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  1. FULL NAME HERE. age | day month year | Rank | Occupation | Orientation | Original/Canon/Wanted | Face claim <600x300> Personality. Goes here. Appearance (Talk about their height, skin tone, etc.) Family Father: Mother: Siblings: Spouse: Children: Extended family: Other: History goes here. OOC Name | TIMEZONE | CONTACT
  2. Lou

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    Awesomeness It will be tons of fun
  3. Lou

    Lou's Plotter

    I can get something up tonight if you want. Would he stop by Oppia's house/wherever she conducts business? She'd offer him lots of food and drink/ ooooooo love your ideas! I can see Oppia being a regular there, especially since N'tombi is a woman running a business. GIRL POWER!!! Oppia wouldn't mind being sharing N'tombi's bed on occasion. It can be low key and casual. But anyways, I'd love to explore some sort of relationship with Oppia and N'tombi.
  4. Lou

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    Marcus Falco & Oppia Nitra - Yeah probably not the best idea for them to meet in the present time, but if you want to thread them, we could always do a past thread from before the Mandatum split from the Syndicate. Gaius & Oppia - Oooo that would be interesting. Oppia would love to meet Gaius and answer any questions he might have. I shall ponder on other ideas for your other characters as well.
  5. Oppia Nitra is looking for her two younger siblings, a husband, a body slave, and a bodyguard. Also, she would happy to have gang members and associates as well. FYI she is the gang leader of the Mandatum. You can take a look at her app here. All Faceclaims are suggested, you may use whoever you like. I will add more information later. Oppius Nitrus 23 || little brother || Suggested FC: Sterling Sulieman Info: Oppia's right-hand man...don't tell Quintus that. They are very close and he acts as a protector of sorts. Has decent fighting skills, something he learned when he joined the Mandatum at the age of 15 to watch over his older sister. His personality is open, but he has to be involved enough with the everyday ongoings of the gang that some people think it is really him calling the shots instead of Oppia. His father is unknown and his mother disappeared when he was around 11 years old. Oppia Mnema  18 || little sister || Suggested FC: Taylor Russell Info: Personality is fairly open. Her father is unknown and her mother disappeared when she was about 6 years old. She was raised by her older sister, Oppia Nitra. It is up to you whether Mnema is apart of the Mandatum. I kind of figured she wouldn't be married yet, but that is up to you. Ideas: If you want to discuss Quintus Atius Lepidus 30's || Oppia's husband || Social Antonia 50's || Advisor || Witty || FC: Carol Kane Quintus' mother and part of Oppia's inner circle. She was Oppia's first ally. Body slave/Confidant 20's || FC: Hera Hilmar Bodyguard/enforcer Smuggler 30's || Sly || Greedy || In it for himself || FC: Nick Tarabay Takes a little off the top for himself, which Oppia has allowed because he is good at his job, but recently he has been doing questionable things and Oppia is keeping a close eye on him. Runners/Messengers 13 -18 || Brother and sister team || Oppia took these two under her wing shortly after the takeover. Their parents died sometime during Oppia's take over of the Mandatum and its separation from the Syndicate.
  6. Lou

    Lou's Plotter

    Oppia Nitra Gang leader of the Mandatum 25 || Married || Bisexual About Although she may not look like it, Oppia is the leader of the Mandatum, one of the many gangs in Rome. Motherly, although she has no children, Oppia leads her gang in a way that its members are her family. She is kind but firm, and if needed, she will show tough love. She can come across quiet and even meek, but she is far from it. Friends While she tends to be nice to everyone, including her enemies, Oppia keeps her circle relatively small in terms of actual friends and confidants. I'd love for her to have a few friends around and maybe a few from before became the leader of the gang. Enemies Oppia has made several enemies. Members of the Syndicate are probably top of the enemies list, but she'd happily take anyone who wants to switch and join her little family. She may have made enemies within the gang when she took over control. Lovers Oppia is married but is not in love with her husband. She rarely ever joins him in bed and sees him more as a business partner. I am open to the idea of lovers of both sexes. She does like to unwind by brushing someone's hair. Other Looking for plots of all sorts. Will add plot ideas later. Tracker
  7. FRONTUS 20 | day month year | Slave | Stable boy | Heterosexual | Wanted | Luke Youngblood Personality Frontus has known nothing but the life of a slave, but despite living with a variety of masters, some better than others, his friendly and kind demeanor has not been dampened. It is rare to see Frontus without a toothy smile on his face, except during serious matters. Respectful around his masters and avoids confrontation with anyone like the plague, other slaves included, Frontus works hard not to let down the family he serves. He often picks up the slack when others drop the ball making sure no one gets in trouble. Sometimes others do take advantage of his good nature, but Frontus rarely speaks up when that happens. He is thankful for his job as a stable boy as he gets to spend most of his day tending to the horses; it is where he feels most at home. Frontus often talks to the horses while he cleans their stalls or grooming them. During his down time, he likes to draw with any pieces of parchment while sitting outside. When left to his rare moments to let his mind wander, he is suspectable to bouts of daydreaming. There is a certain female that has captured his heart, although, he has yet to say anything to her about it, he is terrible at hiding his feelings. Around her, he stammers, babbles and suddenly has two left feet. Appearance Standing at 5'4", Frontus is relatively short for a man, but he has never been particularly bothered by it as it helped be quick and nimble. Family Father: unknown Mother: Ebele - former wet nurse, whereabouts unknown Siblings: Yes, whereabouts unknown Spouse: nope, although one day he'd like one Children: None Extended family: He is sure he has some but has never met them. Other: History Childhood Ebele. All he can remember is a name and a face. His mother had been a wetnurse for a Grecian family and had been allowed to keep her son until he reached the age of five. He does not remember much from the years he grew up with his mother, but when he sleeps, Frontus relives the moment he was ripped from her arms, she crying "Ebele loves you" over his own cries. It was a hard transition for the young boy, but stern lecture by the slave trader drove fear into the little heart of his. He had to be a good boy so that his future masters would be nicer to him and not hurt him. He needed them to be happy with him, so the scary things the trader talked about never happened. His new masters, they were dreadful. Little Frontus tried his hardest, but it was never good enough. He was young and prone to trip and break things, but his new masters did not care; slaves weren't allowed to make messes. The youngest boy was the worst and loved to torment Frontus. For the first time in his short-lived life, he stopped smiling. He Lou | PST | PM or Discord
  8. Oh oh I'd love to take Frontus after I complete Oppia. I already have a faceclaim in mind
  9. Lou

    Oppia Nitra

    OPPIA NITRA 25 | 26th-August -48CE| Equite | Gang Leader of the Mandatum | Bisexual | Canon | Ruth Negga Personality. Oppia Nitra is a woman who seems to have come out of nowhere to claim the leadership of the Mandatum, but in truth, she had been there for a while patiently waiting, hiding in plain sight for the opportunity to claim what she felt was rightfully hers. It was simply that no one believed the meek and timid woman could shake up the order of things, and even today, most people are convinced she is merely a puppet for her husband or brother, and that is it actually one of them who leads the Mandatum. Oppia is ok with that: the more people underestimate her, the more that she is able to grow her business and establish herself. Truth be told, Oppia is not the typical gang leader. Kind and unassuming, she leads the Mandatum with a gentle but firm hand. She truly loves and cares for those who work with and under her, often referring to them as a family. She is a quiet and polite person and greets everyone, friends and foes alike, with a smile. Not a violent person, but understands the necessity of it. She rose to power with blood, after all. Intelligent and patient, Oppia slowly achieves her ends by carefully positioning herself so that when it is time to make her move, her opponents stand little chance to come out on top. Watchful, Oppia pays attention to what is going on around her, always taking notes in her head and listening closely to the whispers. People's words when they whisper in one's ear often says more than words meant for all ears to hear. She is always on guard and always planning. Appearance Standing at 5'3", Oppia has a slender frame but is not stickly. Her body is graced with womanly curves, albeit they are on the smaller side. Her light brown skin is free of marks, save for a scar on her upper right thigh that she received while gathering information for the Mandatum. It spans about 4 inches across. Oppia's soft and protruding facial features make her an attractive woman but not in a way that makes her stand it. She lacks the exotic features that would make her distinguishable from the rest of the women of Rome. Underneath well-groomed brows, sit slightly sunken, walnut brown almond-shaped eyes framed by long, black lashes. Freckles and beauty marks lightly dust her face. Curly, coarse raven hair falls about mid-back and is often kept in a braid or pinned up. Rarely, does she keep it down and loose. She is usually seen with makeup, her eyes lined and lips painted, for she finds it easier disappear when her face is free and pure. Oppia's style varies day by day, depending on the occasion. When at home and the company of those she considers family, Oppia prefers practical and comfortable attire, a tunica and comfortable sandals. In the warmer months, she tends to forego the sandals altogether. In the city or conducting business, Oppia will opt for the outfit that is most appropriate for the situation. While her closest is not huge, she has traditional white, but she also has a few festive and vibrant options as well. Father: Unknown Mother: Mneme Vera Siblings: Brother: Oppius Nitrus, Sister: Oppia Mnema Spouse: Quintus Atius Lepidus Children: None yet, but she is being pressured to have one Extended family: Long lost uncle - Oppia does not know what happened to him Other: History CHILDHOOD [48-59]: Born to Mneme Vera and an unknown father. A fierce and strong woman, Mneme was one of the few women who managed to make a name for herself, instead of living in the shadows of a man. She founded the Mandatum and was a force of a woman. Oppia from an early age looked up to her mother. By the time she was seven, her mother had brought into the world two wonderful younger siblings: Oppius Nitrus and Oppia Mnema. Her childhood was rather uneventful. She learned to read, write and basic arithmetic, which she found numbers to be the most fascinating. Around the age of 10, Oppia started to become quite watchful of her mother and how she handled life. Always quiet as a mouse, she'd end up in places she wasn't meant to be so that she could catch a glimpse of her mother at work. It didn't take long for her to be noticed and ushered home. Her mother was a fascinating being, and Oppia couldn't help but wonder how a girl could keep up with the boys. TEENAGE TO EARLY ADULT [61 to 68]: As tensions grew in Rome, tensions grew in the Vera household. Her siblings were too young to notice the change, but Oppia saw it clear as day, and as Rome slipped into a civil war, Mneme slipped away from existence. The last time Oppia saw her mother, the woman whispered words of strength and resilience in her ear. Mneme disappeared without a trace, and it is still unknown to Oppia if her mother is alive or dead. Oppia Nitra officially joined the Mandatum when she was seventeen years, acting as a messenger and spy of sorts. A girl who was able to blend into the background, becoming invisible to the eyes of men and women alike. Shy and timid, no one thought anything of her; no one bothered to get to know her, except one — a woman who had been close to her mother in Mandatum's founding days. Antonia reached out to Oppia, and before long, she found her first ally. A year later she married Antonia's son Quintus, and although was a marriage of strategy, not of love, the two managed to come to a mutual appreciation of each other, but that is all it was. Nothing more. The murder of Marcellus Severus brought forth a split amongst the different factions of the gang and their leaders; the Mandatum was amongst those warring for power. Only 20 years old, Oppia did not expect the opportunity to come so soon, but she could not stand by and watch the Mandatum crumble as different factions fought for power and control. The gang would not stand a chance with the current leader, so Oppia Nitra plotted to take what was rightfully hers. Waiting to strike, so that the Mandatum would not crumble in the exchange of power as many of the other factions had, she overthrew the gang leader with blood. It caught many by surprise, but when it was revealed that she was the forgotten child of Mneme Vera, the rest quickly fell into line. ADULTHOOD [69 to Current]: Once she had taken control, Oppia sought out to strengthen the Mandatum's place in Rome by first taking over the Syndicate's territories whose grasp over them had been weakened by its collapse. The new leader, although young and inexperienced, proved herself as she pressed into new territories with care and not greed, stopping once Marcellus Severus Minor, the son of the fallen leader, took control brought order back to the Syndicate. Her gang did well and held strong against attacks by their former partner in crime. Not only did they did take territory, but they also took business from the Syndicate, and under Oppia's rule, they now stand equal in strength. Although it has been a while since Oppia has made any major moves, and while her family is well off, she is not satisfied with where she stands today. She wants to become a legitimate businesswoman, and in her eyes, she has yet to achieve that. Lou | PST | PM OR DISCORD
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