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  1. Sounds good to me Gothic, ur thread or mine
  2. Hello all and one, This is my plotter for Maia and hopefully soon one more character, So let get going: Maia - Maia is a the former handmaiden to Antonia Justa who sadly died a few back now and which Maia has not fully recover from her loss. She is prone to periods of sadness due to this but still has a lot of hope in life mostly in her eyes if her daughter. Maia basically runs a tavern called The Flying Neptune based in one of the better parts of the Port of Roma which her husband Lucius has not much of interested in nowadays due to his womanising and so called adventures. She gets by and had made the Neptune a bright place for the ship captains and others who enjoy the premises. So what is Maia looking for - Friends - Maia tends to see people at face valve and can make friends easily. While she is cautious at first due to things she learned through life once she has know a friend she is loyal to them as part of her own family. Enemies - Maia does not want make enemies due to her good natural persona, she will not forget people who cause trouble to her, her daughter or tavern. While this has happen at times due mostly Lucius adventures causing trouble she tends to keep a clear head of the situation. But lets say this her bite is worse than her bark when cornered . Romance/Lovers - Maia like her late owner and friend Antonia prefers the company of women in her bed but really has not had a female lover since Antonia passed. That does mean she does not find men unattractive or charming as she did end up having a daughter with Lucius that way its just really not her thing most of the time. Maia does not really want a romance after Antonia or Lucius but would not say no if the fates decided otherwise.
  3. ANTONIA A.L MAIA 33 | 19th March, 41AD | Freedwoman | Tavern Co-owner/Cook/Hostess | Bisexual | Original| Alexius Bledel Personality. Maia likes to see the best in life with its brightness and colours but sometimes life has turn sour on her. The death of her old owner and best friend/lover, Antonia has lead Maia to periods of melancholy at times and a lack of proper husband with his womanising ways has not helped. While she will always care for Lucius she knows that in heart of hearts she does not love him or him her. The only real love in Maia life is their daughter Lucia who she loves dearly. Maia looks a forward to bright future with Lucia and running the Flying Neptune as she starts to head for her mid to late thirties with the chance to make new friends and even maybe another female lover. Appearance Maia is very beautiful with her long chestnut hair that flows down her shoulders, smallish round mouth and her moonlight blue eyes. She often when not working in the kitchen wears bright colourful dresses with simple jewellery and takes care of her slowly ageing features in public. Family Father: Unknown Mother: Flora, Deceased Siblings: None Spouse: Lucius Aemilius Bassus, 34 Children: Aemilia Lucia, 5 Extended family: None Other: Former Owner - Antonia Justa, Deceased History Maia is the daughter of Flora and an unknown father as her mother was a prostitute in Athens, Greece. The owner of Flora was displeased by her pregnancy but allowed her to continue the pregnancy as long as it did not happen ever again.When Maia was one years old, her mother became pregnant once again but her owner was so furious that his orders had been disobeyed that she was beaten to death. He then sold Maia to another brothel owner in Thebes, Greece to become a prostitute when she was older. In 50 AD a nobleman called Decimus Antonius Justus was on his way back home when he passed by Thebes and met Maia who was working as slave girl in the local brothel. Taking note of her beauty and the blue eyes which reminded him of his daughter and also taking pity of such a girl working in such dirty conditions he arranged the purchase of Maia as a handmaiden for his daughter. When young Antonia Justa laid her eyes on the under-nourished and sad-looking Maia she immediately took the young girl under her wing. Over time the relationship between Maia and Antonia has become very strong with Antonia considering Maia not as her slave but her best friend and right hand adviser. Life was beautiful for a while even when Antonia got married but then the worse stuck Maia life when her beloved Antonia died. While crying for days afterwards she was informed by Antonia 's husband that she had been freed in Antonia will and would be hence called Antonia Maia with enough money to get by. Using the money provided she was able to buy a stall selling fruits, nuts and wine in the Emporium Magnum and its was here that meet Lucius Aemilius Bassus, a handsome man whose father was a ship owner and owner of port tavern called The Flying Neptune. After a weekend of passion, lovemaking and drunkenness from her own wine, Maia found herself pregnant with a child. With the insistence of Lucius father who found Maia charming and her patron she was married to Lucius in late 68 AD. Luicus was also given The Flying Neptune to run with Maia as co-owner, chef and hostess. In late May 69 AD, Maia give birth to a baby girl called Aemilia Lucia and so became the proud and loving mother she was now. Padster | UTC | PM
  4. Padster here, hello I'm a old Rp from about 3 to 5 years ago now, sadly my old family I created have pass away to the underworld but luckily an old household member with make a return with a new character by her side or not always by her side I look forward to working with you all
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