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  1. Livia took the silver mirror without a word and brought it up to her face, craning her neck this and that way to catch a better glimpse of the string of pearls about it. Aglaea would surely be proven right: it wasn't every day that your husband was made consul, so the party's guest list was bound to extend all the way to Syria and feature the crème de la crème of Roman society. "Be sure to give her some pointers on how not to embarrass me. I don't want her making merry with the other slaves and forgetting herself." She put the mirror down, ready to hand it back to Aglaea, when the body sl
  2. Oh, how important Zia thought herself, and how wrong she was. Titus did nothing to suppress the eye roll her stupid question elicited. As if the propraetor had nothing else to do but sit around and wait for reports on corrupt citizens. The outrage that followed his own question, on the other hand, was soothing; she was a sadist hands down, but not that far gone yet. He pursed his lips in disdain, though the gesture only lasted a few seconds thanks to a smarting and very unpleasant sensation in the space between his nose and upper lip. "Your usual, then," Titus jeered, his mind's eye brief
  3. An idiotic answer, befitting a barbarian. His Latin was quite passable, though, and if nothing else, at least the man had got that out of slavery. Another benefit of Roman expansion: provide few opportunities for barbarians to use their pig languages until they faded into oblivion, replaced by the civilised duet of Latin and Greek. The deferential term the Dacian tacked on sounded to Titus' ears rather neutral, as it should. Any sign of animosity would have made him more inclined to set the slave straight as to his position, and a subservient tone would have been as fake as the wares of dodgy
  4. Hi Matri, glad to have you join us! None of us are professional historians, so I'm sure you'll fit right in!
  5. Iophon had a point - even the best laid plans fell victim to Tyche's whims, so it was best not to tempt the goddess if they wanted her on their side that night. "You're right, it could be something sketchy. Or dangerous," Artemon shuddered, suddenly aware of the possibility that it was something poisonous after all. He had heard the upper echelons of Roman society were rife with betrayal and backstabbing; maybe that was who Gallus was catering to? In that case, Artemon didn't think he wanted in on it anymore. The last thing he needed was to aggravate some bigwig. They huddled in the dark,
  6. "Uh, yes!" Artemon bristled, and would have looked like an offended cat if he had more body hair (alas, he did not, true to his Egyptian stock). "I'll have you know it's a very respectable name! It's after the goddess Artemis, although I don't expect you to know much about that," he scoffed at Zia, affront momentarily overruling the little sense he had and which hadn't been enough to suggest that maybe it would have been wise to provide false information. With a sassy glare, he kept on prattling. "Hah! Let the burglars come, I have nothing of value to steal!" This should be nothing to boast ab
  7. Playtime was over. Cultellus had apparently had been touched by Titus' little impromptu speech, or had simply had enough of the affront, and was keen on asserting his authority by having the tax-collecting posse imprisoned. Not a moment too soon, Titus silently agreed as he watched the Dacians gleefully stomp out of the hall, poking and prodding their new captives and taunting them with loud jeers. He almost wanted to order a slave to wake him up in the middle of the night just so he could go and very literally piss on the holed-up Densus and his friends; then again, getting a (mostly) uninter
  8. The clear spring morning had heralded perfect weather for chariot racing, and young Publius had wasted no time in using it to his advantage and dragging his secretly rather entertained father to the Circus Maximus, where they could join the excited crowd in cheering for their favourites and jeering at their least-liked aurigae. The end result, a smashing victory by the Whites over the Greens, brought no particular joy or sadness to Titus as a Reds supporter, but Publius was over the moon and would happily extol Menelaus' virtues and prowess to anybody who would listen. So endearing was he with
  9. The corners of Livia's mouth drooped downwards in an unmistakable expression of displeasure. No, Secundus was no connoisseur of music and that was something she knew well - the most talented artists would sound like elephants to his hopelessly rustic ears. "I would like to judge her musical talent, but I do not wish to embarrass her in front of everybody by accidentally selecting a piece that is above her skill level," she drawled as if explaining things to a stubborn child. Why was it so hard for him to be agreeable for once in his life? Livia cast him a look of disdain before continuing. "Af
  10. What was the point in being rich, then, if you weren't allowed to show it off? Artemon scoffed. The woman clearly didn't know what she was talking about. "Then what use is gold? Even if you leave it all at home, burglars may still take it," he shot back, voice full of scorn. "If you flaunt it then thieves will know you're rich enough to send people after them to get it back." Big burly hired goons, maybe former gladiators that would frighten any criminal into giving up stolen goods. When he was rich, Artemon too would hire such goons so he could flaunt his gold all he wanted. His stomach,
  11. Fortunately this wasn't their first rodeo with sneaky doings, and Artemon was pleased to see his brother taking the matter seriously, covering their rear so they wouldn't be caught unawares by somebody approaching them from behind. They had nothing of value in their persons, but the average pickpocket couldn't possibly know that when the night was at its darkest. He scanned their surroundings with eagle-eyed enthusiasm, forgetting to look down every now and then and getting his just reward for it by stepping in a pile of something soft and stinky. Ew! He stomped about, trying to clean his
  12. Character name: DemetriusAssociated Ludus: Ludus GallicusExperience: 3Type of gladiator: Retiarius (net and trident)Death: yes
  13. DEMETRIUS 31 | July 44 CE | Gladiator | Retiarius | Bisexual | Original | Marwan Kenzari Personality & History Demetrius is a man of few words and keeps mostly to himself - this is the way he found to cope with jeers and snide comments from other gladiators who looked down upon lowly retiarii. He will join in on the hazing and bullying of new recruits in an attempt to fit in and divert attention from himself, but will also share tips and useful advice with the less arrogant newbies. Being a gladiator has led Demetrius to living in the moment and not making any long-term plan
  14. Liv


    Hey Sybil, glad to have you join us! Being a crazy cat lady is the ultimate dream, hope both of us achieve it some day! In the meantime, feel free to reach out like Anna said if there's something on your mind!
  15. Iophon was on board; great! Artemon beamed, excited at the turn their day had taken. They were going on an adventure, one full of dangers and perils but that could put them on the road to riches. "Of course I do!" They needed to bring their top game to the task. He rummaged around their shabby little flat to find the necessary tools and was soon putting on his threadbare cloak, a little leather pouch hanging from his neck and safely tucked under his tunic. He sneaked out and down the stairs, looking over his shoulder as though he suspected he was being followed, and took a deep breath of
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