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  1. Marcus Eppius Parthenicus 38 | 7th May 36AD | Equite | Dominus Factionis Album | Bi | Canon | Guy Henry Personality. Goes here. Appearance (Talk about their height, skin tone, etc.) Family Father: Narses (birth name) Eppius Parthenicus (5BC-61AD, aged 66 at death) Mother: Roshanak (Hellenised as Roxane) (b. 16AD, age 58) Siblings: Darius Eppius Parthenicus (35); Vashti Eppia (30) Spouse: TBD Children: TBD Extended family: Grandfather Timaeus (Tahmasp) (51BC-22AD, aged 73 at death) Various relations still in Parthia Other: History Rome and Parthia have been enemies for a while and despite Mark Antony's campaign of 40-33BC resulting in a loss for the Romans, overall, the Romans brought back several captives to Rome. One of these was a young man by the name of Tahmasp, sold into slavery as Timaeus. The Parthians being known to be a people skilled at working with horses, Timaeus was bought by the then-leader of the Whites racing faction. That skill was well deserved as Timaeus won enough races to be able to buy his freedom, and a comfortable (although not large) house, and marry and start a family. His son Narses continued in his father's footsteps, by choice rather than compunction, serving as the Whites' trainer, working his way up through his career to become the head trainer, and working with both the horses and the charioteers, determined to get the best out of man and beast. Narses' son, born Mithridates but taking the name Marcus in preference for his Roman friends and because Parthia by now really had very little claim on him, and he had less interest in Parthia (except as the home of fine horses and finer horsemen), likewise worked at the Whites racing faction, starting as a young boy and eventually working his way up by skill and connections to become the leader of the faction - and with that professional step came a step in social and political circles as he was promoted to the ranks of the equestrian order. 36AD - born to Narses Eppius Parthenicus and his Parthian-born freedwoman wife Roshanak (Roxane) 39AD - younger brother Darius born 44AD - sister Vashti born 46AD - begins working at the Whites' stables as a stableboy 51AD - given chance to break in and train a pair of horses for the bigae, the two-horse chariot race (which was of lesser importance than the four-horse quadrigae races because less skill was needed on the part of the driver) 52AD - drove in his first chariot race, coming third 53AD - came first in the skilled four-horse quadrigae race 61AD - his father died, leaving him as the paterfamilias leading to his decision to dedicate his time and skills to training 66AD - Elevated to head of the Whites faction 70AD - Elevated to equestrian order Sharpie | GMT | PM or on Discord
  2. "Yes," Aulus said, shifting to pull his tunic off to make it easier, before reaching for the rest of the bread as he leaned forward. "You don't have to be perfect. Pretty sure anything will be better than nothing." Felix had done incredibly well in his new role so far, even before he'd realised this was his new role, probably - certainly Aulus had only just confirmed it for him, anyway, and he'd set the tent up with pretty much everything Aulus could possibly require, at least for now. He leaned forward to make it possible for his slave to get to his shoulders. Even the worst massage in the world would be better than the stiffness that had set in over the last few hours of poring over maps and plans - it had maybe even set in over the last few weeks, or longer, with all the tension. It wasn't as though he'd been able to go to a bathhouse and make use of the services provided there, after all, not once he'd been forced to leave Rome. Truly, Felix had been well-named. He had absolutely hit the jackpot when he'd selected the man to come with him, and would have to remember to sacrifice something to Fortuna to show how grateful he was to her. Felix was proving to be worth his weight in gold, though Aulus wouldn't sell him even were he offered such a price. @Chevi
  3. May 75AD Circus Maximus Aulus had changed seats after his conversation with Gaius Fabius Maximus had come to an end, and found himself sitting next to a woman he recognised as belonging to gens Cornelia - one of the Scipinones branch, he thought. More importantly, though, she was the wife of Quintus Sulpicius Rufus, whose brother had ended up joining him on his flight from Italy a decade earlier. "Good morning," he said to her, being polite. He had moved to sit by her; it would be unforgivably rude to ignore her, especially as she was related to friends of his. "I see you seem to have been lucky in your betting so far - pity about the Reds' shipwreck earlier." It had been rather a spectacular crash, with the Blues' driver pulling ahead and cutting in on him, forcing him into the spina which rand down the middle of the Circus, forming the centre of the oval race-track. He had bet on the Whites, who had come in second after the triumphant Blues, a team he did not think anyone had really expected to win that race, the driver being a new man and therefore an unknown quantity. @Anna
  4. It was not a formal meeting, for one thing, and it was far too hot to be draped in several yards of fabric for another, so Aulus had opted for a white tunic edged with braid and a pallium in a complementary shade of green. The walk from the Piscina Publica to the Palatine was not, thankfully, far. It was steep, however, and Aulus found himself grateful that his most recent posting had not been to anywhere as flat as Germania Inferior - Raetia had kept him fit enough to tackle Rome's hill on foot. The house was imposing, although not as imposing as the Imperial Palace. It had belonged to Quintus Caesar before he took residence in the Imperial Palace and as Aulus was shown into the atrium, he could see signs of its former ownership, although the current owner was beginning to make his mark on the decor and feel of the place. "Octavius," he said, crossing the broad expanse of the atrium floor (polished marble, very nicely done) to greet his friend. He was looking forward to just catching up and finding out the political atmosphere of the city, and doing so in the cool shady environs of his friend's home. "This is a sight quieter than the amphitheatre, I must say - and cooler, too." @Gothic
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    Teutus at your service

    Love it! Can I ask what the font is?
  6. Aulus eased his shoulder once the breastplate was removed. He'd arrived here without a shred of uniform or equipment to his name, and had been found enough to stand up in, that fit relatively well, as well as being assigned to a tent of his own (for which he was more grateful than Quintus Caesar probably realised), yet he was unused to wearing armour, or he'd grown unused to it over the last few short months. "I don't suppose you're any good at massaging stiff shoulders?" he asked, setting the goblet down and tearing off a piece of bread and suddenly discovering that he was ravenous. Felix seemed to be pretty handy at most things, or was quick to learn things he'd never had to do before. Aulus hoped he'd be able to offer a decent neck-rub, but wouldn't be too surprised if he'd found the first thing Felix couldn't do. "I daresay you'll learn from the other slaves in camp, too," he added, swallowing his mouthful and helping himself to more. He didn't somehow think that Felix would turn out to be the gossipy type, but Aulus wouldn't begrudge him friendships among the other slaves, having dragged him away with no warning from the friends he must have had in the Calpurnius household. @Chevi
  7. "Hobbies, sir?" As if any of Tertius Quinctilius Varus' slaves would be allowed hobbies. Teutus was very much aware that he was one of the most privileged slaves in the house, and he did appreciate the time to get out and about during his errand running. "I like going to the libraries, sir, though I can't borrow anything. But I can read things while I'm there, and the staff don't seem to mind too much. And the baths, of course." He shrugged. "And just exploring Rome - it's such a big fascinating city, there always seems to be something new to find." The dark-skinned man had really not said very much at all to Teutus, yet he already seemed a much easier master to read than Teutus' father did. And the slave with him seemed well-fed and well-clothed, content with his lot. The Fates were queer old biddies, the way they picked and chose who ended up where, in Teutus' opinion. He wouldn't have minded a master like this. But then, there were parts of his real actual life that he did like - such as looking after Antonia, and taking her out to places (with Tertius' permission, of course). @Gothic
  8. Well, Rufus was generally pretty good at keeping out of trouble, although he knew as well as anyone that no slave could remain out of trouble for long if a free person were determined to get them into trouble. Still - thankfully - this did not seem to be the sort of household where that was normal, common or even expected. He wasn't the sort of person to go sticking his prick into anyone who took his fancy, either, so that should be easy enough. Although that thought brought another, more troubling question, to mind. "Will the master require any... more personal services of me, sir? In bed?" There were reasons that his old master hadn't, of course, but those reasons didn't exist here in this house. It wasn't as though he would mind (he certainly couldn't object) but if he was going to end up serving in that way too, he would at least like to have prior warning that it might be required. He liked the household, what he'd seen of it; he certainly liked and appreciated Atticus' help and the fact the other man was letting him ask questions, and was even answering them. It remained to be seen whether he really had fallen on his feet in being purchased by this master, into this household, but he was feeling optimistic about his future here, and that couldn't be bad. @Gothic
  9. Well... I'm not male... I don't think I'm as patient as Rufus and Teutus, nor do I have the leadership/command abilities of Aulus.
  10. "Of course." Do you consider yourself to be lucky?
  11. There was a difference between watching people when you didn't want to be obvious about it and let them know you were watching them (because it would be weird and uncomfortable, especially if it got out that Teutus was a slave, after all!) and being told to directly observe someone right in front of you actually demonstrating the movements deliberately, expecting you to watch and copy them. Teutus hadn't been able to figure out quite how the legs and arms moved together but being able to see properly was a big help. It made a lot more sense than the splashing sort of movements he'd done before, and although he wasn't the most coordinated person there, three strokes the new way definitely took him further than half-a-dozen strokes the way he'd been used to. "Is that," he began, got a mouthful of water and tried again. "Is that better, Domine?" He didn't think he would ever be a strong swimmer, but swimming at all put him ahead of most people, he thought. @Atrice
  12. Volusa was still getting used to telling others to fetch whatever it was the mistress wanted - yes, there were times she went herself, but not when it came to bathing and having something to eat! She returned the mistress' other palla to its home and fetched a gown for when she had finished bathing - something light and comfortable that she could relax in - and busied herself carefully removing all the jewellery that Claudia was wearing, returning it to its box. It had been a long day, but a far more interesting one than when Claudia remained in the palace all day, though it wasn't over yet for Volusa, not by a long way. She took the tray of food that was brought in, setting it within reach and pouring a goblet of wine for her, stepping back silently when done, unsure whether she was dismissed or not. @Gothic @Atrice
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    Joining forces

    It was a perfectly reasonable thing to admit to; Aulus was well aware of the effect sea-travel could have on even the most hardened of souls. "I can't say that I know anybody who precisely relishes sea travel," he said with a shrug."But it's quicker and cheaper - and overall less dangerous - than trying to make the journey overland. On balance, I think the discomfort worth it - but you may not, and there's no shame in that." Well, he wasn't going to shame anyone for finding that their stomach rebelled when they were standing on the deck of a ship out on the water, after all. He was not in command of Titus Sulpicius Rufus - was not in command of anyone save his own slave, who probably had never really seen the sea, let alone looked on it as a method of travel he might be expected to take. He didn't feel all that comfortable himself on the deck of a ship, but travelling the Mare Nostrum had to beat travelling the far colder rougher waters that separated Gaul from Britannia. He added Salona and Dyrrachium to his roughly sketched map. "It is entirely up to you which route you choose," he told Titus. "Tarsus is a port of some magnitude, at least, so it is possible that we are more likely to find a ship headed there than to many other ports, except perhaps Corinth, but that would mean a trip through Greece, which is more mountainous than many other places, or finding a second ship to head onwards." He looked at he slave. "I was unaware your mother was from Achaea. Do you speak any Greek, at all?" @Chevi @Liv
  14. I have a million threads, I really shouldn't be thinking of taking yet another character!

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      Torn between the faction leader of the Whites, or a lower-down charioteer for them.

  15. Came across this stunning 3D walk-through of a computer recreation of Hadrian's villa at Tivoli...
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