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  1. Gently one of the men had lifted her out of the fallen litter so she could be moved safely out of the way as they were helped to ready it correctly. And to give it a once over to see if any damaged had been caused, now that it had been clear to them that Rutiliana was unarmed, albeit shaken by the ordeal. She began to calm once she was certain none of her companions were harmed, and made mental note to herself to inform her father that they were not at fault should word reach him of what happened. "There's no need to fuss... I'm unharmed, I promise Cousin." She said softly as Claudia came to her, the young girl sinking into the embrace for a moment, needing the comfort. Then her walls slammed back up when she noticed a crowd the moment her cousin's warmth had left beside her, Claudia now stepping towards a young man not much older than Rutiliana herself, but clearly of a lower class. Not that she had been raised with much vanity about the classes. Mother would never allow her to think little of others. Her eyes, however, widen when the boy admitted it was his fault. Surely it must have been an accident. He didn't seem the type to be an assassin or anything of the sorts. "I am quite alright." She said, louder than before, her voice betraying her not. It was loud and clear and firm that she was unharmed. "There is not a scratch upon me, accidents happen." @Gothic@Atrice
  2. Spurius Servilius Strucus. 37 | 17th August year | Senatore | Senator | Bisexual | Original | Sebastian Stan Personality. Goes here. Appearance Spurius is a physically fit man, taller than average for a model Roman citizen. His physique is kept by rigorous activity, he tends to work out a lot to keep his body from falling into laziness. Family Father: Gaius Servilius Strcutus Mother: Pomponia Vitula Siblings: Gaius Servilius Strcutus Minor {D} Servilia Structa Servilia Gaia Spouse: Current: Widowed Past: Valeria Potita {D} Children: legitimate Spurius Servilius Structus Minor {17} Servilia Valeriana {15} Gaius Servilius Structus {13} illegitimate, by various household slaves, not all recognized Spurius Servilius S.L. Quintus {19, recognized, freed} Phoebe {15, not recognized, she and mother was sold by Valeria} Extended family: Various inlaws through his sisters and late wife. Other: Body and household slaves (with one or two currently warm his bed) , business partners History goes here. ERIS | EST | DISCORD OR PM
  3. Eris

    Eris' Plotter

    Welcome to my plotter, you'll find my characters below. Flavia Caesaris The daughter of Caesar, princess of Rome. Sharp as a tack and a hurricane in the making, Rutiliana is slowly becoming a force of nature as she blossoms into womanhood. At 13/14, she has yet to be married or even discover herself as far as sexuality goes, and a betrothal is to be expected here. So you'll need to talk to Chris if you want to toss a young roman noble her way. She loves her family greatly and considers her stepmother to be her true mother and her cousin, Claudia, to be her sister. Looking for just about anything in general, just either ping me here or nudge me on discord, I'm always in hiding there.
  4. While March's weather was mild and warming, Rutiliana kept the curtains of her lectica closed tightly. Blocking whatever wind that would kick up as they traveled the streets of Rome. It also served the purpose of protecting her from anyone on the street. Closed, she was just another noble traveling. Opened they would see that in truth, she was the young imperial lady. The young daughter of Caesar. She was to spend her day with her cousin, since it was warming up now as spring bloomed. Bringing color and change back to the eternal city. They would shop and explore, before she ran off to join her mother at one of the schools she was due to open. But those plans were soon going to change when she felt something jolt her lectica and she heard shouting from the men that carried her. It happened so quickly as everything shifted and the lectica tilted. Screaming in fright, she grabbed onto the wooden bits of it as it fell to the side. Uncertain on how she managed to end up setting on the curtains between opening of the wooden frame, the young woman sniffed as she tried to keep her tears at bay. She was less hurt than she was upset and as she continued to sniffle she called out for the slaves that had came with her. Wiping tears away as they finally began to stream down her face. She wasn't sure what to do, but finally she reached up and tugged at the curtains above her, and grabbed onto the frame to pull herself up. "Are you alright?" She asked her servants as she stood, pulling her shawl around her shoulders as she looked around her, trying to see if her men were uninjured, not mindful of the crowd that was beginning to form. She hadn't even noticed the young man, the cause of the situation she was now in, more concerned of her faithful companions than anything.
  5. Eris

    Flavia Caesaris

    FLAVIA CAESARIS 13 | 7 MARCH 61 | IMPERIAL | PRINCESS | UNDISCOVERED | CANON | HAILEE STEINFELD Personality. At her youthful age, one would expect a silly, carefree girl to reside within the chambers that Rutiliana considers her small kingdom. However, there is not. Rutiliana is anything but silly. Her personality is greatly sandwiched between that of the ambitious, force-to-be-reckoned with matron that was Cornelia Annthea and the diligent and patient Augusta, her step mother Julia Drusilla. Her mind is keen and has a thirst for knowledge, choosing instead to follow the example of the women in her family than what is to expected of the brainless birds of the upper crust. She has a subtle haughtiness about her. While it's not full-blown mindless vanity, she knows enough by station that she is held at a higher standard that most of the young girls in her generation. And thus, it has aged her considerably. She does not trust outsiders easily, and chooses to distance herself from certain aspects of her lineage, such as her mother and her mother's family. She knows all too well the hand her uncle played in the deaths of Honorius and Junus, and the pain that caused beloved members of her family. However, she is close to those she loves, finding sanctuary in her step-mother's gentle nature and friendship in Lucilla's daughters, Flavia and Claudia. The first of which being the reason why she refused to be called anything but Rutiliana. A reversal of the cold, haughty girl she exhibits if you will. She would just about anything to make her family proud of her. Her mind is keen and has a thirst for knowledge, choosing instead to follow the example of the women in her family than what is to expected of the brainless birds of the upper crust. Foreign culture, music, the arts and philosophy being among her favorite subjects. She has not taken kindly to the mundane tasks of weaving and gardening, but tradition calls for it to be amongst her skill set so she does it anyways, even if she doesn't do it with a smile. Appearance Rutiliana is a mix of her parents in physical appearance. With her father, it's most prominent in her eyes and smile, her mother is in her nose and facial shape. Along with her hair. Her skin is warm ivory thanks to the Roman sun during the warm months only lightening slightly over winter time. Her dress style is modest, mostly due to her age and the influences that both her father and stepmother had upon her. Adapting to their more traditional liking. She looks older than her 13 years, as people have told her, thanks to her station. Family FATHER: Quintus Flavius Caesar Alexander Augustus - alive STEP-MOTHER: Julia Drusilla Augusta - alive MOTHER: Rutilia Cypriana Minor - alive, no contact SIBLINGS: Titus Flavius Caesar Alexander - alive Drusus Flavius Caesar Alexander - alive SPOUSE: n/a, at least no betrothal has been made for her CHILDREN: none EXTENDED FAMILY: The Flavius Alexander Clan - Paternal relations The Rutilius Cyprianus Clan - Maternal relations, has no contact with them. History She was born Flavia Rutiliana to Quintus and his then latest wife. And her existence, from the start, was the bane of her mother's. It was something the younger Rutilia Cypriana made that clear. What could she do with a daughter? Especially as the first child between a young twenty something woman and her much older husband? Not much, her birth was only an ill omen of the divorce that would come. She would be motherless in all but truth before she even could remember her mother's voice or face. Her father divorcing her mother largely thanks to her maternal uncle's ill-doings. Pushed towards the women folk in her paternal family in attempt of having a 'positive' influence upon the girl. She was barely walking then, only to be sent to the furtherest reaches of the empire as war darkened the horizon. She would have no memory of the war that was raged, nor knowledge of the danger her family had been until much later when her scholars would tell her of these events. She was but a toddler, after all, when her father became Caesar and she became known as Flavia Caesaris by the people. At the age of four, she insisted upon everyone to call her Rutiliana. There was already a Flavia after all, two would get muddled and confusing. She adored the women of her paternal family, often finding solace in her grandmother's presence. However, her grandmother's influence began to wain in her sixth year of life, replaced by a warmer presence in her father's new wife. She took to her stepmother like a child starved for affection. And in many ways she was, having spent all of her life with little to no contact with the woman who gave birth to her. The two having been separated at the downfall of her mother's family. However, Drusilla was everything she could have ever wanted in a mother, and she was enchanted. She clung to the her stepmother, shadowed her constantly, emulated her. But the same year that she gained her mother, she lost the only grandmother she had ever known. Annthea had practically raised her from a child, almost since the moment she was born. The death hit the young girl hard. And after mourning far longer than she normally would have, a different Rutiliana emerged from the mourning black. Her truest smiles were reserved for her mother and little brother. Depression wasn't a pretty color on the young girl, but there was no escaping it when it set in. Instead she build up a wall between her and everyone she didn't consider her immediate family, refusing to even consider talking to her mater whenever the woman finally came around again. Time had not changed the girl, only freed her from the sadness she felt over her grandmother's passing. ERIS | CST | DISCORD OR PM
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