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  1. Sains

    Just in case

    Aia's touch was one that he'd come to know well over time as well. Oftentimes it was friendly gestures and short interactions that brought their hands together like this, but the calmness of this night seemed unmatched by any other they'd yet experienced. More than that, beneath the warmth of her hand he could swear that he felt... Bumps?.. He wondered for a few moments if she were cold, but if he felt fine then surely she must have been boiling. Northerners worked that way. "Well... Let's see." he'd almost whisper, seemingly deep in thought about whatever it was that he'd envisioned that night. "In the one I remember best, I found myself in a dark forest. It was like those deep endless groves in Britannia, but far more mystical. Fog blanketed the forest floor and I was stood in the elements with naught but a tunica about me... It was cold. The smile that had sat on his lips once he'd shut his eyes gave way to a more neutral looking half-frown that seemed to mark the fact that he was not about to make some witty joke, but that he was being quite genuine. "So there I was, wandering about the wood to find a way out of the black when I noticed a figure standing there, just opposite me. We were dead close, and when they turned, well... It bore your face. As soon as we'd locked eyes, you smiled and were suddenly engulfed in green light..." His eyes opened now, as he brought forth his good arm to gesture towards the ceiling as if he were painting a picture before himself. "The forest was lit completely then, and you were surrounded in a torrent of swirling leaves and vines that shone with the colors of autumn. Light burst from each one, and... Well, they just swirled around you until you disappeared into thin air..." His hand had stopped its near ritualistic motions in the air and had come back down to rest at his side. Blinking for a few moments, he soon turned his head towards her and made to finish his thought. "Seemed almost druidic, but it was beautiful." @Chevi
  2. Sains

    Just in case

    The wounded soldier was all-too-happy to pluck the small morsel from her with his good hand this time, not feeling the need to be totally pampered tonight. He'd not deny that many of those in the city still wished for their women folk to be docile, doting, damsels with about as much personality as a lost puppy, but he couldn't say that the prospect of someone like that would appeal much to him. Perhaps he was alone in thinking that having a woman of considerable intelligence and daring at his side would be ideal! Someone who couldn't carry their own weight was never desirable outside the walls of any city, let alone on the front lines, and the thought of watching over some weak doughy eyed girl was not appealing to him in the slightest. He'd always said he wanted someone with a fire set deep in their heart. He wanted someone who wasn't afraid to tell him that he was being a colossal fool, at least when the accusation was accurate. Perhaps it was why he felt so nervous laying here with his armed taped up next to the only woman he'd ever known to match all of those qualities. "Well, no need to worry about that." he'd say, patting her a few times on the thigh with his hand though his arm still ached with pain, "I don't plan on returning any time soon." His hand would linger there, though the true purpose of that was anyone's guess. Perhaps the pain of moving his arm in any way was the true reason. Either way he was determined to let his eyes rest for a few moments, leaning back into the pillows and breathing easily for a few minutes before speaking again. "And I do remember seeing you as well... It may sound foolish, but I think I might have had a dream or two about you." @Chevi
  3. Sains

    Just in case

    Decimus would look over at her as she recounted what she'd been thinking when he'd fallen from the horse with a solemn sort of look. She didn't need to say anything about how awful she would have felt if that small patch of grass would have been the spot where he'd finally slipped into the afterlife. He knew how she'd feel, just as he would have felt. The thought of what could have happened if those bandits had been a bit more hostile was certainly frightening to say the least. How dark the world would have been if they'd killed Aia instead of trying to haul her off. The thought wasn't just frightening, it was downright depressing. He supposed that there wouldn't be a more painful experience in the realm of men than watching the life drain from her eyes... Perhaps it was this morbid thought that suppressed his ability to give more than a half smile when she'd continued on with her thought. "Better to be burned here than some frozen little speck of a town on that island..." He'd have said that about being buried anywhere reasonably warm. The prospect of being burned or buried so far from home had always frightened him, if not only for the reason that he couldn't imagine how the gods would find him all the way up there... Perhaps that's why he'd always clung so close to that little statuette of his for all those years in the north. It had given him some small comfort. "A weapon?.." he said, waving a dismissive hand, "It was mine and Cynane's job to protect you and the Princess. You've left this life behind, as you ought to have. You always had too much brains to be wasted on the end of a blade." @Chevi
  4. Sains

    Just in case

    Normally, of course, Decimus would have objected to being fed by the hand of another. If not for the fact that it fell along the same lines as something demeaning, then certainly just because it seemed odd to him. Tonight was different though. It was probably because he wasn't in a proper frame of mind, but laying there next to Aia he couldn't help but disregard those impulsive feelings of masculinity and pride. He just wanted to lay there and drift off as much as he could. Whether it had been writing up a plan in a tent or holding secret rendezvous in small taverns after hours, she'd had this sort of effect on him. "Well... I am still alive." He'd say with a coy smile, opening his mouth to await the small morsel she'd picked out for him. He was truly grateful for her care for him, though. She'd always been selfless, and tonight was no exception. @Chevi
  5. Sains

    Just in case

    "Please..." He'd say, smirking in the dim lamplight, "I could hold down that entire tray if you didn't need some." And he probably wasn't boasting either. He'd only realized it once he'd been awoken, but he was famished! It was no surprise either; his body needed to start replenishing its energy, and there was no quicker remedy to that than a good meal! A proper one would have to wait for the morning, though. A cozy room, a platter of goodies, and the company of an extraordinary companion was all he truly wanted for tonight. "Where did you get all of this from, anyways? You weren't skulking around the kitchen just for me, were you?" He wouldn't really care if she'd 'Stolen' it, but it did seem a bit odd. They'd only just arrived at this house and understandably the owner had been quite distressed at the mere sight of them. Swiping food off of their counters would only add to the disdain he supposed they might have for them already. For all that, though, he was hungry. He could give a rats arse about what they thought of him after he'd gone. The new support of the blanket beneath his back was welcome as well, and as she sat down in the bed next to him he was sure to bring the blanket closer about her form so that they might both benefit from each other's warmth. @Chevi
  6. Sains

    Just in case

    Exasperated sighs would accompany his efforts to gain a more comfortable position against her, though he soon found a spot that he could drink easily from. In any other circumstance he might have been a bit humiliated that an arrow wound had brought him to this point, but even he wasn't proud enough to deny what was obviously necessary. Assisted by her arm he managed to get his lips around the rim of the cup, gratefully sucking down the reddish liquid as long as he thought he should. As soon as he'd had his fill, however, he soon rested once again on the support of the pillows. "Gods I needed that... Good to hear as well. You took a good beating from that slime." He recalled how he'd felt when he'd seen the men abusing her on the ground. Even now his heart pumped with pure rage at the thought that she might have been carried off by those grisly young hoodlums. Thankfully she'd lived. Thankfully she'd managed to get away from them. In his heart of hearts he knew that he would have let a sword run him through before they'd stop him from saving her. "The arm will heal in time... Infection would have set in by now anyways." A warm smile would creep across his lips as he closed his eyes to rest them for a few moments. Opening them again once a few moments had passed, the wounded centurion couldn't help but take note of the tray laden with goodies that she'd brought with her. "Here, stay a while, bring the tray.", he'd say, shifting over to the other side of the bed a bit to so that she might get more comfortable as well. Clearly his appetite hadn't gone. @Chevi
  7. Sains

    Just in case

    "Fucking awful." He said, nodding in complete agreement with her blunt assessment of the wound. There was nothing he'd like more than to get right out of that bed and to stroll over to the table to drink on his own, but in this condition he could hardly imagine lifting the cup. This was a type of exhaustion he'd never truly felt before, but then again he'd never been free to bleed as much as he had been that day. "Thank you... That would be great." He knew he was in no position to move, he'd not need a report from some money-grubbing doctor to tell him that much. He was content enough to lie there and wait for Aia to fetch the cup, though he did manage to push himself up further onto the pillows he'd been provided so that he could sit up and see a little better. "How are the others?.. No one else cut up too badly? How are you?" @Chevi
  8. Sains

    Just in case

    At the sound of her voice a relieved sigh would pass between his lips and his hand would fall back to the surface of the bed. A small part of him hoped that she would let her hand linger there for a while longer. The softness of her touch soothed his mind, and gods knew he needed just that after the kind of day he'd had. "Gods... I thought I was dead for a moment." All at once he wished to sit up, but after straining his muscles for a few moments he'd only managed a short attempt before falling back to the soft recesses of the mattress. He could tell he wasn't paralyzed but he might as well have been for all the good his body was doing him right now. "I've been stuck and drained like a pig at a festival. Fucking thieves..." @Chevi
  9. Sains

    Just in case

    Something had occurred to Decimus on the ride back from that fight with the thieves that he'd never put much stock in before. The impact of that arrow had not only brought forth a feeling of utter helplessness for a few terrifying moments, it had also stirred his own sense of mortality. The arrogant boy that had gone in to battle so many times before had been replaced by the aged man who, while still most certainly a brave idiot, was definitely more focused on survival than ever before. Writhing on that table made him realize just how vulnerable he could be in the blink of an eye. Fortune had a hand in this, there was no doubt in that. She had spared him for some greater purpose, but for now Decimus could not begin to imagine why. Through the dim haze of delirium, the light of the lamp mixed with the gentle and familiar touch of a soft warm hand would cause his eyes to flutter open. He saw naught but fuzzy shapes before him at first. The room was deadly quiet, save for the soft crackling of the small flame, and once Aia's face became defined in his vision he began to feel a familiar twinge of existential fear. She was there once again. Honestly he could no longer tell what was reality and what was a dream. The trip here and the subsequent treatment had been an endless series of formless memories that seemed to blend and mesh with one another so well that he couldn't remember where he was! Was this it? Was he dead? If he were then this was not Aia, but some goddess that had found some pleasure in delighting him once more before he was dragged to Styx to pay the ferryman. He'd never know what happened to the Princess, Cynane, or Aia. All the adventures he'd taken part in would be lost to time... All a waste. It was funny though, he didn't feel dead. In fact, he thought he could smell food. Another trick, must have been. He had to be sure of where he was, and this deity would tell him. With an unsure gaze, he brought his good arm forth to wrap a much larger hand about the one that now rested against his cheek. "Venus?.." @Chevi
  10. Sains

    Just in case

    The closing hours of the evening had seen Decimus through pain that he'd thought he'd left behind once he'd come to the heartland of the empire. Certainly an arrow through the arm was nothing to scoff at, but he'd thought he might take it better than he had! The icy touch of the medicus's blade had turned his arm into a burning mess of excruciating pain, and it embarrassed him to know that Aia had to watch him writhe as the forceps reached into his arm to retrieve the arrowhead. It was agonizing. The head itself had buried itself into the very bone of his arm, and so removing it required some deal of skill. Still, he was not dead. The guttural moans of anguished pain that came from his restrained mouth sounded nearly demonic, but through it all he had one small salvation. It was that calm and reassuring gaze of the same girl he'd discovered all those years ago. He could see the concern in her eyes, but not once did he feel as though they looked panicked. It was an odd sensation, truly. Here he was, his mind being torn asunder by the delirium of exsanguination and the intense moments of volcanic pain that rocketed through his body like lightning, yet his wincing eyes would always reopen to her heavenly visage. More than that he could not hear. Perhaps it was a symptom of the blood loss or simply the overloading of all of his remaining wits, but he could not hear any of the words that the medicus spoke to his lackey. He could not hear her either, but he did notice the slight movements of her lips that certainly indicated that she was speaking to him. How he wished he could hear what she was saying! It was almost certainly some quip about his ability or the lack thereof to take the pain, but he was so glad that she was sat there near the table. It was during the moments that she was speaking that they finally managed to pull the arrowhead free from the bone. Once it had been freed, however, his vision cut straight to black. He wasn't dead though. Aia would have a fine view of the slow rise and fall of his chest bathed in the golden hue of the lamplight which confirmed that much. Her entrance would not wake him. He lay there, a blanket covering his body just above the abdomen with his various effects stacked neatly by the bedside. His body was far too exhausted to wake from the muted creak of the old wooden door, though his face did twitch at the sudden stimulation of the light. As she approached she may also notice much more than just the fresh wound that had been bound up tightly in bandages of linen. Without his tunica to hide them, she'd see the nicks and indentations that danced across his breasts and down his midsection. They were the reminders of countless exercises and battles that were the all-too-familiar signs of legion life; scars that told stories of tragic sacrifice and unyielding devotion. Certainly they would have seemed commonplace in any other setting but in the darkness, illuminated only by lamp light, they might almost seem to form some sort of artistic design. It would make for a poor mosaic, but even Decimus would look at these marks some nights and think back to the life he'd led before all of this. @Chevi
  11. Sains ~ staying ~ keeping: Decimus Rutilius Atellus dropping: n/a
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    Decimus had watched the situation evolve with some amount of interest, noting the princess's cursing which he found to be particularly humorous. They'd all certainly come down to a level playing field once the attack had taken place, that was for certain. If one could never see the true nature of a person before combat they'd certainly see it afterwards. With that said, all this milling around about his arm was something that he didn't care for. The sooner he'd seen a medicus and had it removed the better. One thing was becoming a bit more apparent to him, though. He'd lost a lot of blood. His eyelids felt heavy even as he was led towards the medicus who would soon put an end to all of this fussing. It was no mystery why he'd lost so much either. Between being thrown from his mount, dueling with his own blade, and getting into a wrestling match there was definitely a lot of blood pumping through his system and out of that wound for all of the time it had been left uncovered. That bastard that felt the need to twist it certainly hadn't helped things either! Visions of what might happen to his arm should he wake up to an infection flooded his mind as the surgeon took him by the arm as well and there was only a few words that he could think to say as he was led away from the others. "Lets be done with it..." Oh, if only he'd been wearing his armor! He wouldn't have to now grapple with the idea of losing one perfectly good arm to the dogs. Bloody regulation might have done him in with this one. Whatever conversation the other non-wounded persons might have after his own departure was anyone's guess and not exactly his concern. One thing was for sure, their little rides into the country probably wouldn't be happening again. The emperor would hear one word of this and they'd probably all be told off, or worse, and he couldn't exactly see it helping out his future career. He began to curse the idea of their little excursion to no end as he laid eyes upon a chair that was likely to be the place that the arrow would be removed. Curse it all. @Chevi @Gothic @Atrice @Jenn
  13. Decimus rolled his eyes and smiled as he thought about revealing that tidbit to Longinus. Officially, of course, it wasn't exactly a good idea to go around divulging the fact that you were close to the ears of the highest authorities in the land to anyone who asked you. Being a guardsman went hand in hand with discretion, and the less people who knew exactly what you were doing in the palace the better. With that in mind, Decimus felt as though he could probably trust a man whose loyalty and dedication to Rome were unquestionable, especially to those who'd served under him. "Oh, I'd say so." He'd say with a coy smile. Admittedly, he knew little of what other high-ranking nobles thought of her beyond the false smiles and political language they used with her at parties and other sorts of occasions. It was likely that she had more than a few admirers, though none could hope to win her very easily. She was a determined young woman, and one that Decimus was all too happy to serve... Even if he wouldn't be in the heat of battle every waking moment. "I guard Claudia, daughter of Drusus." He thought for a moment on that. He was almost certain that was correct, but his memory from the readings was a bit foggy as it had been some time since he'd delved into the records. Before too long, though, he continued. "Interesting enough?" @Sara
  14. "Would have been a pity for one Rome's great generals to come back looking like that." Shaking his head at the thought, Decimus made his way over to the bench and made himself comfortable on the smooth marble. Feeling the impact of that familiar hand on his back sent a chill down his spine. It brought him back to the moments leading up to one of the last great battles he'd seen against the northern tribes where he'd felt that confident pat on the back of his shoulder as the rattle of a thousand barbarian swords and axes echoed through the forest. That simple gesture had instilled confidence in the hearts of many during those campaigns from long ago. It was almost as if they'd never truly parted ways. "I'd say I came to the city about a year ago now... Something like that." He'd snort when the suggestion was made that he was off "Storming" anywhere in the days after the Legate's replacement had taken command. "I wish! I'd wager we marched for a whole week before meeting resistance some days... Think they lost the stomach for it after they figured out they couldn't take shots at you anymore!" A hearty laugh would give way to silence soon enough as Decimus looked over some of the nicks in his hands. "No, I was ordered to come to Rome to represent the Governor on some state business... It was only after a few weeks of being in the city that I'd been told to report to the Palace." He turned his head to meet the gaze of Longinus to measure his reaction when he informed him of the good news. "I am Praetorian now." @Sara
  15. It was not often that Decimus found himself free to enjoy the gifts of Rome as he otherwise might've if he'd not been so gainfully employed. Being an active, and extraordinarily important, member of the army meant that his days were filled to the brim with all sorts of martial activities when he was not standing guard outside of an official function or in the halls of the palace at the behest of her ladyship. The concept of such a monotonous life had once filled Decimus's mind with dread and longing for the frontier that he'd left behind. As he'd become more accustomed to life within the walls of Rome, however, he'd begun to thrive in its familiar embrace. He'd a constant bed to sleep in and the food was far more agreeable than it had been on the outskirts of those dreadful Pictish villages that they were often forced to scavenge from during Winter. He could hardly complain about the title either! Praetorian. He didn't think much of it now, but there were still some nights that he'd sit up and look at the ceremonial blade he'd been entrusted with upon his induction. With that in mind, "Days off" were few and far between. Today he'd been told that his presence at the palace was unnecessary. It wasn't unusual. He didn't often dig into the reasons why, but more often than not he'd be told that the Princess was doing something of a religious nature or was off and about with that Britannic shield-maiden Cynane. Nevertheless, he was always happy to lay down his sword for one day and think of himself for a change. He'd arrived at the Thermae after a long period of sword-sparring with a few other guardsmen. Fighting without a shield was almost a foreign concept to a common soldier, but it was an absolute necessity when one wasn't lugging a hulking frame of wood about to protect them everyday. The cool waters of the Natatio had been a welcome reprieve to his aching muscles. He was always amazed at how one could feel every sore and ache in the body after a short stint in the baths and today was certainly no exception. Exiting the pool and brushing out a bit of the excess water from his own hair, short as it was, he was quite surprised to see a man he'd thought long gone to the frontier. "Legatus?" he'd whisper to himself, slightly baffled at the concept that he should find Longinus here of all places! Decimus was not shy, and he approached with a knowing smile towards his old friend. "I am well, Sir! I see you've been shaken free of the Isle as well. The wilds too much for you?" Ordinarily he might have acted a bit more reserved around a superior, though Longinus was quite different. Already memories of cold nights overlooking various maps by candlelight had returned to his mind. As Primus Pilus he'd been privy to nearly all discussions of strategy and the like, not to mention an adviser on the current mood of the rank and file. @Sara
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