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  1. "Yes, domine," Attis said, hiding a wince of his own at the words. And fuck you, too, he added in the privacy of his thoughts. Not that his value or lack of it generally bothered him, but no slave liked to be reminded of it, and how simple it would be for the master to sell him for whatever reason he chose. "Yes, sir," he added for the medicus' benefit, though whether the mint tea was to be drunk by the patient or applied to the wound was anyone's guess. Attis thought Longinus would prefer wine. Hades, he'd prefer some wine himself, but that wasn't going to happen any time soon. He showed the medicus out once he'd packed his things up again. "I thought you might like to boast about your scars, given the right audience, domine," he said, glancing at his master before returning to his self imposed task of cleaning off Longinus' military equipment. @Sara
  2. "Well, I'd rather not have burnt polenta, and I like my vegetables to taste of what they're supposed to," Teutus said with a smile. Freedmen could become paterfamilias, of course, but right now, it didn't seem at all likely that he would. That was neither here nor there, though. "It looks nice, though, and you've got more idea about it than I have - looking after it all, I mean. I'd probably end up killing everything, me." He could never remember whether things had been watered or not, or anything of the sort. "How are you getting on with Antonia?" he asked, as the idea suddenly occurred to him. He hadn't really spoken to Antonia about Charis, mostly because he hadn't wanted to have any reminder about their falling out. @Sara
  3. Just gonna leave this here for you, @Gothic
  4. "Gaius Cassius - no relation, probably." Aulus raised an eyebrow in Longinus' direction before returning to his list. "Gaius Herminius, Gaius Furius, Gaius Menenius, Gaius Geminus, Gaius Servilius, Gaius Veturius - careful with those lights, there, boy!" Longinus' slave had set down the lamp he was holding and retrieved the scroll his master had tossed aside, obviously used to clearing up after his master. The sooner they could work out precisely who was involved in this little side hustle, the sooner they could put a stop to it and get back to their own actual business. Longinus did not look at all happy about having his two closest friends going rifling through his records. That was perfectly understandable; it did not look well on him at all that this had been allowed to happen, no matter that it had been caught quickly (Aulus thought it had, in fact, been caught exceptionally quickly; he was aware of frauds that had occurred over years before anyone caught wind of them). He was going to have to have a quiet word with his friend, if his natural buoyancy did not make a reappearance quickly, that people chanced this kind of thing all the time and he might want to put checks in place to make it harder for the next people who thought they could cream off the top. @Liv @Sara
  5. Attis gave his owner a bland look and a full cup of wine. It was his opinion that someone needed to worry about Longinus because he sure as Hades wasn't going to worry about himself! "Let me see, let me see - bring that bowl over here, boy," the medicus said, setting the now threaded needle to one side as he fumbled in his bag for some linen that Attis could only hope was clean. "No, I don't think so, sir, but let me clean that up and have a proper look." 'Boy'. It might be a suitable form of address for a slave (witness also slave names such as Marcipor and Lucipor) but at least Attis' master hadn't stooped to addressing him that way. He brought the basin over and held it steady as the medicus dabbed the blood away with - thank Apollo that the cloth did, in fact, look clean. "No, it's not so deep that need worry you - you'll have a very nice scar to boast about later, sir," the medicus said, picking the needle back up as Attis busied himself with finding a cloth to clean his master's armour and sword with - he had no real stomach for medical things, and hoed that he would not be needed for the simple operation of sewing his master's arm up. It could not be as awkward as trying to set a broken leg, or something, and sure there was no need for Attis to hover. @Sara
  6. Sharpie staying Keeping: Attis, Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus, Marcus Eppius Parthenicus, Paulus Annius Faventinus, Rufus, Teutus, Volusa Dropping: n/a
  7. "Awkward - now, there's a good word to describe this whole mess," Teutus said with a bitter laugh. "Complicated would be another one. I wish you'd ended up in a better place, with better people around you than me. And..." He jerked a thumb in the direction of the tablinum, obviously meaning Tertius. "No, you're not keeping me from anything," he said, aware that he had a little more freedom to manage his time than most of the others in the house, even if he was officially the same level as everyone else (apart from Hector and, ironically, Charis). "Am I keeping you from what you're supposed to be doing?" he asked in turn, looking back at the garden - it looked so much nicer now than it had in a long while, with the roses properly cared for and the other flowers well-watered and pruned and everything. "You've done a very good job here," he said, indicating the garden with his free hand. @Sara
  8. "If you pass out from blood loss, I'm not carrying you back here," Attis grumbled. Mainly because he was shorter and slighter than his master. He'd get Ursus to do it instead; it'd give the other slave a reprieve from chopping firewood and fetching water for a moment. He slipped out of the tent to fetch the medicus and a basin of water, blithely ignoring the medicus' comments that it could wait by informing him that this was a senior officer, even if he sent an assistant with Attis, that would be more medical skill than either Attis or Longinus possessed, and neither of them knew how serious or otherwise it was, and did he really want to risk a senior officer passing out or otherwise being incapacitated for any length of time because they'd been left to deal with something themselves? "The medicus is here to see you, domine," he said cheerfully, ducking back into the tent with a steaming bowl of water in his hands, half expecting to see the tent in exactly the same state of disorder as it had been when Longinus left to go on his raid. @Sara
  9. "I'm sorry," Teutus said again. It was going to be awkward, of course it was. Was he a horrible person for preferring it to be awkward if he got his freedom, rather than stay a slave with this easy companionship? If so, then so be it, he was a horrible person. Although, as he had told Charis, it would probably never happen. He sighed. He did not want Tertius to have another child end up in his position if he could do anything to prevent it. "Of course," he said, and put his hand over Charis'. "I'm not so mean as all that. @Sara
  10. "How long has he been proconsul there?" Aulus asked. If it had been longer than a couple of years or so, he could surely request a posting to somewhere more lively - probably not Raetia because his own replacement had only been there a matter of months, and probably not somewhere as active as Britannia, Dacia or Judea. "There is a danger with becoming inactive, of course. I can understand why he keeps his men active with drills and manoeuvres. It's far different from sitting in judgement every time a case comes up that requires his personal attention, and yet that is important, too." He helped himself to some olives before pushing the dish across the table to the ladies. "I did have one or two of them to deal with, but the sect is not a great deal of trouble in Raetia, or at least there are not very many who practice it, that I am aware of." To his knowledge, the Raetians who followed the strange teachings (one god! He had never understood the Jews' paucity in the area of the divine!) were Jews who had a dispensation to follow their one god, or slaves. And there were not such vast numbers of Jews in that province as there were elsewhere. @Lauren
  11. "Let me get the medicus, and some hot water - I didn't expect you back so soon, or I'd have that already," Attis said once he'd got his master down to his tunic and could see what was going on. He resolutely did not think about what was happening to the prisoners - it didn't concern him but he'd never really liked the necessity of torture. Even if it was justified, which this was. Only five, though, from a camp of about twenty - were the others dead or had they escaped? It didn't concern Attis one way or the other, they were not his people and he'd never met them nor was he likely to. "And once the medicus has seen you, you'll probably want some sleep, domine," he added, pouring a cup of wine for his master, who looked as though he could use it. @Sara
  12. Attis startled, and rolled over, sitting up when he registered that his master had returned. Somehow he'd thought that Longinus would have returned much later but surely early was better? "Yes, thank you, domine," he replied, throwing his blanket back and scrambling to his feet. "You're hurt - let me do that and then I'll get a medicus for your hand." If his master didn't want a medicus, Attis would deal with it himself, if it wasn't too bad. "How did it go?" he asked, dexterously unfastening the straps of his master's armour and carefully removing it. @Sara
  13. First things first! With his master gone, Attis could finally begin to restore order to the shambles the tent was in. It didn't require much effort, really, once he was no longer interrupted by his master, or reminded he'd been told not to. Attis conveniently assumed that that order had only applied before his master had left on this raid; if Longinus wanted to spend his life living in a tip, why have a slave with him at all? He did not touch the things on the master's table; they were probably important documents or orders or something and it would be more than Attis' life was worth to tidy those up. He did pick up the master's empty cup and put it on the table out of the way. Once all that was done, he looked around to make sure that the tent was as it should be, with everything in its proper place, then blew out the lamp and crawled into his own bedroll at the foot of his master's bed to sleep while he awaited Longinus' safe return. There was no point worrying about what he had no influence over, his master would return or not and Attis could not help him by remaining awake and fretting - whatever happened, Attis could serve far better by being rested when Longinus did return. @Sara
  14. "Oh," Attis replied quietly, and bit his tongue to keep from saying anything further, that would only serve to irritate his master or something. He did know how to shut up, astonishingly enough. "Well, uh, Mars grant you success tonight, then, domine," he said, once the final piece was strapped into place. "You do pray to Mars about things like this?" If it was some other god - Attis had heard things about Mithras being favoured by soldiers in the East - he'd have to plead for that god's aid from here in his master's tent. He might let his tongue run away with him at times, but he knew how to obey orders. Because if you were going to rile your master, it was far safer to only do it in one area rather than completely piss him off every time you moved. @Sara
  15. Attis could hardly wait for his master to be dressed and gone so he could set the tent to rights again. He shifted tunics and other clothing into one heap, extracting a clean focale and his master's thigh scarlet cloak, before collecting together his armour and coming over to get his master into it. "Have I done something wrong, domine?" he enquired, nervous at the uncharacteristic silence Longinus was treating him to. His master didn't like being woken at the best of times, so it could have something to do with that, notwithstanding that Attis had only been obeying an order when he'd woken his master. @Sara
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