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  1. On this day, the main slave market itself was fairly quiet. Many of the vendors had warehouses surrounding the main market area where they would do business privately. Tacita had come with him on this day to the warehouse to do some general busy work- tidying the warehouse. Claudus had recently gained a new shipment of slaves which meant there was more dirt, dust and mess to take care of. She had spent the morning sweeping the dust & dirt into one larger pile and was in the process of depositing it outside when she noticed a heading in their direction. Tacita gave a quick bow and darted ba
  2. March Tacita woke to both Corva and Linus telling her that she would be going with Claudus to the office today. She got up from her bed and put on a simple but clean tunic. Tacita took her bag, had a quick breakfast, then headed out with Claudus. They headed through the Roman streets, weaving through various side streets until they hit the market warehouse. When they entered, Tacita hung her satchel, with her wax tablet, up on a wall hook- she wasn’t allowed to use it at work unless Claudus gave her permission. Tacita gave a quick look to Claudus with a ‘do you need anything’ look and he
  3. “I’m doing alright, I think, considering the circumstances.” She assumed he meant the earthquake. It had been tremoring for about a week, but the strongest one had occurred earlier that morning. “How are you? It appears you made it through the morning so far.” There was a little structural damage, a few broken pots and very minor injuries but overall they were lucky. “We had a few minor injuries and some structural damages. I know we are lucky- how did people fare where you are?” She wondered if the Ludus had taken more of a hit.
  4. JULIA VALERIA- POST HEREBARBARA STILICHA- POST HERETACITA- POST HERE {may need to re-home her if her owner is dropped)
  5. Jenn

    A 'day' out

    Summer in Rome meant heat, but they were heading into early Autumn which for Tacita meant relief. There were so many tasks that needed done daily regardless of the weather. Sweltering heat made tasks less enjoyable. This day was a slightly cooler day and she was using the opportunity to check out the market as she had part of the day free. Normally she would come to the market with someone to help translate, but Corva and Linus were both busy today. Corva warned her to only use their ‘regular’ merchants. By regular it meant that they knew her deficits & they knew who her master was- there
  6. Barbara entered the triclinium and took a glance around. There were several couches and women were sitting down nearby people they knew. Barbara knew of the people here, but she was not directly connected to anyone as family or friends. She figured she would wait until people had settled where they wished and then take a spot that was leftover, but she then heard someone near her speak up “There’s a space right over here if you need one.” Barbara turned in her direction. “I would appreciate the spot, if that is alright.” After she got approval, Barbara sat down next to Pinaria. “This al
  7. Jenn


    Julia heard the story as it was quickly presented. She was not entirely sure what to make of it and she wondered what Juliana thought of it. Juliana was very clearly used to being the Domina of the house as she immediately began issuing orders. She sent Decimus off with the medicus to be tended, with Aia running off after them as soon as she was given permission. Juliana then walked off with her arm wrapped around Claudia. Julia was ready to step in if Juliana needed assistance, but it seemed like she had it taken care of. They were led off to the baths and Juliana left them with orders to get
  8. Julia watched as her son head off and then turned towards the market stalls. Her son was taking care of any major restorations that were needed, while she had agreed to handle the smaller things. Julia had a list of purchases but the most important was replacing some of the broken pots. She walked around until she found a stall and began to look at the pots the vendor had. They were a good size and seemed solid. She was just about to get the vendor’s attention to ask him a couple of questions regarding when the pots were made and how much they were, when someone bumped into her from behi
  9. About a week prior to the end of June, Julia had been at her residence outside of Rome. At first the tremors were light, but her son had ordered her back to their Domus in Rome. She felt that it would have been safer to remain outside of the city, but her son did not trust the home she resided in. Julia, after making sure that the slaves of the household would take care of themselves if the tremors got worse, returned to Rome. In the early morning hours of June 30, Julia was startled awake by a strong jolt. “What was that?” It took another shake or two before she registered what it was
  10. Jenn

    Oh, how have I missed you!

    Widowhood with a grown up son had meant Julia had a lot of free time to herself-she divided her time between the small horse farm she had shared with Canus and her son’s Domus. It would be 2 years this coming Saturnalia, and she knew that society expected a woman to remarry after a suitable mourning period. She knew that her prospects had been limited with the first marriage- in fact, she thought she would never have been married in the first place. Julia figured at this point the prospects for a second marriage were going to be just as slim so she wasn’t holding her breath. With the fre
  11. Jenn

    Dev's Plotter

    Sounds awesome- Julia can pay Flavia a visit at her home if you want or they can meet somewhere. Barbara and Valeria certainly aren't the same status wise but the book club would be neutral ground @Dev
  12. A few days prior to the book club Barbara and her daughter had been shopping in the market when she heard word of the book club. Her daughter had asked what exactly a book club was and when Barbara told her she scrunched up her nose ‘that’s boring mater’. Barbara gave a bit of laugh and ruffled her daughter’s hair. “You are so much like your brother…It will mostly be a chance for women to get out and socialize.” Her daughter asked if she was going. Barbara shrugged her shoulders; they finished their shopping and headed home. That had been followed up by a formal general invitation to their dom
  13. Jenn

    Jenn's Plotter

    Hey Atrice- I will start by throwing Barbara into the book club. Perhaps one of those she has spent so much time focused on her family that they say 'you need a night to yourself'. The other interactions might require a little more thinking- For Julia/Tertius the link could definitely be his daughter. If he has ever considered a horse for her Julia is still spending some of her days at the small horse farm 'owned' by Alaric Stilicho but formerly run by Julia's husband prior to his death, or they could meet in the market. Alexius or Helios interactions would probably be best in the market
  14. Jenn

    Jenn's Plotter

    Awesome selection of characters Atrice Lots of options *Pinaria- Barbara is close in age and they both have youngish children (Barbara's youngest daughter is turning 7 and Marcus is a few years older than that). Julia on the other hand would be older but a good listening ear. *Tertius- Would need to figure out a way for them to meet. It might be interesting to see if something could come to be between these two but if not there is a friendship option especially when it comes to his daughter- Julia loves all children. How does he feel about the Imperials- seems he is sort of neutral
  15. Jenn

    Dev's Plotter

    Hey Dev- saw that you popped back into the discord earlier today. If you want to thread with any of your characters let me know
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