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  1. Quintus put on a kind, if not overly expressive smile. Truthfully, he had already decided to have the senior officer of the tribune in question investigate all of his subordinates. It was a regular process that he had instituted within the Praetorians - regular checks and balances to avoid the all-too-often deceit and treachery that had plagued their ranks under previous rulers. "Very well. I am confident you will serve Rome well in the coming year, and beyond," he said, "and you will have my support in getting there." He was then reminded of a lesson his mother had taught him, and o
  2. Eppitacos grinned quickly at Cinnia's wink and took another quick drink as he listened to her answer. "I see..." he said, contemplating her answer. Still not long removed from the conclaves and lessons of the Druids, Eppitacos' mind still worked inquisitively, taking in everything and breaking it apart to ask more and learn more. "That is a good answer for what you want to do, and of course Britannia will appreciate your sword," he did not think of any of the soldiers he was now in command of as being his but rather the gods'. "... but that isn't what I asked," he returned her wink. "Sure
  3. Lucius was listening, while also trying to not overthink about how awkward it felt to purposefully slow his strides to match Caecina's pace. He remained quiet as she professed she hadn't travelled recently. It seemed, to him, that her more recent memories of travel beyond Rome were tied to some sort of tragedy or lament - something they shared. At the mention of her 'mother', Lucius pondered for a moment whether she referred to her birth mother or Juliana... though the quick frown that fell on her lips answered that question for him. He didn't pry on that subject, but made a mental note to rem
  4. Quintus smirked at Helios' insistence on knowing his name. He'd assumed - obviously incorrectly - that even in that dimly-lit room, his features would be recognized. Apparently not. Unless the man was simply in so much disbelief that he wanted to hear Caesar's name directly from his own mouth. "Perhaps the light doesn't do me justice," he quipped, and then added, "I am Caesar." He stopped there, to watch the man's reaction and then asked if he had any other questions so that they might get started with the job. @Atrice
  5. Quintus remained seated but looked up. He kept a straight face, nodding at the man's introduction and deciding to forgo mentioning any sort of name for his new persona. And then they went directly into business. "I am," he said, and then pulled back his hood. The disguise had served its purpose in concealing his identity on the journey to the meeting. But for the true weight of the matter to really weigh upon this Helios, Caesar needed the man to see him for who he was. "There is a very delicate and personal situation that I need dealt with. A situation that cannot be officially reco
  6. Chris

    Riv's Plotter

    Well hello! For old time's sake, we definitely need to get some threads rolling. Here's who I have, and some ideas. Quintus Caesar: They'd certainly know each other, and I daresay he would trust Antonia, simply for the role she played in supporting his family throughout the turbulent years prior to his rise to power, not to mention everything else. I could see them working together - although unofficially - in respect to her power in the underbelly of Rome and how that could help a Caesar. No great ideas beyond that atm. Eppitacos: Former warlord in Britannia/former champion gladiato
  7. Quintus kept his eyes trained on Aulus as the man spoke what he knew of the situation, and for his part Quintus believed what he was told. The mere fact that Aulus had made the effort to come and speak with him in person said enough about his character. He knew that Caesar was the type of man who preferred to hear any sort of news face-to-face, rather than through missives and whispers. And to put it simply, Caesar truthfully had little love for any Praetorians lower than those at the top whom he trusted with his life. "I understand," came his simple response. He felt that he needn't say
  8. "Cinnia, cousin of Ysulda," he said, repeating her name and her place in the midst of things. Even in their politics the Brigantes were more developed and complicated, for the sheer number of families claiming some connection to the royal house. He smiled at her compliment. "You think so?" And then chuckled despite himself. "My advisors all told me to prepare something, but I thought it might be more rousing to speak from the heart." He said, making a fist of his right hand and tapped it against his chest. He took a drink of the warm honeyed beer in his goblet and then asked a potent
  9. Lucius let his legs take him around the villa of his mother-in-law Juliana as he thought about what he should do. Eventually he found his way to the stables where he came to his trusted steed. He decided then to travel into the city proper. The farther he got from the villa, the more his thinking drove him to frustration. He spurred his horse to a swift charge, as if he were preparing to run down an enemy. His body charged with adrenaline and he knew what he needed to do. "I'm going to burn it to the ground." finis
  10. Eppitacos had been raised to observe nature, and observe people. First as a Druid, and for the rest of his life to that point as a fighter. He could understand how a person felt, or what they might be thinking based on how they stood, or how their eyes darted frantically back and forth. Truthfully a part of him hated that for everything he had earned, all the riches and glory, he was still beholden to this frightened woman in the middle of a bunch of trees. That his newfound freedom could be taken away with a simple call for help from her. But, there was a chance to diffuse any sort
  11. Lucius found his characteristic grin sticking to his face as Caecina admitted test-taking might not be her strongest skill. He followed her lead in handing off his wine to the nearby servant, and then nodded as she suggested they travel to a particularly pleasant enclosed area that she enjoyed. Though he typically walked a brisk pace - habit after years of marching in the legions - Lucius let his legs fall in step with Caecina. He racked his brain, thinking back on previous encounters they had had. Truthfully, Lucius had always seen Caecina as a child. She had clearly grown, and though he
  12. Lucius took in the sight of his younger, still more innocent brother. He still had a boyishness about his face. In that moment he realized that Marcus looked more like their true father while Lucius had a more narrowed face like their grandfather and uncle Decimus. He gave a quick, soft smile when Marcus asked whether he should tag along. "I think I'll go it alone this time, brother," Lucius said. He walked closer to his brother and set a hand on his shoulder. "Rest up, and I'll call upon you in the morning. We'll get our home back." With that Lucius set down his goblet and left. His
  13. Eppitacos caught her every moment from her stilted breaths to the way her foot caught against the incense burner and brought a grimace to her face. Yet her fear held her in place. He heard her warning: That she had a freedman on the road ready to protect her if needed. Before he could say anything to reassure her that he had no ill intent, she spoke again, questioning who he was and what he was doing. Both valid questions considering the circumstance. "I haven't any weapons," he said first, keeping his arms raised and his voice as calm as possible. "So you don't need to call out to anyone
  14. Still not into his second decade of life, Eppitacos found himself a king. Just a year ago he had been Diolain, a bastard born to a Roman slave; a member of the priestly caste who found his way of life being rapidly erased from the world as the Romans pressed on in their colonization. It was less than half a year ago he had made himself known as Eppitacos, the son of Caratacos. The news spread quickly that the warrior-priest and son of Caratacos had continued raiding Roman lines and harassing their efforts, and soon enough Cogdobunos - brother to Caratacos and Roman-made ruler of the Catuvellau
  15. Eppitacos had been a free man for almost a month. Calpurnia, whom had purchased him by way of proxy at the private auction held by the Caesars earlier in the same year, had surprised him with an early Saturnalia present. As she had said: "This year, your freedom won't end after a week of celebrations." As was the custom, and as he felt obliged to do, he took her gentile name, and took the name of his mother, then added on his own to officially restyle himself as Servius Calpurnius Eppitacus... though to most he was still Eppitacus, or just Epp. The first thing he decided to do with his fr
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