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  1. Barclay

    Salvete Omnes!

    Hey guys! Thanks for the welcome. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and getting stuck in with a character. I have a little fifteen month old so I am relatively busy; but hopefully I will have a decent amount of time to play.
  2. Barclay

    Salvete Omnes!

    I can only imagine that it is. Thanks for the welcome.
  3. Hello everyone! My name is Barclay and I'm here because I am an amateur classicist (in the classical sense, of course, meaning that I have no formal training in classics but have a deep and abiding love for them) and a wannabe patrician who is seeking an avenue to live out those fantasies vicariously through a character of my own reckoning. I'm looking forward to getting to know the fine folks at AeRo and seeing what happens.
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