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  1. Aetius Flavius Batiatus. 29 | 35CE MAY | Senatore | Legatus | Orientation | Original | Ditch Davey <> Personality. Aetius is a patriot who is proud of his roman origins and traditions of his family who idolizes the empire and truly loves his people and country and every time, he tries to be the best citizen he can be as he is willing to die for something greater than himself as he thinks Rome is the greatest power in the worlds that brings order wherever it goes and it will remain there even after he's dead. Unlike many young Romans, he doesn't try to get personal glory or satisfy his selfish desires viewing himself as a servant of Rome and the emperor above all else and tries to put that in the minds of his men under his command. He follows the traditions of his family and worships the gods, he is a man ruled by costume and laws to try to be the best man he can be, and he doesn't think highly of himself despite his accomplishments, he is humble, and he believes in the words: Service is its reward. Unlike other Romans, he has been taught by his father that a man must work hard and keep only what he can earn through hard work, glory does not come for free making Aetius, a hard-working person who doesn't mind climbing the ladder to glory instead of using his families name or position for his advantage. He values hard work over the family name as he has come to value skill over fame or name, he always tries to surround himself with a competent man. This caused him to hate people whit selfish and depraved vices in general at the expense of the empire. He is honest and direct while speaking, but he is not stupid and always try to be cautious. He can like a hard stone, always making his men work hard but always look after them and always encourage them to take risks and we never given up. He leads by example as he exposes himself in the field in a battle to encourage his men to fight by his side. He seems cruel as he takes hard choices but always looks for his men well-being and rewards their hard work with booty and slaves. He is very proud of Romans in general and believes that they bring order and peace to the world as a whole. This causes him to look at a non roman with contempt as inferior. He has a deep hatred for barbarians viewing them as nothing more than animals, vermin that needs to be destroyed or enslaved as he thinks they are too violent, untrustworthy and savage to be trusted, and they will just want to ruin the people he has sworn to protect. Despite his social status, he is unaware of the increasing greed and corruption of the empire thanks to his father efforts to shield him from such things, and he doesn't have a mindset for politics but rather for military matters as he doesn't want to be a senator like his father thinking it as a boring job. Still, he follows the imperial law to the letter and never questions the emperor will of the senates. Despite his progress as a legatus, he is unsure of himself as he lacks the military experience of his father and Vitalion and always question himself what they had done if they were with him. He takes decisions based on strategy but tends to get reckless when his passions and emotions cloud his judgment. He loves his country and family above all else and does all he can to protect them even if he has to sacrifice himself to do so and like any Roman, he enjoys wine and woman and also gladiator fights, but he knows how to keep his composure at all times. Appearance Hair: Blond and short Height: 1m,75 meters tall Skin tone: Caucasic Outfit: He always wear a roman armor while on duty but off duty, he could be seen wearing simple civilian outfit with no distinction Family Father: Marcus Flavius Batiatus Mother: Septimia Siblings: Aetia Theodora. (elder sister), Marcus Aetius Batiatus (descesed) Spouse: searching Children: none Extended family: none Other: none History Aetius was born as the heir of Marcus Flavius Batiatus from a senatorial family with a deep military tradition and service to Rome since the days of the old republic, his father himself being involved in the military . He was trained by his father how to fight with a gladius and other roman weapons. He was a strict man whit Aetius, always pushing him to excel but he was also a caring father for him and always tried to install a sense of duty and responsibility within his son as he considered his family, to be servants of Rome. Aetius had a good relationship with his elder sister Septimia and was a protective brother for Marius who he spared with for fun within his father's estate in Rome. He studied with a tutor and home but liked to train his fighting skills with his brother, his father asked a veteran legionnaire of his own to train his sons while he was away serving Rome. His mother watched over him with concern as she tried to be strong because she had to support her family knowing that she had not just married a man, but Rome and her sons will be its wolves when they grow up. When he was old enough, his father took him Britania as he was going to join Commander Paulus's invasion. His father treated him like a regular legionary as he believed that softness will make his son weak. Aetius was forced to drink, sleep and do his duties like any other soldier in the camp. Unknowingly, he was being watched and being groomed by a man he would look as a mentor and second father, a Tribunus Angusticlavius named Quintus Flavius Vitalion Vitalion took care of Aetius during the battles and molded him into a soldier in service of Rome and Aetius followed him as a role model over the years. When his father retired from military life as a Preatore after their conquest, he made Vitalion, his most experienced officer, as the new legatus of the Legio X Augusta and Vitalion chose the young Aetius to be his Tribunus Laticlavius once they were ordered back to Ghaul. Aetius continued to serve with honor in distinction within the Legio X Augusta and he always visited his family in Rome from time to time. Aetius experienced a tragedy in his family and the cruelty of the world for the first time. His younger brother, Marius was going to visit him in Galia Lugdunensis where Aetius was stationed but along the way, Marius was killed by a raid party of a germanic tribe. This fact cause Aetius to harbor hatred towards barbarians in general, one he would carry with him for the rest of his days even though none of his family felt that way. Vitalion was forced to move on to lead another legion but left Aetius as the new Legio Legatus of the Legio X Augusta, he drank together with Aetius to celebrate thinking that he was a boy no longer and now knew how to led and also earned the respect of the men. Aetius would continue to be stationed in Galia Lugdunensis hoping that emperor Alexander can keep the peace. His mother grew concerned about his future so she decided to start looking for a suitable wife for Aetius, his father agreed but Aetius only hoped to at least, have a good wife as he feared he would be trapped in a boring and uninteresting marriage as he would not dishonor the name of his future wife. Youma | Est Pacific | Discord
  2. Name: Roxanne Occupation: none Age: 22 Play-By: Kete Upton Personality: She as curious about the life outside of Rome and anything outside of the bubble that her fmaily have put her inside scines her birth. She has a kind and gentle spirit and has no manipulative or cruel intentions. She is calm and loves her family and the gods but she is kind of reble, she has a strong and fierce spirit. She is very pasionate and poses a lustful side but she keeps that only for the man she loves. She is also pride of herself as many claim she is the most beutiful woman in Rome so she wants to belong to a man worthy of her love and respect. Nationality: Could be of hispanic,greek ro Italian origin History: She is the daughter of a wealthy man and has enjoyed a good life of comfort but she is bored, she seeks the thrill of adventure and is getting tired of being just a nice daughter. She set her eyes on Aetius and views him as a good man and very interesting, different from other men who are just selfish and arrogant. She feels attracted to him for being a general of Rome, she feels admiration for him and even asks him to tell her some of his tales while keeping the peace in Spain. She managed to seduce him and often see each other in secret to explore the deeps of her lust after confessing him that she loves him. She and Aetius plan to marry so she can finally leave Rome and see the world by his side since she doesn't want to be married to a boring man who she doesn't love or respect. Extra: If there is an existing character already who you think migth fill her role instead, please let me know
  3. youma

    Oriana Needs A Husband!

    Thank yoi, just need to know how can i join discord cause i dont know how
  4. Hello everyone I am new, although I am a veteran roleplayer, Its my first time in jcink. I am a spanish person coming from another world called 'foroactivo' I an a roman empire fan, I loved Ryse and any roman empire mocie you can think I have a lot to leanr because all is new to me but I hope we can be friends Although englisj is my second language, I will always do my best to give you a decen role I like to participate with plots that contain: -Intrigue -War -Drama -Sex Anything like 300 in general xd I plan to make a roman general and maybe a gladiator
  5. youma

    Oriana Needs A Husband!

    Hello, I am new and I am planing to make a roman, a general to precise I would love for him to havea nice wife but I would like to discuss the details a Ithink I may be inclined to something different but I am open to negotiate
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