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  1. Cleisthenes entered the popinae, the sound of laughter and scent of heavy wine filling the air. He might have been out of place at one of these in Greece, but in Rome? His father wasn't on his back, so he could do what he wanted. Placing a denarius near the table with the other man, he offered him a smile, as he bought his jar of wine. "Greetings. I am Cleisthenes, of Athens. A pleasure to meet you." @Mord
  2. "Indeed, I believe it will. I will certainly tutor your son to the best of my ability. Thank you for the opportunity." He felt like he might have been starting to get more comfortable in Rome. Even after several years here, he still hasn't adjusted to life in Rome versus Athens.
  3. Cleisthenes nodded and took a sip of wine. "My father was a Stoic philosopher, and that was what I learned much of. I would try my best to teach him some other philosophies, but obviously I have much more experience with Stoicism. I would also do my best for history and mathematics, but again, not exactly my strong suit compared to Stoicism and rhetoric, though I honestly believe I could improve at rhetoric as well." He took a bite of bread and another, longer sip of wine.
  4. Cleisthenes smiled at the older man. He was sure he had screwed this up, but thankfully the other man seemed to be very understanding. "Indeed, some wine and bread would be appreaciated." He smiled at the slave as well. As Aulus motioned to the seat, Cleisthenes took a seat and waited. "Thank you for being so understanding of everything that happened. As for the tutoring, I would be glad to take up that offer. I will do the best I can."
  5. Cleisthenes wiped what sleep he could out of his eyes as he entered. A nasty argument had broken out on the streets, turning into a brawl between the two who had started the fight in the first damned place. "Apologies for being late, and my less then stellar appearance," Cleisthenes said as he bowed before the man. "A fight broke out early this morning, and the commotion was enough to wake me far earlier than usual. This won't happen again."
  6. Jacob

    Jacob's Plotter

    I'd be glad to meet him!
  7. Jacob

    Jacob's Plotter

    Hi all! I play Cleisthenes, a young Greek man who travelled to Rome after finishing studies of Epicurean philosophy in Athens. I am always available for plots, and I"m glad to plot with anyone.
  8. Jacob


    Cleisthenes 22 | 4 June 52CE | Provinciales | Student/Kept Man/Tutor | Homosexual | Original | Cameron Monaghan Personality. Cleisthenes is an upbeat man, always willing to go out of his way to help those he can. He enjoys riding horses as well as swimming in the river Tiber. He is also a studious young man, always wanting to learn more about the world around him and about the gods. However, despite all his good intentions, he has always preferred the company of men. He is a very perseverant, almost stubborn young man, never seeming to stop until he achieves his goal. His ultimate goal is to publish books on rhetoric and philosophy. He has an extreme distrust of Christians due to a bad experience he had with one, yet he does not outright hate them. He still does not like them, but believes that they should worship whoever they want even though they are wrong when it comes to the gods. Appearance Cleisthenes has always preferred to wear lightweight clothing made generally of cotton. He stands tall, at nearly 5'7", and his build is quite broad for a man as young as he. He does not carry any scars on his face, and has light freckles that dot his face. His eyes are a light blue. He is well-toned for a man his age, though his skin is quite pale for someone from Greece. He is currently wearing a short beard. Family Father: Archelaus Mother: Eudokia Siblings: Herakleides (older brother), Lysander(younger brother), Theophilia (younger sister) Spouse: Children: Extended family: Tycho (brother-in-law) Other: History CHILDHOOD [52-64 CE]: Cleisthenes was born in Athens on June 4, 52 CE, to a Stoic philosopher, Archelaus, and his wife Eudokia. His life was relatively peaceful, and he always grew up hearing the stories of the gods and how they interacted with mortal men. He always found himself attracted to learning, and so would often go to his father to hear lessons on life and other topics. His life was sheltered, due to his father being wounded in a philosophy debate gone horribly wrong that turned into a fight. While he was allowed to run around and play with the other children, his parents kept a very strict control over where he could and could not go, and so because of this, he quickly developed some resentment towards his parents for being so strict. TEENAGE TO EARLY ADULT [64-71 CE]: His father decided to send him to school so that he could learn more philosophy as well as rhetoric. He quickly discovered an interest in Epicurean philosophy, and so learned as much about that as he could. He would engage in philosophical debates with the other students quite often, often to their chagrin. Occasionally, though, he would not be able to come back with a response to a question posed by a student. While he was there at school, he realized that he was only attracted to other men. After a debate, he met a young woman there named Gaia, and the two quickly developed a friendship. However, at the same time, he started to study early Christianity. He had been questioning his sexuality for a while now, not sure of what he felt, and when he heard the extreme hatred of same-sex couples this Christian man had, he lashed out, nearly starting a fight with the young man. ADULTHOOD [71-74 CE]: After Cleisthenes had finished his studies, he traveled back to Rome, so that he could be with Gaia. His parents at first struggled with this, due to the fact that their son would be gone and it would be hard to stay in contact with him; however, they ultimately realized it was his choice, and so they let him go to Rome to be with Gaia. His parents are now struggling to figure out who will keep on the family name and who will inherit once they die. He also wants to try and publish books on Epicurean philosophy, as well as teaching other students about Epicurean philosophy. Jacob | EST/EDT | PM here or on Discord(ThatGuy#2029)
  9. Jacob

    Brian's plotter.

    It is still transferring over, I can send it to you from the old site in a PM if you'd like. http://aeternaroma.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=97&st=0&#entry4224
  10. Jacob

    Brian's plotter.

    I'd be glad to plot with my fellow Cleisthenes! He's a young Greek man who travelled to Rome from Greece - maybe they could talk? I'm down for whatever, honestly!
  11. "I am here for pleasure," Cleisthenes chuckled as Helios wrapped his arm around him. He heard the man's soft voice and saw his playful eyes, following him to the room. Once there, he closed the door, smiling and kissing the other man in a long, slow, and passionate kiss. "Shall we begin?"
  12. Cleisthenes chuckled as he heard the man's deep voice and his joke about having the best room. "Thank you, Helios. I suppose we should head there. A little light tonight would be much appreciated." He kissed the man's cheek, before saying, "I suppose we should probably head to your room. That is, unless you want to start out here then move in there."
  13. The sounds of celebration could be heard throughout the city, and the scents of fresh food and wine filled the air, along with other... less savory scents. Cleisthenes entered the Domus Venus, well aware of their offers for the Saturnalia - no fees? Certainly not a bad thing, in his mind. And then he saw another handsome young man, with fair hair and a short, trimmed beard? Not a bad thing at all. "Hey there, handsome," he teased flirtatiously as he approached. "I'm Cleisthenes. Should we get a room somewhere? If you're interested."
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