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  1. Safinia Laelia 19 | 18 April 56 | Noble | Lady | Heterosexual | Original | Katie McGrath Personality. Goes here. Appearance (Talk about their height, skin tone, etc.) Family Father: Mother: Siblings: Spouse: N/A. (Family is currently looking for marriages for her) Children: N/A Extended family: Other: History goes here.
  2. ( OOC: Writer's note: sorry if the title is horrible!) [ Venusiana's dress] Being a freewoman meant to being just that, being free. Not that she would go out and do such very lewd things. That was not in her nature plus it would bring dishonor to her two loves and she would not dare to do that. However, this lovely city had so much more to offer. The gladiator games was tempting. Though she did not know the first thing about being a patroness or watcher of the games. Although....could also be a good opportunity to spread more good will around the city with the house she did so very much care about. But alas, she would have to think on her plans about that. But she also remembered that the amphitheatrum always seemed to have something going on there. The roman plays were all well and good but the later as of recent seemed to not to be above par. But it was always good to see how these roman playwrights would try to beat out the Greeks. The greeks had philosophy within their language. Something of which did fascinate her. So she had heard those little whispers upon the wind about one of those performances only happening within the sunshine. ( Well , it was quite hard to perform by candlelight within these perfomances. In this place, you could very so seldom see.) She decided to take a venture to seeing it. She had her days without seeing her loves but knew they had guests to receive besides her. Besides, she could recite what happened within the play. Whether it be dramatic or...maybe not just that well. Cordelia and Quintus always did enjoy how she liked to spin a story. One more that she could spin. Plus she could use a little roman culture. Well, more of for so. She was dressed in a dress that Cordelia had given her recently. The fabric was nice in texture but also had a light green feel to it. One of the disadvantages of Sulpicia being a freedwoman is that she was still learning on what she could and could not wear as a free woman. Certain colors. Certain fabrics. Such and such. But there was no harm in her wearing a dress that had been given to her, was it? That she wasn't aware of. She would have to still learn. Maybe perhaps there was some freedwomen in town that she could befriend and gain knowledge. She was going along with it as she could. She didn't want to bring it up to Cordelia and/or Quintus as she didn't want them to down about her struggles. But she knew that THEY knew what she was capable of. She was a strong woman. She could be brave too. As she approached the amphiteatrum, she could see there was not a lot of others here but maybe that bode well. She could concentrate upon what was being presented to her. Unless it was beyond boredom, then she could focus on the whispers and gossip. With how these seating arrangements were, keen ears could pick up anything. As she took her seat, she fixed her shawl of her dress. She then made a surprised sound when she felt the skirt of her dress was stepped or pulled. "I'm so sorry, was my dress in your way?" She asked, turning to look and see who it was.
  3. Emy

    Dev's Plotter

    Hey @Dev if Valeria doesn’t mind talking to a free woman she can find a friend in Venusiana. She may be free but still considers her former domina and dominus’s (Aka her lovers) family as her own so she understands the need to protect
  4. Emy

    Gothy's plotter

    Already in a plot with one of your characters already but I would love to know more of your characters. A interaction with Claudia Gaia might be an interesting one for certain. See the differences between her and Venusiana could be fun ^^
  5. Emy

    Anna's Plotter

    @Anna I could technically dm you plottage but this is easier lol I already have a fantastic plot with one of your lovelies but I would like to see how Titinia and Venusiana go against each other with their...erm...well crafted words. Possible frienemies?
  6. Emy

    Beauty's Plotter

    Noooo no sad gifs. Emy to the rescue! Aculia could use some plots I see. I know it may not be easy for friends but Venusiana is a freed woman so maybe she could share some insights about the outside world but also share with her the good things about being free but also having a good dominus like she had? If that makes sense
  7. Emy

    Sara's Plotter

    So I see you and I both have freedwomen characters. If you’re interested I have Venusiana who is in need of a few friends/alliances herself.
  8. Emy ~ staying~ keeping: Sulpicia L Venusiana dropping: n/a
  9. Emy


    Sulpicia L Venusiana - 36 - Emy
  10. [ Her dress ] The sun was bright upon Rome. The market prospering. But Sulpicia made her way through the market. Though she was pressed for her destination, to the home of her loves. Once she set her mind to it, she would not stop herself. As a freewoman and knowing her way around the market,she had her knowledge upon having to avoid the hagglers or worse, those thieves who would wander the street searching for coin. After the civil war, things to be peaceful and calm all around. She was relieved. She and Cornelia worried for the safety of not only Quintus but also the children of the house. Sulpicia may not ever be a mother but would care for the children as well as she could. Like an aunt almost. So their safety did weigh heavily upon her mind. But thankfully, no such danger. That of course was in part to Quintus's part and her own cunning. She would never betray her loves with heart or body but she could use her lovely eyes and almost flirtatious smile to get what she could. It worked for the much part. She also wished to avoid any enemies of the house she once served and thus remains loyal to. In this city, you never knew who was an enemy and who was not. But her ear for gossip proved her to survive and keep well. Plus she did enjoy the little bit of gossip among the social classes that she loved to share with Cornelia on major points. It helped to be a freewoman making her way through the shadows. Once upon arriving to her point of walking, she was met at the front door by servants and Sulpicia spoke she was here to see their dominus and domina. Of course she also made sure to send word that she was arriving but perhaps this slave was no aware of such arrival but in other words,she was here and she hoped in her lovely dress and manner she was here on good light and times.
  11. SULPICIA Q.L VENUSIANA 36 | 01 April 38BCE | Freedwoman | | Bisexual | Wanted | Katie McGrath <> Personality. Sulpicia or Venusiana (depending who you ask) is quite known for many of a reasons. Rather it be for her sordid past as a body slave. For her personality alone. But it can also be to the tee that not one knows about the lady rather that she is free but keeps so close to the Sulpicius household. Venusiana's affairs and choices are hers alone. Her lovers are those who truthfully know her. Cornelia more so since she has been with her all of the more since the day of her marriage. But Venus was much more than a body slave. She is unique in every way. The first thing to know about her is she is cunning. She may not have the title of a lady but she has the wits of one planning a plan without one knowing. She is also cunning in the way of being a good spy and keeping an ear out for gossip among the streets or even in whispers among crowds. This could be also how she keeps an eye on affairs between the lovers of Eris. While not one herself, she keeps an eye out for. Of course she also listens to the gossip and then tells Cornelia about it. Often with great giggles and comments. She also has a way of twisting ones words so that it is given in the advantage of herself, her loves. Especially if it is in Quintus's favor certainly. But this cunning ways can also be her downfall as she has been easily caught once or twice by others when she doesn't catch herself. She is also fiercely loyal. She was a body slave given to Cornelia upon her wedding day and was initally suppose to keep focus and tabs upon Quintus. But here's the thing with her loyalty to Annthea. Once charged in the service of Nelia, Venusiana saw truthfully her true purpose and it was not something she wished to be apart of. She felt loyalty and felt that she was more accepted and safer with her mistress. She often kept her mistress's secrets and gave the annual gossip when she could of course bring it back to Nelia. Then when she was brought to love Quintus as well,she could see that her heart and loyalty was in her loves. Appearance Venus stands as a visage of beauty at 5'0. She was born of her mother's black hair that matches a raven's feathers. Her skin complexion is fair for a freewoman and almost an milky white tone about them. Her eyes spark of a dark green color. Her lips are voluptuous and fair. She is still young in age and still holds a very curveous body. She has not yet known the joys of being a mother so she still holds firm the firmness of her breasts. Her hips are also of perfection and fairness as well upon that. Her appearance in clothing has changed since her days as a body slave. Once she held the collar of a slave and a clothing dress suitable for the slave. But since hence freed by her dominus [and lover], she now has clothes of a free woman. She also has the freecap but chooses to not wear it as she doesn't have to be given a choice. She has since now been put in only the best of clothing thanks in part to her other beloved love Cornelia. She always makes sure that Venus has the best. The best to which Quintus doesn't bat an eye. The dresses she wears are of the finest silk but Venusiana got to choose the color. She could only think of one color. Blue. The color that Quintus and Cornelia always preferred on her best as it did treat their eyes and feasted their appetites in love for her. Family Father: Unknown, died before she was born. Mother: Licinia (Deceased). Siblings: N/A Spouse: N/A Children: N/A Extended family: N/A Other: Quintus Sulpicius Rufus and Cornelia Scipionis - Lovers. Former domina and dominus. She loves them both with her heart. History Not much is known Sulpicia's past other than the fact she was born into a slave life. She was born to a slave mother who was a body slave just like her daughter would be. The father is relatively unknown. Actually, there is no record of him in history. But Sulpicia was never relatively born for happiness. No teachings to her name. Well, none that would befit a noble. However, that didn't stop her mother from teaching her once she was old enough. By the time, she was the age of thirteen that was when all of her teachings were to be had. She however did learn how to properly speak to nobles, how to keep a conversation when asked by her domina or dominus. She was also taught by her mother with the fact of cosmetics. This was an important thing to learn for her mother seemed to think her daughter was destined to be a body slave with how much she grew and how beautiful she became to be. Who was the family they served? Annthea was the lady in question and Venusiana was in her teens, about 16 years of age, was in her prime to be perfectly suited for a body slave. She had all of her training and all of her knowledge. Plus she had the eyes and beauty that would be needed. So the great lady had the idea to give her to her niece, Cornelia as a wedding gift. While the wedding hadn't been for a couple of weeks, it did give her time to know her domina and she made her life mission to make sure that she was comforted and did her best to make sure she was pleased with her. But she also had one great quality was that she could keep a look out on gossip so they could keep on top of it or keep it quiet. If it did make sense. But once Cordelia was married to Quintus, she did make the same promise to her dominus. Not soon long after her service was started, she began to feel feelings for both her domina . It was not common for body slaves to feel love for those they serve. But this was different. It was feelings driven from her loyalty and her driven heart. It was complicated to explain but in heart she knew she loved them or at this point, could love them with all of her deep heart. She also became very inspired by just how opinonated that Cornelia was but she had seen how her aunt had ran her household so she believed it to be a valued asset. It was something she would take to heart. Body slaves couldn't be opinonated but it didn't stop her from just inserting that into a conversation with her domina or perhaps kept it as a hinted advice within conversation. After the birth of the first son for Cornelia and Quintus, she began to notice a change in her dominus and thus she felt to the fact the husband and wife did care for her and she felt the same way, having felt in her heart love for both of them. She counted herself very lucky especially to the fact that she was loved by two wonderful and loving people within her life. Especially when she never thought as a body slave she would receive that kind of love. That kind of luck did remain as a few years later, she had been granted her freedom and became a freed-woman. When told of such news,she broke down with happy and joyous tears,thanking Quintus over and over again. But just because she was a free woman did not mean her loyality that she had before would not wane. It would still remain. She of course would live in a house on her own but near in the very great case that Cornelia or Quintus would need her. But all the while she would keep her ears out and provide what knowledge she could. After the Clemens purge and Quintus did not send for Cornelia, she was there to make sure to give comfort and support her through what was likely to be a trying time. But her loyalty and heart would always remain,to which she was certain. When the civil war had come about the hardships still remained, when Quintus Sulpicius went to the east, she had heard of the bribes he had done to keep Cornelia and their children safe. So she would do her part and also try to use her charm (but not her body) to quell any man who wished to harm the family and for all of her good graces it had worked for the greater part. But throughout the war, she kept close to Cornelia and pray to any gods she could must that their love would be brought home safe to them. This would come to fruition by the end of the civil war and they were all reunited once more and peace and prosperity was done with the new Caesar. Now to the present, Venusiana relishes in being a freed-woman while understanding that she now still a freed-woman who makes the most of her time spending her time with Cordelia and Quintus while also seeing their children and wondering about and minding her own while managing to wonder around and keep to herself. But make no mistake this is one lucky lady to have gone from a body slave to a visage that you will see in the marketplace,counting her blessings. Emy | Pacific | Discord
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