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  1. Emy

    Dining With Potential

    Safinia realized she proably didn’t need to defend her father as he could speak for himself. But however, this was not a time for that. She nodded in kindness to him. “Not offended me at all. If anything, the offense is towards my father for….making such a choice.” She replied. She wanted to hope that he would not see their family as one that could not be trusted. On the contrary, her father was a good senator and he did well for his politics but when it came to things he could take to heart, it was still a work in progress. He was so desperate to have her married but she didn’t think he would go through this far. If she could go into another persons mind and try to nitpick and figure what she came across as. It was something she could look upon. It would also give her insight what she could work on. “Defensive is not something I like to come across as. As my father’s daughter, I more let my words defend themselves. But I can understand how it could come across that way.” Safinia did want to come across to the fact she got even more defensive. She could be quite the conversationist. But she came across more as kind. Maybe with some brains as well. A little bit unusual for the roman woman. But could be quite refreshing. Safinia took a sip of her drink trying to think of what question she would ask. That could be one in a legion full of questions. “I guess it is more an obvious question.” She was lying. It was to throw him off before she would ask the next question. It was one she found that every suitor was threatened by her about it. “How do you feel about a woman being opinionated when the opportunity calls for it? Say if it was to help your stances with people or help influence. Not speaking of me, before it comes to question.” It was a slight fib. Yes, it was about her but she was not about to reveal that. @Atrice
  2. EMYSafinia Laelia- HERE
  3. Emy

    Dining With Potential

    Safinia would have to speak to her father on his tactics. But the man seemed to grow desperate in trying to find her a match. While she was not sure if this was indeed a suitor who would want to join in the race, she thought perhaps it could be a good chance to gain an alliance. You never know when you would need one. But what unnerved her is that her father seemed to lure the other man into a false sense of conversation. It wasn’t a good tactic. She worried for her father. Perhaps it would show he could not be trusted. Which is further from the truth. Her father could be trusted…he just made poor choices sometimes. Now her own reaction could have been painted in a better light. It’s not that she didn’t want a husband. Of course she did. But she would have preferred if it was through a proper ceremony or motive. A letter to her first would have been suitable as well. But she wasn’t surprised that her father would pull this. But with her words it was hopefully to dig her father out of the hole that he put themselves into. Or the one he dragged her into. Safinia thought she could either use the this conversation to drag her father down or lift him higher. Depending how it would all go. She could sense the matter behind his words. “Surely, you don’t think I’m as much of a deceiver as my father. I am hurt by the fact. You wound me. My father is a good man is just…” She paused,trying to think of words. “He does have his own mistakes sometimes.” But she was surprised thusly by the compliment. “When I am allowed to speak thusly and express it, I am yes. I am my father’s daughter. Though I can understand you think I would possibly betray…I have more character. “ She felt like she was thanking him but also was stemming into her kind of defending herself. “Apoligies. I thank you for the compliment. I do not mean to sound defensive.” Safinia nodded towards the seating and said “Sitting would be best, yes.” She then began to take in and digest. How did her father come into contact with this man? But this provided an interesting question. It was the first potential suitor that had a daughter or that was slightly older than her. While she would say she would like a younger suitor, she cared more for mind and personality. (Except for the older older in age. But she highly doubted he was in that age range.) “Well. You do prove such questions. In truth, I am not all sure. You so far seem to be the smartest of all of the potential suitors I have met such far. But I am not sure quite of my answer yet. I have only just met yourself. ” @Atrice
  4. To be honest, Safinia could use a few friends to converse with and give her advice. While she did try to make her own choices, she had her family speaking within her ear. Her mother asking her to ask this way and her father giving stern remarks. So having someone to speak to her besides her slave was always welcome. Plus she knew the lower class woman must be annoyed with her and she didn’t wish it to be. But. She tried. Safinia nodded and two women began to walk. She could hear the familiar sounds of the market and the merchants calling out begging to buy their wares. The market stalls were local but the largest one is proably where she would find the materials she needed for a new dress after all. The ‘best’ according to her father. No doubt to pawn her at the next suitor. But Safinia also regarded it as a dress for the next gatherine where she could show her intellect. One that she was rather proud of. But indeed she knew it would possibly get her into trouble one of these days. She laughed softly at the lady’s question. “I am still ever in the match for a husband and I’m afraid the field had slimmed.” She replied in honesty. Well, it was part truth. Safinia had slimmed the field more so because she got picky and ‘tried’ to scare the suitors off. “Okay so I may have slimmed it. I know I should pick one. But is it so much to ask for a husband that I could find pleasing upon the eyes and within the mind? My father is good as a senator, bless him, but he lacks in happiness for me. “ She sighed sadly as she looked to see more ladies they passed. They giggled. “I think it’s becoming a problem that I don’t know how to stop. Or even figure out how to fix.” @Atrice
  5. Safinia was sure to the fact this could all be just a mistake. She could have also startled the other women by her words. She did regret it. She didn't want to be known for a girl who was a shark. Sure, the rumor was true she did try to scare off her suitors. But only those she felt were not worthy. But she would have to be careful of that. She didn't want to become the lady who had no friends. But it was more so a common knowledge thing to look where one was sitting. But it was an innocent mistake. She nodded kindly to the apologizing woman. "It's quite alright, my apoligies..." She managed to say but the woman already had left. Oh well. She hoped that the lady heard the apology from her. One little correction about herself at a time. "It looks perfectly in tact. Though I think it was just a misunderstanding." Safinia replied as she looked to her own garments about her person making sure everything was in place. She looked to her slave who had already looked upon the fabrics of the market near them. Safinia knew that would be her first stop. This particular slave was a good and kind lady. She knew her colors and fabrics so she tended to value the opinion of her. "Don't let my slave frighten you. She wouldn't harm a fly. Not that I'm aware of..." She shook her head and laughed softly as her slave companion joined them. Safinia didn't wince at the fact her name was said wrong. Common thing really. "Safinia. But it's a common mistake. It's the placement of the letters. But yes, I am she." She just hoped the first words were going to be about the usual gossip about her. She was looking to shed the image, not add more. But thankfully no words would come. She nodded at the invitation, motioning for the lady to stand next to her. "Of course. I could use some company and someone's ear to speak to. You could also save yourself from unwanted grabbings. I am just out in the market for some fabrics. You are welcome to give opinion as well." @Atrice
  6. Emy

    Emy's Plotter

    Hi! -waves- @Atrice - Oh boy that's a distaster waiting to happen lol but he could be a good ally too. I can see her matching his flirtation but not too much to lead him on you know? (Because social classes lol ) But he'd be playing with fire just a forewarning haha
  7. @Anna Name: Emy Description: Little journal to explore the musings of my mind
  8. Emy

    Emy's Plotter

    Because you've stepped into... The plotter for my lady. (Ladies if I'm so tempted ^^ ) Here you find the lovely character(s) I am playing and the sort of plots they are in need of. Safinia Laelia 19 | Lady | Senatore The daughter of Lucius Safinius Regillus, Senator. She has been known for her reputation of finding ways to dismiss or find a way to distract a suitor to her. But however, don't let that scare you off from speaking to her. She is smart like her father. (Though she may disagree upon that.) But she has the stunning beauty of her and mother. She can hold a great conversation and does care for those she has a caring bond for. (You just have to see it. ) Looking for: Friends Safinia would like to have a small social circle she can have to talk to when life with her family is making her wish for Hades to take her for a summer or two. Friends always are welcome. Enemies She doesn't have any enemies at the moment but that could build up over time. Romance Well, her father is actively seeking suitors for her so this is pretty much open for any single man to try. Safinia would like it if she could influence her father if she likes a suitor certainly. (Let the fun begin!)
  9. Emy

    Dining With Potential

    She nodded her head to Tertius in a kind matter. "Quite likewise. Assuredly so. " She wasn't going to be rude, even with the everliving suspicion within the back of her mind. She had only met a few of the fellow senators during the gatherings that her father and mother threw. So she could recall each one of them by name but the praetor she has not met before. Well, that was half true. All of the senators were at the more so gossiped and talked about. But yet never met the man in person. Perhaps he ignored her father's invitations. If so, he had won her compliments. She adored her father she did but every manner he took was to elevate himself..even if he would sacrifice her to do it. It was a game he was playing. A game more so at the expense of her. Well. If he wished to do so, she could very much as well play his own game. If need be. The moment she entered the room before, she had taken her eyes to glance upon the praetor. She would not deny the fact that he was indeed a handsome man. Lucky for any women. She heard how he was married once before. Widowed. But he had not sought a wife? Surely her father would not bring her to him. He was indeed much older than her. But one could barely tell. Plus he did have a son and heir. She supposed it would not be too much of a bad match. But then again, she had been left disappointed by others before. But then again, the standards for herself she had left upon so high. She could see the look upon her father's face. That was no unusual look. It was his...prideful look. Safinia knew that something would run afoul. He wouldn't dare subject her to a dining alone? What father would he make himself be? She assumed that when he excused himself it was to check on the wine. But she should have known better. The moment her father stepped out and with Tertius's words, that's when she knew. She shut her eyes and sighed. She muttered. "Damn you, father. Damn you by the gods." Once again he was overreaching his ability. Not being very subtle about it. That is what surprised her the most. "He left us to speak to one another on the hopes you would be a potential suitor for me. Not surprising. But my father is more of a host than this. " She wasn't going to comment on the fact that he was second guessing in a manner of how smart she was. "I half suspected it of him. Though I am quite surprised he was not subtle about it." She looked to one of the slaves who handed her a goblet pouring wine for her. She took the goblet in hand, sipping from it. "You commented if this present situation is something we both want. I have no problems against you. You're braver and probably more smarter than the past suitors who have come at my father's invitation. I commend you for it. Even if my father has weaved his words." She smiled politely to him. "I hope you do not think I am a deceiver like my father. I am far better company, I assure you." @Atrice
  10. Safinia let the slaves fuss over her as well as her mother. It was only for a dinner with the family. No need to fuss over her. Or she had believed. Well the good thing for tonight was that she was wearing a new dress that was light green with simple in its designs with white sleeves to match it. Safinia did like the material and it was much better than the utter chaos and tragedy that was pink. A good color to be certain. But it was just simply not her color. She was willing to try and apologize to her father for her behavior. While she did believe in her behavior,she also believed in making peace for it was too drastic. It was something she had to do. As she made her way to wear the dining was, she spoke to herself practicing to what she was to say to her father. It was a simple one but it would be for the peace. She wasn’t about to change her ways unless she thought it would save her life. But maybe this way her father won’t parade her in a square like a livestock looking for a farmer. No it was the other way around. But regardless. She had to. Plus her mother would constantly lecture her. As the young lady made her way into the dining area,she saw her father was waiting for her with....Praetor Tertius. This was indeed a shock. But not surprising as seeing as he was not the only of the senate to visit. Her father put down his goblet and walked over to her. “Ahh there you come come.” He ushered his daughter over and introduced her. Safinia was only a little bit confused as she looked to her father who cleared his throat. She bowed her head,speaking of the honor. Her father then excused himself out of the room leaving only the slaves in prescence. “It is a honor to receive you in our home..” She spoke. “But if I may pry to ask,why now? No disrespect to you good sir but you’re not one of the senate to visit my father. Again,no insult meant” @Atrice
  11. June 75 AD Yet another tedious argument with her father and yet another day where she would scare off another suitor, but Safinia found it as a good note for what she could not look for. Now, she understood she would have to marry at some point. But she would very much like to influence her father to make a good choice. She would wed whom he chose but no one ever said she could not influence her father. Her mother often said that a great woman can be an influence upon her husband or a good man. So, she, as the senator's daughter would be able to influence her own father. But this time, he would speak his piece to her that she was being ungrateful for all that he has given to her and their family. It was maddening, it was dumbing and it hurt Safinia. She did appreciate his politics status and stature. It did inspire for much of her personality and it inspired her every conversation she had. But she however didn't appreciate the fact that he thought her as the shy demure daughter. He should be proud of her. Not of just her brother. But it would take time. This much she knew. So no matter how much she complained, she would have to suffer in silence. It wasn't like her father could that MUCH drastic. Well, he could very well. But she would have to see. But she had to get out of his hair and her mothers. So out to the market she went. She had been given earlier coin to spend on a new fabric for a new dress. If she was to meet more suitors, she might as well look beautiful while she did so. But as she was out and about, she saw a small group of other senator daughters. From time to time, Safinia loved to hear what they liked to gossip about and keep with her when she was at parties but she felt..disheartened when she heard them whispering about how she was cold she was being and that hurt. Safinia knew of her reputation but she was kind otherwise. Her attention was caught when she heard an excuse me in distress and recognized it as fellow friend Pinaria,she and her slave ran over and Safinia helped out the lady looking at the less than kind person. “How dare you. This poor lady has been through so much. There is no need for this. “ the person would then apologize to Pinaria and Safinia looked over to her friend. “How luck may have it that I heard the distress” @Atrice
  12. Safinia Laelia - #9- Red - Emy @Anna
  13. Safinia Laelia 19 | 18 April 56 | Noble | Lady | Heterosexual | Original | Katie McGrath Personality. Safinia Laelia comes from the daughter of an senatore within the senate for a father and for her mother, a daughter of a former senator herself. However, no one could predict how their daughter would be. From an young age, Safinia was shown to be a quiet and almost demire lady and one that her father could hope to find a suitor for. However, as Safinia grew, she grew to have a mind of her own and with that came from the highest mind. (Well, not that high. She isn't that high of a mind. ) But the highest of the mind for herself. She is very opinionated when it comes to the suitors that comes about to meet her to her family. She tries to hold herself to a good standard. That a woman of noble mind can be on the same mind length as her future husband. But with this comes with her stubbornness. It's scared off most brave men. So much so that Safinia uses such to advantage. (This is something that her father looks to end as he grows tiresome of her behavior. She is close to an age of an scandalous woman who is unwed.) She also has this ability to pick up on someone's mannerisms and find something to soothe them and calm a situation. She is not a complete shrew. No matter WHAT her father speaks within his gossip. However, there is the side of her that is more often the sweeter side. Safinia,while not trying to fight off her suitors, is very kind and hospitable when she wants to be. She doesn't listen easily to influence. However, she does have an ear for gossip. One weakness to her personality however is that she can be often too sensitive to material about herself. She often is angry first then listen to responses later. She also have a tendency to try and fib to get herself out of going to an event. However, her mother often reminds her to be timid and reminds her that some point she will need to have a husband for a place within this world. Safinia does try as she does have a standard to hold as a daughter of a senator. But however, it does not mean she will be submissive and obedient. With every Roman man, surely there is another great woman to twist a knife in. (Figuratively or not. ) Appearance Safinia was blessed with the brains of her wise senatorial father but the beauty as well and name of her mother. Not the beauty of a goddess but she is brought about in subjects with her family and of those who pass by her. She has light green eyes that are often described as hazel. But those who have seen her eyes notice they lighten in the light or sometimes when she glares, her eyes darken. It is the eyes of a woman who is not to be taken lightly. Her skin is fairly light. Like the color of the finest new column within a building. But it is not too white as she has had a balanced intake of food. This is per her mother so that she looked compatible for other suitors. Her hips are the like of a common virgin, wide but wide enough for future child bearing with her breast area is firm and round. The lady’s lips are full but not very plump. The pink color often vibrates and is brighter when the right amount of lip powder is used. Lastly, the most beautiful feature on Safinia is her beautiful long raven black hair. Her hair goes down to her mid back. It is mostly up when out in public or covered with a hair piece. But even then, it is mostly shown with curls by the side. However, there is some times when Safinia herself will be rebellious and keep her hair uncovered and down. (Despite the objections of her family. ) Safinia has also a birthmark that looks like a small heart shape upon her shoulder. It is a birthmark passed along from the women. (Her mother has it and then her mother had it,etc.) Family Father: Lucius Safinius Regillus Mother: Laelia Balba Siblings: Marcus Theophilus Safinius (Adoptive brother) Spouse: N/A. (Family is currently looking for marriages for her. They are desperately so) Children: N/A Extended family: N/A Other: N/A History Born on April 18th in the year 56, Safinia Laelia was born a beautiful spring time. The name comes from her mother's own name and the female name of one of her father's own names. However, for her birth, a different outcome was to be expected and hoped for as it was a first child to the senator and his wife. It had been expected that she was naturally to be a male by birth. However, fates dealt them a hand none can expect. A girl and daughter. Regillus hoped for a son but he was not disappointed with a daughter either way. As he figured that a daughter could provide for great potential allies for his family along the road. After all, it was how he gained the hand and marriage of his current wife and mother of his child. Safinia was raised in a household where her father would go to the senate and her mother would make sure she ha everything that she would need to know. How to be a proper lady, the art of conversation. Things a woman would need in order to run her household. However, if her daughter was good, often times Laelia would tell her daughter of some poetry and writings her mother would speak to her as a girl. Regillus did know of it and scolded that a child and woman would not need these details as they grew older. However, Laelia knew her daughter. She was becoming as smart as her father but as beautiful as her mother each day. She would certainly not be wrong. However, the senator would not allow his family line to not have an heir. That was why when he heard of a fellow senator who was wifeless and dying. Wishing his friend's son to have a better life, he would make the process to have the boy adopted and he be apart of their family. He was older than his own daughter which would be in the rights for him to be an heir. Despite overshadowed by her adopted brother, Safinia as a child would grow within her grace and beauty within on her own.. She would grow to have a fondness for poetry while also have the taste for finer things. Like all little girls, she loves a piece of a fabric and new dresses. However, at a young age, she would often notice the many parties that was held within their household, from such an age, she would understand it would be for alliances. Even when out to the market with her mother, she noticed it all around. It would be something that Safinia would be reminded of as she grew within her small teenage years. It would be around that time that she would grow more into her maturity. She would grow into a beautiful woman that was very much the visage of her mother from years past. But her eyes. They would show the harsh and the seriousness of her father. Safinia would become more active in attending the political parties her mother and father would throw. She would become well known by the many who attend that Safinia would get between the arguments and stop them with insights she had heard. Her father had been pleased with his daughter and what he thought as advanced maturity. However, the senator foresaw that his daughter might become too opinionated for herself. Too...well, too much educated to be considered a true nobleman's future wife. That was why when he saw her maturity, he felt a need to speak to it any man who would be looking for a wife. Safinia knew her father would try to get her a marriage for alliances but once she heard it was because she dared to speak with her mind and heart, she almost flew into a rage. But however, she thought to gain a little leverage. If her father wished her to marry, so she would. But she would have to be very careful how she saw her suitors. So in her determination, she was very much her self but with a little bit of stubbornness and bitterness thrown in to scare off her suitors. This is so Safinia may of course go about her ways and entertain her friends and such but make her match on her own. But while all the while, making sure she is still has a manner of a senator's daughter, she promises her father she will change and become better. But she has his brains and his wit. She knows how to carry a conversation. She also knows that she cannot tempt the fates too much. After all, this was a city where many alliances could be made or broken if you tempted the fates. She was simply trying to educate them along. Emy | PACIFIC | PM OR DISCORD @Gothic
  14. Safinia Laelia 19 | 18 April 56 | Noble | Lady | Heterosexual | Original | Katie McGrath Personality. Goes here. Appearance (Talk about their height, skin tone, etc.) Family Father: Mother: Siblings: Spouse: N/A. (Family is currently looking for marriages for her) Children: N/A Extended family: Other: History goes here.
  15. ( OOC: Writer's note: sorry if the title is horrible!) [ Venusiana's dress] Being a freewoman meant to being just that, being free. Not that she would go out and do such very lewd things. That was not in her nature plus it would bring dishonor to her two loves and she would not dare to do that. However, this lovely city had so much more to offer. The gladiator games was tempting. Though she did not know the first thing about being a patroness or watcher of the games. Although....could also be a good opportunity to spread more good will around the city with the house she did so very much care about. But alas, she would have to think on her plans about that. But she also remembered that the amphitheatrum always seemed to have something going on there. The roman plays were all well and good but the later as of recent seemed to not to be above par. But it was always good to see how these roman playwrights would try to beat out the Greeks. The greeks had philosophy within their language. Something of which did fascinate her. So she had heard those little whispers upon the wind about one of those performances only happening within the sunshine. ( Well , it was quite hard to perform by candlelight within these perfomances. In this place, you could very so seldom see.) She decided to take a venture to seeing it. She had her days without seeing her loves but knew they had guests to receive besides her. Besides, she could recite what happened within the play. Whether it be dramatic or...maybe not just that well. Cordelia and Quintus always did enjoy how she liked to spin a story. One more that she could spin. Plus she could use a little roman culture. Well, more of for so. She was dressed in a dress that Cordelia had given her recently. The fabric was nice in texture but also had a light green feel to it. One of the disadvantages of Sulpicia being a freedwoman is that she was still learning on what she could and could not wear as a free woman. Certain colors. Certain fabrics. Such and such. But there was no harm in her wearing a dress that had been given to her, was it? That she wasn't aware of. She would have to still learn. Maybe perhaps there was some freedwomen in town that she could befriend and gain knowledge. She was going along with it as she could. She didn't want to bring it up to Cordelia and/or Quintus as she didn't want them to down about her struggles. But she knew that THEY knew what she was capable of. She was a strong woman. She could be brave too. As she approached the amphiteatrum, she could see there was not a lot of others here but maybe that bode well. She could concentrate upon what was being presented to her. Unless it was beyond boredom, then she could focus on the whispers and gossip. With how these seating arrangements were, keen ears could pick up anything. As she took her seat, she fixed her shawl of her dress. She then made a surprised sound when she felt the skirt of her dress was stepped or pulled. "I'm so sorry, was my dress in your way?" She asked, turning to look and see who it was.
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