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  1. Decimus smiled and nodded in agreement with his love, though he did appreciate the man's offer. He was well built, that was for certain, and for a moment he thought to ask whether he was a legionary man; something about the way he carried himself seemed to hint at the fact that he wasn't, though. "I take it you live here, friend?" A safe bet. It would be much more of a surprise if this was just a good Samaritan trying to gain favor with Fides. Either that or he was a pickpocket. It might not have been good of Decimus to pass so many judgements on the man just by giving him a once o
  2. The very thought of living the "home life" had always been a distant thought in Decimus's mind. When one lived and breathed the army for a dozen or so years the real world was thrust away by the cornu's blare and the thunder of marching men. It was something that he'd noticed when he'd been allowed to travel back to his home upon his transfer orders coming in. He'd rise long before the dawn and spend his days (which were probably intended for some form of vacation) diligently performing the more menial tasks that his family hadn't gotten around to. Perhaps that was why he'd been so excited to
  3. Decimus watched with some interest while the man rooted through his various vials and jars for the right scent. When the vial was finally held to his nose he took in a short whiff to confirm that it wasn't something too obnoxious, but he recognized the familiar, if not rather simple, smell of lavender almost immediately. "That'll do fine." he'd comment, looking straight on as he supposed he ought to. He certainly wasn't dressed in any sort of fancy clothing. He wasn't going about in his toga, and the tunica draped about his person was certainly not the sort of rag that one would se
  4. Decimus sat patiently while Barbatius had the water brought forth, though he hardly knew what he might ask for in a scent. It wasn't because he was simple, or that he had never once thought of adding a scent to his body. He'd wager any sensible man wouldn't get very far in society if he took no care for his appearance or, indeed, the way that he smelled. Of course the common staple of all grooming in the camps had been oil as it was simply the easiest thing to get your hands on and most of them were well accustomed to that scent. He'd started out using oil on his skin and, eventually, had take
  5. If Decimus appeared somewhat apprehensive it was for no other reason than the fact he'd never set foot in this sort of shop. Upon hearing a friendly voice he was content to come in and have a look around, and what he saw didn't disappoint him. He didn't know why, but for some reason he'd expected that these sorts of shops would be able to accommodate more than one chair. Indeed, he felt quite privileged that he could expect to receive the full attention of who he could only assume was the proper barber and not some apprentice or other servant. In military life a haircut was as simple as one of
  6. Had he been an optimist, Decimus might have thought that the city would receive some sunlight on the tail end of autumn. For the better part of the week the city had received naught but cloudy skies and a few brief showers of rain. One would think an eternity on an island cursed with fog and dreary days would have hardened him to the dull winters of the peninsula, but Decimus had never grown too fond of this type of environment. Yet, despite the oppressive grey skies, he was in a rather good mood. Aia and he were seeing each other somewhat regularly and they'd decided to make some signifi
  7. He'd smile as her soft lips met his cheek, continuing to revel in what short time in paradise they had left. The question she asked was one that had kept him up many nights, but he still didn't really have an answer to it. It was not as if he could just go in to the Princess's chambers and nonchalantly ask her for that sort of permission. Or perhaps he could? Though there were certainly a long list of precedents and good legal reasons that they technically couldn't marry, he had saved the girl's life. He wasn't one to push his luck when it came to asking favors of the imperial family, but this
  8. The Castra. Gods, he wished she hadn't even mentioned it. The feeling of her soft form nuzzling up against his own was something he wished he could have every morning, not just the ones where they skulked off to some tavern to enjoy themselves before the trappings of the world dragged them back to desolation. With any luck they'd at least see more of each other. His strength had come back to him and he'd be back in the palace before too long. As for outside, well, they'd manage. "Aye, I could tell them that. Very powerful forces..." he'd muse, running a hand up the length of her side to
  9. The sound of voices from the streets below would wake him first. It was the inescapable noise of Rome that began like clockwork whenever the merchants had risen from their beds and made their way to the various stalls that dotted the market places. The sun may have been up for hours, but he'd no inclination to rise. Even as the rays of light had crept up the side of their bed, he couldn't bring himself to move. He wouldn't. The thought that he'd soon have to get up and head back to the Castra would not have been too daunting if he'd known she were to be with him there. Truly now that they'd be
  10. For the moment he'd been completely intoxicated by her so much, in fact, that he'd delayed the very thought that a tunic might well get in the way of the whole thing. The very scent of her drove him mad! Though, admittedly, it could have just been that she smelled far better than the well used rooms of the Castra. There was nothing quite like the smell of old sweaty boot leather and flatulence to make one appreciate the smell of... Well... Anything else, really. Her word may as well have been his command, and as he felt those prying little fingers reach underneath his loose tunic he was
  12. It was a good enough answer for him. As a scout he'd always known Aia to be the more patient sort, but even he had to admit the small talk would not do for either of them tonight. And besides, the request had been something he'd been waiting to hear ever since he'd arrived back at the castra. 'Show me how much you missed me', how could he refuse? What had begun as a hug soon turned into a fully fledged grip about her waist, and before long she'd find her feet free of the ground! He hefted her this way for only a few moments until he could release her onto the soft bedding that had been ma
  13. Decimus smiled stupidly as she drug him into the room by the neck of his tunic. The sound of the door hitting its latch behind him was music to his ears. Finally they'd been sealed off from the world, or at least for the moment. Seeing her there before him brought up so many emotions that he was all too relieved hadn't changed since they'd been apart. If anything those feelings burned brighter now than they ever had before. Maybe it was the ale, or maybe it was the fact that he wasn't half dead; either way he was all too happy to be free of that cloak. "It aches... But only when I try to
  14. Decimus watched her go, smiling back at her with a raised brow as she turned for the stairs and left him to finish his drink. As soon as she was out of sight, and he'd been given a few moments to look into the depths of his mug, he couldn't help but breathe deeply and revel in the situation. It was about to happen! Or at least he hoped... He couldn't well imagine anything else happening tonight, though their plans had been ruined before. For years the very idea of any of this happening to either of them had seemed to be a completely foreign concept. He'd spent some time looking for love in the
  15. The thought of Aia attempting to teach Gallic to a bunch of Roman youths who had no interest in the subject whatsoever made Decimus smile, if only because of how absurd it sounded. Hopefully they didn't give her too much grief, but some kids really were just like that. When the enlightening embrace of old age finally reached them perhaps they'd come to appreciate these sorts of opportunities they had in life. It was either that or they'd grow to be sour old rich folk with little to flesh out their character besides how large their estates were or how many slaves they could afford. Such was the
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