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  1. "Thank you for the marriage advice, but already tried and tested before, and the women that she brought up to me didn't make a dent on my impression whatsoever." Besides, Lucius felt that he shouldn't bother her too much about it and in effect waste her time trying to pick a wife from the rather large sea of women out there; in the end it all came down to him and his will to find the right one, with or without love involved, as now wasn't the time to continue bicker with one's self before it was too late. "You don't look all that shabby yourself my friend, trust that your reputation will summon someone forth to your desire, if good looks alone won't do it." He gave a tap on the Jew's shoulder as they still continued with the horse affairs. "Who knows, by the end of the day I may have found myself a horse that I would proudly proclaim as my wife, and I see why not? Our dear old emperor Caligula did plan to make his horse the next Consul." Lucius chuckled, focusing on the particular breed that Bessus pointed towards. "This one here has great, shining teeth for sure and even if it isn't my breed of desire, it nonetheless packs a solid punch by the looks of it." Even if it was too early to say whether it was THE one the young senator was looking for, he sensed that they wouldn't be standing there the entire day, and the prized asset would be soon revealed. "My good sirs, now when I think of it, I would like to show you one of our newly arrivals from the Oriental Steppes. It's similar yet distinct from the Arabisn horse, so if you could kindly follow me I'll gladly take you to him." Without giving them much to consider, the handler proceeded to head in a certain direction with swift steps, forcing the duo to keep up with him. An abrupt pause in the horse inspection meant that additional conversation was possible. "So Bessus, anything else going on lately in your life that I ought to know about?" @Beauty
  2. For my second character, I've been tempted for a while to create Lucius' sister Furia Pontia Tullia, but I would need some extra kick of motivation to do; in that regard, I was wondering if there happened to be any sentore character out there willing to have her as their wife, along with sons and daughters? She's about 29 yrs old and redheaded. Personality wise I envisioned her to be intelligent and beautiful, described as a responsible parent, skillful manager of the household, and a compassionate philanthropist of the poor and needing. Otherwise everything incl. the amount of kids could be discussed. Please reply here or in Discord if this would summon some interest!
  3. "Have you ever considered ditching racing altogether for comedy? I think it would suit someone of your character instead...yes, now that I'm telling you this out loud, I can clearly picture myself sitting in a packed audience anywhere, listening to your dry jokes and nonsensical rants. You my friend would turn out to be quite the success story." Giving a complimentary pack on the back, Lucius may have been joking back at him, but there was actually some semblance of truth in all of it. He'd known Bessus to be a talented conversationalist throughout all these years ever since they met each other, and one of his greatest strengths happened to be mastering the art of comedy, achievening the perfect balance between acting over-the-top and restrained. "You're absolutely right; when was it the last time we ever finished a thought-provoking conversation, just like in the old days? I suppose we shouldn't let our busy lives act as excusable reasons for not doing so, even if your charioteering as well as my judicial-politico duties can be quite demanding at certain times. Gosh, both of us are still unmarried...In my case, I really need to improve my efforts and find a wife as soon as possible; even dear little sister of mine has been pestering too much about it, and she already has pack of sons and daughters to help raise into dutiful Roman men and women of the next generation." Lucius kept asking himself why it had taken this long for someone of his standing to find the 'soulmate' he'd like to spend the rest of his life with, whether it's out of love, (mainly) politics and economics or all of those factors in fact. His situation wasn't particularly unique which was odd to say the least; were Roman men in general becoming too unattractive for the opposite sex? It reminded him of this topic he'd discussed with Oriana Laecania once during her parties, which indicated that this issue hadn't gone unnoticed among the women of the empire either. "Good day and welcome Senator Lucius to my humble horse dealership...Bessus, great you seeing again, and I kind of agree with you; why make it more difficult for a hot-headed senator by purchasing an equally hot-headed horse? You wouldn't probably be able to get anywhere with double the stubborness, unless you're looking for a challenge of course, which I can absolutely sympathize with as well considering life can't always be like a straight line to follow, no? In any case I shall be of your assistance to choose the next dependable, four-legged compantion." The horse dealer chuckled, showing both the senator and racer the available horses within their viccinity, talking them about the high, rigourous standards he held for each and every one of them whilst echoing Bessus' words about personality traits and such which made the horses unique from one another. "Has any horse caught your interest thus far? Any questions that you may have?" The handler initially asked Lucius as he still remain undecided, turning his attention to Bessus as well since he cirrectly assumed that he was the main expert to mainly consult with. @Beauty
  4. That sheer amount of confidence that Bessus possessed was the reason as to why Lucius wanted him to come along, aside from his incredible knowledge of horses and having this innate capacity of feeling exactly how they felt and acted; a true horse whisperer in other words. “You’ll indeed lower the prize and so much more, that I’m certain of. Tell you what, we should just head into the countryside for a few days this summer, only you and I together, with no one else to bother us...just like in Greece.” There were times when Lucius remembered the good old days when they were young and innocent, when the burdens of the big world hadn’t yet been put on their shoulders to carry, and Bessus happened to be one of those who showed him how it felt like long ago, something which couldn’t be taken lightly. As they were waiting for a horse handler to approach them, the young senator took a long gaze on the horses and wondered which of these would become his new companion, though he snapped out of it as soon as his Jewish friend inquired about the type of horse he desired. “Roman virility? I suppose that’s what every senator tells himself when attempting to pick a horse.” He chuckled. “Well firstly I expect that it functions properly. Secondly, it should represent the Furii-Pontii: a hot headed creature of intelligence, which brings its own sets of advantages and disadvantages alike, as I’m you’re surely aware of. Thirdly, I would like for the horse to be of the best Thessalian breed with oriental blood, similarly to Alexander the Great’s horse Bucephalus, as to which I apply those standards when choosing a new horse.” At that moment, a horse handler began to approach them; the bargaining could finally begin. @Beauty
  5. Another day at the market, but this time it wasn't about picking up random, beautiful pleb or slave women from the market stalls *wink, wink*, rather it was time for Lucius to purchase a new horse. His old one had tragically passed away due to old age and the young senator found himself standing close to a large pen where different horses were galloping around. It had to be one of these worthy of being called his 'Bucephalus', similar to Alexander the Great's own who was recognised as the most famous of them all: a massive create with a massive head, he was described as having a black coat with a large star on his brow, and his breeding was that of the "best Thessalian strain", acting as the mount for the legendary warrior king for years. Of course Lucius couldn't call himself to be a complete expert, even if his knowledge regarding these magnificent creatures and friends of mankind wasn't all too shabby. Instead, he'd requested that his Jewish friend dating back decades since they were both in their teens, Tiberius Herius Bassus, would join him on this early morning day in the middle of March and help pick out the best choice. He trusted that the knowledge of Bassus would become quite handy, in order to reduce the chance of getting played by the horse dealers wanting to get away with as much cash as possible without enough care about the customer's demands. Luckily it seemed that he had time to go and help out a friend that has stood by his side for so long, that one could say that they knew each other like dear brothers would. @Beauty
  6. Lucius enjoyed having a good shave and hair cut when the occasion called for it, especially when the morning was shining bright by the sun above in the cloudless sky. Many senators preferred having it at the end of the day for relaxation purposes after a hard day of work as they put it, however Lucius did it differently by having it earlier in order to feel refreshed and save the rest of the day for more important matters that required his full attention. Accompanying him were his few but highly reliable, dependable lictors acting as the regular bodyguards and civil servants for a senator such as himself. They would be the first ones to enter the establishment of the famed barber Marcus Barbatius, who happened to be the young senator's favorite since he knew exactly how he needed to trim those hairs of his. A bit of a special fellow, considering some clients of his somehow ended up disappearing alltogether for strange, unexplainable reasons and rumors here and there were spread about his true, inner self. Whatever the case may have been, Lucius didn't want to mess his head around that and instead wanted to have the standard shave and cut, nothing more, nothing less. As the young senator stepped inside the establishment, following suite of his lictors, he noticed how there were already 3 clients already waiting for their turn. Dammit, he told himself that as he sat down on one of the chairs, at least there would be plenty of chatting beforehand as long as he didn't end up late for judicial duties. "Marcus, greetings my old friend; a lovely day for receiving a shave and cut no?" As he sat down, Lucius noticed someone else he was awfully familiar with. "Isn't that Titus Justinius Canicus Phiscerus himself that I have the pleasure of setting my eyes upon? It seems that both of us have the desire of receiving the end of Barbatius' services, haha!" He exclaimed in full delight, as Titus happened to be one of the young senator's shady contacts whom he'd proven himself to be quite useful when it came to chariot races in general. @Atrice@Brian
  7. Lucius took a deep breath as he was about enter once again, a godless place full of so much debauchery that it would qualify itself for receiving divine 'fire and fury' like the story with Sodom and Gomorra; hopefully he was able to get out of it later in time in case God decided to cast a spell of doom. 'Wild' Lucius back in the day would've been feeling so excited and jttery, to be able to drink as much wine as he wanted until he became wasted, eat so much til' his stomach bursted, and pleasure himself with so many strangers both men and women that the entirety of Rome could hear the satisfaction being emitted from sexual acitivies. The new Lucius however adhered to another set of creed which denounced this type of excessive lifestyle that was both damaging for body and soul, and it can't be stated enough that refraining from such luxuries in life had proven to be a challenge, so why would a supposedly pious Christian enter this den of temptation? Just like how he justified attending gladiatorial games, it was quite important for a senator and even a praetor such as himself to keep up with the appearances and prestige. Opportunities could also present themselves when interacting with the multitude of Rome's most powerful and influential statesmen attending these events, and Lucius knew that he wouldn't exactly excuse himself from attending. The young senator would just need to keep the drinking to a minimum whilst trying to stare too long on the scantily clad slaves who were surely numerous in number this evening, as everything would turn out to be fine right? "Quite an impressive ensemble of women...and men, Aulus, you certainly have a good taste. Though the Venus is certainly the best source to find them! Ah, it's great to see you here as well my good colleagues!" Lucius exclaimed, keeping the facade up with a smile which covered the feeling of disgust and wondered how long he needed to surround himself with these alluring servants; even the prostitutized musician stared at him with a lustful gaze. @Sharpie@Liv@Sara + anyone else!
  8. @Sharpie - As long as close connection can be made and opportunities arise, the pious senator can handle a night of scantily clad people!
  9. As Lucius visited the next corral where each slave of a 'herd' waited for their eventual fate, he couldn't at first notice anyone he deemed to be 'special' enough for him to consider taking back home. Eventually he spotted a female 'Barbarian' who looked pretty angry and sad, giving the ground a good amount of fisting alright. However, it wasn't her understandable lack of patience and sad fate which attracted the young senator's senses, instead it was her fiery hair of reddish color which captivated the attention of his: Lucius' branch of the family were known for their red hair, which perfectly paired quite well with their infamous temperament which was quite hard to refrain from showing itself visible by provocation. The fact that this slave girl presented herself in this matter only reinforced the notion of her being the one to bring home from the market on this very day. "Is the responsible handler for these slaves here? I would like to speak to him regarding a pruchasement I wish to proceed forth with!" Lucius exclaimed, feeling confident about that she would be a fine addition to the household and a person to save from certain death. @Mord
  10. Once again, Lucius would bear witness to another disgusting round of senseless killing. To think that he used to like this sort of Roman past time befitting a senatore, but now when he'd seen and heard about the 'enlightened truth' which resulted in his converting to Christianity, the young senator couldn't help but feel disdain towards blood, limbs and intestines being splattered all over the arena whilst people are happily cheering without any pity or shame within themselves. However he had to put aside those personal feelings, considering the fact that keeping up with appearances and maintaining close connections with a powerful institution such as the Imperial Family was more important. Wearing what custom dictated, namely a senatorial tunic and toga with a flair identifying him as a Praetor, Lucius was currently sitting in a Senatorial box close to the Imperial one so he could chat with anyone within the viccinity if necessary, alongside the usual company of Lictors acting as his personal bodyguards. It wasn't just prestige which compelled him to attend, as his sponsored gladiator from Britannia Turi/Ambrosius was going to have his own opportunity to fight & shine without dying...hopefully. @Anna@Chris@Sharpie@Gothic@Sarah@Jenn + Anyone else!
  11. @Sharpie - Is it still ok for Lucius to potentially join?
  12. "Turi...I'll keep that in mind, and I'll tell you every bit of information about your brother's whereabouts as soon as I'm able to, that you can count on." There were countless slaves in Rome and without a shadow of doubt many would probably have similar names, though what was worth was that the masters loved to call their new slaves by their awful Romanized names, making everything much more complicated than it needed to be. It could certainly be a possibility that the brother would end up in his household, but then one had to make sure that this was THE Turi they were looking for, while at the same time taking into account that he was already dead by this point of disease or injury sustained during the attack. The senator now sitting beside her had no choice but to continue instilling hope of the brother's survival by smiling, and tonight's prayers would definitely be dedicated towards him. "Would you like to start heading back home, or?" He noticed that a substantial amount of time had passed and it wouldn't look good at all if her master started wondering what she was currently doing or where she was to begin with. @Beauty
  13. “Well let’s see who dared show up, as I can’t imagine that any of the old faces around here would have the audacity enough not do so.” He smirked, as missing any party of Oriana without good reason would surely attract everyone else’s attention and the free reign of gossip would commence. He had the pleasure of experiencing that himself during the time of his parents’ deaths and all of that crap that came along with it. “Spotted anyone new around here by any chance?” Lucius curiously asked, making his way through the crowd with the hostess, whilst also searching for his precious olives that he really wanted to taste.
  14. “Flavia Lucilla Augusta’s taste for the impeccable isn’t something to sniff at, for sure. I’ll happily take this my good friend.” Making a mental note to himself, Lucius already found his first item of worth befitting his household, as it was now time to find more items of interest; no matter how expensive they were, he had all the money in the world and wasn’t shy enough to refrain himself from too much spending. “Paulus...anything that is of foreign origin that’ll impress the likes of my senatorial colleagues? Perhaps from the land of the Seres? (e.g Chinese) Their items have begun to fascinate me now when I think about it…So different yet beautiful in their creation, as if they belonged to a different mortal than ours.”
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