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  1. Maya

    Aqullia Flora

    Aquillia Flora 28 | 2nd April 47 | Patrician/Senatore | Merry Widow | Bisexual | Original | Viva Bianca Personality. Flora, as she likes to be called, is quite a piece of work. Vivacious, vain and cunning, she was raised to have high ambitions and to never settle for anything less than what she deems to be worthy of her. There is not much demureness about her, and she doesn't pretend to it. She's was a wife, she is a mother, innocent and virginal is laughable upon her. She has her whims and she follows them quite loyally. And it hides a sharp wit and intelligent mind, and she doesn't mind that it does. People underestimate her and that is what she wants from others. They don't need to know the real her. As a mother she is loving and desires her children to succeed in the lives that will be provided to them by the great Empire. As a daughter, she is respectful towards her father though she is passionate about what she wants and has her ways to getting her father to agree with her whims. Her husband after all was proof of this. A lesser son of a family friend, but she wanted him and she had him. And now she is lost without him. Perhaps that was why she allowed her desires and cunningness overcome her. Appearance Flora is of average height of the women of the era and boasts the soft curves brought on by both womanhood and motherhood. Her hair is the color of wheat and it reaches to her buttocks when it is not in the styles her hair slave puts it in, and often has flowers weaved into it should the season produce them. She favors vibrate colors for her clothing, but will sport the white if she must present herself as a modest matron. She is fond of make up and jewelry. She might not be imperial, but that doesn't mean she can't doll herself to compete. Family Father: Lucius Aquillius Florus Major - 60 Mother: Lollia Gnaea - 50 Siblings: Lucius Aquillius Florus Minor - 35, Gnaeus Aquillius Florus - 32, Aquillia Lucilla - 25, Marcus Aquillius Florus - 22. With scattered miscarriages and unnamed stillborns to fill the gaps. Spouse: Gaius Nautius Rutilus - Deceased Children: Nautia Flora - 6, Gaius Nautius Rutilus Minor - 4 Extended family: Her late husband's family. The various in laws she's gained via her siblings' marriages and their children. Cousins from both her paternal and maternal lines. Other: Various slaves for her personal upkeep. History 47 Spring : She is born the first daughter and third living child to her parents. Perhaps she should have been destined to be the 'middle child' but being a girl she was doted upon by her mother and had her pater wrapped around her little finger at quite the young age. Maya | Central | Discord: Maya#2992
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