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  1. Riv

    Riv's Plotter

    @Gothic I need a Claudia/Antonia thread like NOW. Let's do a present-day thread. If you'd set it up, I can have a reply to you by the end of today! Let me check out Corinthia and get back to you on that bae. @SaraWe should have a thread between Lucius Cassius Longinus where Antonia's "recalibrating" his desires for a Lover from her business. Sort of like a matchmaking, but not for marriage, haha! We can also have it where because he's used the Lovers before, he and Antonia are already fun acquaintances. The kind that don't openly acknowledge how they know each other but some
  2. Well, she'd had his curiosity, but now she had his attention, Antonia noted with a twitch of the corners of her lips. "Most other Romans forget that Rome was founded upon justice and what justice properly entails," she riposted to him, "Upon the rape of a woman, our people rose up and overthrew the Etruscans, created new laws, and created a new government. It took an innocent woman's blood to give the men the rage they needed to get what was a long time coming and demand their due." She paused and then said, "I always thought it was a pity that it took the spoiling of a young wife to goad t
  3. Antonia waved her hand in the air, dismissing his praise. As she did, the bracelets on her wrist chimed together softly, muffled as they were by her delicately woven sleeves. "Is it not the point of leaving the foundlings somewhere where people can come and take them in? I just do it on a much larger scale. I'm not one woman looking for just one more mouth to feed. I'm a woman whose literal business is to create a better Rome than the one I was born into," she said, the passion in her voice causing the calm in it to seem disturbed. She paused and then continued, softly, "Isn't it what an
  4. Antonia regarded the man coolly, her bright blue eyes taking in his features and marking the attractiveness. Then, with a glance over her shoulder to the Domus Venus, marked his proximity to the building. Was he an employee? Certainly too attractive to be a simple water fetcher for the men and women working. But too young to just be tossed off to any client with an itch to scratch. If he was an employee, he was too experienced to be considered unpolished by this point. Hopefully, she thought, his cut of the proceeds had gone up with his age. Regardless, he clearly still had some time le
  5. At forty years old, Antonia's life had reached a point where she was less busy on a personal level while still making more money than ever. Her business (well, Minor's business, really) was flourishing yet again. Her children were old enough to start curating their own social circles. Minor, in particular, was starting to look at a military career to bolster a potential political one. Her daughter was more interested in meeting with her friends and spending the night at their homes, gossiping and trying new cosmetic trends, than clinging to her mother's skirts. With Clemens dead, Antonia
  6. Riv

    Riv's Plotter

    ANTONIA VITELLIA App 40 | BISEXUAL| EQUITE| ROME Friends Antonia is known for being not just a social climber, but also has been known to travel within the Imperial circle. Specifically, for a long while, she was Lucilla's lover and she assisted Claudia Caesaris in her escape from Rome. She also apparently gave Flavia the knife to kill Manius (sorry, bro). Since then, Antonia has continued her ties with Lucilla's surviving children, treating them often as her own. Antonia likely has friends that continue within that circle and beyond. She owns high end cou
  7. Riv

    Antonia Vitellia

    ANTONIA VITELLIA 40 | 15 January 35 | Equite| Business-Woman| Bisexual| Original | Angelina Jolie <600x300> Personality Before all other things, Antonia’s goal in life is to protect Rome and safeguards its interests as well as her own. She is a woman who, despite her gender, has managed to scrape together a place for herself in Rome with her own two hands. Whether through the spilling of blood or poison, the way she used her body for promises she never intended to fulfill, or her marriages, Antonia managed to carve a place for herself in Roman society th
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