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    Cheers. It's Roman Font 7.
  2. (SBS) What The Romans Ate - Eating History: Italy Found this documentary on YouTube containing quite a bit of information on Roman food. I've uploaded it to Google Drive as well (currently processing), in case anybody wants to download it or the YouTube link is blocked in their country. It may also happen to answer a question posed by Ann Reardon's video in the above post concerning the rising agent. Though the video I've linked concerns bread, the suggested rising agent was fermented grape must. I'm no baker and I'm conjecturing here, but perhaps balsamic vinegar would've been a more appropriate substitute? Perhaps that was the role of the Passum, though I suspect that is less acidic?
  3. Since I can still vote I'm presuming this is still open and so shall voice my thoughts... I'm currently noticing the strain that the present light theme incurs on tired eyes. I voted for dark; I just mean darker, but not necessarily dark. Come to think of it, a historical 'feel' might be nice. Don't know how specific of an idea you're looking for, but I was thinking something along the lines of Roman bricks or HBO's Rome.
  4. Manius Carisia Magnus 35 | 23 July 39 CE | Equite | Dominus Factionis Caeruleum | Heterosexual | Canon | Charlton Heston ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personality ---------------------------------------------------------- TBD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Appearance ---------------------------------------------------------- There is something distinctly un-Roman about Manius’ profile. Notable facets of his appearance include a pair of daunting, blue eyes and a head of wavy, light brown hair with a mature hairline; and, often dishevelled. He is also unusually tall for a Roman, at a standing height of 6’2” (188cm) and possessing a broad-shouldered frame with an athletic build. His lean and sinewy physique was tempered through slavery and the exerting discipline of horsemanship; thus, etched upon his face is a subtly gaunt and sombre countenance. Manius is known to wear an assortment of tunics, usually in a shade of blue or brown, with the occasional white interspersed; though, not in the company of other charioteers – unless offset by a blue cloak. His left ring finger was broken in his youth, when he first attempted to ride a horse. It would heal, although awkwardly. This is not a severe wound, as it only aches on occasion; but, it can cause him to clutch it when it swells, or to massage the knuckle as a nervous tic. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Family ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- Immediate Family ---------------------------------------------------------- Father: Marcus Egnatius Avitus (b. 27 BCE), deceased (d. Dec 49 CE) Mother: Carisia (b. 20 CE), deceased (d. 23 July, 39 CE) Sibiling(s): Marcus Egnatius Maior (b. 3 CE), deceased (d. 53 CE) Egnatia Pulcheria (b. 8 CE), deceased (d. 70 CE) Lucius Egnatius (b. 13 CE), deceased (d. 73 CE) Spouse(s): TBD Children: TBD ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- Extended Family Tree ---------------------------------------------------------- Gens Egnatia Paternal ---------------------------------------------------------- Via Egnatii, of Roma Father: Marcus Egnatius Avitus (b. 27 BCE), died of natural causes (d. Dec 49 CE) Half-Brother: Marcus Egnatius Maior (b. 3 CE), died in the Romano-Epirotian War (d. 53 CE) Nephew: Marcus Egnatius Minor (b. 26 CE), alive Unknown Descendants Nephew: Gaius Egnatius (b. 30 CE), alive Unknown Descendants Half-Sister: Egnatia Pulcheria (b. 8 CE), died of natural causes (d. 70 CE) Unknown Descendants Half-Brother: Lucius Egnatius Felix (b. 13 CE), died of natural causes (d. 73 CE) Nephew: Lucius Egnatius (b. 32 CE), alive Unknown Descendants Niece: Egnatia Pudens (b. 34 CE), died in childbirth (d. 50 CE) Unknown Descendants ---------------------------------------------------------- Gens Carisia Maternal ---------------------------------------------------------- Via Carisii, of Caere Unknown Progenitor Mother: Carisia (b. 20 CE), died in childbirth (d. 23 July, 39 CE) ---------------------------------------------------------- Via Carisii-Magni, of Roma PC: Manius Carisia Magnus (b. 23 July, 39 CE), alive. ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- History ---------------------------------------------------------- Timeline 39 CE Jul 23 – Birth of Manius; death of his mother Carisia. 44 CE Jun – Manius begins to work around the villa and learns to care for horses. By 49 CE – Manius becomes a relatively skilled horseman. 49 CE Dec – Manius' father, Marcus Egnatius Avitus, dies. 50 CE Jan – Manius is sold by his half-brother, Marcus Egnatius Maior, to a Greek buyer and shipped to Athens. 50 CE Mar – Manius begins working as a stableboy for a Greek chariot-racing team, grooming horses and attending to charioteers. 51 CE Feb – First auriga race in a hippodrome, at Delphi. 52 CE Sep – Athens is sacked by the rebel Menadides of Epirus; Manius is taken captive and forced to work for the rebel armies. 53 CE Jun – Quintus Alexander defeats Menadides’ brother Banokles off the coast of Actium; Manius is rescued by Publius Belanus and becomes his slave and friend. 54 CE Nov – Occupation of Achaea & Macedonia begins; Belanus sponsors Manius to race chariots in the hippodromes across Greece. Childhood [0-10] On July 23 in 39 CE – A child was born into the world on the day that his mother would succumb to the chaotic, yet calming embrace of the goddess Mania. His father, Marcus Egnatius Avitus, would thus dub him ‘Manius’ – in his ruthlessly sardonic way. Avitus – a fitting epithet – was a man of advanced years with numerous legitimate descendants at his disposal. He had served in the legion most of his life and had established a respectable and distinguished reputation, one which he was unwilling to tarnish with the indignity of formally acknowledging a slave’s bastard-born child. During 39-44 CE – For the first few years of his life, Manius was left to stew as a Verna in the company of the household slaves. His earliest recollections were of the former family Nutrix (“wet-nurse”) comforting him with her fond reminiscences of his mother, Carisia. The Nutrix imparted knowledge of his mother’s home of Caere and her Etruscan heritage; further, insisting that she was a descendant of great warriors, famed chariot-riders and grand nobility. It would seem history doesn't relate as to how a so-called princess became a slave, but these tales would resonate in his young mind; thus, spurring his first impulse towards ‘greatness’ and a desire to live up to the honour of a mother he could only wish to have known. During 44-49 CE – Being a part of a wealthy household did have some perks, even for slaves. The fact that the household retired to their villa in the Italian countryside during the summer would allow Manius to become accustomed to the care of the horses. He would grow further ambitions to ride one and though the initial venture was met with the setback of a broken ring finger, Manius was determined to master his horsemanship. In December of 49 CE – Avitus would pass away in the winter and despite his purported wealth, very little would appear to manifest when his descendants came to claim their share. Manius would fall under the dominion of the new paterfamilias, his eldest half-brother, Marcus Egnatius Maior. Motivated by the desire for denarii to fund whatever grand ambitions he may have possessed; and, combined with his holding Manius in similar disregard as their father did, Marcus would arrange to sell him. Adolescence [10-15] In March of 50 CE – The thought of getting away from a household that held him in such contempt was appealing, though the uncertainty in his future was of great discomfort. To his fortune, Manius had been sold to an Athenian man who had been searching for healthy slaves to act as horse-grooms for a Greek chariot-racing team. It certainly seemed a far better prospect than any he had presumed to imagine in Rome, and it hearkened him back to the childhood stories of legendary Etruscan heroes; a potential within himself that he wished to see realised. In February of 51 CE – It wouldn’t take long for Manius to come to grips with his new surroundings, and was quick to make new bonds within both the faction and the stable. He had come to the attention of the managing staff quite early for a seemingly innate control of the horses and a sparkling reputation amongst the charioteers. When he participated in his first aurigae races before the end of his initial year with the team, it didn’t come as a surprise; although, his lacklustre placement may have done. In September of 52 CE – Barring a brief series of games in March, organised at the behest of the Augusta in honour of her husband Claudius, racing opportunities had been scarce during the year. Most of Greece had been suffering from rising tensions since popular revolts broke out in July. This would culminate in the 'Sacking of Athens' by forces of the rebel, Menadides of Epirus. Manius' dutiful concern for the welfare of his equestrian companions during the onslaught is likely to be what saved his life and sealed their fate as prizes of the rebel forces. In June of 53 CE – Manius had served almost a year as war gains in tow to the armies of the rebel Menadides and was currently assigned to a contingent off the coast of Actium, under the authority of his brother Banokles. Beaten, abused and starving, Manius' salvation would come at the hands of the swiftest and most daring turma of cavalry he’d ever witnessed. These were auxiliary forces of the Roman Legion, or 'alae' as he would come to know them; and, under the command of a rather young Decurion named, Publius Ausonius Belanus. Manius would recount the details of his circumstances to the superior officer, a man he would later become well acquainted with and come to know as simply, ‘Belanus’. Belanus grew intrigued by the younger slave’s plight and of distinct interest to him was Manius’ brief stint as a charioteer, his own particular pastime of choice. In an effort to spare Manius continued debasement through the backbreaking labour of a legionary slave or the precarious possibilities of the auction block, Belanus would agree to assume ownership of him. In November of 54 CE – Manius entered Athens for the first time in over two years. He had experienced more of the brutal reality of fighting and warfare in that duration than many men see in their lifetime; the cursory and fleeting danger of chariot-racing, coupled with the immediate rewards was far more suited to his sensibilities. It would appear Belanus had similar ideas since, following the occupation of Greece that occurred upon the fall of Menadides, he would see about sponsoring Manius in further chariot-based endeavours. Having grown nostalgic for the transient adoration of the crowds and craving acclamation, Manius doubtlessly accepted. Belanus’ intrinsic joy of the sport was the condition without which such a possibility would be futile to entertain, but it was not the only motivating factor; as his slave and client, the rewards and prestige of Manius' successes were all the more his own. Having recently come in to knowledge of his Imperial paternity, he wished to use this opportunity to demonstrate to his father the sort of man he could be – capable, resourceful and pragmatic. Early Adulthood [15-21] Adulthood [21-30] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Polarity | GMT +10 (AEST) | PM & Discord - Polarity#0939 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. I used to RP on a couple different forums (mostly organised crime/Mafia-related) nearly a decade or so ago; I'd long since stopped writing recreationally, but have been wanting to get started again. With a life-long love of history, and a particular fascination with antiquity, a Roman-inspired forum role-play seemed a good match; thus, one evening I simply typed "Roman Forum RP" in to Google and this site was the fifth (and inadvertently first) result. The site and the story appealed and so I signed up.
  6. The video was unfortunately country blocked for me on Youtube, so I've uploaded it as unlisted on my Youtube channel in the hope it might avoid the censors. I'm also hosting it on my Google Drive that I'll be dedicating to any forum activities, but I don't know if I can embed a video from Google Drive on the forum - If somebody knows how, please let me know. I'll just provide the link directly below this paragraph for convenience. Google Drive / (HBO) Rome - Slavery in Rome Should anyone encounter a blocked video like that, you can send me the link and I'll try to find a workaround - like hosting it on my Youtube channel or Google Drive for you to watch or download at your leisure. If it makes the thread cleaner, feel free to steal my Youtube copy for the OP - should it survive the censors.
  7. You've just given me plenty of new music, some real gems in there. Puzzle Muteson and The Deep Dark Woods to name but two. Quite a lot I've never heard before, but my musical repertoire often doesn't extend beyond 1989.
  8. I had an online friend years ago who was ethnically Bangladeshi and a big fan of "traditional" Mongolian throat singing. I couldn't stand it, it just sounded like a death knell. The HU do quite nicely in that song to westernise it for my delicate ears - I wouldn't of gave my buddy nearly so much shtick every time he linked it in TeamSpeak. My taste in music is defined by one word, "Rock" - Punk in particular, but also classic, folk, pop or otherwise. Billy Bragg has always been a favourite of mine and a "must listen" if you enjoy wordplay and irony in the lyrics of your songs. The themes can be repetitive, but tend to be fairly universal.
  9. Polarity


    G'day, My name is Jayden, but you can call me Polarity if you prefer. I'm in my 20s and live in Australia. I've done some forum roleplay previously, though that was quite some years ago now. I've never liked introductions, but I did have some questions about getting started so I figured this might be a good place to put them. (Please feel free to correct that assumption if I'm wrong) I'm currently working on a character template and was hoping anyone would be able to help clarify some things. Firstly, my initial idea was to make a character in the gens Curiatia, which like most gentes maiores has some mythical/legendary ancestors, namely the three (unnamed) Curiatii brothers who were defeated by the Horatii during the reign of Tullus Hostilius. I just wanted to make sure it was okay to play as an already notable (to some degree) family or should I aim to create an original gens? Secondly, should it be okay to establish a branch of Curiatii and given that they would likely be of Senatorial class, is it okay to give him an occupation within the cursus honorum, say Aedile or Praetor, or does that have certain prerequisites? Thirdly, given what little I understand of Roman sexuality, would a man who is for the most part purely attracted to the female gender, yet would be the dominant partner in a homo-erotic situation with regards to simple gratification, as I believe was the norm at the time, be considered heterosexual or something more encompassing? Finally, I'm unsure whether to use modern dating (eg. 3 July 35 CE/AD) or the traditional Romano-Julian (eg. ante diem V Nonas Iulius or V. Non. Iul. 788 AUC) dating when ascribing a birth date to my character, what would you recommend? I shall pre-emptively thank any and all that take the time to read and/or reply to this. I hope to enjoy writing with you all soon.
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