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  1. Liv

    Mew's plotter

    Hey @Mew! So I've been thinking about how my characters could possibly cross paths with Aulus. While I'm unfortunately drawing a blank for my lower-class people, my Livia could get in touch with him if she caught wind of what he does - not necessarily guess at the darker stuff, but if she comes to know that he buys/sells/trades information she would assume that he also has contacts who do others' dirty work for them, and that would be just what she needs. She wouldn't go straight to him with that, though, but would first test his skills and discretion with some other task(s). As for
  2. Had Aglaea really wanted to tell her, thought? Or had she just taken advantage of Livia's fragility to do as she pleased? No-- that was spite rearing its ugly head and there was no reason to doubt Aglaea's claims; she had always been steadfast until this moment... and what a moment it had become. Of course Aglaea was speaking the truth. She had to be, because the alternative was just too horrid for Livia to even consider. "You're right," she admitted quietly, releasing her grip on Aglaea and letting her arms drop to her sides. Her body slave knew her better than she knew herself. If the t
  3. Livia found herself holding her breath in anticipation of the furious outburst she was sure would follow the changing emotions flashing through her husband's face, but was taken aback when the explosion did not come, replaced by icy calm. Averted until later, she thought, though it did not make her feel any more calmer. In fact, his parting words made her own temper flare. "You needn't worry. Even if you disrespected me and our marriage by bringing a whore into this house under the guise of a party, I will not do the same to you by dressing like one, regardless of how many men may be watching.
  4. Artemon kept his ears open, nodding at what Alexius was saying. They made sense, but even something as easy as gift-giving had him more than a little confused. "Right, something they want but not necessarily need. But how am I supposed to know what she wants if she won't even talk to me?" Couple that with them only liking presents sometimes, as Alexius had said, and Artemon was at a loss. Plus, given the sorry state of his finances, he couldn't very well be spending money on gifts that would be so far off the mark that they were refused. It was all so baffling! He scratched his chin next
  5. He had done the right thing by coming to Alexius, Artemon concluded, even if it had been nothing more than a stroke of fortune that they should meet on the stairway. If he had had papyrus and ink, he would have started taking notes, but being in the possession of neither he would simply have to make the effort to remember Alexius' tips. "So... you should not sell things to women? I thought they liked presents," he countered, scratching his ear and completely oblivious to the fact that if you bought something for yourself then it was hardly a present. But his neighbour was popular, and so Artem
  6. As long as the three of them were in the room, there would be no getting at the truth. The hand on her shoulder made Livia's blood boil, and she bit the inside of her lip to keep herself from removing it; fortunately Secundus seemed to pick up on how unwelcome it was and quickly drew it back. She felt like screaming out in frustration, but had no choice but to steady herself and deescalate the matter. However hoodwinked she felt, Livia owed it to the years of loyal service Aglaea had given her not to throw the slave under the lectica, particularly not when the fallout could put her in dire str
  7. Even without raising his eyes from his work or waiting to hear her words, Titus knew well enough who had just entered his small quarters without so much as a knock or a greeting. Couldn't a man be left to his studies in peace? With a sigh he put the twig he had been writing with inside a small cup filled with blood (a poor chicken's or pig's, he didn't know and didn't care) that passed for ink and fleetingly regretted that the twig was not hollow like straw, so that he might blow into it and spray Zia with the dark-red liquid. Of course, if they had just given him a wax tablet and a stylus in
  8. As expected, Alexius knew of Lucilla. Better yet, he knew her! Confirming his name with a quick 'uh-huh', Artemon listened with bated breath, his neighbour's words adding to the image of the lady in question that had formed inside his head the first day he had seen her, shortly after having moved in. She hardly ever looked his way, the few times they came across each other on their way in and out of their rooms. Iophon was the handsome one, he was well aware of it, but being ignored made his heart ache. "I would like to be, but she doesn't see me," he admitted, hanging his head and dislod
  9. For a loser, Titus was feeling rather pleased with himself, since the winning side hadn't taken long to join him in basking in the afterglow. Zia seemed to retain a little more of her faculties too, being considerate enough not to just flop down atop him when Titus had entirely forgotten about that in the heat of the moment. "I'll win next time," he countered with a smug inflection of his brow, not even pausing to reflect on what he had just said. Two hours prior the prospect would have had him grimacing, but now he was looking forward to it - and amidst the brain fog brought on by the fl
  10. Artemon was feeling down for the umpteenth time that week. Things were not looking up at all. As he carried an amphora full of water up the stairs, balancing it easily over his shoulder, he ran the maths in his head once more. Numbers weren't his strong suit, but even a bad student like him knew that unless his luck changed - or Iophon's, for that matter -, keeping a roof over their heads would be no easy feat. His thoughts quickly strayed to the topic of alternate lodging and then to his attractive neighbour Lucilla. She was so pretty and had such nice skin... hard to believe she was a l
  11. Livia could do nothing else than watch in dismay as Aglaea's eyes became wet with tears and she sunk to the floor, too distressed to react in any other way. What was the meaning of this?! Was the look on her face so fearsome that even Aglaea, who knew every single one of her moods, fell to her knees in fright? Anger evaporated into doubt and insecurity and Livia let her arms fall to her sides, eyes trained on Aglaea's dark hair. As she opened her mouth to order her body slave to stand and explain things properly, Secundus entered the room with no ceremony or even a word of excuse. Already
  12. Going by Zia's reaction, she seemed to approve of Titus' ministrations, and he was happy to continue obliging, easing his fingers further in and curling them upwards just a little. Gods, the sounds she made had him choking out shallow breaths until she suddenly pushed him off of her, leaving him dazed and confused until their positions were reversed once again and Zia had free reign over his body, sending sweaty goosebumps everywhere she touched, tempting him endlessly. All the teasing seemed to make the reward that much sweeter, and Titus closed his eyes and savoured the hot, constrictin
  13. Liv

    Liv's plotter

    Added Artemon and gifs
  14. When her body slave did not react the way Livia had come to expect, a seed of doubt planted itself inside her head. It was unlike Aglaea to hesitate at such a simple request - one she had fulfilled many times before, even. Perhaps... could she be shielding the culprit? But before she had a chance to pose the question, Aglaea spoke. Surely she had misheard. She had to have. Livia could only stare back at Aglaea, jaw slack in shock as she processed the words. Two thoughts collided within her: 'so you have a lover after all!' and 'but why?' battling to be the first one out of her mouth, and
  15. Oh. So it was. One of the many jokes that simply flew over Safinia, but at least Marcellus was kind enough to let her know of it. "There's a lot of jokes I don't get," she commented with a one-armed shrug, but did not dwell on it. Best to let him know several attempts at humour were lost in her, in case Marcellus was the jokester type. "I don't know about that, they're so spoilt." Stupid greedy horses, if she didn't keep an eagle eye on the pantry there wouldn't be any apples for the humans. "I don't think they like me. I sure don't like them," she muttered, looking about to make sure nob
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