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Here all active character applications are available.




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Members of the Imperial family.


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The Senatorial class (both patricians and plebeians).



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The Equestrian order - "the knights" or the merchant class.



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Lower ranked Romans with citizenship.



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Citizens of the Empire who hold only the most basic of Roman rights. The term 'peregrini' includes Cives Latini, Cives Provinciales, and Cives Socii; citizens both of the provinces and citizens of states allied to Rome.


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The enslaved.



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A distinct lower class made up of freed slaves.



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Non-Citizens. Those who are either inside the empire but are denied rights, or those who are outside of the Roman sphere of influence.


For characters who have passed on or who are temporarily used for events.

(Deceased characters are still able to be posted on the Back in time and the AU boards only. While the Quick apped characters are used in the events they are part of.)

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