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  1. She heard Horatia repeat her name and then turn to her husband with a ‘Thank you, you shouldn’t have’…universally known as the being polite but you really didn’t have to do that or even better, why did you do that answer. Considering she was gift and he hadn’t known what he was going to get exactly it was pretty obvious to Tacita that she was unexpected. Horatia then went on to say that Felix would show her around after they figured out what to do with her and of course Aulus piped in with possible ideas. She felt like a young child at a party where all the adults were talking around her but not actually to her…but then again that was normal for not only a slave, but a slave who had issues with speaking. While she stood there waiting for them to decide what to do or ask her a question she attempted to figure out how she knew Felix, but she had been around so many slaves in the past few years. She didn’t think he had come through Claudus’ shop but she couldn’t be completely sure. Tacita saw his encouraging smile and she gave him a hint of a smile back. @Sharpie@Sara@Chevi
  2. After being sold Tacita decided it was a good thing that pretty much her only belongings were in the bag she carried. She certainly had not planned on being sold upon leaving Claudus’ that morning, but such was the life of a slave. Knock on wood, her masters so far had been good and she sent up a silent prayer that this ‘luck’ would continue. When they stepped outside she saw the lictors waiting for him outside and although she knew as a Consul he had a wealth of people following him/protecting him, to see that many in person was surprising. Tacita followed along behind Aulus, trying to memorize the route from the Emporium. When they arrived at the Domus, Aulus dismissed the lictors. Inside they stopped in the atrium and she let her gaze wander around while he caught the eye of a house slave and had him get his mistress and Felix. They didn’t wait long for the mistress of the domus and also Felix. "This is your mistress, my wife, Horatia Justina, And my body slave, Felix." Tacita looked in their direction and gave a curtsy in greeting. When she saw Felix she was wondering on where she knew him from- perhaps he would refresh her memory at some point. With a gentle urging from Aulus she stepped towards her new mistress. "Horatia, I've brought you a gift. This is Tacita - she doesn't speak, but she does write, and is learning to read. I thought she might be useful.” She wondered what exactly she would be doing in the domus but figured she would get some instruction shortly. @Sara@Sharpie@Chevi
  3. “Would you accept an offer of…” Aulus named a price and then Claudus asked him if he would like to go back to the office to discuss it over another cup of wine to which Aulus agreed. Tacita certainly hadn’t planned on getting sold that day, but it seemed like that was what was about to happen. She watched as the two men turned and went towards the office. Tacita put her tablet back in her bag and waited for directions. The foreman selected another female slave and then nodded his head towards Tacita to follow Claudus & Aulus, but when they arrived at the office door he made her wait outside until that time as Claudus summoned her into the room. He stepped into the room with the second slave girl to serve them. Discussion went back and forth until a price was settled that both were happy with. “Bring Tacita in” The foreman nodded his head and stepped out of the room. A moment later he returned along with Tacita who followed along behind him. At a gesture from Claudus she stepped into the middle of the room to face both men. Her gaze dropped to the floor as she heard the verdict. “Tacita, you have been purchased by the Consul.” Tacita nodded her head to show that she understood/heard the comment. It was going to tear her heart out to leave Corva and Linus as they felt like the closest thing to parents she had ever had, but this was the way business worked. Tacita pulled out her table to make a request. “Dominus, will you please give a message to Corva & Linus for me- tell them thank you.” While Claudus didn’t have to, he was nodded his head as he knew how close the 3 of them were. “Yes I will tell them.” Tacita gave a bit of smile, nodded her head in thanks and put away. @Sharpie(you can wrap up the thread if you want)
  4. To say she was a bit of a mystery was an understatement. She carried that bag with her everywhere but didn’t use the items inside it very often. In general she used it with their domus head slave Linus as he was helping her with her writing. When she returned, she produced the tablet and scratched out the message. “You can write - can you read?" Could she read? That was a hard question to answer. While she understood the letters and had learned language by listening to the people around her, writing was easier as she was explaining thoughts that were in her head already. When it came to reading, it was other people’s ideas and context was an issue. In general, if the reading was simple she could do it but if it was more complex ideas she required someone to help her out/explain it. With the ability to write at least now she could ask for more clarification, ask questions. “I write to talk, working on reading still- if simple it is easier” Probably her biggest challenge was that she couldn’t sound it out and it took a lot of energy to sound it out in her head. Claudus spoke up to explain further. “Her former master had a body slave he was educating, and he had Tacita included in those lessons to give her a method of communication beyond gesturing. She generally uses the gestures for quick conversation. For reading, it depends on the complexity.” @Sharpie
  5. Slaves, as a group, had learned long ago that they were often talked about but not necessarily talked to but that was even more ‘normal’ for Tacita. Claudus informed the Consul that he would need to ask yes/no questions as she was unable to speak. He then went on to ask the usual follow up question, “but can she hear” which was followed up with a yes. The one thing people quickly learned about Tacita was that while she didn’t speak, she could definitely hear and understand- she was certainly not dumb. She had been lucky that previous masters worked to give her a bit of a voice by giving her rudimentary writing. “Your name is Tacita?” Tacita nodded her head- she knew that slaves were often given names based on things or traits. In her case the family that had found her as a baby recognized that she was unable to speak and that was the name they gave her. They didn’t do it to be mean, it was more of an explanation to those who would meet her. Aulus went on to ask her if she had ever served as a lady’s maid. She had mostly been in the kitchens or a general slave, but she picked things up quickly. Tacita looked at Claudus, pointed to herself then across the room to where her bag/tablet hung up. Claudus debated about letting her write but figured if he was going to end up selling her, he might get more for her if Aulus saw those skills. “Yes you can” Tacita gave a quick curtsy and went to retrieve her bag. Putting it over her head she returned to the two men and pulled a small wax tablet. “Kitchen & general slave, but I can learn.” She was glad that Claudus had let her get the tablet- she generally did not use it at the warehouse- she had only really written for Claudus or Linus but it did allow her to answer a few more general questions. @Sharpie
  6. Tacita stood off to the side while everyone was gathered in the main part of the warehouse. She kept out of the way as she wasn’t for sale. It felt weird simply standing off to the side, but there wasn’t anything she had been told to do, and there wasn’t anything she could see to do. The Consul took his time looking at what was available. At one point the Consul turned in her direction and Tacita momentarily caught his eye, she suddenly dropped her gaze to the floor. She waited a moment and then lifted her head, but only slightly. She noticed that the Consul and Claudus were talking but she wasn’t able to hear what was being said. “Tacita” Suddenly she heard her name being called by Claudus and saw a flick of his hand for her to approach. What was happening? Tacita approached the pair, gave a quick little curtsy and waited for more instructions or questions. “Consul, should you wish to ask her anything it needs to be in a yes/no format as she does not speak.” @Sharpie
  7. After handing the Consul his cup of wine Tacita stepped back quietly out of the way- they would have left but Claudus hadn’t dismissed them yet. While she wasn’t listening intently to the conversation she did keep an ear open for any commands that came their way. He went on to say that his wife was looking for a project- she wasn’t exactly sure what that meant but as he was in a slave market as opposed to the main market she suspected he was looking for a slave that his wife could train up. Before Claudus could reply there was a knock. “Come in” A moment later the Claudus’ foreman entered the room. “Is everyone gathered for the Consul’s viewing” His foreman nodded his head and gestured back out to the main room. “Good” When the Consul was done with his cup, they moved back out to the main room. The other slave who was with her joined the women, but Tacita stood just outside Claudus’ office door- she didn’t join the other as she wasn’t technically for sale. @Sharpie(If you want to do the next post & NPC Claudus that can make it go faster)
  8. The Senator, whom he knew to be Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus stepped inside and Spurius followed after him. “Are you after anything in particular?” Spurius listened as he went on to say he was looking to get something for his wife, but he had nothing particular in mind. Usually something for a man’s wife from a slave merchant centered around a body slave, cosmetic slave, or general female slaves for the domestic household. “Come with me to my office- I have some refreshment available, while my foreman gathers up my slaves for you to look at.” Spurius waved a hand to the foreman, then they headed off to his office. Having seen the men approaching outside, Tacita had informed the foreman and then put her broom. Away. She generally stayed out of the way during these situations as she wasn’t technically for sale- as she was owned by Spurius, but Tacita and another woman were handed a tray of food and a jug of wine. Tacita took the jug and followed the other woman towards the office. They arrived at the door, gave a knock and after hearing Spurius’ command to enter, they entered the office. The woman who was with her set a tray down near both Spurius and his guest, gave a curtsy then stepped back out of the way. Tacita, poured a cup of wine and with a curtsy offered it to Spurius’ guest. @Sharpie
  9. On this day, the main slave market itself was fairly quiet. Many of the vendors had warehouses surrounding the main market area where they would do business privately. Tacita had come with him on this day to the warehouse to do some general busy work- tidying the warehouse. Claudus had recently gained a new shipment of slaves which meant there was more dirt, dust and mess to take care of. She had spent the morning sweeping the dust & dirt into one larger pile and was in the process of depositing it outside when she noticed a heading in their direction. Tacita gave a quick bow and darted back inside the warehouse to inform the foreman that there was possible business. He went off to inform Claudus who went out to meet him. (Claudus) “Welcome Dominus.” He bowed then stepped back to let the man inside if he wished to enter. @Sharpie
  10. March Tacita woke to both Corva and Linus telling her that she would be going with Claudus to the office today. She got up from her bed and put on a simple but clean tunic. Tacita took her bag, had a quick breakfast, then headed out with Claudus. They headed through the Roman streets, weaving through various side streets until they hit the market warehouse. When they entered, Tacita hung her satchel, with her wax tablet, up on a wall hook- she wasn’t allowed to use it at work unless Claudus gave her permission. Tacita gave a quick look to Claudus with a ‘do you need anything’ look and he shook his head then waved her away. He headed off towards his office and she grabbed a nearby broom and began to sweep the room. @Sharpie (for Aulus)
  11. “I’m doing alright, I think, considering the circumstances.” She assumed he meant the earthquake. It had been tremoring for about a week, but the strongest one had occurred earlier that morning. “How are you? It appears you made it through the morning so far.” There was a little structural damage, a few broken pots and very minor injuries but overall they were lucky. “We had a few minor injuries and some structural damages. I know we are lucky- how did people fare where you are?” She wondered if the Ludus had taken more of a hit.
  12. JULIA VALERIA- POST HEREBARBARA STILICHA- POST HERETACITA- POST HERE {may need to re-home her if her owner is dropped)
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    A 'day' out

    Summer in Rome meant heat, but they were heading into early Autumn which for Tacita meant relief. There were so many tasks that needed done daily regardless of the weather. Sweltering heat made tasks less enjoyable. This day was a slightly cooler day and she was using the opportunity to check out the market as she had part of the day free. Normally she would come to the market with someone to help translate, but Corva and Linus were both busy today. Corva warned her to only use their ‘regular’ merchants. By regular it meant that they knew her deficits & they knew who her master was- there was less chance that they would take advantage of her. Tacita arrived at the market, took a quick look around and then headed towards one of the stalls. At the first stall she picked out a few items to make herself a little ‘lunch’. The vendor told her the price and she used her fingers to ‘negotiate’, although not much was required. Tacita placed the items in her drawstring bag then headed off to a bench under a tree-glad for some shade. She settled herself down on the bench and pulled out the bread and fruit.
  14. Barbara entered the triclinium and took a glance around. There were several couches and women were sitting down nearby people they knew. Barbara knew of the people here, but she was not directly connected to anyone as family or friends. She figured she would wait until people had settled where they wished and then take a spot that was leftover, but she then heard someone near her speak up “There’s a space right over here if you need one.” Barbara turned in her direction. “I would appreciate the spot, if that is alright.” After she got approval, Barbara sat down next to Pinaria. “This all looks so nice and comfortable. Horatia did a wonderful job.” Barbara agreed with Pinaria- it was absolutely beautiful and very comfortable. “It certainly does seem wonderfully comfortable in here- she has done a wonderful job. I am Barbara Stilicha.” @Atrice (also @Sara @Chevi @Dev @Anna @Laria @Echo)
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    Julia heard the story as it was quickly presented. She was not entirely sure what to make of it and she wondered what Juliana thought of it. Juliana was very clearly used to being the Domina of the house as she immediately began issuing orders. She sent Decimus off with the medicus to be tended, with Aia running off after them as soon as she was given permission. Juliana then walked off with her arm wrapped around Claudia. Julia was ready to step in if Juliana needed assistance, but it seemed like she had it taken care of. They were led off to the baths and Juliana left them with orders to get cleaned up then to come speak to her in the triclinium. With that Juliana left. Before Julia turned and followed her she gave a look over Claudia as if to make sure that she truly was physically okay- mentally might be another story but that would come. Not knowing what, if anything, to say she turned and followed Juliana from the room. @Atrice@Gothic@Sains@Chevi
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