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    @Sarah (and @Kali actually!!) I play Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus, one of the current consuls, and I'm absolutely desperate for him to have a thread with someone in the Imperial family before the end of the year (and of his term of office) - especially as he's part of the new consilium while he's in office, to help guide and counsel the new Caesar.
  2. "I don't know. Talk to him, not necessarily about things that'll make him uncomfortable, but about things that are important to you." Teutus unfastened his belt and pulled his tunic over his head before folding it and putting his clothing in one of the empty niches, soon adding his loincloth to the small pile. "If you're open with him, it's got to make it easier for him to be open with you," he said, and shrugged. It was how he wished things were between himself and his father, though they never would be. He wondered suddenly if Tertius knew how to be open with anyone at all. "Don't close yourself off from him, though. That's... Well, that's how me and Charis ended up in the mess we're in." Alexis was a very different person from Tertius and Teutus hoped that he'd be able to create a better relationship with his son than Teutus had with his own father. It must help that Alexius' son wasn't a slave. @Atrice
  3. Teutus managed a small smile of his own at the compliment to his secretarial skills; he had had an exacting master and had tried to be the best secretary he could be. It had obviously worked. He could not continue in the role, though plenty of freed secretaries did. He was more than just a freedman, after all, he was Tertius' son (despite their rocky moments and disagreements) and he had his business to run. If it weren't for that, and other things, he'd probably stay in the role a little longer, at least until Tertius could find a replacement. "I will," he said instead - and he would. He was the only person other than Tertius who knew exactly what would make someone a success in the role, after all - he might know even better than Tertius did, because he knew, as Tertius didn't, what he'd needed to do to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes. Quite how one went about finding someone who would be trustworthy in the role was anyone's guess, though, and Teutus had little experience of buying slaves for such a senior household position. "How is everything in the Senate?" he asked instead, trying to make it sound like a casual question, the way it had used to be when he had been just a secretary, before Charis, before Peregrinus, before his manumission. @Atrice
  4. "Very well," Marcus said, and dipped a reed pen into his inkpot to make a note at the bottom of the last column of text. Of course Menelaus would be honoured; he was a decent charioteer with a rather large fanbase that would probably be sad to see him retire from racing, but would be pleased for his freedom (probably - doubtless not all of them would be, but they would get over it soon enough). "It's only right that you should have the opportunity; you have been a good racer for the faction, after all." If he didn't win, he would still have the opportunity for his freedom, of course - Marcus would not snatch that away from such a deserving man. It just might play out a little differently than it would were he to win in front of the crowds that would be present for this particular race. "Do you have any questions for me?" he asked, wiping his pen off and looking up at the other man. @Járnviðr
  5. "I miss it," Davus admitted, before he quite realised that he'd said the words out loud. It wasn't the sort of thing he'd say to a free person, not usually, but then, he'd never really had this sort of conversation with a free person before. Well, there had been that conversation with Artemon, but that had been a conversation with a fellow Egyptian and wasn't quite the same. He shifted as she asked what gods he worshipped; it probably wasn't a good idea to admit he was thinking more and more about the Jewish God and the recent sect that was gaining popularity. "There are all sorts of gods worshipped in Egypt," he said (which was only the truth). "I was down near the temple of Isis here in Rome recently - did you know she had a temple here?" It wasn't a lie, prceisely, but wasn't the entire truth - he had been near the temple of Isis, which was where he'd met Artemon. He hadn't been in the area to join the worshippers there, though. @Atrice
  6. "You're welcome," Aulus replied, a little out of breath himself. He adjusted his own position, letting her pull the bedclothes over them to hide her nakedness, though he found himself on his side facing her. "I hope that whatever you were expecting, the reality wasn't a disappointment," he said, and had to hide a yawn - good sex often left him feeling sleepy afterwards and it had been good sex, whatever her expectations had been. He rubbed her cheek softly with his knuckle. @Sara
  7. "Much warmer," Davus said, and shrugged. "At least, much warmer in winter and about the same in summer, though there's nearly always a breeze at least that makes it feel cooler." Probably because it was by the sea and Rome wasn't. He was in no hurry to go anywhere; it was nice sitting and talking like this. He wondered if she scolded her own slaves for not hurrying home when they'd had errands that took them out of the house. "No, Domina, you're not." Well, strictly speaking, she wasn't - he'd already dropped the laundry at the fuller's and ought to be heading home. He'd probably only be set to sweeping everything the Dacian woman hadn't, or scrubbing the floors or something. It could wait, anyway - though he was likely to get a scolding if he was out for much longer. He'd had worse. "Are you out shopping or something, Domina?" he asked, as if they were friends of the same status, which it seemed she was pretending they were, as much as possible. @Atrice
  8. Aulus was practised at going through the motions when it came to drinking, so the boy only had to top his wine up, rather than fill an empty cup. He didn't think the same could be said for Horatius, though. There was something sad about seeing a man such as he succumb to the wine; Aulus would try to keep him from getting too drunk - especially here in a common popina during the day - though he was not willing to bet a bent quadrans on whether he could manage it completely. If Horatia needed a project to focus on, it seemed that her father did too - he probably needed it more, in fact. Aulus picked up his cup and swallowed a mouthful before lowering it back to the table. "How is Lucius getting on these days - you'll have to remind me where his current posting is." It was worth an attempt to redirect his attention from the wine, anyway - he had four children whose accomplishments he could rightfully boast of, and Aulus was willing to listen to them, at least for now. @locutus-sum
  9. "We have all been doing well." Whatever that meant, with regard to Tranquillus and Florus and their dancing around one another as far as affection and relationships went. Attis didn't think he wanted to pry into all that - they had each flushed practically incandescent when he'd had The Talk with each of them, and if they hadn't figured it out and got together, well, he was back in his own house with his own issues and they had to do something on their own. Speaking of his own issues - "Licky!! No - don't dig that up! Not again, you'll kill it!" The dog had been pawing at the ground beneath a decorative orange tree and ignored Attis, who sprang up from his seat to attempt to drag the dog away. "I wonder if your master had any idea how big this thing was going to get when he gifted him to mine," he said, dragging the dog over by the collar. "Sit. Stay!" He turned back to Tranquillus. "I've known slaves who were more obedient!" He'd known free people who were more obedient, in fact, but it didn't seem politic to say so. @Chevi
  10. Once they reached his office, Marcus crossed to the scroll cubby-holes to look for one particular scroll - he kept records on everything to do with the Whites, from its employees to the horses and slaves, and the races they took part in. When he found what he was after, he crossed to his desk, sitting down and unrolling the scroll, Menelaus' record. The man was a successful charioteer (Marcus did not need the record to know that much), bringing in a substantial sum over the years, and of course his value had increased in proportion. "You will be racing in the celebrations for our new Augustus," he said - of course there would be races and naturally each faction would only allow its best to take part in the most prestigious of those races, on the day when the new Emperor would be present. "I am not one to hold a promise or threat over a man's head. Shall we say that, should you win this race, you gain your freedom. If you choose, this could be your retirement race and you can move to training the new charioteers. You need not retire from racing outright if you don't want." He leaned his forearms on the desk, clasping his hands on the open scroll. "Free or not, you will have quarters and work here, you need not worry about that." @Járnviðr
  11. Volusa had been prepared to be asked something more personal - had she always been a slave, how had she got the position of the mistress' body slave - and while the query was none of those, it was one that really should not be asked anywhere the family or any other free person should overhear. She should have expected it, really. "Yes," she said, simply. "Very - she won't put up with nonsense or anything, but she's very kind. I think you'll like her." She certainly hoped Antheia would, anyway - she was not blind to the mistress' faults, but nor would she follow her blindly, two extremes that personal slaves could often fall into. Volusa had spent her life in servitude in the Palace and was familiar with both the hero-worshipping sort of slave and those that treated their masters with disdain when out of their sight. She had little time for either sort, and hoped that Antheia would not turn out to be either, though she didn't think the older woman seemed to be that type of person. @locutus-sum
  12. While Sergia (and Secundus) didn't live in Rome, that didn't stop her visiting her uncle and cousins for some rather extended stays - Tertius' house was big enough to house his family several times over, with a staff to match, as befit a Senator and Praetor. One member of that staff (and incidentally of the family too, though not officially being a slave, the son of the Senator and a slave woman) was Teutus, the said Senator's secretary. This afternoon, the Senator was out somewhere that didn't require his secretary to attend him, and his young daughter was visiting a neighbour she was friends with, which left Teutus alone to finish copying out some correspondence for the Senator, a task that didn't take him very long once people stopped interrupting him. Once that was done, with the letters left neatly on the desk in the tablinum for Tertius to sign when he returned, Teutus found a seat in the garden to enjoy a moment in the sun. He hadn't been there long when he became aware that his cousin Sergia was there, and scrambled to his feet. "I beg your pardon, Domina," he said. @locutus-sum
  13. I might be taking a trip soon as well. As a tribune, likely. Well, that was news to Gaius - had Lucius finally come to his senses and decided on a suitable career path? Why break the news in a public setting like this if he had? (Not that a private dinner was very public, but it was more public than just the two of them.) He was willing to bet that Ovinia had guessed right - if that was indeed the path Lucius had chosen, it was probably only to get as much distance between the himself and Gaius as he possibly could. The Mare Nostrum could be handy like that, as could the Alps and the expanse of Gaul. "A Tribune is basically the executive officer for the Legate of a legion or the governor of a province," he said in response to Ovinia's query. "What he actually does varies greatly depending on who his superior is and what's going on, but he's responsible for putting the legate's orders into action." There was a lot more to it than that, of course, but that was what it all boiled down to. He thought that Lucius could be good at it, though he had his doubts his brother had actually decided on that. @Chevi @Sara
  14. Davus of Aegyptus... it made him sound like a free person, though technically it should be 'of Alexandria' if anything. Or, these days, 'of Rome' although anyone who was of Rome had a proper nomen and cognomen, being a citizen which Davus wasn't. Still, it was nice of her. "It's a lot like Rome in some ways," he said, in answer to her question. "There are a lot of people there from all different places - Greeks and Jews and Egyptians like me, all sorts of people. It's on the sea, though, and has two harbours of its own, with the Pharos that you can see from nearly anywhere in the city - it isn't all hills like Rome is." He was probably making a complete hash of describing it in a neat orderly fashion, but it had been so long since he'd been there, and there was very little chance he'd ever return. Even thinking about it was making him homesick and he had to swallow before he could have another mouthful of the flatbread she had bought him. @Atrice
  15. "No, it isn't fair - life isn't fair, and don't we both know it." Teutus shrugged. "Just think what a sad little life he leads, if that's the only way he can live, though. And," he swallowed, "babies need their mothers. Don't let him grow up with just my father, gods know what he'll turn out like if that's all he knows." Chances of him growing up at all if Charis wasn't around were slim, but not non-existent; many children died before they were five anyway. "It's in the past, forget him." Easy to say, of course. He could quite happily shove Helios into the Tiber for hurting Charis, but that was neither here nor there. @Sara
  16. They seemed to have a truce, though not necessarily an outright understanding. Teutus didn't think his father realised just how hard it was for him to ask for anything, he'd never been able to before and wouldn't know where to start, especially with the knowledge that the domus and everything in it would go to Charis' baby as the lawful heir. Especially when he'd had no special treatment as a slave, sleeping in the same quarters as the rest of Tertius' slaves, wearing the same clothes and eating the same food as them. He cautiously settled back down on the couch - there had been a couple of moments where he had come so very close to following Wulfric and Charis out of the room, though he thought that, in the end, he was glad he hadn't. It didn't make things any less awkward though, not really. "Have you found a new secretary yet?" he asked, feeling that as much as he might not have been open with his father, his father was closed off to him when it came to the sort of things that he thought fathers and sons usually talked about. But then, Tertius was always a closed-off private sort of man, why change the habit of a lifetime! @Atrice
  17. "My name is Davus, Domina," he told her, swallowing a mouthful of food. "And I'm from Alexandria, originally - in Aegyptus." Though she was a patrician lady, she ought to be more aware of where Alexandria was than the average woman. She might even have been there, after all; didn't upper class women travel wherever they pleased (or where their fathers and husbands pleased to take them, probably, which wouldn't be the same sort of thing at all!) "Alexandria has a lot of people from different places, too, though it's not like Rome," he added, thoughtfully. It was older - or rather, it felt older, part of a land that was much, much older than this cooler, greener country. @Atrice
  18. "As often as I can," Volusa replied. "You'll probably have more chance than me to come here, though - I'm the mistress' body slave which means I'm with her nearly all the time, and sleep in her room." It curtailed the freedom to come and go which she had had as just another palace slave back before she'd been given the responsibility of serving the princess exclusively, but that lack of freedom did have the benefit of putting her above most of the other palace slaves, with the exception of those slaves who attended the other members of the Imperial Family. "The only time we shouldn't be here is if we're wanted elsewhere, or if someone in the family is out here, but that doesn't happen very often." She looked at the older woman, who was looking a bit happier than she had earlier, and dared add, "If you want to ask me - anything, you can." @locutus-sum
  19. "If you put it near the window, even one window should be enough," Davus said, wishing he had Florus here to help with the gardening talk - he just watered what plants he was told, when he was told to do it, and followed instructions when it came to everything else. He didn't really have much skill or knowledge when it came to plants, he'd never needed to know how to look after them. "I mean, you probably can come to visit, but I'm likely to be busy and not get the time to talk with you and so there isn't much point you coming to see me, is there? If I come to see you, we'll both know I've got the time," he said - the chances were very high indeed that he'd be waiting on his master or one of the other members of his family if Artemon or anyone else called at the house. Davus' time wasn't his own, after all, he was there to do whatever tasks he was set by the master at whatever time the master chose to set them. He followed Artemon's sketch as best he could, though it wasn't too hard, and he was used to memorising things. "I don't know when I'll next have time off, but I'll try to come and see you," he said, thinking that his new friend was equally likely to be busy unless Davus came round in the evening. "I should probably be heading back," he added, looking up to the sky to try to judge what the time was and whether he was going to be missed soon. @Liv
  20. I don't mind either, so long as it isn't lora. If you could visit anywhere in the Empire, where would you most like to go?
  21. "How do you expect me to be any better than him at finding him a wife? I can't even persuade you to marry me, how in Juno's name do you expect me to persuade some patrician lady that she wants to marry the master?" As objections went, it was quite reasonable, in Attis' opinion. Anyway, only look what had happened the last time Longinus had arranged to marry someone, and Attis had been the one to encourage him in that courtship, too. He had a bad track record when it came to romantic relationships; Longinus was probably better off asking Metella or Vitus. If another attempt fell through, Attis would bet that either of them would appreciate the next tour of Greece or wherever Longinus would head to get away. @Chevi
  22. Antheia's reaction was everything that Volusa could have wanted and she smiled at the older woman. "I come here as often as my duties allow, but I'm with the mistress more than any of her other slaves except Cynane, who's her bodyguard," she said. Antheia would probably be able to be out here more than Volusa, because her own duties would allow her more free time than Volusa generally got. @locutus-sum
  23. Of course they were in the Forum Romanum, with Davus' master sequestered somewhere within the Curia Julia (probably). The Temple of Venus Genetrix was close enough to where they were standing that the lady wouldn't feel he was dragging her halfway across Rome for no reason, and while it was perhaps a little too close to the Curia for Davus' comfort, it was set at an angle to it and he was sure they could find space on the steps where they could be out of the way of petitioners entering or leaving the temple, and out of the direct view of Senators leaving the Curia when it reached kicking-out time. He made sure the lady was seated comfortably before taking a seat himself one step below her - he didn't know her, he didn't want to run the risk of having her throw a very aristocratic (and entirely reasonable) fit because he'd put himself on her level. "Not obvious at all, Domina," he hastened to assure her. "It must be more obvious that I'm not a native Roman, though." His accent must give that away, if nothing else about him did. He carefully tore his flatbread in half, passing half to her own slave, who hadn't been given anything. @Atrice
  24. "That one, please," Davus said, indicating the flatbread that had caught his eye. "I -" he added, once he'd received his food and registered what the lady had said. He swallowed the protest; being commandeered by this young lady would give him a reasonable excuse for returning late, if it turned out that he needed the excuse. "I don't know about benches, I usually find a step out of the way to sit down if I need to," he said, trying not to show his frank astonishment that a lady (who must be a patrician, judging by her clothes and manner) fully expected to sit and eat, and have him join her - it was surely obvious that he was a slave; the tag on his slave collar wasn't hidden by his tunic. Was it? "If you don't mind, that it, Domina," he added, though she was the one who'd suggested it, so she probably didn't mind too much. Though, she might object to sitting on a step anywhere, even if it was out of the way. "Are you new to the city, Domina?" @Atrice
  25. Of course she'd forgotten her money, it wasn't as though she counted every as the way Davus did. She probably spent money like water on things she didn't really need, just for the sake of it, for something to do. He handed the coins over, and suddenly registered what she'd said. "I - if you're sure you don't mind?" he said. Well, it would mean he could keep his own coins for more important things. Like saving up for his freedom. "I'll have one of the flatbreads, if you're sure, Domina." They had cheese and onion on them and looked delicious, especially as hungry as Davus was. @Atrice
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