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  1. Lucius enjoyed having a good shave and hair cut when the occasion called for it, especially when the morning was shining bright by the sun above in the cloudless sky. Many senators preferred having it at the end of the day for relaxation purposes after a hard day of work as they put it, however Lucius did it differently by having it earlier in order to feel refreshed and save the rest of the day for more important matters that required his full attention. Accompanying him were his few but highly reliable, dependable lictors acting as the regular bodyguards and civil servants for a senator such
  2. Lucius took a deep breath as he was about enter once again, a godless place full of so much debauchery that it would qualify itself for receiving divine 'fire and fury' like the story with Sodom and Gomorra; hopefully he was able to get out of it later in time in case God decided to cast a spell of doom. 'Wild' Lucius back in the day would've been feeling so excited and jttery, to be able to drink as much wine as he wanted until he became wasted, eat so much til' his stomach bursted, and pleasure himself with so many strangers both men and women that the entirety of Rome could hear the satisfa
  3. @Sharpie - As long as close connection can be made and opportunities arise, the pious senator can handle a night of scantily clad people!
  4. Once again, Lucius would bear witness to another disgusting round of senseless killing. To think that he used to like this sort of Roman past time befitting a senatore, but now when he'd seen and heard about the 'enlightened truth' which resulted in his converting to Christianity, the young senator couldn't help but feel disdain towards blood, limbs and intestines being splattered all over the arena whilst people are happily cheering without any pity or shame within themselves. However he had to put aside those personal feelings, considering the fact that keeping up with appearances and maint
  5. @Sharpie - Is it still ok for Lucius to potentially join?
  6. "Turi...I'll keep that in mind, and I'll tell you every bit of information about your brother's whereabouts as soon as I'm able to, that you can count on." There were countless slaves in Rome and without a shadow of doubt many would probably have similar names, though what was worth was that the masters loved to call their new slaves by their awful Romanized names, making everything much more complicated than it needed to be. It could certainly be a possibility that the brother would end up in his household, but then one had to make sure that this was THE Turi they were looking for, while at t
  7. “Well let’s see who dared show up, as I can’t imagine that any of the old faces around here would have the audacity enough not do so.” He smirked, as missing any party of Oriana without good reason would surely attract everyone else’s attention and the free reign of gossip would commence. He had the pleasure of experiencing that himself during the time of his parents’ deaths and all of that crap that came along with it. “Spotted anyone new around here by any chance?” Lucius curiously asked, making his way through the crowd with the hostess, whilst also searching for his precious olives that he
  8. The Young Pope

    The Abundance of Flora

    “I’ve been feeling rather well, thank you for asking, as I haven’t felt this inspired and motivated to serve the interests of the empire for quite some time...Still in the search for a suitable wife, but I’m sure that the Gods will guide me to one eventually.” He slightly smiled, as the attempt to find one has proven to be quite the challenge surprisingly speaking, considering there were many senators in his prime age that were in need, but all of the Roman women were either already married or didn’t care enough it seemed. “As for my sister and her family, they happen to be in go
  9. “Oh there’s so much that comes to my mind that I can’t quite tell you exactly, but sometimes when I do end up here, all by myself and no one else to be found, I simply like to not think about anything particular at all and instead take my time to meditate and reflect, where the realities of life are ignored in favour of a clear sound of mind.” As she was concentrating on the handsome view, the senator concentrated on the beautiful britannic lady sitting right in front of him. To think that she ended up as a slave and has to fight day and night for her own survival, considering she
  10. Lucius chuckled at Ardra's small joke in an attempt to probably lighten up the mood of the rather unfortunate circumstances. "You may become old and barren as you say, but at least you should know that you're among those who'll age gracefully over time, as one can already see that today. Before reaching such a stage however, you'll probably already meet someone who'll be a good husband and father to your future children." The senator said so, hoping that it would lift her spirits up and not give up life too easily, whilst trying to simultaneously follow her instructions in creating a so-called
  11. "Well what are you waiting for? Try some already as I can see that they're too irresistible!" Lucius allowed her to pick as many cakes as she could manage at first, who happened to be among the sweetest women he'd ever layed his eyes upon and interacted with, both when it came to beauty and her eloquence in the way she conversed amongst other things. He couldn't have felt more than happier in this instant to be sharing this experience with someone else, and this relationship of theirs was blooming for sure; where it would eventually lead to, only they could find out in the end. "I heard that B
  12. "Thank you, but there's no need for any kind of repayment, everything's on me." Lucius said, compelling her to exit the market with him, as the destination he had in mind was his favorite hill overlooking a gorgeous scenery of the city and it wasn't too far out from the centre either, and usually there were little to no people at all whenever he paid a visit with a friend or two. Eventually the duo reached the bottom of it, but before reaching their final destination Lucius halted and looked at her. She was naturally scared for her own safety at the risk of saying her old name out loud, but Lu
  13. Truth be told, Lucius couldn't help but feel affectionate towards her already due to her circumstance, and some sort of attraction grew within him. He too realised that his subconcious physical interactions were getting the better of him, and thus he had to think about restraining himself lest he'd like to send clearly wrong signals to this beautiful, pitiful slave whose mind was probably in the process of healing itself after going through so much unnecessary pain and suffering; he thought that it wouldn't be right of him to toy with her feelings, unless she really wanted to be share a mutual
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