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    What are some of the quirks of this amazing community? @Sharpie's quote about character creation is 100% true. AeRonian: noun habitual enabler; RPer with multiple characters despite protestations that the next will be absolutely the last s/he will make
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    Oh,this was just getting better and better! Yet another promise of freedom, this time in front of the entire rest of the household. Teutus had heard so much about it now that he no longer really believed it would happen - he would only believe it once he heard the magistrate pronounce him to be free. And if Charis ended up pregnant - which was practically guaranteed, given that nobody wanted it to happen - what would that mean for him? And her, and the baby? Because if Tertius decided that it was too much trouble to free Teutus or didn't get around to it before the baby was born,and Charis had a boy, the only thing Tertius needed to do was pick the infant up in the tollere liberos for it to be free, and then he'd have his heir and Teutus could kiss goodbye to any hope of manumission. He felt wrung out, like an old dishcloth, but squeezed Charis' hand back - obviously she hadn't worked all this out. Then again, she was still getting used to Rome and its customs and traditions, and probably wouldn't know any of the customs regarding slavery and freedom. He mustered a smile for Charis. None of this was her fault, after all. @Joaquin @Atrice @Sara
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    Erea grinned at her sister's comments but reached out a hand to squeeze her brothers shoulder. "No, don't apologise." She chided with a firm voice (and an even firmer grip). "He's been like this for weeks - I swear if I was a meeker woman I'd be walking on eggshells around him." She rolled her eyes with a little sigh. As it was, she just ended up throwing lots of their various possessions at him. The amount of bowls she'd broken over the last month really was ridiculous... At her sisters question she smiled softly. Ardra was so like their mother - well, their mother before their fathers death. Letinie had been warm and doting - full of love. Unfortunately Ninnian's passing had made her colder, more afraid. She hoped the same never happened to her sweet youngest sibling. "I'll stay here." She affirmed. "I'll share your cot with you, and who knows - maybe I won't want to go back! Look at how you spoil me." She grinned - gesturing to the mead and the simmering food on the hearth. She was jesting, of course, trying to lighten the mood but there was a tinge of seriousness to her voice. She loved her husband, deeply, but his recent sullenness was draining - especially when the family were already grieving deeply. Trying to cheer up her siblings - as she so often did - she arched a brow and placed a hand on her middle: "Honestly, put him out of your mind." She was mainly referring to her brother, she knew the introverted young man often took things to heart, "I'm hungry and we have plenty of happier to things to talk of...I'm going to need name suggestions for this little one, for instance." TAG: @Polarity @Beauty
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    Truth be told, the girl was objectively very pretty, so it was no wonder she had attracted the attention of some loser that got off on following women around. Maybe men were bolder wherever this beautiful stranger came from, and walked right up to the women they were interested in and stated their intentions... Or maybe they were all eunuchs, like the priests of Cybele. (Somehow, that last hypothesis didn't seem so probable.) The blonde explained herself as they walked, and Clio couldn't help but roll her eyes in disbelief. How could anyone be so absent-minded, so careless, in Rome of all places? Clio couldn't quite tell if the girl was a bit daft, or just young and innocent. The latter was fixable, the former not so much. "Well, if you walk around looking distracted, you'll be an easy target. For perverts and pickpockets and politicians, at least," she chided gently. Kidnappings were not so common among the lower classes - who could afford the ransom? Then again, the girl could very well be a rich foreigner... but Clio's gut feeling told her that wasn't it. "Hmm, people usually don't get kidnapped unless they're from a wealthy family. Is that your case?" Clio turned her head to give the girl an inquisitive look. There could be some previous bad experience at play, with how worried she had sounded. But now the tent was within sight, and they would be safe there. Clio was about to announce this good news when the girl's spontaneous outburst made her chuckle at first, and then burst out laughing. Here was something they could agree on! "Yes, they are. And wait until you meet a Greek, they're a lot worse," the dark-haired slave commented, wiping a tear from the corner of her eye with the back of her free hand. The kohl that, as usual, lined her brown eyes must be fairly smudged now, but with some luck the merchant would have a mirror to lend her for a few seconds. "Right, here we are!" With those words, Clio bent under the flap of a small beige tent and dragged the girl inside by the wrist. The owner, a scrawny Egyptian with a thin white beard, frowned at the pair before recognising Clio and smiling. It looked like it was just the three of them inside. @Beauty
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    Hector hadn’t yet recovered from the entire ordeal with Charis, despite the amount of strength and energy it took to literally be his master’s only cheerleader in the room, before Tertius unexpectedly continued. Hector did not think matters could get any worse, but they could, they always managed to. Tertius had more news to get Hector’s blood pressure rising through the roof of the domus. As the manumission was mentioned, Hector’s head briefly turned in Teutus’s direction, forgetting in that moment, to conceal his surprise or annoyance, whichever you’d like to call it. He had never believed that Tertius would ever adopt him as his heir and truthfully, Hector didn’t want that, if only for what it meant between the two of them. It didn’t just confirm that Teutus was above him, it made him above him and for that, he felt annoyance. It felt that everyone was being given something save himself. @Sharpie @Sara @Atrice
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    Of course, she was flattered when he said she was sweet. She didn’t know what her master or his family thought of her, she reasoned that they thought of her as nothing more than a slave to them. And she listened intently when he spoke of where slaves wound up and upon hearing “many”, she had hope that her mother, brother and sister were in Rome just like her. She had a lot of questions about that but was then momentarily distracted by his story about having been captured as a small child. She frowned a little because felt sorry for him. It made her feel like he could be a friend, they were in the same position. But he was right, she had a lot to learn but she didn’t know where to start. Everything in Rome was confusing, its laws, customs and especially its people. Coming to a fountain, they sat down, Nymphias first and then Helios. He was quite gentlemanly and so she beamed at him. The water in the fountain was a little green and brown as if it hadn’t been cleaned properly in a while. Somehow, its ugliness was beautiful in its own way, especially wit the way the sun sparkled in it. “No, I loss path of where I am,” she said honestly, looking downwards because she felt stupid. “I sent on duty but everywhere I go, it looks the same. I didn’t escape. It’s dangerous.” She looked up, feeling a nagging feeling at the back of her mind. “You say you captured when small child. Where is your family? Maybe your family miss you. When I think of mine, I loss track. That’s why I here.” She told herself she wasn’t going to cry over his past or hers but she wiped at her eyes regardless. “I’m sorry you come here as small child, my sister had child inside her when Romans attack.” @Atrice
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    Hector’s attention peaked at ‘yesterday’, but he didn’t immediately make that clear, instead he kept his expression as neutral as possible where normally he was an open book. Hector rose up and lowered towards his master’s feet, setting the water bowl on the floor, hanging the wettened cloth. He wanted to know where his master had been. Almost in the same way as a cat that wandered into a filled space, there was a security that came with having Tertius in close proximity, even if that was in the next room, at least Hector knew where he was. It was duty, obligation, attachment, and many things and without that, he truthfully felt aimless. He took Tertius’s ‘you always seem to know what I need’ as affirmation, which made the slave feel elated. He took the most satisfied in Tertius’s expressions of approval, whatever form they came in. Hector’s expression brightened, his fingers were kneading into Tertius’s feet, rough but gentle at the same time. He would have given what others would have called an ass-kissing answer in return, but he felt Tertius’s gaze before his question, rising his eyes to look up just in time to catch it. For him, he didn’t know from where his master’s question was coming from, if only because he felt like his loyalty went without questioning or so he hoped. He wondered if Tertius had done something, but his mind hadn’t gone to Charis, instead he wondered if he was trouble or needed Hector to perform something important or sensitive. “I would never disappoint you, domine,” he said with an intensity and genuine seriousness to his voice. “Never. I am forever yours and at your service, you can ask whatever of me and I will always do it without question. If you need anything, tell me and I will complete it.” @Atrice
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    He should not have kissed her, he got it now… and at first it had seemed as if she simply didn’t want him to kiss her and she’d misunderstood him completely. He would not take advantage of her! He would not use and abuse her like so many other Romans did with their slaves. Alexius had been one – he knew that life. He wouldn’t wish it upon anyone! But now she revealed that that was exactly what her Dominus was doing. She was his slave in bed now and it didn’t sound like it was a good thing. She had been afraid when he kissed her, afraid to be seen and afraid to get in trouble. Fucking Romans, what else was there to say? Then she suddenly confessed that she liked it… what, the kiss? And then went on to say she didn’t mention her new place with her master, because she found it embarrassing. Alexius sighed, feeling sorry for her. He wanted to tell her she wasn’t alone; that it was common and that many others had gone through exactly the same. But how did that cheer her up or help her? So he didn’t. He already screwed up once. Charis then agreed with the fucking Romans statement, but said she counted him as one. Her words and her tone and the way she looked at him confused him… did she or did she not count him as one? She hadn’t said she’d forgiven him for what he did… and he hated that she called him a fucking Roman. He didn’t belong in Germania but the Romans would also make it clear that he didn’t belong here. Honestly, such a statement hurt a bit. Even if she sounded amused, but he didn’t think it was amusing. A moment later, she said ‘they’ should keep on walking. Alexius was confused. She’d said so many things and he tried to keep track of it all. Women! And now she was leaving and had kind of offered him to come, but she’d still not forgiven him and she just said she counted him as a Roman too. He didn’t know what to say. He was afraid something stupid would escape his lips. So he followed her, but silently this time. And he didn’t walk next to her, but just behind her. As if he was a bodyguard and escort, nothing more. Apparently, he deserved no better from her. It didn't matter that she was a slave and he was not. He was, after all, just a fucking Roman. @Sara
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    Charis shot him a glare that could melt ice and set about refolding her tunica, on the bed - its scratchy material occasionally flapping against his leg. "If you mess with my things, I mess with yours." She simply shrugged. Honestly. This was like when she and her eldest brother used to fight when they were children, but with none of the sibling camaraderie that came afterwards - just the annoying irritation. As he nudged her she rolled her eyes and threw down the tunica onto him as if whipping him with it, before taking it back up again ad beginning to fold. His words did elicit an amused glance, however, and a sly smile on her lips. "Yes - you much too busy. You have to make sure you look nice still," She arched a brow at him, her words careful and measured: "Now you getting older and things. I sure I feel the same when I get to your age." She had found out she was two years younger than the irritating little blonde man and that was another arrow in her quiver, another thing to needle him with. She knew Tertius was not the first middle-aged man to find youth and beauty synonymous, but it was playing out very vividly with Hector and Charis who were both younger than his own son. Still - she was trying to be civil and hoped he'd take it as she offered, with a jerk of her head to the flowers she had left on a small table. "I thought they'd look pretty in here. For both of us." You see? She was trying to offer an olive branch, much as it pained her to. TAG: @Joaquin
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    She glared at him but bit her lip and blinked, turning her face away. Watery eyes threatened tears, but not out of upset but out of pure frustration. She had never, in her life, had felt as inhibited as she did here (she supposed that was the point) but she'd never experienced it so vividly until right now. "I...liked it." She admitted through gritted teeth, stubbornly. Because she did - she liked the flirting, and the kiss. She moved her hands up to push through her hair, exhaling a deep breath before she dropped her arms limply down to her side. "I don't tell people...it...embarrassing." She admitted, regarding her relatively new position. But the fire and anger from her voice was dying and instead she just felt...deflated. She finally glanced up at him with irritation in her eyes but a small, sly smirk on her face as she nodded. "Fucking Romans." She agreed but then rolled her eyes, "And I count you as fucking Roman too." She added with a clipped voice, but amusement lurking somewhere underneath. With a flick of her head, which moved her waist length hair in a sweep around her, she gestured for him to follow her. "We should keep walking, unless you want me to get more trouble at home." She didn't glance around at him but carried on walking. This was an olive branch and it was up for him to take it. TAG: @Atrice
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    "Indeed," Aulus said in agreement. He was all for it, and reached to erase his rough sketch map - there was no need to give even a hint of their plan to the next people who chose to shelter under this tree, people who might not be friendly to those loyal to Quintus Flavius Alexander. He glanced at his slave. Felix was not used to this sort of walking, but an hour here or there would make little difference. They could rest in Narnia, at least for a while. "How are you doing?" he asked. There was a vast difference between spending the day standing or walking around the house, and on a forced march, which was pretty much where they were right now. Hopefully this short break would have been enough. "It's nice weather for a walk,at least," he added lightly, getting to his feet and brushing his rough tunic down. @Chevi @Liv
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    Titus listened. He wondered which of the gangs that Marcus paid for protection. Mandatum or Apolloni were two of the most likely candidates. It was hard to tell which. He sat down on the comfortable chair, made himself comfortable and lifted his chin to expose his neck to the barber. The scent of lemon and almond oil filled his nostrils, strangely it brought up memories of Numeria, his lover. "I am interested in knowing businesses that I plan to frequent more regularly. Your place has come highly recommended." He answered, his hands rested on his lap and were gently folded. The fingertips crossed and idly tapped against each other while he waited for Marcus Barbatius to begin his line of work. Either way, it was still quite impressive to see an establishment lasting six years in Rome. "Forgive me, we have not yet been introduced," He said, extended his hand. "I am Titus Justinius Canicus Phiscerus," Titus introduced himself. There was a chance that Marcus would know him for the association with the Ludus Dacicus or through the illegal dealings with the Lupii of Roma. @Atrice
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    "You're not stupid," Rufus said automatically. "Just not used to all this - are you new to Rome?" He was new to Rome, himself, although not new to the culture or language by any means. His Latin was the fluent tongue of the native speaker, although with the accent of Campania rather than of the city-bred Roman. He was still finding his way around in Rome itself, of course, but knew that he wouldn't stray too far from the Forum if he helped Nymphias with her shopping. He had the time, too; Senate meetings seemed to drag on forever and buying the few things on her list would still allow him time to return to the Curia to wait for his master. "Bread - the bakers will be down here," he said, indicating the signs hanging above the shops. "The different shops have different signs, see, so you know what they sell. How much bread do you need?" @Beauty
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    She gave him a visible smile of gratitude at the offer of smelling salts. Claudia nodded and followed him into the stables with her faithful body slave followed her. The Princess knew she had come unexpected, and completely out of the blue. "I understand, I did not give you a lot of notice," She answered politely. Claudia followed his gaze and looked towards the vast complex used to house the slaves, employees and others. She had seen similar and familiar structures previously. Although much of her time had been focused on the areas that were typically 'for show'. The next question caused her to smile, a hint of a blush on her cheeks and knew her mother would have been happy. It was not a normal animal for a Roman princess to have. "Soluto is descended from one of the horses bred by my mother at her stables. A lot of the stock had been stolen during the purges and he was one of the animals I was able to track down." She answered, shrugged her shoulders. "As for the origin of the stock. I am not sure where she got them. A lot of people would give my mother horses and other exotic beasts," Claudia explained, as she began to feel more at ease. Many of her memories of her mother were few, and relied on the experiences of others. Essentially, it was a way to feel close to her. "Some of the others horses have been gifts from Ambassadors that I have managed to come into my person, or animals that I have purchased myself." Claudia continued. "Where do you usually find stock for the races?" Claudia asked. @Polarity
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    Apollodorus 22 | 7 March52AD | Slave | Gladiator - Cestus | Pansexual | Original | Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson Personality & History Apollodorus is the son of a gladiator and one of the household slaves. He grew up in servitude and considers it to be the norm. When he was a boy he got into a fight with another of the household slave boys. He had a vicious right hook and sent the other boy flying. He was flogged for his bad behaviour yet the Dominus saw fighting ability in him - along with the potential to earn coin through his winnings. When he matured he was placed in training at the Ludus and struggled at first to cope with the change of pace. Apollodorus was trained to be a cestus, a boxer style of gladiator and he hated the minimal amount of armour he was forced to wear. He gained the mark of the gladiator, and has already survived bouts. Family Herakles x Caecilia (household slave) Other siblings on either side of the family. EVENT FOR: Gladiatorial games. @Gothic
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    "Thank you, but there's no need for any kind of repayment, everything's on me." Lucius said, compelling her to exit the market with him, as the destination he had in mind was his favorite hill overlooking a gorgeous scenery of the city and it wasn't too far out from the centre either, and usually there were little to no people at all whenever he paid a visit with a friend or two. Eventually the duo reached the bottom of it, but before reaching their final destination Lucius halted and looked at her. She was naturally scared for her own safety at the risk of saying her old name out loud, but Lucius wanted to make her feel less anxious and concerned whenever she happened to keep him company. It wasn't easy for her to be in a status of slavery the senator thought, as her life could suddenly take a sharp turn to either direction and her fate sealed forever meaning that every decision had to be made with extreme care. Hanging out with a senator on a whim wasn't perhaps part of the protocol either, especially if he was considered to be an enemy of her people and vice versa. "I understand why your old name ought to not be announced in public like this, but you need to understand that whenever you're with me I'll promise to grant my protection...that I swear upon my family's honor. Ardra...I'm not sure what it means unless you kindly tell me, but it certainly sounds more real and authentic compared to Nypmphia, which is based on Roman water spirits, unless you already knew that. So I'm going to call you Ardra, whether you like it or not, because I can't allow your honor and dignity to be degraded within my presence, which is the same principle I apply to my 500 slaves I possess in my household; each and everyone of them I cherish as real humans and not like animals living on a farm, all of them sharing the same hope of one day returning to their homeland and be reunited with their loved ones, as to which I'll do absolutely everything in my power to make it a reality." With that said and hoping that those words would cling unto her mind, Lucius found a suitable spot on the top of the hill, namely a patch of grass. He layed a piece of cloth or blanket on the ground for Ardra to sit upon, instructing the Lictors beforehand to give them a bit of privacy at the very least. "I hope this view appeals to your senses, as I sometimes usually find myself here to collect my thoughts and rest under those trees over there." @Beauty
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    When Helios wondered if it was a good or a bad surprise for Tertius’ slave to run into him, the other didn’t answer. That could mean a lot of things. Most likely that the other slave didn’t know yet if it was good or bad, so Helios would just have to make it work to his advantage. And he could surely do that, right? Sure he and Charis had agreed to just let it go and not talk about each other, but he could keep his promise and still get back at her. He had not forgotten how she threatened to tell lies about him with the goal of having him sent to the mines. And any slave in Rome would do anything to avoid that! Just the threat of it… to think that a petite Briton slavegirl would threaten him like that. No, Helios had not forgotten… He looked at Tertius’ male slave though, the one who didn’t seem happy with Helios talking to Tertius and inviting him to purchase his services… and the slave’s name was Hector. Right, he remembered that now. Then the other asked for his name. “Helios.” Helios simply replied, “So, how come you’re out here today, all on your own? Or is your master anywhere near?” He glanced around, but didn’t see him, so looked at Hector again. He was definitely attractive, masculine but in a kind of youthful way. And he had stayed close by and had not been fond of Helios back then, that day… was he Tertius’ body slave perhaps? But Helios said nothing so far and they both seemed to tread on eggshells, not quite sure what to make of the other. Helios was sure he could sway Hector though, somehow. @Joaquin
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    He said he would provide help, she believed him. Some would call it blind faith, others naiveté but whatever the case, she took his word and trusted him. But, of course, she’d have to tell him about her family first. “Ardra,” she said, giving him her true name. A name she hadn’t said or heard in a while until then. “But please call me Nymphias, that my name now. Not Ardra. Call me Ardra only when you see me in Britannia and with my family.” A part of it was fear, she’d heard of slaves getting into trouble for uttering their old names, let alone being called by them. Her mind did wander and wonder however, if her family were alive still. She wondered every night, it’s what kept her up and had her crying. She feared they had ended up like her eldest brother Calpornus, killed by the Romans. The man with her now, Lucius, seemed kind, similar to her master and his family. It made her realise that not all Romans were evil. Still, she felt as though she was betraying her people by thinking such a thing sometimes. The way she saw it, Romans and Britons were enemies. Nevertheless, when sitting, she’d tell him about her family. It was easier that way. Maybe he knew how to find them and where to look. With the sweet smells coming from nearby, Nymphias’s stomach grumbled. Perhaps it was because he’d mentioned honey cakes but she had also been eating a lot less since her arrival to Rome. She managed to look at him now, beaming up and nodding excitedly. She watched him as he purchased honeyed wine and baked goods, momentarily forgetting that perhaps she shouldn’t be lingering by a senatore in such a familiar manner. “I repay you later when I have money,” she said. @The Young Pope
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    Nymphias let the woman take her by the wrist. She allowed the woman to guide her towards where the tent was, believing that she was in safe hands now, even if fear still remained. Her heart was still racing and the feeling of uncertainty still rested in her belly. Terrible things had happened to her family before Rome but she’d had expected then for her older siblings to take care of and protect her. Without them now, Nymphias placed her trust wherever she could, to whoever seemed the kindest, gentlest, and smartest. Right now, that was the woman who’d noticed she was distressed. As they headed out of the shrine, Nymphias’s eyes shot left and right, looking for any obvious signs of threat but the man she’d seen didn’t pop up. It was like he’d never existed at all, except Nymphias knew he did. Turning her attention to the woman again, she nodded her head. “Yes, being followed,” she said, trying her best to formulate what had been happening. It was difficult, she was flustered and her tone of voice was one of complete worry, though she was calmer now with the company. “I don’t owe money. I just walking, thinking, looking at things and he is everywhere. He disappear now in air, maybe to get more com-compartments to kidnap.” She waved her freehand to emphasise what she meant. She was terrified of abduction or anything to do with Roman men in general, her capture had made sure of that. “Roman men are stupid,” she said suddenly, mostly out of frustration. @Liv
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    If circumstances were different, the answer might not have been good but today, it was good. Still he didn’t confirm it, if only because he did not want to scare his present company off or give any impression that he was desperate for what might’ve been easy small-talk. Normally, Hector fancied himself as ‘too good’ to associate with other slaves, despite being one himself, and for the most part, he kept a self-imposed distance. But he was also a chatterbox, he could talk in circles when unfiltered and if given the chance, which often lead him to being inexplicably sociable. He didn’t have that option at the domus currently, but then he’d never had it. He was unpopular with the other slaves, yet completely fine with it. His unspoken superiority complex likely had much to do with firmly cementing the overall dislike of his character. “Hector,” he answered after a very short pause following the other’s question, possibly with exasperation even if there would have been no reason for him to have remembered it. “Couldn’t say I remember yours either,” he said in admission. “Kratos, was it?” The truth was that Hector had remembered ‘Helios’. He had been in the doorway when Helios had been addressing his master and since, his almost protective but equally jealous instinct had kept the name folded in the back of his memory. @Atrice
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    Tertius was only happy and pleased to sit up and let Hector take care of washing him. It would be even nicer to go to the bath with Hector, but maybe that would be something for tonight. Right now, this was very convenient and comfortable and Hector carried out his job, as always, to perfection. He was gentle but also systematic, which Tertius liked. This action was of course nothing new – Hector had been his for more or less four years now and he’d been with Tertius as his body slave for almost the same length of time. Of course Tertius had one, when Hector came to the household, but his old body slave was replaced with Hector, because really, he was perfect. And Tertius had not yet been disappointed in Hector. Now he slowly tried to wriggle into the topic of Charis. He could of course just be very direct and tell Hector that the changes would happen and that would be it, but Hector was maybe now his most trusted and loyal servant. Hector knew Tertius better than Teutus would – Hector was, after all, there at times when Tertius’ own son couldn’t be there. And he would not risk losing Hector’s trust or care. Not at all. So he would have to be gentle. His body slave laughed lightly when Tertius wondered if he’d been bored the day before, and Tertius wrapped his fingers around Hector when the other grasped his hand. Of course Hector missed him, but also said he was in company of the other slaves. Good company? Tertius arched a brow, of course he knew that Hector wasn’t the most popular among the others. He had certain liberties that they didn’t have. But that’s because he did his job so well. He was so good at pleasing Tertius and he never failed. So it didn’t matter what the others thought of him. Tertius was keeping Hector. “A foot massage sounds nice. I did walk a lot yesterday.” Tertius said with a smile, “I don’t know how you do it… you always seem to know what I need.” He said with a grin, but then it faded and he looked at Hector, sought to meet his gaze... which was rare when it came to his slaves, that he desired that eye contact, but Hector wasn't just any slave, “You wouldn’t let me down, would you? No matter what?” @Joaquin
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    Clio's short description of her family brought a small smirk to Ambrosius' face. The equal ratio of brothers and sisters was a unique commonality that briefly piqued the Briton's interest. Were it not for her being the eldest, she could've been describing his own family. At least, at one point in time. When she turned to the concept of viewing this household as her new family, he could not help but display his scepticism rather plainly. It seemed an odd family, unlike any he had known. A prison within which he detected little hint of the unconditional love and care that had been present in his own home. The very idea that he would ever consider a Roman his ‘brother’ or by any other familial term was obscene, especially considering how they had slaughtered his own. “Why I fight– fought. I still fight,” Ambrosius answered uncertainly, confused by the correct syntax that would describe his situation. “Will fight,” was the Briton’s final decision on the matter. He wondered if his mother would recognise the bruised and bellicose gladiator he had become, from the quiet and soft-spoken boy she once knew. It was unlikely, he thought. “Sisters, I hope. Maybe mother. I not know,” he replied wistfully, his eyes projecting a degree of despondency. “I had brother, older. He joined father. Now, I father’s last son,” Ambrosius explained further, sharing a small weight of his perceived burden. “I half man he was… both was,” the Briton’s inflating regret prompting a shame-filled confession. “I will find them, someday. I will make right,” his tone adopted a steely resolve, yet his gloomy gaze remained. “You not want freedom? To see family again? Life better here? Roman family better?” Ambrosius probed the Bithynian further on multiple fronts, ignorant to the invasive nature of these deeply personal questions. He remained unable to comprehend the preference for the company of their captors, as he certainly had never experienced such a notion. @Liv
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    Truth be told, Lucius couldn't help but feel affectionate towards her already due to her circumstance, and some sort of attraction grew within him. He too realised that his subconcious physical interactions were getting the better of him, and thus he had to think about restraining himself lest he'd like to send clearly wrong signals to this beautiful, pitiful slave whose mind was probably in the process of healing itself after going through so much unnecessary pain and suffering; he thought that it wouldn't be right of him to toy with her feelings, unless she really wanted to be share a mutual affection as well. Oh how he truly wished that she belonged to him instead of that Titus Sculpius Rufus, as he could've given her something else that didn't always remind her of having a status of a slave. Fantasies were also starting to fill the senator's head, containing alternative scenarios where Nymphia happened to be the perfect wife providing him multitude of heirs in a happy household, which he wanted to supress as well. "Do you know if they're still alive or dead? If some of them managed to survive, they would most likely been brought to Rome as well; I can't say for certain if you would ever stumble upon one another in this myriad, but rest assured that I'll provide as much aid as possible in seeing a potential reunification. May I ask first what your true name is?" Lucius found it quite demeaning and outright silly that the slaves had to be provided new names according to Roman standards, as if their original ones from their home territories weren't worth enough to be heard or spoken out loud. When it came to his household, he tried as much as possible to call his slaves by their native names rather than whatever hogwash of names the Roman slavers provided them to begin with, just in order to forge a closer connection and show that not all Romans were so thick in their heads and so full of themselves. "Also, care to have a bit of honey-cake snack with me somewhere else with fresh air, rather than continuing to breath in this stenchfilled crowd mania?" Lucius decided to purchase traditional roman baked goods, browsing through the offers at hand by that stall they were standing beside. It wasn't his absolute favorite joint where he used to acquire such delicacies but this one seemed to be new in the market, and perhaps he would come to enjoy their selection as well. Requesting for some honeyed wine, the basket for carrying the baked goods was now filled to the brim. It brought him happy memories of when he first met the little boy Lexus, as honey-cake was also involved in the process of getting them to know each other. @Beauty
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    Titus nodded his agreement at the other patrician's explanation. It would be most extraordinary - and fortunate - to find a ship in Ariminum that would take them to their final destination without too much dillydallying at other ports, but sailing straight to Corinthus, or eventually calling at Brundisium on the way there, should not be too difficult to arrange. "You're right," he conceded without enmity. "Even the best laid plans crumble to pieces if the gods wish it so." Now that the three of them had come to an agreement and that the way forward was clear, he found he was in no further need of rest for the time being. Narnia was figuratively right around the corner and they could get sleep, water, food and horses there. In another four to seven days, depending on whether they walked or rode, they would arrive in Ariminum, and this was enough time to iron out any finer details in their plans. He stood up and dusted off his clothes, feeling energised. "Shall we get going, then? Another hour and we'll reach Narnia." The road could still present some dangers, but their little group should be able to deal with them without much difficulty. @Chevi @Sharpie
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