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Regio I - Porta Capena

Named for the gate that leads from the Servian Wall, and by way of the Via Appia leads to the city of Capua. This region is located in the midst of the valley that forms between the eastern side of the Aventine, and western side of the Caelian Hill.


The Temple of Honor and Virtue: A temple dedicated to the gods Virtus (God of bravery and military strength) and Honos (God of Chivalry, Honor, and military justice.) Originally built in 210 BC. There was a festival to the two gods held every year on May 29th.

Emporium Magnum

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Construction of the "Great Market" began under Claudius and was finished during the reign of Darius in late 57 AD. It is a market that sells anything from slaves to giraffes to silks from the east.

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