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  1. Jacob

    Let the wine flow...

    Cleisthenes entered the popinae, the sound of laughter and scent of heavy wine filling the air. He might have been out of place at one of these in Greece, but in Rome? His father wasn't on his back, so he could do what he wanted. Placing a denarius near the table with the other man, he offered him a smile, as he bought his jar of wine. "Greetings. I am Cleisthenes, of Athens. A pleasure to meet you." @Mord
  2. Jacob

    Brian's plotter.

    It is still transferring over, I can send it to you from the old site in a PM if you'd like. http://aeternaroma.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=97&st=0&#entry4224
  3. Jacob

    Brian's plotter.

    I'd be glad to plot with my fellow Cleisthenes! He's a young Greek man who travelled to Rome from Greece - maybe they could talk? I'm down for whatever, honestly!
  4. "I am here for pleasure," Cleisthenes chuckled as Helios wrapped his arm around him. He heard the man's soft voice and saw his playful eyes, following him to the room. Once there, he closed the door, smiling and kissing the other man in a long, slow, and passionate kiss. "Shall we begin?"
  5. Cleisthenes chuckled as he heard the man's deep voice and his joke about having the best room. "Thank you, Helios. I suppose we should head there. A little light tonight would be much appreciated." He kissed the man's cheek, before saying, "I suppose we should probably head to your room. That is, unless you want to start out here then move in there."
  6. The sounds of celebration could be heard throughout the city, and the scents of fresh food and wine filled the air, along with other... less savory scents. Cleisthenes entered the Domus Venus, well aware of their offers for the Saturnalia - no fees? Certainly not a bad thing, in his mind. And then he saw another handsome young man, with fair hair and a short, trimmed beard? Not a bad thing at all. "Hey there, handsome," he teased flirtatiously as he approached. "I'm Cleisthenes. Should we get a room somewhere? If you're interested."
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