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  1. Gnaeus Sestius Vaticanus 43 | 1 May 33 AD | Senatore | Legate | Straight | Canon | Rege-Jean Page Personality. Notes: Gentle, warm, open personality .. friendly and welcoming. Loyal and somewhat self sacrificing. Appearance Notes: Dark skinned, eyed and haired. Taller than average, well built and well kept. Family Father: Gaius Sestius Vaticanus - Alive Mother: Clodia Tertia - Alive Siblings: Sestia Vaticana - Alive Spouse: Rufia Flavia - Alive Children: Sestia Lucilla, {alive} {b. 69} Gnaeus Sest
  2. Sorry for not being around this weekend, been a bit fluish.

  3. Kali

    Titus' Men

  4. Kali Titus Flavius Caesar Alexander - here
  5. Me: -staring at canon lists-
    Me: Should I do the thing?
    Friends: No
    Family: No
    Tarot: No
    Runes: No
    Spirits: No
    Gods: No
    Ancestors: For the love of God, no!
    Me: I'm gonna do it! 
    Loki: THAT'S MY GIRL! 

    1. Sharpie


      Do the thing...

  6. Kali

    Kali's Plotter

    @Atrice- At the 4 characters you offered, I will say the first two have almost instant threadage potential due to their connections. Though Titus will be willing to have a conversation and see where friendship goes with Lexus and Septima should they ever meet in the streets. Looking at your other characters, I'd imagine he'd know Pinaria Gaia via his aunt, her sister, Lucretia and I'm sure there's been chances for him to have met Tertius as he does seem himself as his father's heir - he'd tried to get to know the senators that run things as they might be under his rule one day. @Sharpie-
  7. must. stay. away. from. the. canon. lists.

  8. The palace at night was peaceful, and the prince was one to sleep past dawn. Not raising until Apollo's rays peaked through the gossamer drapes that fluttered in the gentle breeze. That night, however, Titus was awake. Fretting in his bed as he felt some sort of unnerving feeling settled into the pit of his stomach. Almost as if he knew the gods were angry for some reason. His body slave tried to get him to cast the thought away. That is just his mind playing tricks on him. Still, it needled at him. Until he finally began to doze off thanks to mere exhaustion. That was when the earth bega
  9. To note, these do not replace the group of young men set around him via family and favored connections. These are simply the men (hired and enslaved) that have been chosen to handle his upkeep. Tag me on here if you're interested or hit me up on Discord! Names & faces are open to the person who takes them! NAME 50+ | Studiis | Equite Titus had had many tutors over the course of the years, but this is his latest one. He focuses highly on politics, much to Titus' distaste, and philosophy. Titus holds the man in high regard, however, and the two have much
  10. How soon is too soon to think of a second character? XD

    1. Atrice


      Never too soon! Do it! 😄

    2. Sharpie


      I think I had my second guy up pretty soon after making the first one - if you've got an idea, do it!

    3. Gothic


      Do it.

  11. Kali

    Kali's Plotter

    Welcome to my plot page! You'll find who I play below! Every character is linked to their app for further reading. You can reach me via pm or on discord via Kali#3058 should you want more private plotting. Please tag me so I don't miss your message. TITUS FLAVIUS CAESAR ALEXANDER 17 - IMPERIAL PRINCE - OUTGOING - AMBITIOUS Refer to his app for his history and personality. What is he seeking? Friends & enemies. Threads with his family. Nothing endgame romantically (already in the works).* *Though I am sure there are those seeking to snag
  12. @Anna Name: Kali Description: Home, sweet home.
  13. Titus Flavius Caesar Alexander - 5 - purple - Kali
  14. Titus Flavius Caesar Alexander 18 | 7th April 57 | Imperial | Prince | Heterosexual | Canon | Alfred Enoch Personality. The surface of his personality is much the same as it's core, with a few minor differences. He is naturally outgoing with an easy-to-get-along with vibe that has people flocking to him. Some would see it as laziness or happy-go-lucky, but he is neither of those in truth. He has learned from his family that nothing worth having is easy to come by, which is why he desires to take the proper path of the Course Hororum if it means proving to thos
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