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Domus Augustorum

The original palace of Augustus, since combined with the Palaces of Tiberius and Caligula, is a massive complex that covers most of the Palatine Hill. It is here that Caesar and his family reside, and at times see to political matters.


Aula Regia

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The audience hall where Caesar meets with any who desire to speak with him. (Meetings of a political manner should be posted here).

The dining room of the Palace.

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The Gardens of the Palace, restricted to those who are part of the Imperial Family, or those that have the authority to pass the guards without suspicion.

The private room of the Augusta, Caesar's wife.

The private quarters of Caesar himself. Typically Roman men and women of the higher social classes did not share the same room. Caesar's family is no different.

Cubiculi Pueri

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The private bedrooms of the children and close relatives of Caesar.

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