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  1. Hey all! After taking some time to find that spark again (and lighten my character load), I'm finally ready to see what's out there for plots. Take a gander at my characters/ideas, and let me know if anything sounds enticing! LUCIUS JUNIUS SILANUS Background: Adopted son (biological nephew) of Decimus Silanus, who was most-well known for defeating a pirate threat, and launching the second wave of invasions in Britannia against Eppitacos (where he was ultimately killed in battle). Lucius grew up accustomed to death and chaos, and has not had an easy life since Decimus' death.
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    Hey hey! I play two characters currently. First is Eppitacos, who would certainly be familiar with Owyn considering their shared history. He was also a gladiator for most of the 10+ years he's been in Rome. Part of a plot I had for him was that after Ysulda fled to Rome, she married Albinus - the lanista in charge of Epp. She wouldn't have Epp earn his freedom, so she set up an attack on him that resulted in him being wounded so bad that he had his sword arm amputated. After all of that, instead of being freed, he was sold by Caesar to a Vestal - Calpurnia (sister-in-law to Sara's Horatia
  3. Eppitacos couldn't help but smirk at her mention of her husband's less than complimentary recollections of Britannia. He wouldn't expect any different from a Roman... especially if her husband had been fighting the Britons when Eppitacos commanded them. "I have not," he said, affirming that he hadn't traveled beyond Rome before that very trip from which he was then returning. "Any exposure I had to anything beyond Roma was from fighting men and beasts brought from abroad. I'd prefer to see them in their natural element." To which she mentioned Calpurnia and her villa. Eppitacos knew
  4. Eppitacos smirked as he walked away and heard Cinnia's "Alright" lift into the air behind him. He dashed quickly through the hall leading out into the open air plaza, and once there let his eyes dart around for anything that might work as a sword. Hearing Cinnia's footsteps behind him, he found nothing than a tree in the corner with barren limbs. He reached up, using his strength to snap nearly sword-sized limbs from the tree. They were hefty enough to grasp tightly, and not too flimsy. He turned to greet Cinnia. "Not quite swords, but these will do," he laughed, and handed the longer of
  5. Lucius smiled. "I don't imagine you will need to be in battle commanding soliders," he began, "but one day you'll have a family, a litter of small Caecinae running about," he lowerd his hands toward the ground and fluttered them about to mimic the sporadic movements of children at play. "And then the commander in you will come out." They had almost completed their tour of the garden.. though in reality the pair had spent more time looking at one another than any of the scenery. It had been a much needed respite for Lucius, considering everything else that had been going on in his life.
  6. Note from Chris: FORTUNA AUGUSTI JULY-SEPTEMBER 76 AD It is the 829th year since the founding of Rome, and for the better part of two decades the empire has had peace. After bringing a swift defeat to the usurpers and traitors who with their very actions moved to unravel the fabrics that made up the sacred traditions of the eternal city, Imperator Quintus Flavius Caesar Alexander Augustus has managed to maintain balance by directing the ambitions of those under his control toward strengthening their empire internally with great architectural projects, and fortifying her borders a
  7. Indeed it was not a lot of information. Quintus adjusted his seating and rolled his neck around his shoulders to crack it before continuing. "I don't know the exact date she arrived," he admitted, but added "within the last month." He paused before answering the second half of Helios' question. Her relations. "She is an illegitimate member of the Flavian family," he said at last, his eyes pointed and direct as if to relay the unspoken details. "I have reason to believe that she was made aware of that fact just recently and thus came to Rome to seek out either more answers.. or status, or
  8. Lucius didn't attempt to hold in the laughter that burst from him as Caecina balked at the thought of being comparable to a solider. "You've obviously never seen the screamers of the Celtic tribes.. they're all women and very formidable." Lucius had seen green recruits and veterans of the eastern frontiers alike stopped in their tracks when facing a charge from the female warriors of the Britannic tribes. Caecina wasn't so terrifying in her present state, but he held no doubts she could be ferocious if the need arose. "Being an officer is..." he paused, thinking of how to best answer her
  9. Eppitacos took in the clues she gave with her movements and her body language. She was a strong woman, there was no doubt... and stubborn, it seemed - though that was not always a vice.He smiled quickly at her comment on his kindness, and then waited with a held breath as she tried to find the words to explain that she was not in any sort of immediate danger. Though, based on what she said, there was something more emotional or perhaps spiritual affecting her well-being. He nodded, understanding the feeling of being pent up and smothered that came along with spending too much time in the
  10. Eppitacos grinned at Cinnia's suggestion. "Why sometime?" He asked before shooting his eyes in all directions to survey their surroundings. The party seemed lively, with anyone who was someone involved in some sort of conversation or drinking competition. "I could use a breath of fresh air," he continued, "and you can show me your stance." He jerked his head for her to follow him and without waiting for any sort of response turned his body to leave the main chamber where the gathering was being held. A short hallway connected the great hall to an open air plaza of sorts. @Atrice
  11. Eppitacos made continued mental reminders to himself to maintain an easygoing appearance - he didn't want to appear rigid or imposing to this woman before him. He kept his eyes on her as she admitted that she was familiar with his name, and surprisingly that she was Calpurnia's sister-in-law. His eyes widened at the revelation. He had never taken much time to learn much of Calpurnia's extended family. He knew she had a brother, but not much more than that. Though it seemed that Calpurnia had spoken of him to her relatives. He put a small smile on his face as he and the noblewoman found so
  12. He kept his eyes on Cinnia as she shifted under his questioning. There wasn't really a right or wrong answer that he wanted to hear; he simply wanted to test her resolve to be whatever her desires pulled her toward at that moment. He was surprised, though, that she was still not promised to anyone. Surely it would come in time. It was simply how their culture worked for the majority of the nobility. "That is good," he said, "that you have something you like." He took another drink. "I don't think it odd at all." He looked over to the queen, who ruled over the most powerful kingdom in all
  13. After the praise and thanks and talk of honor was finished, Caesar nodded. Truth be told, he wished he wasn't in a situation to need a secret meeting with a slave who made his career off finding and selling secrets, among whatever other things he did. However, Quintus was a man who understood that no matter a man or woman's station, they could have skills and value. He fully believed in giving the opportunity for someone to prove themselves. Helios' opportunity was at hand. "I need you to find someone," he started. "An Athenian woman recently arrived from Greece. Her name as I know it is
  14. A genuine smile crossed Lucius' face as the warmth of Caecina's hand touched upon his arm. He looked squarely at her, directly into the heart of her eyes and deepened the lines of his smile against his cheeks. He truthfully did not like to hear laments for the losses, only because they reinforced the idea that something had been taken from him. He brushed aside the thought and gave thanks to Caecina for her compassion. Quiet briefly fell around them, though it wasn't so unpleasant as it might have been considering the location and the company. He looked to her as she energetically proclai
  15. Caesar nodded, and as he began to speak on another topic he was distracted by what sounded like the cries of a gutted pig coming from behind him. He turned quickly, straining his neck to get vantage on whatever it was that had produced such noise. Attendants rushed quickly from the corridors and after all of the commotion, Caesar saw his young son Drusus hopping on one foot while holding the other in his hands, his face wrinkled in pain. Drusus was not supposed to be in that section of the palace while his father held meetings, and so Quintus could only presume that his child had attempte
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