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  1. Anna


    Your application has been accepted. Please make sure to update your necessary claims and feel free to make your plotter.
  2. Character Name: Bardr Associated Ludus: Ludus Magnus Experience: 3 Type of gladiator: Samnite Death: N
  3. While welcomed to post at any point in the year 76, please remember to timestamp you post with a month! TY! 

  4. June 76 The stadium was not so crowded that day, but old habits died hard and Cornelia found herself lured to it as she had in days of old. Bloodsport had long ceased as a cause of her heart's fluttering. And as such, her concentration was not on the match that played out below, dulled were the nearly erotic sounds of fight and clashing of metal and wood. Her eyes remained trained on the two young men she had brought with her that day. Her sons seated a few rows below her to watch the fighting at a closer spot. A tender, but proud smile tugged at her lips as she watched them nudge each o
  5. Europa


    Europa 18 | 4th May 58 | Slave | Gardener | Demisexual | Wanted | Marina Moschen Personality. Europa, for most of her life, has been a docile thing and was trained to be so. She, like many of her station in life, chooses not to make many waves in order to be spared negative attention from her owners. Quiet and reserved, she isn't much of a talker even when spoken to. She does bare resentment towards her circumstances, often wishing her father would free her. And in her own despair she is resolved in the knowledge that he probably won't ever do so. And there is
  6. Your application has been accepted. Please make sure to update your necessary claims and feel free to make your plotter.
  7. Gladiators sign up! YES! We are looking for gladiators for our upcoming games and races to celebrate young Titus Alexander's rise to Caesar. Below is the rules and information of the gladiator part of the event. --- Characters and Quick characters are both able to sign up for the event. --- We are looking for all types of gladiators. Experienced gladiators, newbies with their first fight and prisoners for execution. (Yes, Gladiatrixes are welcome!) What are the IC risks involved? : Your character stands the risk of being maimed or death (if you consent
  8. CONSILIUM PRINCIPIS Founded in the year 76 with the abdication of Quintus Caesar and subsequent transfer of power to his still youthful son Titus, the Consilium Principis takes its name and function from the body created by Augustus half a century earlier. The Consilium is the de facto legislative body within the empire. Any and all new legislation that is discussed within the Senate is first decided upon by the Consilium. Unlike Augustus' original inception, the Flavian Council is composed of members whom - initially - have been hand-picked by Quintus Caesar. Each member will remain in p
  9. Anna


    Hi Sybil, I'm Anna! Welcome to AERO! If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask them here or to join our Discord via clicking here.
  10. A collective gasp could be heard from the ladies that surrounded her as the man barged into what had been her home for all of these years. Drusilla held her head high and she stood proudly and unmoved as she held the gaze of the man before her. The women herded closer to her as they took in the still wet blood splatter that would stain anything white or offwhite that he was wearing. There was another stubborn tick of her jaw as he inquired about her by name. "Yes, I am she." she replied to his first question, her nanny-turned-housekeeper scolding her for doing so. They were still much un
  11. Late March 76 Porticus Liviae was always beautiful in spring, and Aelia for one enjoyed a day strolling through it when she could. Marrying Tiberius had allowed that her household could function without her having to oversee it constantly. And now she was lounged on a blanket, slightly leaned towards her toddler daughter who babbled away at her while grabbing at her toys with clumsy and chubby hands. Her own hand would raise every so often, with her head perched on the other, to gently push away the golden-brown curls that Lucilla boasted. The toddler's happy exclamations might have
  12. Your application has been accepted. Please make sure to update your necessary claims and feel free to make your plotter.
  13. Anna


    Your application has been accepted. Please make sure to update your necessary claims and feel free to make your plotter.
  14. All Activity Checks will be canceled until further notice. With Covid 19 still having a tight hold worldwide, we feel this is one last thing you need to concern yourselves, our players, about.

  15. The hazy visage and voice of the spirit that was Lucilla was not a shock for Drusilla. Which allowed her to keep her face passive and calm as she felt the gentle movement of air next to her. She had seen them before. Her mother's spirit was much the same. It no longer frightened her, yet she kept it a secret. Not wanting to be called mad like her father. The Roman people judged one harshly once they were perceived as odd. She knew she was where Drusus got his ability to know things about Augustus and his life. Touched. Not mad. She glanced towards the way the young servant girl had went and pr
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