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  1. Gnaeus Sestius Vaticanus 43 | 1 May 33 AD | Senatore | Legate | Straight | Canon | Rege-Jean Page Personality. Notes: Gentle, warm, open personality .. friendly and welcoming. Loyal and somewhat self sacrificing. Appearance Notes: Dark skinned, eyed and haired. Taller than average, well built and well kept. Family Father: Gaius Sestius Vaticanus - Alive Mother: Clodia Tertia - Alive Siblings: Sestia Vaticana - Alive Spouse: Rufia Flavia - Alive Children: Sestia Lucilla, {alive} {b. 69} Gnaeus Sestius Vacticanus Minor, {alive} {b. 71} Sestia Honoria, {alive} {b. 73} Sestia Saturnina, {alive} {b. 73} Extended family: Paternal and Materal extended families, Sister's children. Other: History goes here. KALI | CST | PM/DISCORD
  2. Sorry for not being around this weekend, been a bit fluish.

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    Titus' Men

  4. Kali Titus Flavius Caesar Alexander - here
  5. Me: -staring at canon lists-
    Me: Should I do the thing?
    Friends: No
    Family: No
    Tarot: No
    Runes: No
    Spirits: No
    Gods: No
    Ancestors: For the love of God, no!
    Me: I'm gonna do it! 
    Loki: THAT'S MY GIRL! 

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      Do the thing...

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    @Atrice- At the 4 characters you offered, I will say the first two have almost instant threadage potential due to their connections. Though Titus will be willing to have a conversation and see where friendship goes with Lexus and Septima should they ever meet in the streets. Looking at your other characters, I'd imagine he'd know Pinaria Gaia via his aunt, her sister, Lucretia and I'm sure there's been chances for him to have met Tertius as he does seem himself as his father's heir - he'd tried to get to know the senators that run things as they might be under his rule one day. @Sharpie- Right off the bat I know he'd probably have threads with Volusa (whom he might use as his go between once he start romancing Claudia) and Aulus, largely due to their connections and Titus desiring to know the senators of Rome. Rufus to a lesser extent but should they cross paths at Octs' home, we can easily thread them! As for your others, if they crossed paths, he wouldn't ignore them! We can see how their interactions happen naturally! @Gothic - OMG, just let him have a thread with Clauds before he drives me INSANE. XD. A big thread would be fun as well! He wants one with Octs too. Corinthia is a piece of work from what I read, interactions could be both hellish and fun. Pontia should likely expect a visit from Titus! @Liv - I imagine he would know of his relations by marriage through his father's cousins. So yes, I can see him knowing Titus Rufus, at the very least enough to recognize him and his own. As for Livia, perhaps we can just toss them into a random thread and see where things go. LOL. @Eris - You don't need to ask for that, lol. That's a given, love!
  7. must. stay. away. from. the. canon. lists.

  8. The palace at night was peaceful, and the prince was one to sleep past dawn. Not raising until Apollo's rays peaked through the gossamer drapes that fluttered in the gentle breeze. That night, however, Titus was awake. Fretting in his bed as he felt some sort of unnerving feeling settled into the pit of his stomach. Almost as if he knew the gods were angry for some reason. His body slave tried to get him to cast the thought away. That is just his mind playing tricks on him. Still, it needled at him. Until he finally began to doze off thanks to mere exhaustion. That was when the earth began to quake, rattling the buildings of the city, including the palace. Titus bolted up right as the room around him shook, he could see his men slowly coming to, shouts around the palace could be heard. "We need to get to the gardens." He told them as he stood, grabbing his tunic and sandals. Pulling them on as he moved quickly out of his room. Slaves were running around trying to save what they could from being destroyed as they too headed towards where they would be safe at. Another tremor hit, this time stronger , forcing him to make haste before he stopped and realizing he didn't recognize any of the slaves as his younger brother's. "Get to the gardens, I need to go find Drusus!" He said, pushing his servants and his tutor towards the way to safety before making his way towards the rooms he knew housed his brother. --- 30 6 75 | sorry fort he anticlimactic starting post lol | open to those living in the palace. | no posting order, short posts are
  9. To note, these do not replace the group of young men set around him via family and favored connections. These are simply the men (hired and enslaved) that have been chosen to handle his upkeep. Tag me on here if you're interested or hit me up on Discord! Names & faces are open to the person who takes them! NAME 50+ | Studiis | Equite Titus had had many tutors over the course of the years, but this is his latest one. He focuses highly on politics, much to Titus' distaste, and philosophy. Titus holds the man in high regard, however, and the two have much of the same bond that Titus has with his three uncles. NAME should expect to retired very well off. He is firm and serious, but intelligent with a hint of kindness backing his interactions with people. NAME 18-20 | Body Slave | Slave Name has been with Titus since their youth, and is one of Titus' closest confidants. Name reminds Titus a lot of his late twin, and has plans to free him as soon as he gets the chance to and can legally do so. It's possible NAME was born into slavery, or sold into due to the familial debt. He was given to Titus by Annthea and was never a whipping boy for Titus. He is easy going, often going with the flow of life as it sees fit. However, he is hard working and earns his keep. NAME 20+ | General Assistant | Slave While not as close as BODYSLAVE, Name is loyal to his master and does his best to maintain the household that Titus keeps in his quarters. He handles most of everything that doesn't get handed by Titus himself or by BODYSLAVE above. And acts as scribe and secretary for Titus. Calm on the surface. Duty is everything. Sharp witted and clever. NAME 30+ | Guard | Slave or Hired Name maintains a certain distance from his charge, believing that it would be best for him to do so, in order to limit emotions to get in the way of him doing his job. A great deal about him remains a mystery to Titus. The man is like a mountain in personality; quiet, stoic and stubborn.
  10. How soon is too soon to think of a second character? XD

    1. Atrice


      Never too soon! Do it! 😄

    2. Sharpie


      I think I had my second guy up pretty soon after making the first one - if you've got an idea, do it!

    3. Gothic


      Do it.

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    Welcome to my plot page! You'll find who I play below! Every character is linked to their app for further reading. You can reach me via pm or on discord via Kali#3058 should you want more private plotting. Please tag me so I don't miss your message. TITUS FLAVIUS CAESAR ALEXANDER 17 - IMPERIAL PRINCE - OUTGOING - AMBITIOUS Refer to his app for his history and personality. What is he seeking? Friends & enemies. Threads with his family. Nothing endgame romantically (already in the works).* *Though I am sure there are those seeking to snag a prince, ladies.
  12. @Anna Name: Kali Description: Home, sweet home.
  13. Titus Flavius Caesar Alexander - 5 - purple - Kali
  14. Titus Flavius Caesar Alexander 18 | 7th April 57 | Imperial | Prince | Heterosexual | Canon | Alfred Enoch Personality. The surface of his personality is much the same as it's core, with a few minor differences. He is naturally outgoing with an easy-to-get-along with vibe that has people flocking to him. Some would see it as laziness or happy-go-lucky, but he is neither of those in truth. He has learned from his family that nothing worth having is easy to come by, which is why he desires to take the proper path of the Course Hororum if it means proving to those who underestimate him that he is worth the laurels on his brow. He has a very gentle pride and stubbornness about him, his father rose to greatness and he feels that he must follow in those footsteps for the glory of his family and of Rome. He does believe that it is his divine right as his father's eldest living son to follow in his footsteps and to rule the Eternal empire one day. To even expand it beyond the reaches of it's current grasp. Thus, he shows his ambition that way, and is ready to do what his instinct tells him the moment opportunity knocks. On a more quieter note, he is close to his family and cares for them deeply. Love for family comes easy to him; he wants nothing more to protect those who are most venerable in his life. He enjoys listening to his uncle and mother ramble away at whatever new project they have, and has an encouraging nature about him when they do. He also cares deeply for the people of the empire, he wants nothing more than to see them thrive along side his family. Romantically, he has a crush on his cousin, Claudia but has not acted upon it. Perhaps out of fear of rejection from her or being told no by those who control their lives. He is aware that it would be a fool's folly to expect to marry for love given his station in life. Appearance Titus is tall, broad and well built, boasting a physique that has been granted by youth and refined by rigorous physical activity. His skin tone is a warm rich brown thanks to his mother's African ancestry, he is exotic among the Romans. Which suits him fine, he'd never be missed in a crowd. His hair, unseeingly, is cropped longer than most, however his natural curls tighten it up to be whatever the fashion is these days. He's not one to follow hair styling trends. He is clean shaven, and has a handsome face. His eyes and hair are dark brown, almost black. His clothing choices are suited to his station. He has a dislike of wearing jewelry, however, finding it cumbersome. Family Father: Quintus Flavius Alexander Caesar Augustus Mother: Imperiosa Acuelonis Step-Mother: Julia Drusilla Augusta Siblings: - Publius Flavius Alexander Belanus (deceased) - Cnaeus Flavius Caesar Alexander Gemellus (deceased) - Flavia [Rutiliana] Caesaris (b. 61) - Drusus Flavius Caesar Alexander (b. 67) Spouse: N/A Children: N/A Extended family: - His uncles, their wives, and their children. - The Flavii-Alexandrae through his paternal line - The Imperii-Acuelones through his mother - The Cornelii-Scipiones through his grandmother - Julii-Caesares through his stepmother - Aemilii-Scauri through his his uncle Laelius/Scaurus Alexander --- possibly many more via the family tree. Other: Personal slaves and guards History 57 AD to 59 AD - He, along with his twin brother, was born to Quintus Alexander and his then wife, Imperiosa. However, he would largely be raised by his grandmother, Cornelia Annthea, after his parents divorced a few years later. 60 AD - His father returned from Gaul, marrying Rutilia Cypriana that same year. He and Cnaeus continued to be warded under Annthea's watchful gaze, largely the grandmother being un-phased by her son's return and a stern refusal to give up her claim over the grandchildren. By the end of the year, the family's influence had weakened due to the death of Lucilla Augusta, his aunt, and the assassinations of her husband Marcus Honorius and cousin Junus. 61 AD - Rutiliana is born and despite his young age, he is protective over his little sister in the way an older brother should be. His grandmother is married to Marcus Scaurus, whom he would not have memory of outside of his grandmother's presence no longer being felt. 62 AD - Clemens and those loyal to him, sets out to purge the realm of his paternal line. Titus and Cnaeus is smuggled first south and then east to Syria for safety, sending them to their grandmother's bosom once more. Cnaeus catches ill days before they arrive in Syria and dies before they reach their grandmother. He is heartbroken from the lost and near inconsolable for days on after. It is a lost he truly would never recover from. 63 AD - His father is now Caesar and he and his family returns to Rome in glory. Annthea still has heavy influence upon him, but his mother is back in the picture as well. He is joined in the imperial palace by his sister, and cousins - Flavia and the twins, Claudia and Tiberius. He begins his schooling with Tiberius at his side, and it's almost like he has his twin back. Almost. Tiberius is far more reserved than his twin was. 64 AD to 66 AD - His lessons continue, and his personality morphs from the quiet child he had been before his father's ascension to the throne, and into a more outgoing young lad. Though his tutors still find a studious young man eager to learn. He begins taking lessons on how to use a sword, ride a horse, and even hand to hand combat. What he keeps to his chest is that he wishes to be a warrior like his father. Politics bore him, he rather leave it to someone else. But glory in battle, to be remembered like the heroes of old, that was exciting. Julia Drusilla catches his father's eyes and whispers of a marriage soon spreads like wild fire. 67 AD - A year of change was upon them all. As he entered his tenth year, a marriage between his father and Drusilla marked the start of it, and the empire celebrated it. But as the end of it neared, and all watched Drusilla's growing stomach, death came calling. Annthea died mere weeks before his half-brother was born. Drusus was placed in his arms, much like his sister had been, and he once more felt that surge of protectiveness over him. 68 AD to 71 AD - Life brought very little change to his life. The family seemingly settling into stability and a steady pace of life. His step-mother, whom he merely calls mother at this point, begins her great feat of setting up schools and orphanages around the heart of the Empire. He finds it admirable and goes with her when he can to aid her in scoping out buildings and locations for her dream. And he begins to grow closer to his uncle Laelius once the youngest of his uncles settle in Rome largely for good now. He is at his mother's side when she began to distribute aid to those displayed by the flood of 70 AD. 72 AD to 74 AD - Vesuvius erupts, and there is more dead than living, countless people that managed to escape the eruption are displaced as Pompeii and Herculaneum are covered by lava and ash. In the following year, his father celebrates his 10th year of a peaceful-ish reign. The Empire is stable and the family is thriving and growing. He is still learning and has become beloved by his people. He wears his cockiness and outgoing personality as armor. He still dreams of being a warrior prince, of bringing more glory to his family and to Rome. 75 AD - Seventeen years has reached him and he eyes up the spots on vigintiviri, he is ready to start his path in life and he is not afraid of going about it the hard way if he must. He is aware that his parents are looking at potential brides for him, as well. Though, he already knows the one he'd choose if he had the choice. [GAME BEGINS] KALI | CST | PM/DISCORD @Gothic
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