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  1. There were no gods for him to pray to, none that he remembered. None of his life before slavery, none during his childhood years as a companion and later on house servant. While others began to grovel in front of their idols, Bardr did not. Instead he stood ready. To live or to die. Ready to place the crowd enough that if he was given another day upon this earth, he would leave the audience well entertained during his match. Hearing the command that it was time, he approached the center of the arena. His steps slow and steady, firmly heading towards their destination. He was dressed like a typical gallus. Helmet hiding his face though, and his hair a long braid down his back, wrapped in leather to keep it secure as he fought. All one could see, if they were close enough were his eyes. Staring at his opponent across the way. An older man with something hollow about him. Giving his opponent a nod, he shifted into a battle ready pose, his body eager for it all to begin.
  2. The Races were something Cornelia seldom came to, she much preferred the Gladiatorial games more, and to be honest if hadn't been for her eldest that, she wouldn't have. But Minor wanted to come, he had caught wind of the new driver for the Blues and wanted to see him. Betting what little allowance his mother had allowed him to use that day. Gambling was a habit she had not wanted her children to start - yet. Cornelia could be called many things by those who knew her, and had experienced her more unpleasant traits first hand, but she could never be called a mother whose attention was absent from her children. She kept close eyes on her son, seated a few rows down from her, and she was thankful the stadium was sparsely packed that day. And thus, as a voice drew her attention away from her son, it came to no surprise to her that a friend of her husband would find her. "Aulus, it is good to see you" She replied, a charming smile coming to her face as she shifted to allow him more room to comfortably sit. "You should be congratulating my son on that, he's the one that was certain of our victor. Personally I was for the whites but he was the one that placed the bets." She said with a merry laugh. @Sharpie
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    Bárðr 38 | August 7th 36 | Slave/Gladiator | Gladiator | Bisexual | Original | Brock OHurn Personality & History Has been a slave for far longer than he remembers being freed. His father was among those that made up the raiding party in the year 41 against the Gnaeus Alexander. Not that he remembered this. What he does remember of his parents is their laughter and the way his mother's cooking smelled. He remember sadness of his older brother dying after a harsh winter and the squabbling of his sisters. Things that lingered in his psyche long after being separated from them. After being brought to Rome he was sold to a family as a household slave, a playmate for the children until he was old enough to take on more tasks. The family suffered much financial lost during the civil war, and one by one the household slaves were sold to market - him along with them. Back to the slave traders where he would change hands many times before landing among the gladiator ludii in the year 68. Family Parents - Deceased Brother - Deceased Sisters - Alive, Possibly enslaved EVENT FOR: Gladiator Event
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    Your application has been accepted. Please make sure to update your necessary claims and feel free to make your plotter.
  5. Your application has been accepted. Please make sure to update your necessary claims and feel free to make your plotter.
  6. Your application has been accepted. Please make sure to update your necessary claims and feel free to make your plotter.
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    Fuck and be merry!

    Titinia had no need to blush at the other woman's pretty words, nodding to her as she suggested more time with herself. "That I can easily agree to, my lady." She said with a wide smile. And was about to say more when another figure approached them. A familiar face to her, she noted when she realized it was her favorite 'supplier' coming to call. "Ave, Spurius." She replied fondly to him, "The delight I assure you is all mine." She said as she waved for one of the water boys to come present the man with wine. She quieted a bit to let him speak to Gaia, mentioning a barbarian for her daughter. And she gazed at the woman curiously. Spurius was right, she mused to herself, Gaia was surely too young to have a grown daughter. Then came the question of Justinia and she nodded, "She's a rare jewel, both pleasant and exquisitely gorgeous. I have a feeling she will not be with us for very long. Her kind tend to earn their way out of here far faster than expected." She said, giving a little pout at the thought but banished it when the girl in question came over to them. Her bright personality and response to seeing the trader a bit blinding. @Gothic @Sydney @Sarah
  8. It couldn't be said that Drusilla's lonely upbringing hadn't been the source of her kind nature. The household that had been placed with her had done their best to make sure that their charge would grow up to not be like her parents. And they had succeeded in many ways. However, they could not claim what would happen when Quintus had settled upon her as his bride when it came to the imperial children. She had seen children desperate for a mother's affection and attention, and her whole being knew she had to be the one to give it. Her only true born child, Drusus, was off with his tutors, learning history and all the things a young boy at his age needed to learn so he could grow and become a good and righteous citizen of Rome. And it wasn't a known fact, but Drusilla had no desires or plans for her son to follow in his father's and grandfather's footsteps to role of Emperor. All she wanted for her son was to be protected in the game that would end up being played when it was time for whoever it was that was named heir. As long as her children were safe, she would be happy. Tiberius had found her in the vast palace, his voice alerting her to the fact that she no longer was alone. Glancing up and towards the direction his voice surely came, she smiled as he approached her. "Ave, Tiberus." she replied fondly, her smile genuine and warm. She glanced him over once, taking him in. She had watched him grow from a child to a young man and while she couldn't say he was done, she could say he had begun to turn into a fine youth. "It is good to see you. I'm sorry I haven't been available lately. The schools have kept me busy. " @Sarah note: sorry for taking so long.
  9. Cornelia was no stranger to her husband's lack of skills when it came to tailoring. But that knowledge was needed neither for the admiration of the finery she and their beloved wore, nor the removal of said finery. The latter of which, he was aptly skilled at, if you went by their brood of children and the fact that they weren't exactly shy about the sexual side of their relationship. While, Cornelia was certain, most couples in Rome viewed sex as merely a tool of continuing the family, she was never one to deny herself something that brought her pleasure. "I'll figure it out, you can have your fun later when the dresses are made and upon her." She said, a twinkle in her eyes as they were delivered wine, the promise of food coming soon, she had hoped. And she took the offered goblet once it was poured and handed to her. "I had also thought of jewelry, but it is close to her birthday to have anything made to match what she already has. I suppose I could talk to one of the merchants though to see what they have ready made." She continued the conversation almost absent of mind as she sipped at her wine. "Of course on the subject of such occasions, we should perhaps discuss what we should plan for the children's. Minor's will be here before we know it." Rufiana would be ten this year, their eldest son a strapping 14. It unnerved her that her children were growing up. The boys, she knew would follow in the footsteps of their father and other male relatives. She was prepared for them to grow and join the ranks of military and senate. Her girls, however, she knew were borrowed time. Her time was limited to teach them of men and the ways of the world, of how they can be of use, politically, to their husbands. And yet, she felt dread when she realized her eldest daughter, her longed for girl, would soon be of marriage age. She would lose her far sooner than she had ever expected. @Gothic
  10. Gracing her husband with a fond smile, Horatia bit back the laughter that had bubbled up at his comment. Nodding to him. "She's rather loud when she wishes to be." She replied, her tone low enough not to wake the slumbering child in her arms but hopefully still loud enough for her husband to hear her clearly. Without any resistance, she relinquished her daughter to the girl's father. Who scooped her up carefully from their perch. Now free to move, Horatia shifted and stretched her upper body as she watched father and daughter. Smiling as Appius turned, giving her an expectant look and she stood. Following him, she could see one of their household slaves running ahead to make sure the fire was stoked in the girl's bedroom. Knowing to keep it warm for the young girl's health. She stood back as the body slave and Appius settled the girl into bed, Appiana remaining asleep through the whole of it. She was certain that her daughter could sleep through the worst of disasters and wake up without even realizing what had happened around them. "I am well. And you?" She said softly as she reached out for his hand, not moving away from the door frame. She continued, filling in with the report of the household "The boys are well as well. The three of them tired each other out practicing their swordplay this evening. It was uneventful." @Brian
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    Take a Break!

    It was hard to believe, looking at the couple now, that there had been a time where the two of them had loathed each other's presence. And to Lucretia, when the memories did cross her mind, she felt that it was literally a lifetime ago. And in truth, it was. Before the war, before their remaining parents deaths that had left them orphans, before marriage. They were not the same people, and for her it made her respect the gifts the Gods had given her even more so than she would have if all the trials and heartbreak hadn't darken their lives. She beamed a smile up at him, her body melting against his as she accepted the loving kiss, his laughter had sent warm vibes throughout her body and deep into her very core. "Quite well." She replied to his question softly, "The children are sleeping and I figured I would find you to see if we should retire for the evening or if you needed to stay up." She inquired softly, knowing that her brother-in-law, the Emperor, kept him busy to keep him out of sight and out of mind. But having Laelius home was always a welcomed thing if that was where Quintus wanted him. "Besides, we do have something to discuss." She said, pecking him lightly on the lips as she stood on her tip toes to do so. @Tori
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    Your application has been accepted. Please make sure to update your necessary claims and feel free to make your plotter.
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    Our Champion

    Suggested Face claim: Ruby RoseAge & Birth Position: Late 20s/Early 30sPosition: SlaveParents: up to playerOther family: up to playerPersonality: Bold, cocky, showboatsHistory: Born in Germania. Sold to a Ludus as a household slave. Became a gladiatrix when she proved she could fight well. The rest of her history is up to the player that takes herUltimate Goal: To become famous, to honor her patrons, to win her freedomOther information: Connections include Cornelia Scipionis, her husband Quintus Sulpicius Rufus, & their lover; Sulpicia L Venusiana. Quintus promised Cornelia a gladatrix to patron for the upcoming games. Bisexual or lesbian, up to the player.Who to contact: @Anna & @Gothic
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