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  1. Jennifer ~ staying ~ keeping: Julia Valeria, Barbara Stilicha, Tacitadropping: n/a
  2. Jenn


    Julia heard the footsteps before she saw Juliana, who a few moments later entered the room. Julia warmly accepted the hug and a kiss on either cheek. “Thank you for the invitation.” Before they could sit down for a chat the sound of horses was heard outside. It was a sound that Julia was VERY familiar with considering the property she lived on was a ‘working’ horse farm. Was Juliana expecting more company? Considering the confused look that came her way the answer to that question appeared to be no. Julia followed a few steps behind Juliana towards the door but sped up closer to Juliana’s side when she heard her gasp. In the courtyard were some figures who she would recognize in a heartbeat- Claudia whom she had known since a baby, Decimus, Aia and Cynane. It took only a quick gaze to clearly see that something very serious had happened. Juliana immediately took charge of the situation summoning her slaves to help them all down and calling for the Medicus. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Juliana’s young son Quintus peek from around a pillar and then go back to hiding. This was not something he should be seeing. The Medicus came running prepared to do what was necessary. Aia after hearing Juliana’s demand for an explanation gave a very precise run down of what had happened. She noted that Aia specifically mentioned Decimus’ shoulder which clearly had an arrow sticking it out of it. It was a wonder he was still conscious. Juliana declared that everyone would get washed up, wounds tended and then she would have answers- Julia wanted those answers as well. Wondering what exactly she could do as Juliana seemed to have things well in hand, she tapped a passing female slave on the shoulder “Domina Juliana’s son Quintus was hiding behind that pillar- make sure he does not witness anymore of this. If no one is able to keep an eye on him come find me.” She nodded yes and headed off in the direction of the pillar to round up Quintus. Julia then turned towards the rest of the crowd and saw that Juliana was supporting Claudia on one side and Aia had Decimus. She moved close enough that she could step up to the other side if extra support was needed. She also wondered if she should send word to Alaric for assistance but she would wait until more information was given. @Gothic @Sains @Atrice @Chevi
  3. “I like what they do over there” Tacita followed Nymphia’s gaze back towards the crowds. They could still hear the music and laughter. A smile crossed her face as she also nodded her head in agreement. She loved watching the show as well. Sometimes she would find herself trying to ‘hum’ along to the music but if it was a tune that she wasn’t familiar with she could simply sit back and enjoy the show. She wasn’t required to say or do anything. Nymphias went to ask if she was waiting for someone here. Tacita nodded her head and pointed through the crowds over to one of the market stands. If Nymphias looked, she would see an older man doing some business with the owner. She had come in with Linus to keep him company and to help him carry things back to their Domus or the warehouse. @Beauty
  4. "Are they... selling you?" Tacita was glad that he seemed to be understanding what she was saying, and that he had figured out to ask questions or make comments in a simple yes/no format. Not being able to communicate with words was her greatest challenge, but she was alive therefore she was determined to make the most of whatever life she was given. All in all, she had been very lucky. She had gone through a couple of masters, but each of them had been understanding and patient with her challenges. When he asked if they were selling her she shook her head no. She had been up for sale through Spurius’ warehouse a short 7months ago but Spurius himself had decided to keep her. @Chevi (we have probably reached a pretty good place to wrap it up if you want to do one more round of posts each- I can have another slave come out to 'get her' so he can at least learn her name lol)
  5. While not necessarily a huge fan of the gladiatorial games due to the blood and guts, it was a good way to keep bridges built with the larger Roman community. Julia knew she was in the unusual place of being widowed- she knew socially people were encouraged to re-marry after a death, but Julia was still on her own. She enjoyed being out on the outskirts of Rome, enjoying the free air and the horse farm. Julia arrived at the games venue and headed towards the Imperial & Senatorial box. She saw that Claudia and Tiberius were in the Imperial section interacting with one of the many Senators that were nearby. She cast a smile in their direction and found an empty spot. Settling in, she took a look at the roster that was being passed around then passed it on to another person.
  6. One of the often-misunderstood things about her was the reason why she was unable to talk. It was commonplace for slaves to have their tongues cut as punishment however that was not the case with her. If she were to open her mouth he would see that she had a full tongue. The disfunction was specifically her voice. She could form sounds but not concrete words. "Oh. Alright... Well, I apologize…Do you... uh, can I help you with something? Are you waiting for someone here?" Tacita shook her head no when he offered to help her with something. She was often given small tasks to keep busy and today it was mending. Was she waiting for someone? She pointed to the narrow collar she wore and then pointed into the warehouse. Her Dominus owned the warehouse and she had been sent in from their Domus to bring him lunch. @Chevi
  7. The young woman next to her seemed to understand her gesture enough as she went on to talk about what had happened. Apparently, she had been watching the show as well and said that someone had taken her money. Ah she had been pickpocketed. That was a very common situation in the market. She then went on to say that she was worried about being locked up in the kitchens forever. Tacita could certainly understand her anxiety. She had been given the money to do complete some errands and instead was going to be returning to her Dominus with empty pockets. This was something that usually had severe repercussions. When she began to play with her hands Tacita attempted to reassure her by tapping the young woman’s hand. “Sorry, I babbled. Rome is just very confusing place. Has it every happened to you? With people who try to take money from you? Or shopkeeper who try to… rip off?” Tacita nodded her head and pointed to her voice. As she was unable to negotiate there were many times when shopkeepers would attempt to rip her off. Most of the time she wouldn’t go to the emporium by herself but if she did Tacita had certain merchants that had learned to understand her gestures. @Beauty
  8. He wasn’t saying much. Tacita suspected he was trying to figure her out. They were both looking very sheepish regarding the current situation. He suddenly seemed to put the situation together “Oh…Do you…not talk?” Tacita pointed to her throat and shook her head no. He would know the extent of her voice if he remembered back to a moment ago when she gave a rather undignified squeak as he just about tripped over her. As long as he asked things in a yes/no format she would be able to carry on a ‘conversation’ @Chevi
  9. Jenn

    Looking for a husband

    She is a former slave, but should never have been forced into that position in the first place. Her brother, pretty infamous for being a rebellious baddie, took it upon himself to murder their parents & take power. Instead of marrying his sisters off or killing them he sold them into slavery. She was restored to her families' lineage (ie her slave history was forgotten) by Lucilla & the Magister at the time. If you want to do a thread we can come up with something. @Sarah
  10. Jenn

    Looking for a husband

    Hey It would be interesting to see these two interacting. Not sure about a marriage due to social status (not that it means a lot to her) but also because of what he does. She understands that slavers have to make a living too but having once been a slave it would be too close to her history. She is open to all kinds of friendships though @Sarah
  11. Jenn


    (prior to Claudia/everyone else arriving at Juliana’s) Julia had been doing some work in her domus, but she received an invitation from Flavia Juliana. The invitation had been very simple- there was no indication as to the reason for the invitation. She informed their head slave that she would be heading out for a while and that she was unsure when she would return. After adjusting her chiton and adding a palla for warmth she left for Juliana’s. Arriving at the Domus of Flavia Juliana, she raised a hand to knock on the door. The door was opened by her slave. “I am here at the request of Flavia Juliana- please inform her that Julia Valeria is here.” There was a quick ‘yes Domina’ and the slave stepped back to let her then shut the door behind her and went to get Juliana. Julia let her gaze roam around while she waited for Juliana to return. It was a beautiful Domus. @Gothic@Chevi@Sains@Atrice
  12. Tacita had come to the market with Linus as he had some errands to run. While she didn’t exactly need to be there, Corva did not need her at the Domus today and had sent her along with Linus to keep him company. They arrived in the area just outside of the main market. Linus found a bench on the outskirt of the forum and told her to wait there for him. “Wait here, I will be back in a few minutes” Tacita nodded her head and sat down on the bench. As she sat waiting for him, a crowd gathered, and she heard the laughter and cheering. There were men entertaining the crowd with dancing, singing and drama. So that was what the excitement was about. She shifted slightly on the bench so she could see more of what they were doing. Tacita nodded her head along with the rhythm and watching the crowds being mesmerized by the show. A young woman sat down on the bench next to her and buried her head in her hands. “I am going to die today, Have you ever seen someone more idiot than me? No because no one is more idiot than me. Where is handsome man to save me when I need them?” Tacita turned to face the young woman next to her. She pointed to the young woman and put her hands apart with a ‘what happened’ look on her face. When she asked where was a handsome man to save her when she needed them, Tacita shrugged her shoulders. @Beauty
  13. As she popped up out of his way he managed to catch himself on the door frame. Not the most graceful recovery for either of them, but at least neither of them seemed to be injured. He stepped back holding his hands up in apology. "Gods, I'm very sorry. It was an accident, I didn't mean to... uh." He looked down at her basket and her gaze followed his to the ground. There was no damage. “I should watch where I’m going. I apologize.” She knew she owed him a bit of an apology as well. Tacita pointed to the ground then placed her hand on her chest. She tapped her hand twice and attempted to look apologetic. Hopefully he would be able to figure it out…if not she would duck inside for a moment to find someone to translate. @Chevi
  14. Tacita sat quietly by herself outside the door to Spurius’ shop. People came and went, walking right by the young woman with her basket. Occasionally, she would look up and scan the area around her but mostly her focus was on the two feet space around her, the basket and the item of mending in her hand. Finishing the tunic, she placed it into the basket and was about to pick up another item when a foot connected with the basket and someone much taller than her stumbled. She gave a startled squeak and attempted to pull the basket and herself out of the way but she didn’t know if it would be enough for him. She threw the item into her basket and pulled herself to a stand. Tacita looked at the man in front of her and began to get a little anxious. She felt like she owed him a huge apology, but she had no way to tell him- she had been forbidden to write for anyone but Spurius or Linus…and she didn’t even know if he would be able to read it if she could. Would he be angry that she wasn’t offering an apology? Did he have any idea of who she was and her deficits? @Chevi
  15. October 74 AD (location: Sitting just outside of the Spurius' Slave market) She had been in the household about 7 months and felt like she had a family. Her immediate superiors were Corva and her husband Linus and they were good to her. To her they replaced the parents she never knew. Corva had sent her out to the garden to pull a handful of herbs and produce. Once that was done and delivered to the kitchen, she was given a basket of food to deliver to their Dominus. Tacita changed into a clean tunic as she was going to his place of work and knew she was expected to make a good impression. “Stay at the warehouse until you are sent back" Tacita nodded her head, grabbed her carry bag and headed off with the basket. She arrived in the Emporium Magnum- if she hadn’t been born and raised in Rome seeing the number of people milling about would have terrified her, especially with her deficits, but she knew the merchants that they usually dealt with and those merchants had gotten to know her unique circumstances. Tacita pulled the basket in close so that it didn’t get bumped. She wove her way between the stalls until she arrived at their warehouse. Tacita entered the building and after her eyes adjusted to the light change, she saw the various slaves for sale as well as the staff that he employed. She got the attention of one of the workers and gestured to the basket. Tacita was informed that he wasn’t present at the moment but she could leave the basket in his office. She nodded her head and delivered the basket. Once done, she stepped back out into the main room where slaves were milling about. With everyone milling about and her being a young woman, she was careful to make sure she was staying out of the way and cautious with those she didn’t know. Tacita had a basket of mending thrust into her hands. She found a spot just outside the door where she could maximize the light and enjoy the fresh air. She took the first item to mend and after checking for what needed to be done she began to stab the fabric with a needle.
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