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    Note: All questions concerning these characters should be aimed at @Anna <family blurb> Publius Pinarius Natta <img> General Information & Parents B. Summer 35 AD | OPEN | FC UP TO PLAYER Publius Pinarius Natta (deceased) and Livia Ocella (deceased) History and Personality Unassuming, charming but ambitious and cunning. Protective and close to his remaining sisters. He inherited the family wealth after his father's passing in 65. Was the only male child born into the family of his generation, his late uncle having only a daughter that made it to adulthood. Married (potentially several times) with several sons and daughters. His elder sister, the eldest of his father's brood passed away in childbirth in 61. Pinaria Lucilla <img> General Information & Parents B. Autumn 38 AD | OPEN | FC UP TO PLAYER Publius Pinarius Natta (deceased) and Livia Ocella (deceased) History and Personality Talented and fiery, on the surface a proper Roman matron, easily fooling others. Pinaria Livilla <img> General Information & Parents B. Winter 40 AD | OPEN | FC UP TO PLAYER Publius Pinarius Natta (deceased) and Livia Ocella (deceased) History and Personality Innocently enough, her mother's death marked her birth. Thus the name. Did not have a good relationship with her father in her teen years. Did not approve of her father's second or third marriages. Pinaria Gaia <img> General Information & Parents B. Summer 48 AD | OPEN | FC UP TO PLAYER Publius Pinarius Natta (deceased) and Lartia Gaia (deceased) History and Personality
  2. February 1st, 75AD The month started out harshly, weather and news wise. Morning had not begun to take hold as she arrived to her destination. And Cornelia couldn't push the thought from her mind as she was ushered into her brother's home. The home she never grew up in but was her family's ancient nest none the less. She was a sight to behold, hair unbraided and uncurled. Hanging in a straight curtain across her shoulders. Not a stitch of make up on her face, making it clear that she had been crying, for her eyes were red. Her dress and cloak was in black. "Wake my brother." She whispered softly to the head household slave, "And only my brother. Tell him I need to see him." She added on as she moved to sit in the atrium, next to the fire pit that had been lit and fed for her. She shivered at the cold and drew her cloak around her tighter. Horatia and the children need not be up for this. She did not need to face the whole family just yet. She needed her brother's advice however. And his comfort. It was a loss only he could share with her. One he had shared with her many years before when they were newly returned to Rome. Decima was gone, found in the wee hours of the morning by the slaves of her domus as they had begun to ready the house for the day. A crumpled and broken mess at the bottom of the stairs, goblet still clutched in her hand. She had taken a fall they had said. And now her minor children and estate and the fate of both laid now in her and Appius' hands. She looked up when she heard voices and shuffling, glancing towards the entrance expecting her brother to walk through at any moment. @Brian
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    Beloved Doves

    Sulpicia Q.L Venita suggested face: Melike İpek Yalova suggested age: early to mid 30s bisexual - polyromantic - mostly likely infertile AKA Little Venus. Origins unknonw. Intelligent, beautiful, devoted to her former Mistress. Cunning to boot, with ties to the Lovers of Eris. Was once the body slave to Cornelia but after the two of them, and later on Quintus, became lovers - she was freed upon Cornelia's request. She lives with the family, still, often sharing Cornelia's bed, with or without Quintus. Sulpicia Q.L Paradisa suggested face: Marina Moschen suggested age: mid to late 20s bisexual (leans more towards women) - polyromantic Greek. Simply stunning. Not to mention kind and humble. Unexpecting and uses that to her advantage should the need arise. Came to Quintus and Cornelia as a gift from Cornelia's late aunt, a skilled musician and singer. Later freed like Venita. Lives with her former master and mistress still, enjoys their company and affections, however is the one that does the most with her freedom. Sulpicia Q.L Romilda suggested face: Ruby Rose suggested age: early to mid 30s lesbian - polyromantic Protective with a temper and sharp wit with a liking to punch the first male that looks cross eyed at her charges. Purchased from a ludus with intentions of keeping her only for the games, Cornelia later vetoed that and brought her home. A freedwoman and bodyguard, the pay is good and the sex is better.
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    Horatia Justina

    Your application has been accepted. Please make sure to update your necessary claims and feel free to make your plotter.
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    Your application has been accepted. Please make sure to update your necessary claims and feel free to make your plotter.
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    Mouse. The touchpad is a creation of Satan. Actual Books or Ebooks?
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    -lays claim on Petronia Scribonilla-
  8. Roll Call Style AC is in progress, you have until midnight on the 20th to reply!

  9. Anna ~ staying ~ keeping: Bardr, Cornelia Scipionis, Horatia Pulvilla, Julia Drusilla Augusta, Maecilia Aelia, Pinaria Lucretia, Titinia Novelladropping: n/a
  10. Welcome to the first AC of the 2020, this round is going to be a quick, short and sweet one. The next AC will be a little more extensive, as this is just more of a roll call. All that is required is post the template below, and nothing else will be needed. You have until the 20th, 11:59pm Eastern time. Player ~ staying/going ~ keeping: <characters or n/a> dropping: <characters or n/a>
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    Maecilia Aelia

    Maecilia Aelia 20 | 1 February 55 | Equite? Senatore? | Housewife | Heterosexual | Original | Florence Pugh Personality. Aelia has a bold personality, one that is a bit larger than life and at times, exacerbating for her family to put up with. Though, it is to be commented, that bold personality she has keeps her husband in firm check. She is a girl that has always known what she wanted and what her destiny would be even if she had to conform and work hard for it in order to gain it. Some might write her off as a gold digger because of this, but as she told her dear Tiberius in their early courting stage, she always knew she would be the one that married up. Marcia would marry for love, Gaia for intelligence and dear sweet Lucia wasn't long for this world. And in truth, she doesn't care if polite society sees her that way. She had a goal, she met it, she doesn't love her husband any less because he was a means to an end. However it would be ill advised to mistaken her boldness and self assurance as coldness or callousness. She loves her family. She has done everything, for her entire life, for the betterment of her family. She lives for all of them - her husband, her daughter, her parents and her sisters and if the gods so told her to do so, she would die for their sake. Losing Lucia was the hardest thing she ever suffered. It was harder than childbirth. She'd be damned if she has to entomb another family member before their time. Appearance Aelia, as many men during her seeking a husband days as has commented, is a pretty girl. Petite, plump in all the right places thanks to motherhood, sweet of face. She boasts dark golden hair and kind blue eyes. She has good hygiene and strives to maintain it, even in the filth of the eternal city. Bathing frequently in the domus' private baths. She wears slight make up, mostly rouge and some color to her eyes and lips. Her hair is kept in style, woven in braids or curled depending on the occasion. She dresses according to her station, favoriting whites and yet at the same time, colorful gowns. Blue is a favorite on her by her husband's standards. She has a fondness for jewelry. Family Father: Marcus Maecilius Tullus - Alive Mother: Aelia Tubero - Alive Siblings: (all older) Maecilia Marcia - Alive Maecilia Gaia - Alive Maecilia Luciana - Deceased Spouse: Tiberius Furius Luscus - alive Children: Furia Lucilla Extended family: Lucius Maecilius Tullus - grandfather -deceased -something- Gaia - Grandmother - alive Maecilia Lucia - Aunt - Deceased Manius Maecilius Tullus - uncle - alive Marcia's husband and children Gaia's husband and children Other: History Aelia's life started out simply, and to be truthful, remained such. She was the forth daughter and last child between her parents, her mother becoming barren during her delivery. Thankful, despite the knowledge of what four daughters would cost in dowry, her father was happy with the four daughters the gods had presented him. Aelia was named after her mother once it was certain that the child would live and soon enough, the little family settled into routine. When she was seven, her schooling to be a proper Roman wife began. She would learn all that was needed, and then some as she was a bright girl and insisted on more than just gardening and weaving. But she did love the latter, often finding and discovering new techniques she didn't know of to make more beautiful samplers. She was an artist in such ways. However she knew she couldn't be a dreamer, that someone would need to marry high for the betterment of her family, it came well apparent when her elder sister married a man who had little to his name besides what he gained from his infantry pension. And Gaia had turned down the only man she ever showed any interest in for the desire to write. Perhaps Gaia and Tiberius were too much alike ... dreamers of grandeur of something more ... despite having known each other for most of their lives. Causing Tiberius to go away from them for years. However, time has a way of bringing things back to you. When Aelia was officially on the market, her aunt took her under her wing. Pouring money into a wardrobe and jewelry that made her appear more eligible than just a simple soldier's daughter. During this time, she had caught the gaze of not only a richer, older man but of Tiberius as well. Her old friend, and her life long crush if she was honest, had floundered in Gaia's rejection. becoming lazy and Aelia could not help but judge him harshly for it. Eventually leading them to fight and bicker about her expectations of him and his newly found desire for her. They would come together when her sister, Luciana, passed away and the rest would be history. They married and 40 weeks later, give or take a few days, a daughter was born to them, named in honored of her late sister. ANNA | CENTRAL | PM OR DISCORD note - husband is from the senatore class, she's equite idk where she goes XD.
  12. Titinia ran her brothel like she ran her domus - a tight first and the best the world could offer her for what her money could provide. She often had first pick, fresh off the boat or wagon, of new slaves that came in. Pretty things that could rival the gods in their beauty. Sweet, seductive voices that lured both men and women into her establishment. Servants that were kept under a firm thumb. Saturnalia had passed and the establishment had returned to the normal way of things. Her husband and his business partners often venturing in at random times during the day. But it was still early enough for his dealings not to bring him in, seeking his wife's attention. And the poor worker that currently held her attention was being scolded for clumsiness before she finally let them leave her sight. She felt someone near, another sweet voice filling her ears as she turned her attention to the noble woman who had entertained her just nights ago. Asking her if she remembered her. A bubble of laughter left Titinia, her expression turning from puzzlement to flirtatious as her eyes danced over the figure of the woman before her. "Salve," She purred out, her lips twitching in a smile, "How could one forget being visited by Venus herself?" She asked, indicating she did remember her before raising her hand in silent offer to lead the other woman to a more intimate place. @Gothic
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    Your application has been accepted. Please make sure to update your necessary claims and feel free to make your plotter.
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    Your application has been accepted. Please make sure to update your necessary claims and feel free to make your plotter.
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