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  1. Justinia was told that she could only stay within a certain area of the Ludus, just in case they needed her. She wanted to see Theo, so she didn't listen. Justinia left that part out of the conversation. She didn't want him to get into any more trouble like before. If she were to be punished, then so be it. To her, visiting him was worth it. Just seeing his face, even if it was for a few minutes, was worth it to her. She was lucky to have a friend like Theo. Justinia hesitated to stay. Even though he said it was alright, she felt as if she were intruding. She listened to him speak, sayi
  2. Justinia lived in the brothel, but the place felt lonely most of the time. Not in the literal sense, as there were always people in it bustling around and about, but in the sense that she really didn't have anyone to rely on. Nobody was as kind or understanding as Theo. With his job, you'd think someone like him would be crueler, being in the ludus all the time couldn't have made anyone weak. She never did think of him as weak, as she knew that he could take drastic measures if it ever came to that. During Saturnalia, she felt like she'd want to spend her time with him. Justinia didn't care to
  3. After Theo and Justinia’s last encounter, she wondered if he would ever come back. Days and months had gone by and she hadn’t seen him. Part of her was worried that something happened to him—the other part of her was nervous that he wasn’t coming back because she was too much trouble. Men came and went (literally), and without any sign of Theo, she wondered if he skipped town. She wouldn’t blame him; the situation they got into was scary. It wasn’t like him to not be in contact with her over a long period of time. Maybe he moved on, and she would’ve understood. Justinia wasn’t the new pr
  4. Oriana enjoyed talking to Lucius about these things. It seems as if they both wanted to help a child with a lot of potential. Lucius would be the perfect teacher for the boy, and maybe he was right. Physical work was something a lot of boys grew up with, though most Senators would have no idea unless they were in the army. Lexus said that he didn’t do much physical labor, so maybe it would help him bulk up. And it didn’t hurt that he knew his way around a garden for a future wife, like Lucius said. Most women she knew loved gardens, such as herself. Her garden was something she was proud of, t
  5. Sydney

    Sydney's Plotter

    Hey @Sara! He seems like a really interesting character! He'd definitely work with any of my characters (except for Astrius, you're probably right lol). It seems like Justinia or N'tombi would work, though I have more muse for Justinia if that's okay! They could probably meet at the Venus--she's always hanging out there, of course lol. Let me know what you think!
  6. Oriana wasn’t sure if she should intervene. When she spoke with Lexus at the party, he didn’t seem to hate his father for not being in his life. If he resented Alexius, she probably would have never sent him to work for her in the first place. She watched the exchange; it seemed to be certain beyond a doubt that the two were father and son. When Lexus confirmed who his mother was, the whole exchange seemed joyful. When Lexus looked up at her, she nodded towards him. “I wasn’t sure until now. Sorry for not telling you, Lexus. I didn’t want to get your hopes up just in case he wasn’t your…”
  7. Sydney

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    uhh idk how to delete this lol
  8. Priscilla looked up from the cup when Aia had a question. How would she know when she doesn't know about them? That was a good question. In Priscilla's life, things always had a way of working themselves out, even if they were unexpected. She believed that she was an expert at life by now, being her age, and that things would more often happen unexpectedly. She nodded. "I can see that you have that concern. Sometimes events in one's life can change a person drastically. We usually think about that in a negative way--trauma, death, war--but when I look into your cup, I see a good change.
  9. Oriana looked at the two men. Did...neither of them put two and two together? Even Alexius, of whom she spoke about Lexus? She didn’t want this to be awkward, but it was about to be. Oriana smiled at Alexius, almost a forced smile that might give Lexus away. “Yes, this boy is working in the garden. He’s old enough, I would think.” She said nodding to Lexus. “This is Lexus, the young man I was telling you about. The one I met at the party?” She just outright said it, not knowing if Alexius would get it. She didn’t mean to set anyone up, it just happened to be this way. Seeing the tw
  10. Sydney

    Daddy Issues

    Oriana was clearly upset about the situation. She wanted to get her words in, but maybe it was better to listen. She needed to settle down and hear him out. She took a breath and listened. He spoke, not in a hateful way, but in a way that she understood. She knew exactly what he was talking about and it showed on her face. She gripped her cup as she had it filled again, but she didn’t take a drink from it. Not yet. Had her father, Aulus, really slept around? She wouldn’t be surprised. She never paid attention to that kind of stuff as a child. He asked her again why she would lie about th
  11. Oriana never really wanted children, but as a Roman woman, it was her patriotic duty to have some. It wasn’t anything she cared about nor would she think she’d ever be a good mother. Lucius was kind enough to say that she’d be a great mother, but she wasn’t really convinced. She had other priorities over having and caring for children. Though she liked older children, her having any of her own was something she just couldn’t imagine. She laughed at his comment about almost biting off his mother’s nipple. Oh, she hadn’t heard a story like that in a while! He then spoke about Lexus. The bo
  12. Oriana nodded towards Lexus when he asked if they should go to the garden first. She smiled. “Good idea. You probably want to see where your working first.” She grabbed her cup of wine—the perfect cure for a hangover—and stood up out of her seat. She felt a little dizzy for a second, but she gained her balance and started walking. “You can follow me. I can answer any questions you may have,” she said, taking a sip of her wine. Oriana started walking towards the garden, but she heard footsteps that didn’t sound like a slave. They had work to do anyways, so who was it? She looked and saw A
  13. Oriana laughed when he said that he was glad he wasn’t a girl. When Oriana was his age, she always wanted a man with soft hands. That was why she didn’t want to ruin his hands with too much hard work; maybe a girl would one day appreciate them, like his mother said. He took the bag of coin and spoke about Rome being dangerous. She shrugged. “You have to try to look for the good in Rome. There sometimes doesn’t seem like a lot of it, but sometimes you get lucky.” She said nodding, drinking her wine. “There are bad places and people in Rome, and you will probably experience them one day, b
  14. Oriana never really got drunk at parties unless they were absolutely terrible and boring. She enjoyed rich conversation and feeling a little buzzed, but not to the point where she was falling over. Oriana thought it important to keep appearances, especially as a young bachelorette in front of people that were higher class. There would always be a group of married ladies getting drunk off of their asses, almost to the point of being embarrassing, and they would be gossip for the next couple of days. She often laughed at them, though more in a fun way rather than being mean-spirited, but she did
  15. Priscilla wanted to be right, her intentions were good and she cared. She didn’t get all of them right, of course, but she claimed only to help people with their fortune, their love life, and their future. She never guaranteed anything, she made sure of that. She nodded at Aia and looked back, turning the cup at different points. “Hm,” she said when she noticed some of the spices placed differently in the cup. She was puzzled. “You have a lot of repressed emotions. There is this front that you want everyone to see, but there’s a different side of you that very little see. Maybe you
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