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  1. She smiled at Cynane, genuinely. "I'm glad you've made friends here." She wished she had too. She dared not get too close to others lest she make a mistake, as she had done many tonight, and give herself away. It was easier with Cyanane, she was a stranger in a foreign land too, she was a slave and mistakes were not so obvious, or if they were, they were more easily overlooked. Any decent Roman matron wouldn't be so understanding...or easy to fool. In common? She blinked as she floated in the pool, "I..." She glanced at Cynane and tried to hide her smile as she let her gaze linger a little too long on the view of her companion under the water, "We look very similar, obvously," She said as joke. They could not have been more opposite if they tried, "But...but you know what it is like to be brought here, to a strange city, and I do too." Of course she left out the fact she'd come here as a pleb not a slave (even if that wasn't actually the case). "I...I think you're kind too, which I hope I am..." She swallowed and glanced across, wishing she could add out loud; but you are beautiful, in a way I am not. TAG: @Atrice
  2. She hadn't dealt with somebody like Teutus before, she considered in that moment. His sadness was palpable, even to her. She didn't want him to happy for her, or stand there and say that one day he might be too. He had the opportunities to have what he wanted now but couldn't see it. Had she understood a modicum of what he was feeling, or see that he was in the grip of a depression that he couldn't shake, she'd be a little less harsh on him. As it was she sighed, shaking her head. "Teutus what more do you want?" She asked him, genuinely pleading. "If a slave can be happy, even in a house like your fathers, why can't you?" What is wrong with you, "What makes you happy?" TAG: @Sharpie
  3. She smiled against his lips as he murmured more was still to come. She knew that (although only an outline) but his amusement sent something through her, the way he smiled only compounding that. She felt his hand snake between them and exhaled, trying to keep the worry from her face. She needn't have bothered though because almost immediately her nerves and her senses were alight with a sensation she'd never felt before. She let out a little choke and moved her hand on top of his in instinct to stop it. It was only when she caught her breath and looked at him with curiosity bordering on worry that she allowed him to continue. Evidently this - whatever this was - was normal. Her hips arched and her head rolled back a little as she let the sensation take her. It was only after a few long moments that she opened her eyes, blinking at him. She didn't want him to stop whatever he was doing but she couldn't help but ask; "Wh-what should I-I be doing?" TAG: @Sharpie
  4. Charis smiled a little, nodding. It was indeed hard to pick - she liked both, enjoyed both of their company. She knew Alexius better - intimately so - but Thessala had likely saved her life whilst Alexius had only really saved her from getting slapped by Helios. She bit at her lip. Decisions decisions. Tertius seemed to be having the same idea as he proposed a wager. She felt nerves flood her, as if she'd been submerged and concentrated on sipping her wine. Tertius liked games, he played them when he didn't even realise he was doing it if one could call his inscrutable moods a game. She didn't know what he'd want from her if he won, but in th eb ack of her mind she suspected. Her son was growing up, needing her less at night and she'd noticed a distance between Tertius and hiss bodyslave, if Hectors moods were anything to go by. But maybe she was wrong, maybe that's not what he was inferring at all? She glanced at him now and nodded slowly. "I have nothing to give you if you win, domine..." She said with a slight smile. Anything he wanted from her he could take after all...and what did she want from him? An immediate thought popped in her mind but she chose not to verbalise it, instead glancing back down at the stands, studying both. "I...think Alexius will win." TAG: @Atrice
  5. Longinus shrugged, a dopey happy grin on his face at the suggestion he'd bed the Thessalian. Variety was the spice of life to Longinus and whilst he preferred blondes - which neither Thessala nor Alexius were - he was hardly going to kick either out of bed. He rolled his eyes at Aulus; yes, yes, we know you're the Consul...how many months left now? but it was good natured ribbing, even in his head. His friend had earned his time here as one of the pre-eminent citizens of the most civilised empire in the world. He'd let him have his minor arrogances. He laughed as well, at the joke - these were really excellent seats. Evidently the pair on the sands just below them knew one another. Even more fun. "Yes, bring them up here!" He chimed in with Marcus, nodding enthusiastically as he sipped his wine. He supposed, being a close personal friend of the Consul should mean he was more refined than he was currently being but...then again, they were at a private gladiatorial match sponsored by a brothel, so who really cared if he sat up straight? "Or back to your domus? Or Titus'? Isn't Valeria out of town?" He grinned smugly at Titus. TAG: @Liv @Sharpie @Atrice
  6. This was the second bet she'd made in as many weeks on her singing but she chose not to accept the terms this time. Last time, with irritatingly charismatic Lucius she'd lost her marbles and got up in front of others to sing - thank the Gods nobody she knew seemed to have heard about it! She merely chuckled and shook her head; "It's for friends and family only I'm afraid. And you are not my brother, and friends..." She arched a brow at him, turning her face to study him with a wry smile turning the corners of her lips, "Well, we'll see won't we?" Ah! Dreams! She wondered what it was like to have those! She was being facetious of course, she had some of her own but they were small-fry, no doubt, compared to what he was angling after. She wanted a nice husband who treated her well (and wasn't bad to look at), she wanted children...at some point, a distant point, and she wanted recognition. That...was about it. "You can't say something like that and then not tell me what those dreams are!" She chuckled. TAG: @Atrice
  7. She tried to move in time with his own movements, a hand tentatively sweeping over his back, over his sides, and moving under and up his chest. His own hands ministrations sent an unexpected shudder through her. That he was pleased with her, and how she looked relieved her and she smiled softly against his lips as they lingered on the edge of a kiss. Her and moved, sweeping up from his chest to his jaw, where it danced along in a featherlight touch. She wanted to compliment him back, say he was handsome but in her head it sounded weak and...saccharine. Instead she whispered against his lips, "You are perfect." Because in that moment he was. The nerves were not his fault, she suspected she would have been just as worried on her wedding night no matter who her husband was, moreso probably if they didn't possess his seemingly infinite patience. They were close to one another, and she rested her forehead against his. "This...is not all it is, is it?" TAG: @Sharpie
  8. There was of course, one way to make everything better. One way so dark she didn't even think of it, she stopped herself whenever the thought came into her head. It would mean crucifixion for her, and who knew for Teutus, she wasn't learned in the ways of Roman law. If Tertius was gone, he would have the domus as the guardian. He would own her, in a manner of speaking. She could be freed. She swallowed the thought away as she usually did, not that it came to her often. Nobody would risk it, not when Tertius was - by most views - a fine master to live under. "I have Peregrinus," She offered with a wan smile, attempting to lighten the mood; "I know he doesn't make you happy, but he makes me happy." He did - and it was torturous in a way that he did. "You deserve it too," She offered to him giving his hand another squeeze, fingers interlocked with his. "You deserve your business to flourish, and a house somewhere with a nice wife and a gaggle of children all of your own." It must have seemed a pipe dream when he was younger and enslaved, but now that was the reality to him. TAG: @Sharpie
  9. She laughed melodically; job well done then. You wanted to leave the Venus - or a bed with one of its employees - feeling like you hadn't had a moments rest. She let him touch her - after all, she was here for another few hours until she returned back to the city tomorrow and ongoing intimacy - no matter how rehearsed on her part, was always welcome. "An exceptional one," she chuckled and propped herself up so her jaw was in her hand, her elbow bent to support her head, "You know you'd earn a fortune at the Venus with those moves." It was flattery, but not unearned. She had been genuinely impressed, and satisfied. "Are you going to come back to see me there when we're in the city, do you think?" TAG: @Chevi
  10. Blue eyes met blue eyes and she nodded at his words. He was being gentle in his instruction, it sounded like a reminder rather than a request. She watched him move to the bed, hands slipping from his body as he moved. She still kept her eyes from anywhere below his chest - tempted though she might be to look. She fought the urge to cover herself and instead padded over to the bed, taking his hand and allowing herself to be pulled down next to him. Finally, she glanced down (figuring she couldn't avert her eyes for the rest of her married life), and the colour deepened on her cheeks. She'd seen the graffiti of course, and the pendants and such and was irritated to find it didn't really bear any resemblance. At least not from this angle. She swallowed and glanced back up to his face, nerves beginning to swell again. Tentatively she leant in to kiss him again softly, that had worked to dispel her nerves before and hoped it would now. TAG: @Sharpie
  11. She gave him a flirtatious grin, even before she cracked open her eyes. Light was beginning to stream in, casting shadows across their skin. "Morning Lucius." She said in a sing-song voice although her throat was hoarse. "How am I feeling?" She arched a brow. She knew he was asking after her ankle (which did ache and throb) but she gave him a suggestive glance as she rolled to her side to face him, fingers moving back to his face in what would have been an intimate gesture had she not been paid to be there. "Quite content, thank you very much." She chuckled and quirked an eyebrow. "You?" TAG: @Chevi
  12. She supposed he was right. In the reality where Teutus stayed, he'd live under the thumb of his father, avoid her at every possible opportunity and grow to hate little innocent Peregrinus even more. In the world where he left, perhaps he could find his own joy, and when she saw him - if she ever did - it would be out from under the roof of his father, away from the source of his antagonism. "You've done so much already," She swallowed and looked down. Those first few months when her Latin was poor, when she was shunned by the other slaves, he had been a companion of sorts. She still remembered and saw the day they danced in the garden in her dreams, even if it felt like an eon ago. She reached out and squeezed his hand, fingers wrapping around his palm. "Do you think it will ever get better? Our lives?" TAG: @Sharpie
  13. "All you need to know is Vibia," She grinned against his lips as he tugged at the belt, "Lucius Vipsanius Roscius." She enunciated every syllable, letting his name roll off of her tongue as her own hands moved to his belt, unfastening it one handed with surprising dexterity. "And no," She grinned, "Nothing else." She returned the kiss with heat and before long instinct and experience took her, carrying them forth into the night FTB When Vibia said all night, she meant all night. Of course she gave him time to rest, but unlike some of her older clientele she didn't intend for this to be a quick screw and then to sleep. She wanted to enjoy it herself, but more than that she wanted him to enjoy it. It being summer the birds started their irritating chirping early and come just before dawn their sounds stirred her. She looked across her in the wide bed to see him sleeping and grinned to herself, stretching out as she tried to doze back off and unintentionally poking him in the ribs as she did. TAG: @Chevi
  14. Up to her? "You could muster up some enthusiasm you know." She said with a chuckle and in a swift movement, moved to push herself up and over him, thighs either side of his hips. He was handsome, charming, and she was quietly hopeful that he'd be a decent bedmate so yes, this was how she wanted to spend it her night. She'd return back to the Venus triumphant, and hopefully with decent reviews and maybe a new permanent client to add to her rotation. She leant down, teasingly close before she kissed him. She didn't subscribe to the old adage that prostitutes never kissed their clients - she wasn't some cheap slave in the back-door brothels, she was different, expensive and well...that meat she did things that weren't sanctioned in some of the cheaper places. Her fingers moved up to brush through his hair as she deepened the kiss before she pulled back with a breathy, flirtatious grin, her face hovering just above his. "You never told me your full name." She'd need it, for the Venus' records. TAG: @Chevi
  15. She felt the thrum of his heartbeat under her fingertips and it thrilled her. She felt exposed, but not afraid. This was the way of married life, and at this present moment in time it was equal parts nerve wracking and wonderful. His patience astounded her, the insinuations she'd heard throughout her life suggested that not all men were similarly restrained. As he undressed she averted her eyes and when he was finished, judging by the heap of clothes she caught on the floor from the corner of her eye, she finally dragged her eyes back to his face. She'd seen bare chested men before, she'd been to the games after all, but never anything more than that. She supposed she'd have to look eventually, but for now kept her eyes on his face with an anxious smile. She returned her hands to his throat and to his chest, feeling the contours of the muscle beneath soft fingertips - as if she was tracing a newfound statue, one she'd never seen before. The flush still sat on her cheeks as she did so. She never wanted to leave this moment and tried to savour it; the discovery, the feeling deep in her core that she'd never experienced before, the shortness of her breath. Swallowing away any nerves she arched herself up onto her toes so she could reach up and kiss him again, and this time when she did and pulled him close by the hand on his neck, there was nothing between them and the feeling was peculiarly exhilarating. When she pulled back, a little breathless, she glanced up at him, naively asking; "W-what next?" This was quite unlike any lesson she'd experienced before. TAG: @Sharpie
  16. As he led down, she shifted so she was led on her side, one hand propping up her face with a bent elbow, the other moving to softly stroke his neck. Easy does it, don't want to spook him. "It is dull, at least...dull compared to what else we could do alone together, in a bed." She offered a flirtatious grin and a small laugh, "But I had thought you wouldn't want an invalid?" She moved her hand up to his face to stroke up the arch his cheek and then the curve of his lips. "Or are you chasing your mind?" Nobody could say Vibia wasn't persistent. TAG: @Chevi
  17. "He..." Neither of them could say his name, "He is trying, I think? In his own way?" She offered. Of course his own way wasn't good enough - it wasn't good enough for Teutus who had been left to float by himself, attached the family by a string, and nor was it good enough for Charis who seemed to oscillate in his mind between a good mother and the worst slave he'd ever owned. "He is letting you move out, giving you funds for your business..." She didn't want Teutus to leave though, selfish as it might sound. She let out a little choke at 'I'll let you know where to find me'. "I wish you'd stay." She swallowed, "I wish we could be friends and you would stay. Then maybe I'd not feel so alone, maybe you'd not feel so alone." The house was filled with Tertius' people - nobody openly questioned him, and about the same number commented privately on his changeable moods (aka nobody). She felt like she'd been cast adrift. She managed a weak smile, "But if you do leave - you'll let me visit?" Even just a few hours of normality would be good. Anything that she could cling onto would be good. TAG: @Sharpie
  18. She let him touch the ankle and hid her wince of pain by glancing up to the ceiling. If it wasn't broken or dislocated then she was fine, she reasoned. "Yes we do." The Venus wasn't the Elysium, by and large the girls and men weren't abused by their clientele but accidents happened, as did overzealous patricians before they were kicked out. Gently, she reached a hand out to his, fingers stroking the back of his hand. She was fine. "Don't worry about it, it's just a sprain. Why don't you read some Sappho to me instead? That'd soothe me as much as a cold compress." Get your head in the game, Vibs. TAG: @Chevi
  19. He brushed his mother off with a roll of the eyes as he ducked out of the house, her words following him as the door slammed shat; "A pleb Lucius! Really!" he grinned to himself. He really shouldn't have told her, but the chance to see her eyes boggle was too good to miss. He departed the domus solo to reach the appointed place; no need for Attis, it was just a poppina and in any case he was trying to be a little conspicuous. Whilst he'd invited his one time Primus Pilus for a drink, he didn't exactly want the whole of Rome chattering about it. He'd dressed in a simple, probably fairly unfashionable tunic and pallium in a green he never particularly cared for. He had an excellent circle of close friends of his own rank; Titus, Aulus, Publius and even men younger than him like Marcus Silanus but all were either occupied with their happy little families or other pastimes. He wanted somebody to talk to that wouldn't chatter on about their sons or newest political ambitions, neither of which he had, and so racking his brain, he'd settled on Decimus. He was a good man, and decent and since that day they'd run into one another at the Thermae, he'd made a mental note to seek him out. Decimus was a different sort of man to his Senatorial friends, and most pressingly, he didn't think the man would mind the 'old stories' of Britannia which his other friends seemed to tease him mercilessly about bringing up; they didn't understand, they'd been there only a year or two - Longinus had spent almost half his life on the island's shores. Besides, if his history tutor had taught him anything it was that it was always good to have a Praetorian on one's side. As he bounded into the Poppina he blinked into the dim light, trying to spot the man. When he did, a wide beaming grin lit up his face and he moved to embrace Decimus in the usual way, clapping his back as he pulled away with; "Centurion." And an inclination of his head. "I'm not keeping you from any pressing business at the Castra, I hope?" TAG: @Sains
  20. He grinned at Livia Justina's amusing quip about children. He bloody hoped so; he loved his daughter but most men his age had at least one son entering their teenage years, or at least his close friends did. He glanced to Sergia, who flushed and inclined her head. Well - at least she was modest, that had to be good yes? His usual picks; Antonia and Sestia most vividly, were bold women who would have likely had a flirtatious rejoinder to such a comment, but Sergia didn't - she merely looked embarrassed and glanced down at her wine. Probably for the best - his usual picks hadn't exactly worked out well in the past. "A man can hope, Livia Justina." He glanced around the table conscious this was an odd sort of group. Teutus seemed to be willing himself away, or at least unable to conjure up any words - the same with Sergia, Secundus just looked irritated and bored...at least Tertius and Livia were trying. He inclined his head at Tertius' compliment with an easy grin; "You're kind but I know it's not to everybody's tastes - but what's the point of going to Britannia for a decade and a half if you can't bring back some of their precious goods?" And a healthy amount of slaves which increased his worth tenfold. Nodding, he placed his wine down on the table and picked up a piece of bread, "Formiae, not Baiae - sorry to be so unfashionable." He chuckled and dipped the bread in the oil, "Although I wouldn't be opposed to buying a new one," Which didn't have his mother in it whenever he tried to visit it. "But I like to travel, see parts of Italia and beyond that I've not seen before - perhaps I should visit you in Tibur," He chuckled and then glanced at Teutus, "Or I hear you've got yourself an import business - any far off lands you could take me to, Teutus?" His mothers gossip was good for something. He realised he'd been talking in the singular though and glanced at Sergia conspiratorially, "Of course should I marry I wouldn't drag my wife somewhere she didn't wish to travel." If she really put up a fight, he might just leave her at home though. TAG: @Járnviðr @Sharpie @Atrice @Liv
  21. He arched a brow as she spoke of her family. He often did the same, although his family was small enough to count the members on one hand - himself included, but he supposed that was different; he was paterfamilias and had the right to joke at the expense of irritating cousin Lepidus and his mother. This young woman was very much still at the mercy and whims of her father and brothers - they'd dictate her life, and he was surprised at her candour. That didn't stop him being amused by it though and he let out a low chuckle. Good for her. The chuckle morphed into a genuine laugh at her statement. Gods above she really was bold! And beautiful, and charming in her own-forward sort of way. She was a reminder of his late wife in many ways; bold, blonde and so forth and sense told him to watch himself given the tempestuous, often chaotic marriage they'd had, but on the other hand...No, you idiot. Men of his rank and age usually had a slew of women; slaves, sex workers and such but noble women? No, they were off limits. Definitely pure ones. He was a fool and played the joker a lot in his life, but he did have some common sense and he wasn't about to risk a snapped neck or worse on account of the fact this woman was clearly after him...tempting though it might be. Gods, look at her. "Mania Victoria," He started, a chuckle and warmth still in his voice, "You're quite unlike any other woman here, I think it's fair to say." He sipped his wine and jerked his head to the triclinium a little way off, "But I'm not about to go and besmirch your reputation - or mine," He grinned before adding with an amused lilt to his voice, "Besides, I'm more than positive all the private rooms are currently occupied." By people who had less honour than him, clearly. "How about I escort you to find your brother?" TAG: @David
  22. Horatia had been in her study, sorting through the papers she'd amassed over the last few days of the household; supply amounts in their stores, orders for wine, correspondence from her family and all the other mundane topics that a matron had to deal with. Her upstairs room was a sanctuary for her, and the slaves (and her children) knew to only interrupt her when there was a pressing need or she had been summoned by another family member. It was the latter today as one of the general house slaves walked in, head lowered and announcing that her husband had called for her. Moving gracefully down the stairs she caught Felix's eye as he likewise hurried to the atrium and gave him an amused look of 'do you know what this is about?' before she soon saw for herself. Well, at least the lictors weren't here but the small female figure next to her husband was most decidedly a new feature. She blinked at the introduction and arched a brow at Aulus. A gift? She wondered whether this was his attempt to make up for the bodyguard she was now forced to endure, or the lictors. Both were an annoyance to her, but it was sweet he should seek to make it up to her. She just wished he'd given her warning. "Tacita." She inclined her head. At least she had a Latin name so that wouldn't need to be changed. Her lips twitched into a wry, slightly bemused smile as she glanced at Aulus; "Thank you, you shouldn't have." She chuckled and looked curiously at the girls bag. Whatever was in it she had been permitted to keep it from wherever she came before. She then glanced to her right to Felix, trying to read his expression; she knew Rome was a village really, and some slaves knew one another from the markets and such. "I'm sure Felix would be happy to take you on a tour of the domus once we've figured out what to do with you." What did she want the girl to do? TAG: @Chevi @Sharpie @Jenn
  23. He wasn't being silly, and she would have told him thus if she had been able to hear his thoughts, that permission was exactly what she needed to hear. Tentatively she moved her hands to his face and her thumbs swept wide circles over the arch of his cheekbone. It still felt...wrong, illegal almost to be this close to a man. That's what a lifetime of chastity and modesty being drummed into a person did, she supposed. At his question, she gave the most minute of nods. Slowly - and with a lingering touch - she moved her hands from his face to the ties that held together the tunica at her shoulders. She felt embarrassed - what if he didn't like what she looked like? She didn't have any blemishes on her skin and she was fashionably slim but in one of the stories she had read in an attempt to prepare, a husband had walked out on his wife after marriage as - in the authors words - she had none of the pleasing comforts of a woman. What if that was her? But if she hesitated too long she'd be too nervous to actually do anything and so with nimble fingers she worked the ties loose at one shoulder, and then the other. The tunica was supposed to be plain and loose beyond the belt that had already been discarded, nor was she supposed to wear anything under it so as the knot came free, the whole lot fell into a heap at her feat and she stood there naked. The flush that came to her cheeks was as red as her hair. TAG: @Sharpie
  24. She swallowed, her throat and mouth feeling like a desert. "I know," She admitted with a shaky breath as he spoke of her son. She understood - she did, not that she excepted Teutus to believe her. "You have every right to hate him," The words stung her, her son was only a baby but she was a realist and she knew that wounds like those inflicted on Teutus over his life were opening anew with Peregrinus in the house. "I thought I'd hate him too." She admitted with a glance towards him, a mournful, pleading look. "I thought he'd be the image of your father, and I'd feel...nothing for him but that hasn't happened and..." and in a way that made it worse. She loved her son, with every fibre of her being and every bit of breath in her body but every day she felt like a traitor for it. She reached out to take hold of his forearm to try and tug him back and prevent him from leaving. Her eyes were watery and cheeks flushed at the emotion of the moment. His words had helped alleviate some of the tension, but not much. "You can't keep running from all of this Teutus," She said and gave his arm a squeeze. She swallowed again and exhaled deeply, her shoulders and arms still trembling with anxiety and emotion. "Everybody wants you to b-be happy, even him." Tertius of course. And you have the time, money and resources to do that for yourself. I don't. TAG: @Sharpie
  25. "It's fine if I keep from standing on it," she retorted with a roll of her eyes, but it didn't seem like he'd let up and so she shifted to drape her leg with the offending ankle over his own. It was starting to swell but when not moving it, it was a dull ache now rather than a sharp, stabbing sort of pain. Which she took as a good sign. She was embarrassed though. Through years of work she'd carefully crafted herself into the very vision that most men wanted to see at the end of a long night; a flirtatious smile here, a well-crafted quip there, a hint of cleavage...all undone now by her own foolishness and clumsiness. She tensed her jaw, muscles in her throat tightening at annoyance of herself. "How's it looking doc?" She asked, although the lightness in her words didn't quite match her face. Gods she was such an idiot. TAG: @Chevi
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