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  1. Would anyone like a thread with Volusa or Paulus? They haven't had anything in a while.

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    2. Liv


      Can eventually throw Titus Paulus' way either as buyer or seller.

      Don't know if Paulus would buy trinkets from the likes of Safinia, but if that's the case she's willing to sell 😉

      Still insanely busy though, so these wouldn't be fast-moving plots/threads by any means...

    3. Atrice


      I like both ideas! Let me know if you want both threads or if we should start one and wait with the other for another time 🙂 

    4. Sharpie


      @Liv - something with Titus and Paulus would be fun and I don't mind if it's not fast-paced. If Titus wants to get any of his Dacian mementoes off his hands (or any other mementoes), Paulus will happily take them. 😄

      @Atrice - a catch-up between Volusa and Cynane would be a great start now, and maybe the one with Helios and Paulus when I've finished a couple of my older threads

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