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  3. ANNA Cornelia Scipionis - HEREHoratia Pulvilla - TBDJulia Drusilla Augusta - HERE Maecilia Aelia - TBDPinaria Lucertia - HERE Titinia Novella - HERE
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  5. 3RD QUARTER | ACTIVITY CHECK 1.00AM JULY 2 TO 11:59PM JULY 15TH TIME IS PACIFIC STANDARD You will be required to show one post either from June or made during the AC. FOR EACH CHARACTER This requirement is only for this ac, it will be stricter next quarter as rules are being updated. For this time only, letters and one shots do count. AWAY NOTICES MADE AFTER THIS POINT WILL BE IGNORED. UNSAFE PLAYERS IF YOUR NAME IS ON THIS LIST CONTACT US BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO SAVE YOU ARE HERE DUE TO NO IC ACTIVITY IN 2020 Azreal Grim Bee Bee Endwaar Gorgon Hanna Jacob Leonidas Lindis Mew Mim Mord Polarity Renna Sigimer Youma UNSAFE ANY CHARACTER(s) REMAINING WILL BE DELETED. WIPS ARE NOT INCLUDED ON THIS LIST, THEY ARE CASE BY CASE. Aculia Aeneas Aglaea Aia Ailbhe Ni-Assa Alaric Aetius Stilicho Alaricus Aetius Stilicho Annis Antonia A.L. Maia Apollodorus Appius Cornelius Scipio Astrius Attis Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus Aurelia Phillipa Azarion Barbara Stilicha Basir The Bloody Caecina Tusca Caeso Caius Lupus Callista Calpurnia Praetextata Charis Cira Exorica Claudia Corinthia Claudia Gaia Claudla Caesaris Cleisthenes Clio Cornelia Scipionis Cynana Decimus Rutilius Atellus Didia Nonia Eppitacos Favian Felix Flavia Caesaris Flavia Juliana Florus Gaius Fabius Maximus Gaius Hostilius Gaius Petronius Aquilius Germanus Hector Helenus Helios Horatia Justina Horatia Pulvilla Ignatius Julia Drusilla Augusta Julia Valeria Jullus Flavius Alexander Justinia Justinus Junius Calvus Laran Lexus Naevius Geneverus Livia Justina Lucia Safinia Lucius Antonius Alexius Lucius Caecilius Metellus Lucius Cassius Longinus Lucius Furius Pontius Thracius Minor Lucius Junius Silanus Maecilia Aelia Manius Aemlius Scarus Pius Manius Carisia Magnus Marcella Laelia Marcus Aemilius Scarua Alexander Marcus Barbatius Marcus Cassinus Marcus Eppius Parthenicus Marcus Falco Marcus Honatius Justinus Marcus Hunius Silanus Metella N'tombi Arria Nymphias Octavius Flavius Alexander Oppia Nitra - Lou Oriana Laecinia Paulus Annius Faventinus Pinaria Gaia Pinaria Lucilla Pinaria Lucretia Pontia Comina Priscilla Belena Q. Flavius Caesar Alexander Augustus Quintus Flavius Theodorus Quintus Sulpicius Rufus Rana Rufia Flavia Rufus Rukia Agda Safinia Laelia Seia Imperia Septima Major Septima Minor Soraya Spurius Antius Claudus Spurius Dominitus S.L. Marcellus Spurius Gaius Lupus Tacita Tarbus Tertius Quinctilius Varus Teutus Quinctilius Varus Thessala Tiberius Claudius Sabucius Tiberius Herius Bassus Titinia Novella Titus Aspanius Lupus Titus Calpurnius Praetextatus Titus Flavius Alexander Titus Flavius Caesar Alexander Titus Justinius Canicus Phiscerus Titus Lucretius Garrulus Titus Sulpicius Rufus Tranquillus Turia Valeria Flacca Valeria Maxima Vibia Volusa Vospiscus Zia CODE TO USE PLAYER CHARACTER- POST HERE {or dropping/deceased} CHARACTER- POST HERE {or dropping/deceased} CHARACTER- POST HERE {or dropping/deceased} CHARACTER - POST HERE {or dropping/deceased}
  6. "Ah, yes." She said glancing at the other stall as it was pointed out, "I've had run ins there. He tends to overprice and his product doesn't hold for long. It's surprising he still has customers to claim." More like the man had run ins with her husband after crates of near rotten produce had been delivered at their domus in the recent month. He seemed to be the only vendor she had issue with when it came to purchasing for home or the Venus. And even if her expression soured a bit as she once more stole a glance to the other stall before plastering back on her smile and glancing at the young woman. Ah good, they delivered. Perfect. "For now I will take half a dozen of the limes and lemons. I will have to talk to the cook at my place of business first to see what she'll need on a day to day or weekly basis, but for the peaches." She paused, glancing at them again. They were quite large, as she was barely able to fit her hand around the one she had, and she hoped they were as juicy as the promised. "I would like a dozen of them, and if I could set up a delivery of the same amount weekly to be sent to the Venus I would appreciate it. I have special friend who is a lover of peaches and I'd like to surprise her. But I fear she lives too far out of the city to ask you to deliver them to her personally." @Sara
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  9. Rome was starting to recover from the earthquake, the rubble had been cleaned away and building were being worked on to be brought back to their former glory. The Venus was included in all of this, perhaps paying a little more than she normally would have for the pace she demanded. Her clientele was already sniffing around and while she wasn't sure how bad the Elysium got hit, she wasn't about to lose her big spenders due to a little earthquake. And while they weren't reopened just yet, as the plaster and paint was still drying, her husband had allowed her a generous budget for new curtains and such for the building. Which would eventually lead her to the marketplace, flitting around the various fabric stalls to price things before she would set off one of the men with her to haggle once she was certain they had the quality she wanted. Then she was off looking at the others, purchasing a few bangles before heading over to where most of the food stalls were laid out. The sounds of merchants calling out to potential patrons were barely heard over the chattering sounds of the people she moved by. She normally didn't stop for food, but the kitchens at the Venus was pretty much in use to feed only the workers, and didn't provide what she normally liked daily when she arrived to oversee things. And then the fresh fruits and vegetables caught her eye. And she paused, a few feet away from it as she scanned the items. Before finally approaching the stall and picking up a peach. A smile playing at her lips as she focused on the succulent fruit in her hand. The worker moved, and she saw the movement just beyond the peach and she glanced up, a playful smile still playing on her lips. "How much?" She asked, holding it up. She would wait once she knew the price of one before asking how much a basket would be, her mind instantly going to the goddess among them that would often visit the Venus and Gaia's love for peaches. "And do you deliver?" @Sara
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  11. 30.6.75 | open It was early morn, one of the few hours of the day that the Venus was closed to customers. Allowing its inhabitants to rest and clean up after their long evening of debauchery. Titinia was hoping to catch a few hours of sleep before the sun was high in the sky, alerting everyone it was time to rise and ready the brothel for the evening to come. For her to spend a few hours being a mother to her young children. But that didn't seem to be fated for her that night. Her life was never simple; being a mother of five, a gang leader's wife and a brothel madam. She had children to raise, a husband to keep after and clients to please. Because heaven forbid they go to the stink hole that called themselves a brothel down the way. So instead of sleeping, she was in her office. Looking over the books one last time to make sure all was in order before finally being ready to go to bed, it was too late for her to venture home. Falco was sleeping and her husband had too many enemies for her go alone. That's when the tremors started. The world shaking beneath their very feet and she watched as her candle began to vibrate towards the end of the desk. She snatched it up before it reached it and she stood from her desk, keeping calm as she made her way into the hallways. She wasn't the only one alerted, groggy whores and sleepy house slaves a like were stumbling from their pallets. "Get down stairs. Into the open area, go on with all of you!" She's barked at them as she joined the crowd of moving bodies. There were some screams to be heard as plaster fell from the ceiling behind her, naked or barely clothed figures screaming in terror as they moved to get downstairs. Where the fuck where her bouncers? And Gods, please tell her that none of her clients were there, spending nights with their favorites. That would be a disaster she wasn't ready to face. Ever.
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  13. 15.5.75 | @Gothic There was a new face among her women, shuffling among the ranks as the eldest of them had prepared to take her retirement. Having been freed for some seven years and saw her charge grow into the Empress that perhaps she had always been meant to be. That meant her general attendant became the head of Drusilla's 'household', ruling over their Domina's chambers. The tall, amazonian like guard had stayed in her place, while her cosmetic slave moved to the spot the new lead was now in. Turia was her name, Drusilla mused as she looked over the ladies she kept to keep up her appearance. The new face did not stand out too much among the others, but it was still a start for the Augusta to come across her. But she had been recommended, Turia had been, for it seemed her talent with makeup was well known among those who knew any gossip at all. And well, Drusilla wasn't getting any younger. She would be 36 in a few months, and being a mother, a wife and a patron life was showing its work on her face now. And despite her cleverly manufactured mask, she wasn't without her vanities. "Turia." She called out as she moved to take a seat her vanity table, "Come, dear." She said as she tucked her hair into a loose hanging ponytail at the nape of her neck to keep her hair from her face. She wanted to see the new girl's work. "We have a busy day ahead of us. I have to woo some senators into giving money for the impoverish and I need them to be enchanted enough to open their coin purses."
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  15. Lucretia was having such nice dreams before the world began to shake things up for all of the city. Frolicking in meadows with her husband, among other things, as they took their carnal pleasures from each other had brought a smile to her slumbering face as she snuggled up to the warmth she was accustom to. He spoke her name just as his dream self did, in sync with each other, and her dream self laughed merrily as her smile widened. Before her dream self paused at the next words ... that didn't match what his lip was saying. Earthquake? What earthquake The ground was stable, was it not? Finally the forces of him shaking her vanished the dreams enough for her to wake up and half realize something bad happening. "Whhhhaaadyamean, earthquake? We were just in a meadow ..." she mumbled out as she was still under the sleep god's control, wanting nothing more to plant her face back into the pillows and go back to sleep. There was crashing and shouts and she finally set up just as a vase - a wedding gift perhaps - crashed from the display it was on and she realized that there was indeed a very real earthquake going on and she backed into him as she watched things rattle off tables. "Oh fuck.... Laelius! " She said before looking back at him, "the children! Come on! " She then said, scooting out of bed to flee the bedroom to go find her children, without a stitch of clothing on as she truly wasn't thinking about it before pausing and turning back, grabbing a sheet to wrap around her as she then exited, not wanting to wait a moment longer to get to them. @Tori
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