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  2. It was a good enough answer for him. As a scout he'd always known Aia to be the more patient sort, but even he had to admit the small talk would not do for either of them tonight. And besides, the request had been something he'd been waiting to hear ever since he'd arrived back at the castra. 'Show me how much you missed me', how could he refuse? What had begun as a hug soon turned into a fully fledged grip about her waist, and before long she'd find her feet free of the ground! He hefted her this way for only a few moments until he could release her onto the soft bedding that had been made up just for the occasion. The sight of her there made his arms tingle as he fumbled to unlatch the belt that held his tunica against his waist, though before long it fell slack in his grip and he could finally join his lovers embrace. Crawling on to the foot of the bed he made a show of crawling over her skinny form, soon reaching the length of her neck which was soon draped in short sensual kisses. He certainly seemed more spry since the last time they were together. @Chevi
  3. Decimus smiled stupidly as she drug him into the room by the neck of his tunic. The sound of the door hitting its latch behind him was music to his ears. Finally they'd been sealed off from the world, or at least for the moment. Seeing her there before him brought up so many emotions that he was all too relieved hadn't changed since they'd been apart. If anything those feelings burned brighter now than they ever had before. Maybe it was the ale, or maybe it was the fact that he wasn't half dead; either way he was all too happy to be free of that cloak. "It aches... But only when I try to hold a shield. They say the strength will come back in a few more days." He bloody hoped so. The fact that he was restricted from doing anything beyond pushing paper had been bad enough, but he could feel himself getting weaker every day he couldn't hit the sticks. That said, the feeling of her hands gliding up the length of his arm made him want to melt into her arms if he could, though that would probably make them both fall over! "Not a bad room." he'd say, hugging her close to him in what some might call a bit of a bear hug. "How much for the door?" @Chevi
  4. Decimus watched her go, smiling back at her with a raised brow as she turned for the stairs and left him to finish his drink. As soon as she was out of sight, and he'd been given a few moments to look into the depths of his mug, he couldn't help but breathe deeply and revel in the situation. It was about to happen! Or at least he hoped... He couldn't well imagine anything else happening tonight, though their plans had been ruined before. For years the very idea of any of this happening to either of them had seemed to be a completely foreign concept. He'd spent some time looking for love in the city, and surely Aia had thought about it, but they'd always been too blind or too afraid to fully realize that it was the gods who'd meant for them to be together for eternity... How kind they'd been to the unlikely pair. His skin tingled with anticipation as he set down the now empty mug and left a few coins on the table. Making for the stairs he realized he hardly had any idea of which room to head towards, though it seemed he wouldn't be left stumped for too long as one of the maids gave a friendly nod towards the end of the hallway where the higher end room lay. A door was certainly a welcome feature. He didn't know how comfortable he'd feel with an open threshold tonight. Soon enough he'd reached that o-so-fancy room that she'd managed to acquire and let his frame rest in against the smooth wood of the doorway so that he might look at her in the dim candlelight as he had so many moons ago. She was there alright, and as stunning as ever. In the back of his mind, muddled by alcohol as it may now have been, he hoped he wasn't in too much of a state. He'd made it a point to cut his hair that day, not to mention the short beard that had grown across his face during his tenure in hell. All in all he probably looked more like the sprout she'd met in Britannia all those years ago than he ever had since. "Did you find one, then? Or should I go ask the girl next door?" @Chevi
  5. The thought of Aia attempting to teach Gallic to a bunch of Roman youths who had no interest in the subject whatsoever made Decimus smile, if only because of how absurd it sounded. Hopefully they didn't give her too much grief, but some kids really were just like that. When the enlightening embrace of old age finally reached them perhaps they'd come to appreciate these sorts of opportunities they had in life. It was either that or they'd grow to be sour old rich folk with little to flesh out their character besides how large their estates were or how many slaves they could afford. Such was the way of things, though. "Well, that's funny..." he began, "I stopped in here planning to do just that, but if you've got the last room I guess i'll have to find somewhere else to lay my thick skull." Decimus was all too happy to play into her little game, and it made it all the more fun now that he'd already downed a few mugs while he was over at the bar listening to them converse. While not drunk, he did feel a little loopy. Part of him wanted to lift her up and carry her upstairs right then and there, but that certainly wouldn't have done anything for their secretive status. "Unless you've got an extra pillow lying around..." @Chevi
  6. "Quite. Why would a self-respecting woman even consider something like that?" He'd say with clear elements of sarcasm. It made much more sense now, the fact that the noble had chosen to stick around for so long. He'd been right at any rate, that boy was from Flavia's house after all. He could scarcely believe he was talking to her again. A few weeks had seemed like a lifetime away from her but with his arm all healed up he was sure that they would be seeing a lot more of each other, or at least he hoped that would be the case. Still being in the legions meant that they'd probably have to endure this complicated and secretive life for at least a few more days or weeks until he could present their case to the princess; that would all come later of course, though. "Is he one of your students then? Does he speak Gallic with the best of them?" @Chevi
  7. Decimus watched with relief as the young man finally left the tavern to seek entertainment elsewhere. In truth it was a godsend, he'd hate to sit at the bar for a few more hours while the love of his life was a few meters away. As soon as the last trace of the boy's fine garb drifted through the threshold back out onto the street, Decimus stepped from the bar with mug in hand to finally reunite himself with the love he'd not seen for damn near a month. He wasn't too showy about it, strolling rather casually over to the table and pausing to look about for a moment before setting himself down in the seat once occupied by that nobleman. "Hope you don't mind if I sit." he'd say, giving her a coy smile as he pulled another swig from his mug. "Who was that anyways? You got friends in high places now?" Of course he knew it could have been anyone that lived in the house of Flavia, though he couldn't begin to guess who he might have actually been. It was either that or she was mixing and mingling with nobles on the side, and Aia hardly seemed the type to truly enjoy that sort of company regularly. @Chevi
  8. It had been something, that attack. Nothing had been said about it in public, of course. What was there to say? Announcing to the city that a princess of Rome had nearly been carted off into slavery by a group of lowly bandits wouldn't exactly put faith into the hearts of the laymen. The civil war was still a recent memory in the minds of many citizens, and the last thing that the purple needed was rumors of instability on the peninsula. What had the guard been told to do about it?.. Well, very little. There wasn't much to do besides increase the amount of road patrols going out, but that could only do so much and there wasn't really anyone to look for. In some ways it almost seemed like Britannia. It wasn't nearly as intense as Britannia, but one could draw similarities. As for Decimus, well, he wasn't really too shaken up about it. Having a little action to break up the mundane activities of city life had been interesting to say the least, not to mention the fact that he'd found a lovely girl to finally call his own because of it. It felt good to reflect on it all. It occupied his time at the very least, and who knew how much longer he'd be sitting at the bar waiting for this unknown ankle biter to get bored and run off back to his slaves and roasted songbirds. @Chevi @Atrice
  9. Decimus was quite content to remain as uninteresting as possible to the two, though there was no way he could know that Marcus had already seen and identified him by the time he'd reached the counter. Well, it figured. He wasn't exactly the most unrecognizable character, and the scars that adorned his arms marked him as one that was no stranger to a sword. Honestly there was very little he could do to make the situation better other than to act as if he hadn't seen Aia. Hadn't seen Aia... The thought sounded ludicrous in his head. How could he ever miss her face in a crowd? With little more to do than stare at his mug and take the occasional sip he set about looking uninterested in the best ways that he knew how. He started by bringing out his small purse and dumping a few coins on the counter to play with between his fingers. Gods, he hoped this didn't go on for too long or he might actually get bored. There was little chance of it for now though, he could only imagine that if he turned to look at her heavenly face again he'd be met with the staring daggers of whatever noble little brat she was sitting with. @Atrice @Chevi
  10. This night had been a long time coming. For days he'd been holed up in the Castra waiting for his bloody arm to heal, and to say there was little to do would have been the understatement of an era! They'd not left him in bed, no, there was always a job that the legion could find for you to do in your leisure... If you could even call it that. He'd spent the entire day, and the day before, helping the quartermaster sift through endless piles of parchment to make sure that every last guardsmen was getting his fair allotment of wine and bread. If he'd had to listen to one more story about guarding the walls of Rome he'd go insane. Needless to say, he could hardly wait to arrive at the rather large tavern he'd come to frequent many months ago. He wasn't excited for the drink or the good food, though they certainly held their place in his mind, but the girl that was waiting there for him. Confessing their love beneath the Flavia's seemed like an eternity ago, but that's only because he hadn't caught a glimpse of his loves face since he'd left in the morning. The mere thought of her blue eyes draped below that glowing red mane he'd first spotted a world away drove him on faster, for being late to this sort of meeting was unthinkable. Still, he knew what they were now. It hadn't been revealed to anyone and the secrecy of their relationship was the priority above all. Still, it wasn't as if anyone important was going to be there to rat them out. Maybe that was why he walked into the popina so confidently, his face exposed to the dim light of the room as several patrons milled about. It seemed as busy as ever, though he could tell that there were a few more patrons in here than usual. He looked about for Aia and made for their usual spot though he stopped almost immediately when he saw her sitting with... A boy?.. He couldn't really tell by looking at the back of his head, but he knew that if he were a friend of hers he shouldn't try to be seen. So there he was, stuck there standing out in the middle of the crowd like a lost child. Aia would almost certainly have seen him, though she wouldn't have time to look long before he wandered off towards the corner of the bar to order a mug and keep his head low. Whoever she was with looked too finely dressed to be some run-of-the-mill pleb, that was for sure. He could only hope to guess at who it might be while he ordered. "Mead for me..." he'd say in a brisk tone to the barkeeper, finding some suitable cover behind a man who was much... well... larger than he. @Chevi @Atrice
  11. Sains

    Just in case

    Gods it felt good to hear her say that. Of course he couldn't think of anything else that she might have said to him at that moment. Whatever arose from this would almost certainly be problematic, maybe even painful at first, but as he held her tightly against his weary form with his one good arm, he felt as though he could weather any storm that the powers of Rome could stir up for them. The princess might well turn out to be that very storm. He began to wonder and scheme about how he might seek to address her about it. Any time they were alone, he supposed, but if she reacted badly he didn't want to have to stick around for too long. Well... If she didn't he'd suspect she wouldn't want to keep him around for too long anyways. "Well... I'd say we should wait until things calm down a bit. There's nothing that would help to stir the pot more than to ask her while this mess is being sorted out." He hoped that it wouldn't be too long, maybe a few days at most. After things had calmed down, well, it would just be a matter of bringing up the topic when nothing else was going on. There were plenty of opportunities where that was the case, especially on particularly lazy days in the palace where he'd often engaged in conversation with the princess on many subjects that weren't particularly 'business' related. "'Sides... sordid love affairs make for some exciting moments. Will we meet in that pantry again? Get a leg over on a sack of grain?" He was teasing her now. He doubted she'd like to have their first encounter in a musty old pantry, but he certainly hoped he wouldn't have to go without seeing her again for a very long timg; it was part of the reason that he hoped she wouldn't leave at that moment. @Chevi
  12. Sains

    Just in case

    The familiar feeling of her lips against his own only convinced him that his suggestion was the right course of action. How could he live being restricted from her embrace any longer? For so many years he'd felt the tug of empty lonliness eat away at his soul until he'd redsicovered Aia in the eternal city. How fortunate he'd been. Surely the gods loved him, or they'd have never provided such a fine girl for him to marry. He scoffed at the suggestion that he'd have preferred anyone more decent than her. She was perfect. Utterly perfect. Her outlook on life, the way she cared for him like a guardian angel, the way that her soft warmth clung close to him... Ir was almost more than he could bear. "Aia... You are the most perfect being that Mars could have given me... I'd be scourged and crucified before I gave you up." And he meant it. Life without Aia? Well, that was simply life without meaning. Of course he'd made it all this way without seeing her for some time, but as he'd come to know her again he knew that life without her was impossible. "Besides... You could find far better men than me." He'd claim, bringing that same good hand of his back against her rear, stroking it up and down her leg so that he might tease her further. Just because she felt like being merciful on his wounded body didn't mean he might have a little bit of fun. @Chevi
  13. Sains

    Just in case

    Words like "Wife" and "Marry" always had an effect on Decimus. Usually they'd made him shut up and become annoyingly evasive, but now it seemed that he was just confused. He'd never truly thought he would find anyone for him in Rome, but he had and he couldn't rightly think of what to do. "Oh well... It's complicated." He'd begin, raising a brow in thought. "I don't think they would normally, no. But if we both, well, wished it..." He trailed off. Was this it? Was he really suggesting they get married in here of all places? Of course he hadn't ever really thought much about where he would propose marriage to anyone, let alone Aia. There were worse places to do it, to be sure, but he doubted she'd mind if he was keen on making the suggestion tonight. "I'm sure I could speak with -er.... Claudia." The sentence sounded as stupid floating between them as it had in his head. Why would he even consider asking? Barring the fact that it was completely irregular and utterly inappropriate, he'd never think to impose on her like that. All at once he felt like he had to justify it. He couldn't make a camp wife out of Aia. For one thing it would only cause problems with the lady of the house, and well... He didn't want to do it to her. They'd both heard the stories of the children left behind by careless legionaries and they'd sworn time and time again that when they'd found their own lovers they'd never let it happen. Though those conversations had certainly aged in an odd way, they both certainly felt the same. "I mean I took an arrow for her, I should at least be able to ask! 'Be a bit awkward if she says no, though. How do you feel?" Surely she'd have some wise words to share. She was usually the brains of the operation anyways. @Chevi
  14. Sains

    Just in case

    "Oh? And here I was thinking you were the same scoundrel of a girl I'd met in the camps!" Decimus rolled his eyes at the thought she'd turn down his hypothetical marriage proposal. What woman could resist such an offer? A life on the open road, the fresh air filling your lungs everyday, what wasn't too love? On a more serious note, however, he didn't believe for a second that anything truly horrible would happen once they were open about themselves. It wasn't as if there were some great power keeping them apart now. Before it had been different, of course. If Aia'd revealed herself back in the days of the legions... Well... It wouldn't have gone over smoothly. The fact that they'd sometimes shared a tent wouldn't have set well with the higher-ups either. No, the fact that they were finally together as man and woman meant that so many more things were possible. Though, unfortunately, it seemed that the more enjoyable aspects of this new relationship would have to wait. "I guess I should start looking for a place again... That man, what was his name?.. Stilicho! He was good to me, i'll ask for his advice." he'd say, more or less gauging her reaction. "Got to find a place nice enough for you and your standards... We'll even fill it with glass bowls and things." That'd be nice enough if they could manage it. He doubted she had any great passion for riches beyond their means, but on his pay alone they could certainly afford a few luxuries; one of the more constant gifts of guarding the palace. @Chevi
  15. Sains

    Just in case

    Decimus could do little more than roll his eyes and smile at the thought that it should come to that. They could laugh about it all they liked right there in the safety of that bedchamber, but if Flavia happened to walk in just then there would almost certainly be hell to pay. Despite this, he couldn't bear to see her go just yet. Their love for each other had existed long before he'd drawn up the courage to kiss her. It may have been a different kind of love for the both of them until tonight, but after their lips had met it was if they'd leaped some great barrier. It was only natural that all they really wanted to do was celebrate. "I'd be stripped of my post..." he'd begin, wrapping his arm around her back to draw her close against him, "probably tossed out of the army or worse..." he'd continue, looking at her with a fiendish grin, "And then you'd be the wife of quite a highwayman." He'd end the charming little narrative with a kiss to her forehead, chuckling as much as he might without making too much noise. It was really in both of their interests that Flavia didn't happen to wake up that night, though he was far more worried about the talk of the slaves that surely still lingered in the halls doing... well... slave things! @Chevi
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