it friendship, but he also felt a sense of satisfaction at helping Aulus feel better. His master eventually stood, turning to face him. The look in his eyes was one Felix had not seen before. The light touch at the side of his face made his breath hitch in surprise. "Have you ever been with a man?" Felix's eyes widened slightly. It was a simple question with a lot of implications. The simple answer was no, he had never been intimate with a man. Not that he didn't feel attracted to some of them occasionally, just as he found some girls attractive. As a house slave, he'd fooled around once or twice with some of the slave girls in secret, but the men... did not seem to take a second look at him. And now Aulus was looking straight at him. Felix swallowed, his lips suddenly dry. "No. I haven't." @Sharpie
  22. "I love it. My tribe lived near the sea so I used to swim a lot. I don't like boats though...at least not ones taking me to Rome." If you had the power to take the life of one person, and never get caught, who would it be and why?
  23. "It root, like..." She tried to find her words but struggled, and panic rose in her voice and face, "You ask herb wife for it she'll know what it for." But given he seemed so non-plussed by it, Teutus evidently had no sense of how important it was. Maybe he needed to know. "It stop baby, Teutus." She looked at him with seriousness for a moment, speaking directly this time rather than just suggesting its use; "I don't want baby, his baby." She wanted to add 'no offence' given his own parentage but decided against it. Surely he could see that another slave-born child in this house would be as bad for his prospects as it would be for hers? Satisfied that he'd at least try she only nodded and shook her head. "You help me escape? Or take knife to him? Or...find me nice new domine who treat me better? Or free me?" She looked at him with a small flash of irritation in her eyes before shaking her head, "You can't do those things then you can't do anything." It was true, after all. What she needed right now was support, but more than that she needed a plan but none would materialise. She felt thoroughly brow-beaten. "Just the yarrow." TAG: @Sharpie
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    The gif game

    "Yeah...this has taken a weird turn...I'm outta here."
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