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  1. HOPE Pinaria Lucilla - HERE Titus Flavius Alexander - HERE
  2. Hope

    Cake By The Sea

    Titus probably should have stayed in Rome, but with his affairs in order and the heat of the city continuing to rise as more bodies came into start repairs, he longed for more comfortable shores. He had his own villa tucked away in the nest of the Roman elite that flocked to the seaside city for vacations. There his children were housed with his servants, either finishing their evening studies or tucked into their beds already. Pater wouldn't be home that night, so they would have to stick close their nannies if they needed comfort from whatever terrors the dream gods sent their way. For
  3. Hope

    Hope's Plotter

    @SharpieYes, we're calling her Lucilla, because there are three Pinaria's running around and that'll get confusing, LOL! I'm of the headcanon that after the second or third girl born in the family, their dad just started calling Lucilla on down by their 'second' names because Pinaria would get answered by SO many. Joking aside! I'm not sure what to do with Rufus and Titus as I really didn't read into Titus' old threads, but I'll DM you later on discord and we can talk more about that there. On the connections with Aulus and my duo, I see nothing holding us up on them. @LivOh god, they co
  4. Hope

    Hope's Plotter

    @Sharpie & @Atrice Just tagging you two here to alert you that I've added a new character to the mix! Feel free to plot with him! Sharpie's Crew! I think our best bets for posts is your Aulus and my two, though Titus might be known to Volusa as he is probably a known face at the imperial palace. Though Lucilla is highly approachable by anyone looking for a talk in the market place. Maybe she can stumble upon your others there? Atrice's Crew! I'd love for the sisters to have a thread, perhaps whine at the fact their baby sister is so lucky with life and they're stuck at home o
  5. Titus Flavius Alexander 35 | 9th September 40 AD | Senatore | Senator - Military | Heterosexual | Canon | Luke Evans Personality. Duty bound, diligent and precise are all things that can be said to describe Titus Alexander, and as a military man and a senator, he is all three of those things. He serves his empire with great loyalty, often to the sacrifice of his personal life and those in it. And now that for the last ten years, the empire has also been his family, he is even more duty bound due to the great lost the clan had suffered in the purge of 62. He i
  6. Hope

    Hope's Plotter

    Hi there, I'm Hope! Welcome to my plotter, which will probably be a mess for a while until I can get the formatting of the site down some. You can pm me here or dm me @ Hope#6766 on discord. Currently I play Pinaria Lucilla, who is the elder sister (and eldest living sister) of Anna's Pinaria Lucretia and Atrice's Pinaria Gaia. Lucilla, as she is called, is looking for friendships, rivals and even those she finds utterly ridiculous. I might have modeled her a bit after my favorite Austen girl, Emma, so expect that. She is not looking for romance plots as I'm already in talks with that an
  7. Pinaria Lucilla - 17 - yellow - Hope @Anna
  8. Pinaria Lucilla 36 | 20th October 38 | Senatore | Widow & Mother | Demisexual | Canon | Flora Spencer-Longhurst Personality. On the surface - cool and collected, charitable and quick witted. appears to have everything under control. Behind the scenes - talented, fiery, will quarrel with certain people. At the core. loves her daughter, loves her siblings, loves the children that her siblings brought into this world. Unwavered by the sands of time and the change that it brings with it, Lucilla has proven to be adaptable in the face of whatever life th
  9. Lemonia Prisca 33 | 15th March 41 | Senatorial Class | Widow & Caregiver | Demisexual | Original | Ellise Chappell Personality. Lemonia comes across as meek, mild and pius; a dutiful matron of Rome, a dutiful wife when she was one and now a dutiful daughter to her ill mother. And she is that, mostly. But like all people there are layers to her, masks and veils she wears in order to make it through life, as tough as it has been on her. She is kind and friendly, but anyone that looks closely will notice that her smiles do not light up her eyes, not in the ca
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