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Status Updates posted by Gothic

  1. Happy New Year! ❤️ 

  2. Is anyone else having issues connecting to Discord?

    1. Atrice


      I had issues with it last night, I think there's been an update. Reboot the computer and Discord and see if that works? 

    2. Gothic


      Trying it now. Hopefully it will work. lol

    3. Liv


      Not that I use it much, but yes, last night and today.

  3. I can't believe we are so close to December. What a year this has been! ❤️ 

  4. I swear this site is powered by coffee. xD

    1. Anna


      As is my broomstick XP

    2. Gothic
  5. Yay! I'm freeeeeee! Time to post. 😄 

  6. Site upgrade complete. Please let me know if you encounter any glitches or issues! ❤️ 

  7. 10,000+ posts on the new site! We are so damn awesome! ❤️ 

    1. Gil


      Aero rocks!!!🤩 Thanks to all staff and players!

  8. Yay! Lots of new faces! 😄 

    1. Atrice


      It's awesome! 😄

    2. Gothic


      Hell yeah! 😄 

  9. I'm freeeeeeee! Time for more RP! 😄 

  10. Grrr why do I keep getting more ideas for characters? Halp! lol

    1. Atrice


      Karma? 😉 you know you want to... 😄

    2. Gothic


      For all the times I have nudged other people to make more? 😛

  11. Whoo! Happy Birthday AeRo! 😄 

  12. AeRo's birthday is coming up this month. Any ideas for things we should do? 😄 

    1. Kit


      Put laurel wreaths on the heads of our cats and take a photo

    2. Gothic


      Omg yes! That is an awesome idea! 😄 

  13. Don't forget to pretty up your account profiles! You can also edit your "About Me" section on your profile and edit the cover photo too. 

  14. Feel free to post statuses! If you have any suggestions, feel free to send a PM or a DM on discord! 😄 

  15. And we are open! ❤️ 

  16. Getting the final tweaks up and running! 

  17. Whoo test status!

  18. Nearly finished all of the old AeRo transfer! Whoo hoo!

    Does anyone have any links to old banners or things for the gallery? Feel free to add to it. 😄

  19. So many threads.... getting much closer.... ?

  20. Whoo! Time to begin!

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