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  1. October 75 AD It was her favorite time of the year. Going to shop for new fabrics. As the daughter of a senator, he tasked Safinia with making sure her apperance was up to par. But she knew the true reason for it. Safinia knew that her father would not stop until she was arranged and close to being married off. But his tactics were...less than tact. She had to apologize for the last time that had occurred and she knew it would not be the last time. But going out to the market did seem to get her out of the home in which they stayed. Safinia liked to coordinate the silks she bought with on
  2. MAECILLIA MARCIA 29 | 1 April 47 | Equite | Wife/Mother | Heterosexual / Married | Original | Synnøve Karlsen Personality. Marcia is the oldest of the Maecillia girls. The first born and the wisest. She is not bold in the same way as her sisters Gaia and Aelia are but she still has her ways of making her points across. With kindness and the uniqueness of her brains and cunning. To a certain aspect. Marcia is well known as sweet natured and dutiful. When she was first placed into public for the idea of a match and marriage, she never was one to be flirtatious. That re
  3. She shut her eyes as she made it sound like she was offended for her father. Safiana never liked to the fact that when she apoligized, she apologized to the fact that her father was insulted. If that made a small amount of sense. But she felt like things were not going well. That she came across as a brat of a daughter. She wasn’t. If she had meant to be, she was working upon that. “You do not need to apologize.” She spoke earnestly. “Many of us were at fault. But we can move past it now. Better to not focus on the past and more so focus on the future.” It was the same method how she calmed ar
  4. Safinia realized she proably didn’t need to defend her father as he could speak for himself. But however, this was not a time for that. She nodded in kindness to him. “Not offended me at all. If anything, the offense is towards my father for….making such a choice.” She replied. She wanted to hope that he would not see their family as one that could not be trusted. On the contrary, her father was a good senator and he did well for his politics but when it came to things he could take to heart, it was still a work in progress. He was so desperate to have her married but she didn’t think he would
  5. EMYSafinia Laelia- HERE
  6. Safinia would have to speak to her father on his tactics. But the man seemed to grow desperate in trying to find her a match. While she was not sure if this was indeed a suitor who would want to join in the race, she thought perhaps it could be a good chance to gain an alliance. You never know when you would need one. But what unnerved her is that her father seemed to lure the other man into a false sense of conversation. It wasn’t a good tactic. She worried for her father. Perhaps it would show he could not be trusted. Which is further from the truth. Her father could be trusted…he just made
  7. To be honest, Safinia could use a few friends to converse with and give her advice. While she did try to make her own choices, she had her family speaking within her ear. Her mother asking her to ask this way and her father giving stern remarks. So having someone to speak to her besides her slave was always welcome. Plus she knew the lower class woman must be annoyed with her and she didn’t wish it to be. But. She tried. Safinia nodded and two women began to walk. She could hear the familiar sounds of the market and the merchants calling out begging to buy their wares. The market stalls wer
  8. Safinia was sure to the fact this could all be just a mistake. She could have also startled the other women by her words. She did regret it. She didn't want to be known for a girl who was a shark. Sure, the rumor was true she did try to scare off her suitors. But only those she felt were not worthy. But she would have to be careful of that. She didn't want to become the lady who had no friends. But it was more so a common knowledge thing to look where one was sitting. But it was an innocent mistake. She nodded kindly to the apologizing woman. "It's quite alright, my apoligies..." She managed t
  9. Emy

    Emy's Plotter

    Hi! -waves- @Atrice - Oh boy that's a distaster waiting to happen lol but he could be a good ally too. I can see her matching his flirtation but not too much to lead him on you know? (Because social classes lol ) But he'd be playing with fire just a forewarning haha
  10. @Anna Name: Emy Description: Little journal to explore the musings of my mind
  11. Emy

    Emy's Plotter

    Because you've stepped into... The plotter for my lady. (Ladies if I'm so tempted ^^ ) Here you find the lovely character(s) I am playing and the sort of plots they are in need of. Safinia Laelia 19 | Lady | Senatore The daughter of Lucius Safinius Regillus, Senator. She has been known for her reputation of finding ways to dismiss or find a way to distract a suitor to her. But however, don't let that scare you off from speaking to her. She is smart like her father. (Though she may disagree upon that.) But she has the stunning beauty of her and mother. She can hold a gre
  12. She nodded her head to Tertius in a kind matter. "Quite likewise. Assuredly so. " She wasn't going to be rude, even with the everliving suspicion within the back of her mind. She had only met a few of the fellow senators during the gatherings that her father and mother threw. So she could recall each one of them by name but the praetor she has not met before. Well, that was half true. All of the senators were at the more so gossiped and talked about. But yet never met the man in person. Perhaps he ignored her father's invitations. If so, he had won her compliments. She adored her father she di
  13. Safinia let the slaves fuss over her as well as her mother. It was only for a dinner with the family. No need to fuss over her. Or she had believed. Well the good thing for tonight was that she was wearing a new dress that was light green with simple in its designs with white sleeves to match it. Safinia did like the material and it was much better than the utter chaos and tragedy that was pink. A good color to be certain. But it was just simply not her color. She was willing to try and apologize to her father for her behavior. While she did believe in her behavior,she also believed in making
  14. June 75 AD Yet another tedious argument with her father and yet another day where she would scare off another suitor, but Safinia found it as a good note for what she could not look for. Now, she understood she would have to marry at some point. But she would very much like to influence her father to make a good choice. She would wed whom he chose but no one ever said she could not influence her father. Her mother often said that a great woman can be an influence upon her husband or a good man. So, she, as the senator's daughter would be able to influence her own father. But this ti
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