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Domi Palatini

The homes of extremely well-to-do aristocrats. Any families that have homes upon the Palatine Hill have been long-time supporters of the Caesars and therefore received plots of land upon which to build their own homes (that could be considered palaces in their own right.)


The home of Appius Cornelius Scipio, the young Pater Familias of the last remaining branch of the Cornelii-Scipiones. This estate shows the wealth and past influence of the family, though its position on the Aventine only came from close ties to the Caesars.

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The ancestral home of senator Quintus Sulpicius Rufus, his wife Cornelia Scipiones and their children.

Formerly the property of his eldest brother, Quintus. The ancestral home is now the property of Octavius, yet all the family are welcome to reside there.


The home and Lucius Flavius Pontius Thracius and his household. 

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