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Regio III - Isis et Serapis

This region encompasses parts of the Esquiline and Oppian Hills, including the large plain that where Colosseum stands. Its name comes from the temple to the Egyptian gods, Isis and Serapis.


The greatest amphitheater in the known world, the Colosseum demonstrates the might of the Flavian dynasty and stands in Rome's center. Construction began in 63AD and was completed in 73AD. This is AeRo's version of the historical Colosseum, and mirrors its features and dimensions. Between 50,000 to 80,000 spectators could attend with the senators and elite occupying the front rows, and the lower classes successively filling the upper levels where the common poor, slaves, and women would fill the top. Gladiator matches, imperial issued games and grand spectacles all take place here.

Temples to the Graeco-Egyptian gods Isis and Serapis. These temples were originally burnt down in the 100s BC, but have recently grown in popularity -- especially amongst foreigners. (This is a large congregation spot for non-Romans.)

Porticus Liviae

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The Portico of Livia: This portico was constructed during Augustus' reign for his wife Livia. It is recognized for its beauty and design. (This is a very popular congregation spot for the wealthy of Rome.)

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