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  1. APRIL 75CE It had been a full year since Rukia came to Rome, and she had never bothered to witness an event. From the descriptions from her sisters, it all sounded like a bit of a barbaric, sweaty affair. Plus, she wasn't the biggest fan of crowds as of late. She had begun working closely with a woman who was soon to give birth at any moment, which meant long, long nights away from home. Her second eldest sister, the one that even married, still carried on with her crushes on a few of the fighters, finally begged her to come. And of course, Rukia being Rukia, could never turn her sister down. Even if she was certain she was going to resent every minute of the spectacle. Pushing through crowds of bodies and loud people, she and her sister finally found a spot that was perfect, even by lower class standards. "Rukia dear," her sister said, "Could get us some olives and maybe some wine? It's far more fun to watch with a snack." "Of course." She smiled, but inwardly, it took a lot out of her to keep from rolling her eyes. So, here she was, pushing through body after body, and deeply annoyed. All for her sister, and her determination to keep her mind from work. Pushing through a crowd is awkward, so when she made the wrong move, one of her hands accidentally slapped into the shoulder of some other person, of which she quickly started to apologize for. "Oh my goodness... please forgive me... I didn't see where I was going!" Honestly, she would have rather being delivering crying, squalling newborns over this.
  2. She was a mix of emotions. Rukia never felt the need to act as if her personal story was anything special. In fact, there were some parts of her life that she had regretted. One of those being the reason she was in Rome in the first place. Graciously, she sat next to the friendly codger, and almost instinctively offered him some fruit or bread before she started. “My name is Rukia.” She thought for a moment, and spoke again, “But in Abyssinian, it's more pronounced like Ruqqayah. I’ve gotten used to being Rukia in Roma, however Ruqqayah is my real name.” Her eyes glanced up at a statue as she tried to reminisce, “My father is Greek and my mother is an Abyssina, my grandparents didn’t like that very much, since they wanted her to marry a boy in their village, instead.” It was difficult to explain the story her mother told in Latin, but she tried the best she could, “So they left? Ah, eloped. For a year in Greece, and when she returned, she had my sister in her arms!” She smiled, her was a woman that believed in a child’s obedience, but to learn that even she rebelled for love was... intriguing. “My father’s family was different. They loved her.” @Gothic
  3. Their reaction, their sweetness. She almost yearned it in a way. Especially, Gauis' response as she woke him. When he hugged her, her own smile finally grew and patted him on his shoulder as they broke. "It's no trouble, Dominus," Her expression ever so gracious at his offer of wine. It wouldn't have hurt to be their guest, after all, she had a bit of a walk ahead of her. "Of course, I'd love some." Rukia answered, still curious about the elder's family life in Rome. She almost wanted to ask him about where he came from, but decided against asking him so soon. "Lead the way." @Gothic
  4. The announcement of a new arrival was always a grand thing in her mind. The way an expectant mother or father's face would light up at the news always seemed to warm Rukia's heart. 'Maybe one day,' Rukia thought, 'I'll be just as happy.' When she felt the tell-tale knot in Petronia's belly, even she smiled. "Thank you, in advance, for praying for me. I'll make sure to pray for your child's health in these coming months." If the child was conceived around this time, Rukia surmised that this child was meant for winter. "It will be cold around the time of your delivery, so be mindful and eat plenty of fresh things." Seeing that Petronia would probably want some time to herself, she stepped out to find Gaius, resting against the wall not far from his daughter's room. She cleared her throat, "Dominus Gauis, I have an announcement." Rukia said, "Your daughter is indeed pregnant. Depending on the time, she'll deliver in the winter." He was snoring so loudly, that she wondered if he could even hear within his dreams! @Gothic
  5. This Gaius was certainly, interesting. She understood him for the most part, and shook her head when he offered to speak in a language she could understand a bit more. "No need, Gaius. I need to learn to speak the local language better, either way." She laughed when he told her an excerpt of a story he'd experienced in the past, "I hope that didn't sour you to the people of Nubia. We're usually far more hardworking and honest than that!" She smiled sweetly once introduced to his beautiful Petronia, she almost thought she must've been his young wife the way she carried herself within their home. She sat so tall and regal. Only the tribal queens of the West and north of Nile seemed to carry such beauty. Yet, granted, her mother Neferat is also such a beauty. "It's nice to meet you, Petronia." Rukia said with a slight nod. Eyeing her father, however, she was glad she didn't have to say anything to get him to leave. Moments like these were better spent without an audience. She waved him off before she moved towards Petronia and began her work, "Domina Petronia, if I press your belly like so, let me know if you feel any pain..." With how nice this family appeared, she hoped that this would be an easy visit! OOC: It's okay if we skip! I'd just say that it's possible she might be feeling some early stages of pregnancy, just in time before her morning sickness settles in. @Gothic
  6. "I only want what's best for all. If I can make a choice that can keep all from harm, I'll do it." Which was true. Because they crossed paths, she felt responsible for his safety, even if they were merely strangers. "Keep it." She patted his shoulder, "Maybe you'll be in less trouble when you present it. I'll pray for you." She moved away from him, finally tying the necklace back on before she hid the sparkling gem underneath her dress. She didn't have much time to braid her hair, so she let it all fall down once she was done. Rukia almost wanted to roll her eyes at him calling her Domina, as if she deserved any title other than Rukia , but she let it be. "I promise, Helenus. I may be foreign, but I am learning more and more. Keep me in your prayers." Was this goodbye? She wasn't sure, a part of herself felt a little pained that they'd probably never see each other again, but she wasn't sure why. She'd met many that have walked in and out of her life the short time that she'd be here, but this meeting would be one to affect her the most. She'd think of him often. Quickly, she grabbed her sister's belongings and left him, but not before looking back to smile, and say "Take care, Helenus. " And with that, she was gone. @Atrice
  7. "So, it was her." Rukia's expression fell, still conflicted at the idea of reporting someone else in a similar position. "I had a feeling. In fact, I wanted to question her right before I caught you." Her fingers fiddled with her purse again, until finally, she decided to remove the necklace... but leave the rest inside to gift to him, "Here. It's not much, but consider it something to offer to whoever asks." It was small and made of leather, and beaded on the side was a symbol, similar to a marking that was etched into her left wrist. "If you're ever seriously hurt, find me. I'm a healer and I don't live far from here." She wanted to reassure him. To tell him that everything would be okay and that all was forgiven, but even she was unsure of where his fate lied. "This may be out of our hands, but you shouldn't shoulder it alone. I help many slaves, some at no cost." Her eyes met his, possibly hoping to find some indication of calm or... something... anything to keep her from worrying about the young stranger, "I hope that the next time I'll see you, it will be under better circumstances." And she meant that, truly. @Atrice
  8. Rukia Agda was the daughter of a sailor and a midwife and grew up in a small village where everyone knew everyone. Life was never perfect, but what they all prided on was honesty and protecting each other. Maybe that's why she still didn't understand the Empire's ways or the desire to hold the life of someone else between the palms of your hand. She couldn't bring herself to put Helenus into harm's way, not over a necklace, at the least. She didn't press him further for explanations on his behavior. What he said, while still vague, had to be enough. "Well, if it's what you have to do... it's what you have to do." Carefully, she slipped the necklace from his hand, and instead of placing it back on, she slipped into her purse. As far as her forgiveness goes, she finally smiled at him, "I couldn't live with myself if I decided to hate you for what you've done without hearing you out. I'm glad I have. " She wasn't sure if she was supposed to do the next thing she did, but it was a habit that was hard to break. She decided to embrace him, squeezing him tight in her hug, and patted his head as a way to reassure him that she did forgive him. "Life is hard for us all, I suppose. It wouldn't be right of me, in my mind to have you hurt. I hope you can forgive me for yelling." She stepped away from him, and nodded. "I hope you find yourself someplace where you won't have to do such a thing." @Atrice
  9. He seemed very kind, which was a reprieve from her day to day interactions with the locals. It did help, somewhat, that his features were far more familiar to her. She had met some people with hair as red as fire or as gold as wheat, but admittedly, she felt a bit more at home with those looked more like her own family. This home also seemed to echo the light and airy nature of their meeting. It was a beautiful home, something she almost wanted to comment on, but felt it a bit rude to simply blurt it aloud. She walked in step with him, still smiling sweetly as he mentioned her patient's moods. "Ah, well most ladies tend to be if they're expecting. If she's truly with child, I'm sure her moods may lighten a little with the news." And while Rukia never experienced it, from examining enough women, there were other things that could make a pregnancy far more difficult than being simply 'fussy'. When he offered his hand, she hesitated a little, but shook it. The Romans had strange customs, but she would manage well just as long as she was determined and respectful. However, when he introduced himself as the Dominus or lord of the home, she stammered. "O-oh! It's a pleasure, Dominus Gaius?" Domina. Dominus. So many fancy titles and names, it could make her head spin. But this Gaius seemed so sweet and understanding, she only hoped she wasn't butchering his name. "No worries, Dominus. Your daughter is in safe hands, I promise. Now, could you direct me to her?" @Gothic
  10. If she were more cruel, she would've screamed at the top of her lungs to have him captured or struck down. She knew enough of what fate lied for a disruptive slave; tortures, worse conditions, reselling, or even death. But when she saw the pendant in his hands, all she could feel was relief. "Helenus," She walked closer to him, just enough to take his hand to close it around the her father's necklace. "How much does your livelihood matter for this?" The whole situation felt so wretched. She didn't know what his fate would be if he kept it, or she took it back with her. Was he going to sell or give it to someone else? She had so many questions to ask him. Rukia's heart was already broken. And as she spoke it began to shatter into even more pieces, but she never let on. "Life as a slave, it's hard, is it not?" That necklace meant the world to her. It still did. But it pained her even more to see the man grovel. "Why steal in the first place?" Her hand squeezed his. "Why not be honest working?" The answer to that question felt so obvious, but it was better to hear someone else's story than to judge. Concern painted over her light bronzed features, he seemed so young, too. He probably wasn't much older than her younger brother. "I forgive you." @Atrice
  11. "Kitty come here." Every midday, Rukia would feed her cat, Nedjem, a small meal of scraps from last night's dinner. She, at least Rukia believed Nedjem was a she, would come and go as she pleased, but would always return within midday and nighttime. Rukia left a plate of fish and meat by the door of the home she shared with her sister and her sister's children as a lanky black kitten scrambled up to eat. "Hello my sweet. I have a job to do now, so your meal was a little early, today. Be good and watch my family." ☼ The home she was called to was new to her, but she was more acquainted with a house slave that worked there. A sweet woman, Rukia believed, and she surely hoped that the Dom or Domina of the home was just as kind. She traveled about with her supplies carried in a heavy bag that was slung on her shoulder as she tried to remember the directions given. Evey once in a while, she'd have to apologize in accented Latin for either bumping into someone or being in someone's way. When she was nervous, her grasp on the language would slip, but once she found her destination, she eased. Her hair was covered in a yellow palla, which wrapped around the waist of her stolla, which was a similar color. Up ahead, she saw a man with skin the color of deep earth seated in front of the domus of her intended patient. He seemed friendly, but her experience with some Romans have left a nasty taste in her mouth, and had fully intended to leave him before he stopped her. She nodded, her lips in the shape of a small simper, "Indeed, I am Rukia Agda. And I am a midwife." Well, at least he did prove to be friendly. "It's a pleasure to meet you." @Gothic
  12. It was all she had, other than the markings on her hand, that she had of home. To be stripped of her identity like this, felt like death. One of the few things Rukia hated the most was dishonesty. But she also had this flaw of finding pity in some of the worst places. When he said the word, Domina, it caught her off guard. The way he looked down, facing only his feet, like a sad puppy. If she saw his face, well, her heart would break. In fact, her heart was already broken. "Don't call me that!" She cried, still just as flustered as before. "I'm no one's mistress, I'm not even Roman." Finally. She said it out loud. "I'm not a citizen. I'm just here. I may be free, but I'm still less than you." Was this a strategy? "If you want to refer me to something, call me by my name. Rukia." Maybe a part of herself hoped she could appeal to a different side of this Helenus, seeing as how low he felt. Or rather, appeared to be. It frustrated her, not knowing if she could trust him. Her heart was always soft on slaves. She stood, with her expression as stony and blank as she could muster, and quickly dressed, not caring if he saw. Her emotions were still raw, and her chest felt like caving within itself, but she breathed and finally spoke again. "Look at me." Her eyes fully affixed on his face, "I have so much to lose, just by telling you this." She sighed. "If you're being honest, then you'll help me find it?" Rukia's shoulders rounded as her gaze softened, "That necklace is really I all have of home. I've lost so much as it is, the last thing I wanted to happen was to lose something of home on my sister's birthday." Her eyes watered, but she wiped them, fully aware of making him pity her was probably a wasted effort. "I suppose I have no choice now." Her eyes left his. "I hope my father's necklace was worth it."All this, and she still wasn't truly sure if he was lying or telling the truth. @Atrice
  13. Suddenly, she became very aware of her own body. Her anger muddled her rationality at that time, and once her mind cleared, so did her modesty. She scrambled for her own clothes, messily wrapping herself within them while still keeping her eyes on the intruder. Her expression showed a mixed of anger, disgust... and some hurt. She wasn't particularly good with yelling at people without tearing up. And as her throat swelled and her eyes watered, she tried to croak out something to fill the silence. "Liar!" Rukia may have been a foreigner, but she certainly wasn't stupid. There were enough female slaves that worked in this section to that very thing he claimed to have done, to check, and monitor their items. The whole thing felt off to her. From the girl's insistence in her removing everything she had, to this! There was enough already bubbling up inside of her as it was. The fact that Rome was so massive, or how difficult it was for her to keep her from switching to Greek to Latin. She hated how the dogs would fight and look so hungry and sad, but were too proud to allow her to feed them. She hated how cramped her sister's home felt without her husband and she especially hated how hard it was to find work! At any other time, she was far more gracious and more easy to forgive and let go, but at this moment, Rukia was exhausted. "I am so tired of being lied to and mistreated just because my Latin is not as clear or formal. Even slaves think they're far better than me." She was shaking again, "Who are you? What's your name?" She glared so hard into him that she felt she could burn a hole into the walls of the Thermae if she could. Maybe it was wrong of her to hurl a thousand accusations at once, but she was already frazzled and burdened with enough that she couldn't hold it all in. If only she said no to her sister or begged their eldest one to come with, none of this would've happened. "And why are you doing this?"
  14. Feeling her skin begin to prune, Rukia finally excused herself and stepped from the bathing waters, squeezing excess water from her hair as she moved. Her sister was half asleep still, mentioning that she'd be right behind her. She held her breath until she finally reached the changing rooms... the apydoterium... a word she hadn't quite mastered in Latin, but knew the meaning of. Her eyes flicked between the gaze of the slave girl from before to the entrance of that lead to the niches before she entered. "Did you enjoy your bath?" "Ah, yes, it was quite warm." Rukia admitted. "Wonderful. We pride ourselves on our service, Miss." Rukia wasn't sure what else to say to the other girl, other than a small nod before she finally stepped in, unaware of the other's deception. Once inside, it didn't take much for her to sense that something was amiss. "Hello?" Nervous, she went to the niche where her clothes were folded and immediately saw that her necklace was gone. Her initial reaction was frustration, which quickly turned to anger and worry. "Where is it?" She was shaking. She didn't want to jump to conclusions, but the face of the slave girl flashed in her mind. But just in the nick of time, in her peripheral, she saw movement and turned. Another worker, this time male, was just leaving from the apydoterium as she turned. Her face already red with the heat of the water and the heat of anger, she nearly exploded. "What are you doing here?!" Rukia called in an accusatory whisper.
  15. It was freezing when she arrived in Rome. The snow had stopped falling that night, and everything was nearly pitch dark, while she shivered in a borrowed blanket as they saw the city on the horizon. That was her first memory of Rome. Now that it was warm, Rome seemed much more different. It was also around the time of her second oldest sister's birthday, and one of her favorite activities was to go to the baths. Rukia was always reluctant to go. She was far used to bathing privately, but she didn't want to let her sister down. They usually arrived at the end of the day, but Rukia's sister believed that a morning spent in the baths would be less crowded and noisy. It was barely sunrise when she and Rukia left, her other sister decided to stay behind with the children, seeing as she already had bathed. Rukia wondered if she was using that as an excuse, seeing as how pushy their other sister was during her birthdays every year. They walked closely together with their arms interlocked, with neither woman wanting to get lost while it was still a bit dark. As they got closer to the Thermae, Rukia grew a bit nervous. She had never gotten used to bathing so publicly. Did the people here not understand what privacy was? She knew her father's people had a similar tradition, but she had long been used to drawing her own baths after a long day, like in Abyssinia. As they stepped into the women's entrance a wave of heat hit her as she could feel the steam rise in the bathing room. Quickly, a young slave girl arrived, "Welcome to the Thermae Aventini. May I have all of your garments?" Rukia gaze averted from the other lady's as she nervous began to untie her robe. She could see in her peripheral that her own sister had already beat her in that regard, disrobing quickly to run into the steaming water. She was still struggling with her skirt before the slave girl offered to help, "N-no need," she laughed nervously, "I'm simply not used to this, I apologize." A common excuse she's learned to say in these past few months. Finally, once she was mostly undressed, the girl stopped her again. "Miss, I don't mean to intrude, but I do believe it would be wise to remove your gloves... and your jewelry?" Rukia's face paled a bit at the idea of removing her gloves, tattooed hands on a woman weren't exactly seen as becoming, and while a part of her was proud of them, she didn't want to make herself into a spectacle. "It's no problem, I can take off the pendant. My gloves will have to stay." Her necklace was a chain of gold, wrapped around a jagged piece of opal that her father gifted her once she turned eleven. It was a rare piece, and when the light hit the opal, it was iridescent and shined in a multitude of colors. "Ma'am..." Her thoughts were interrupted by the girl's slight show of impatience towards her, "Right! Ah," She untied the gold wire carefully from her neck and handed it to the girl, before she covered herself with her hands and made her way to the baths. "Finally!" Her sister called her over to where she was was sitting, "I was getting worried, did you struggle with your dress? If you wanted me to stay, you should've said so." Whether it was from the steam from the water, or her own embarrassment, Rukia's had grown blood red as she weakly nodded in agreement. "I suppose you're right." She answered through gritted teeth. The water was too hot for her, at first, but her body eventually adjusted to the temperature and she began her bath. After some time of soaking, Rukia grew curious and asked her sister in Abyssinian. "Where do you think they keep our things?" "In those niches over there, I believe. But I'm not certain. We should be done soon, if you're worried." Her sister said, her eyes still closed and half asleep near the edge of the large pool. "Of course." Rukia pulled her knees to her chest, suddenly feeling a bit exposed. "I'll check for our things in a few minutes, then." Rukia said, staring into her own reflection in the water.
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