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  1. The party that greeted Rutiliana as she found her way into the hortulus was not the stuffy formal occasion she had been accustomed to. She wasn't quite sure what she actually preferred, she had only had a small taste upon coming of age to experience the events her father and step mother organized. Events no doubt would maintain a hold upon the imperial palace considering that her uncles and aunts were all still very much daily figures within the workings of the palace. She couldn't help but think that her very traditional father would be rather cross at the occasion, but such was the battle hardened after all. She knew she cut an elegant figure as she moved from the shadows into the firelit heart of the gardens, plucking a finely crafted glass of wine from a slave as they passed by. She could spot a few familiar faces among the crowd, but most were new to her thus far. New players upon the chessboard that was the imperial family. But two faces were missing thus far. Titus and Claudia. Curious. Ru weaved her way towards Tiberius, though he was busy chatting up some young gentleman who appeared not to much older than her brother. Not wanting to interrupt him, she simply placed a hand upon his back for a moment in a gentle, familiar greeting as she turned to scan the room once more. Hoping to find someone she knew to focus her attention on until her brother got done so she could question to make sure that the other two knew and had been invited.
  2. MAY 76AD Coin purse tucked carefully away along with a cloth tote, Rutiliana had snuck out of the palace, escaping her hawk of a governess for the day. She lacked all the finery she was use to wearing, choosing something that would blend her in with the rest of the folk that would surely be roaming the streets. Her feet took her along paths that had become familiar from all of the other times she had done this, heading towards the emporium. A busy place where she could spend coin on silly things that she surely could have ordered from the kitchens or have brought to her, but there was just something about being among the people and doing as they did. Merging into the crowd, she moved from stall to stall, quickly leaving the stalls that held no interest to her but lingered at others. She had found a pretty length of peacock blue silk, sheer and fine, that she thought would be pretty as a head veil for Claudia at one. A set of thin gold bangles for her stepmother. Cleverly carved and painted soldiers to add to Drusus' collection. But finally the lure of the food stalls overcame her and she allowed her nose to lead her to those destinations, stopping only one to pick out a peach for after whatever fried and savory delights she would buy. Meat pies; pork, onion and garlic heavy in scent made her stomach growl in anticipation. Deep fried sweet breads with fig and honey paste stuffed in the middle. Her nose and eyes were a little big for her stomach, but alas her arms was loaded with food as she made her way over to a sitting area not far from the stalls. She realized her folly only then as she laid the food out. She had ordered too much, as much as she normally would have if she had had someone with her that day. And bringing it home would only soil the silk in her bag and get her into more trouble than she would be already. Glancing around, her eyes landed on someone sitting near her within earshot and an idea came to her head. Reaching over she tapped them on the shoulder lightly, "Would you care to share with me? I'm afraid I ordered to much!" She said before they even turned around, her expression expectant of the person to agree to her whim.
  3. ERIS Flavia Caesaris - HERE
  4. For Ru, the night had ended peacefully, and she had settled into the comfort of her own bed alongside the familiar presence of her body slave easily. Drifting off into the arms of the Gods of Sleep and Dreams without much of a fight once she and her most trusted companion had finished their pillow talking. She had not expected to wake until well after dawn, as deep and long of a sleeper she was. But the gods seemed to have other plans for that night. Especially as the hours inched closer to Aurora's awakening of the sky. They had all felt the shaking over the last week. Small tremors here and there. Gone as quickly as they happened, forgotten and stored in the back of one's mind. When the first hard tremor hit, it barely stirred the princess. Who groaned and turned to snuggle closer to her bed partner. A mumble of not now leaving her as if her sleep state figured it was someone trying to wake her. The second one nearly didn't awake until she heard vases crash to the floor and even more of the room trembled. The duo bolted up right, looking in fear around the room as the tremors kept on and she felt herself panic. Death after all was the one thing that all of humanity had to face. "We need to get to safety, domina." She heard the nudging from her body slave. But it was like it was at the end of a tunnel. She barely registered her guard entering and yanking her up, all but dragging her down the hall as the rest of her retinue followed. Her feet knew the path, it was heading towards the open garden. They would be safe there, yes? Then the world crashed into her psyche when she heard Titus' voice calling out that he had to go find their younger brother, and she watched in horror as her elder brother ran back into the shaking halls. "TITUS, COME BACK!" she screeched loudly, trying to move after him but was stopped as she was pulled more towards the center of the garden.
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    @Kali, hi!!! I have his little sister, Rutiliana, she'd love a thread with her big brother and!! will be replying to his earthquake thread! I'll dm you for more plotty talk as well!
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    More than a day late and always a couple dollars short, sorry you two! @Gothic Eris would love threads with your ladies, I know we already had one with Ru and Clauds but I feel that they just orbit each other. As for Gaia, she wouldn't be anything but polite and sweet to her, same goes to Corinthia - even if Corinthia is angry at the universe, lol. @Sarah I'd love a thread with the two! @everyone else - Toss 'em at me! Plz!
  8. This is a wanted ad for Flavia Caesaris aka Rutiliana She needs her 'household' so to say. No faces are listed, nor nationality. Names will be left up to the player too. please tag me (Eris) or hit me up on discord (madxasahatter#4230) should you be interested. sort of first comes first serves. "Tutor" 35+ Intelligent - Patient - Firm Skilled in languages and health issues. "Bodyguard" 30+ Protective - Takes No Crap - Firm Former lady gladiator brought to the palace because Ru favored them in the games. "Attendant" 25+ Constant - Loyal - Efficient Pretty much runs Ru's little household. Doesn't let her charge get away with much. "Cosmetic Slave" 20+ Flirty - Creative - Chatty A new addition to her household. "Hair Dresser" 20+ Quiet - Creative - Sweet A new addition to her household, like the above. "Body Slave/Companion" 15+ Loyal - Clever - Secret Keeper Has been with Ru the longest. Knows her secrets and fears and keeps them close to her heart. Clever and easily fades into the shadows if she feels she must 'spy' on those who might harm her charge. Ru plans on freeing her soon, but wishes to keep her on as paid help.
  9. Flavia Caesaris - 17 - purple - Eris @Anna
  10. Name: Eris Description: Chaotic musings of a random mind. @Anna
  11. Eris ~ staying~ keeping: Flavia Caesaris, Spurius Servilus Structus (wip) dropping: n/a
  12. "But an accident, none the less." Rutiliana stressed once more as the young man stressed that it had been a stupid accident. That's all that it was, it could be have been anything, anyone. It could have been worse, but it wasn't. Her lectica was hole, her servants and guards unharmed, and outside of her bruised ego she was fine. "We do not need to do anything to him, Claudia." She whispered loudly to her cousin. There was no need for this to go further than the gathered crowd. Even if she knew it might get back to her parents. It was a simple matter, handled by them with his apology. That was good enough for her. She didn't want her father getting involved with something that was an accident. "Your apology suffices." She said, making sure her tone was firm enough for the guards to hear and back off of the young man, but kind enough to hopefully not startle the already worried boy. He gave his name and she muttered it a few times to herself, imprinting it into her mind. So she could remember it for the future, if her fancy found itself wanting to check in on him. @Gothic @Atrice
  13. It wasn't often that she came out to the marketplace. Most of the time the merchants were sent for, or items she wanted was custom made to her tastes. Still that didn't mean that the princess didn't like donning on simpler clothing and escaping her guards every so often to go about the city and to the more popular areas. She had fallen in love with many a vendor and merchant that way in the recent years. But she knew she couldn't keep it up much longer. She was no longer a child, but a young maid. A princess whose people were starting to recognize her the more she went out in public. But for now it was not her worry. The few coin she clung to were as she came to a stall. Silks of all colors, the imperial purple rightfully missing from the selections, and jewelry laid on display. She flitted a bit, fingers caressing over the offerings tenderly. She admired the silks and the wools, along with the beautiful died and patterned linens. However what drew her attention was the movement in her peripheral vision of the other young woman at the stall stuffing a necklace into her basket without any intention to pay for it. She didn't look away when their eyes met and her expression turned stoic. She didn't know the woman's story. Nor the fact that the other woman was in fact a slave. As the other would not know she was the daughter of Caesar himself. Her lips parted when the woman spoke, asking her not tell <him>, whoever <him> might be and she glanced to the vendor in question. Then back down at the discarded necklace, that was hastily placed on the table. She sighed softly and quickly snatched it up as the merchant came and she pressed a few coin in his hands before looking back at the other woman, "Come with me?" she asked. While mentally asking herself what did she think she was doing? "Please." She then added, moving past her to move towards a less crowded area. @Beauty
  14. Rutiliana had been among the other Imperials has they had made their way through the city to the new coliseum. Her own retinue of friends and slaves and guards traveled in a small gathering behind her as she moved to take her seat, thankfully still petite and small enough to curl up and lounge as she picked at the fruit and other foods offered to her and sipped at the honeyed, albeit, watered down wine. She could hear the chattering of the others around her, her cousins talking to their own friends and her father and mother softly scolding Drusus for his rambunctious behavior that lead him not to listen to the lesson their father tried to bestow upon him. It left a smile on her face as she did watch it play out, before finally catching her younger brother's eyes and offering him half of her seat as well as half of the orange she was eating. "Behave." She whispered to him as she reached up tidy up his hair. Her eyes trained on the fighting down below. Two women were center stage in the arena and the young princess realized that she didn't care for such sport. The blood and violence and such a reckless lost of life made her stomach turn. And she was happy she could blame the wine or food for that if it actually did take a turn for it. She let out a dramatic sigh, looking away for anyone to talk to, desperate for distraction to drown the roaring of the crowd out.
  15. I've been working a lot more shifts than I normally would over the last year, we want to knock some things off our of 'places to go' list this winter.
  16. Gently one of the men had lifted her out of the fallen litter so she could be moved safely out of the way as they were helped to ready it correctly. And to give it a once over to see if any damaged had been caused, now that it had been clear to them that Rutiliana was unarmed, albeit shaken by the ordeal. She began to calm once she was certain none of her companions were harmed, and made mental note to herself to inform her father that they were not at fault should word reach him of what happened. "There's no need to fuss... I'm unharmed, I promise Cousin." She said softly as Claudia came to her, the young girl sinking into the embrace for a moment, needing the comfort. Then her walls slammed back up when she noticed a crowd the moment her cousin's warmth had left beside her, Claudia now stepping towards a young man not much older than Rutiliana herself, but clearly of a lower class. Not that she had been raised with much vanity about the classes. Mother would never allow her to think little of others. Her eyes, however, widen when the boy admitted it was his fault. Surely it must have been an accident. He didn't seem the type to be an assassin or anything of the sorts. "I am quite alright." She said, louder than before, her voice betraying her not. It was loud and clear and firm that she was unharmed. "There is not a scratch upon me, accidents happen." @Gothic@Atrice
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    Welcome to my plotter, you'll find my characters below. Flavia Caesaris The daughter of Caesar, princess of Rome. Sharp as a tack and a hurricane in the making, Rutiliana is slowly becoming a force of nature as she blossoms into womanhood. At 13/14, she has yet to be married or even discover herself as far as sexuality goes, and a betrothal is to be expected here. So you'll need to talk to Chris if you want to toss a young roman noble her way. She loves her family greatly and considers her stepmother to be her true mother and her cousin, Claudia, to be her sister. Looking for just about anything in general, just either ping me here or nudge me on discord, I'm always in hiding there.
  18. While March's weather was mild and warming, Rutiliana kept the curtains of her lectica closed tightly. Blocking whatever wind that would kick up as they traveled the streets of Rome. It also served the purpose of protecting her from anyone on the street. Closed, she was just another noble traveling. Opened they would see that in truth, she was the young imperial lady. The young daughter of Caesar. She was to spend her day with her cousin, since it was warming up now as spring bloomed. Bringing color and change back to the eternal city. They would shop and explore, before she ran off to join her mother at one of the schools she was due to open. But those plans were soon going to change when she felt something jolt her lectica and she heard shouting from the men that carried her. It happened so quickly as everything shifted and the lectica tilted. Screaming in fright, she grabbed onto the wooden bits of it as it fell to the side. Uncertain on how she managed to end up setting on the curtains between opening of the wooden frame, the young woman sniffed as she tried to keep her tears at bay. She was less hurt than she was upset and as she continued to sniffle she called out for the slaves that had came with her. Wiping tears away as they finally began to stream down her face. She wasn't sure what to do, but finally she reached up and tugged at the curtains above her, and grabbed onto the frame to pull herself up. "Are you alright?" She asked her servants as she stood, pulling her shawl around her shoulders as she looked around her, trying to see if her men were uninjured, not mindful of the crowd that was beginning to form. She hadn't even noticed the young man, the cause of the situation she was now in, more concerned of her faithful companions than anything.
  19. FLAVIA CAESARIS 15 | 7 MARCH 61 | IMPERIAL | PRINCESS | UNDISCOVERED | CANON | HAILEE STEINFELD Personality. At her youthful age, one would expect a silly, carefree girl to reside within the chambers that Rutiliana considers her small kingdom. However, there is not. Rutiliana is anything but silly. Her personality is greatly sandwiched between that of the ambitious, force-to-be-reckoned with matron that was Cornelia Annthea and the diligent and patient Augusta, her step mother Julia Drusilla. Her mind is keen and has a thirst for knowledge, choosing instead to follow the example of the women in her family than what is to expected of the brainless birds of the upper crust. She has a subtle haughtiness about her. While it's not full-blown mindless vanity, she knows enough by station that she is held at a higher standard that most of the young girls in her generation. And thus, it has aged her considerably. She does not trust outsiders easily, and chooses to distance herself from certain aspects of her lineage, such as her mother and her mother's family. She knows all too well the hand her uncle played in the deaths of Honorius and Junus, and the pain that caused beloved members of her family. However, she is close to those she loves, finding sanctuary in her step-mother's gentle nature and friendship in Lucilla's daughters, Flavia and Claudia. The first of which being the reason why she refused to be called anything but Rutiliana. A reversal of the cold, haughty girl she exhibits if you will. She would just about anything to make her family proud of her. Her mind is keen and has a thirst for knowledge, choosing instead to follow the example of the women in her family than what is to expected of the brainless birds of the upper crust. Foreign culture, music, the arts and philosophy being among her favorite subjects. She has not taken kindly to the mundane tasks of weaving and gardening, but tradition calls for it to be amongst her skill set so she does it anyways, even if she doesn't do it with a smile. Appearance Rutiliana is a mix of her parents in physical appearance. With her father, it's most prominent in her eyes and smile, her mother is in her nose and facial shape. Along with her hair. Her skin is warm ivory thanks to the Roman sun during the warm months only lightening slightly over winter time. Her dress style is modest, mostly due to her age and the influences that both her father and stepmother had upon her. Adapting to their more traditional liking. She looks older than her 13 years, as people have told her, thanks to her station. Family FATHER: Quintus Flavius Caesar Alexander Augustus - alive STEP-MOTHER: Julia Drusilla Augusta - alive MOTHER: Rutilia Cypriana Minor - alive, no contact SIBLINGS: Titus Flavius Caesar Alexander - alive Drusus Flavius Caesar Alexander - alive SPOUSE: n/a, at least no betrothal has been made for her CHILDREN: none EXTENDED FAMILY: The Flavius Alexander Clan - Paternal relations The Rutilius Cyprianus Clan - Maternal relations, has no contact with them. History She was born Flavia Rutiliana to Quintus and his then latest wife. And her existence, from the start, was the bane of her mother's. It was something the younger Rutilia Cypriana made that clear. What could she do with a daughter? Especially as the first child between a young twenty something woman and her much older husband? Not much, her birth was only an ill omen of the divorce that would come. She would be motherless in all but truth before she even could remember her mother's voice or face. Her father divorcing her mother largely thanks to her maternal uncle's ill-doings. Pushed towards the women folk in her paternal family in attempt of having a 'positive' influence upon the girl. She was barely walking then, only to be sent to the furtherest reaches of the empire as war darkened the horizon. She would have no memory of the war that was raged, nor knowledge of the danger her family had been until much later when her scholars would tell her of these events. She was but a toddler, after all, when her father became Caesar and she became known as Flavia Caesaris by the people. At the age of four, she insisted upon everyone to call her Rutiliana. There was already a Flavia after all, two would get muddled and confusing. She adored the women of her paternal family, often finding solace in her grandmother's presence. However, her grandmother's influence began to wain in her sixth year of life, replaced by a warmer presence in her father's new wife. She took to her stepmother like a child starved for affection. And in many ways she was, having spent all of her life with little to no contact with the woman who gave birth to her. The two having been separated at the downfall of her mother's family. However, Drusilla was everything she could have ever wanted in a mother, and she was enchanted. She clung to the her stepmother, shadowed her constantly, emulated her. But the same year that she gained her mother, she lost the only grandmother she had ever known. Annthea had practically raised her from a child, almost since the moment she was born. The death hit the young girl hard. And after mourning far longer than she normally would have, a different Rutiliana emerged from the mourning black. Her truest smiles were reserved for her mother and little brother. Depression wasn't a pretty color on the young girl, but there was no escaping it when it set in. Instead she build up a wall between her and everyone she didn't consider her immediate family, refusing to even consider talking to her mater whenever the woman finally came around again. Time had not changed the girl, only freed her from the sadness she felt over her grandmother's passing. ERIS | CST | DISCORD OR PM
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