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    Peitho 19 | 2nd August 55 | Slave | Prostitute - Dancer - Musician | Bisexual | Original | Oksana Butovskaya Personality. Flirty, vibrant and haunted. She wasn't just hired for her pretty looks alone, and while she's not the brightest bulb in the room she knows how to fake it. She loves to flirt, especially with those who are going to pay for her time and bed. She is an attentive lover, and while her past with her former brother-master haunts her, she does not stray away from whatever her customer wants from her that day. She's also a vibrant merrymaker, often entertaining the clients that walk into the Venus looking for companionship and entertainment before picking out their lovers for the night. She loves to sign and to dance, flitting around the room with a sweet tune on her lips and a look in her eyes that promise a good time for whoever decided to have her that night. Appearance The first thing anyone notices about Peitho is her hair. Thick, lush, curly and vibrant red. And yes, the carpet does match the curtains. She is petite and of a slim figure, toned and kept fit by the activities she participates in at the Venus. She is sweet of face and has warm skin that is littered with freckles, and big bright emotive hazel eyes. When its time for work, she dresses like the many coworkers she's with. Provocatively, with hair styled both stylishly and sensibly, in case she gets a hair tugger for the evening. If she leaves the Venus, she dresses according to her tasks. Simpler, modest clothing to hide the fact of what she is and more flamboyant things, like she wears in house, if she's tasked with taking her profession to the streets. Family Father: Numerius Papirius Carbo (60 at his death in 70ad, deceased) Mother: Albina (36, real name unknown, whereabouts unknown) Siblings: Full Siblings: Cleon (brother - 16 - whereabouts unknown) & Heron (brother - 17 - whereabouts unknown) Half Siblings: Numerius Papirius Carbo (30, alive) Papiria Carbo (25, alive), other bastard children of Numerius' she doesn't know. Spouse: n/a Children: Clio (deceased) Extended family: who knows. Other: Domus Venus History Summer was high when Peitho was born in August of 55AD, to a young slave girl from Gaul who had the misfortune of being pretty enough to make her master's cock twitch into attention. The outcome was largely unwanted, but there she was nine months after the fact and she wouldn't be the only one that came out of that accursed union. Her brothers joined her in her mother's quarters in 56 and 57, each of them barely 11 months part. Albina was her sire's favorite until something new and prettier came into the house, and her mother and they were finally left in peace. And Peitho grew up learning what she must to survive in the household she was born into; cosmetics, singing, dancing and hair styling. That's how things remained until 65AD, when Peitho was gifted to her sister as a hair slave, having shown great skill in the work. Her sister, while not kind, was not a cruel mistress, and the two grew close enough for her sister consider her a close companion. Her job was relatively easy, and her charge was easy to please, especially when they discovered that Peitho could mimic just about any of the more modern hair fashions that was coming into play. But in her life, all good things came to an end, and she was not allowed to leave with her mistress when Papiria was married off five years later in 70AD. That's when everything changed. After her sister's wedding, the master of the house died, suddenly, of a heart attack and his slaves were willed to his son. By 71AD her brothers and mother had been sold off, along with the countless other children and women Numerius believed to have been his father's offspring and lovers. Yet, she remained. And she would soon learn why. He didn't believe her to be his sister. Her mother's hair and coloring had overpowered any genetics her father might have gifted her. The memory of his breath on her neck as he told her his belief and why he had kept haunted her for years, and the relationship he forced her to partake remain the stuff of her nightmares. She was kept to his rooms, forced to join him on whatever assignment he was given. She had been clever enough to keep his seed from the nightly rapes from taking root in her but she slipped up. Or he discovered what she was doing. For in 74AD she delivered a girl, and the truth came to him at the sight of the deformities present in the screaming newborn. The child didn't see the next morning. As much as she would want to blame Numerius for the child's death, it was her who smothered it. Believing death would be far kinder to the child than living would be. She was sold off to a slave trader as soon as she was able to travel and a few weeks later she was on the marketplace in Rome. Where she caught the eye of the madame who owned the premiere brothel in the city. That is where she's been since then. HOPE | EASTERN | PM ME HERE OR ON DISCORD
  3. Hope

    Cake By The Sea

    Titus probably should have stayed in Rome, but with his affairs in order and the heat of the city continuing to rise as more bodies came into start repairs, he longed for more comfortable shores. He had his own villa tucked away in the nest of the Roman elite that flocked to the seaside city for vacations. There his children were housed with his servants, either finishing their evening studies or tucked into their beds already. Pater wouldn't be home that night, so they would have to stick close their nannies if they needed comfort from whatever terrors the dream gods sent their way. For now he made his way down the beach, the sounds of waves splashing and the sea moving coming from as he made out the party that was being set up down the way. Cornelia, as always, was one to out do herself with these things. From the whispers he had heard, they were infamous yet sought after as if the intent was to display their most carnal desires to worship the gods. To see if Venus herself would join them or for Neptune to rise from the deep to the same. The closer he came to the party music could be heard, the laughter and chatter of the voices of those already there floating through the air. Cornelia was standing at a column some ways up the small mound that lead to the villa she and her husband occupied. Framed in golden light that made her gown translucent. For her age and for a mother of four children, he had to admire how well she kept her figure. He didn't pause for very long, pulling his gaze from his cousins' maternal cousin and moving over to the other men that had came to enjoy the festivities for the evening.
  4. Hope

    Hope's Plotter

    @SharpieYes, we're calling her Lucilla, because there are three Pinaria's running around and that'll get confusing, LOL! I'm of the headcanon that after the second or third girl born in the family, their dad just started calling Lucilla on down by their 'second' names because Pinaria would get answered by SO many. Joking aside! I'm not sure what to do with Rufus and Titus as I really didn't read into Titus' old threads, but I'll DM you later on discord and we can talk more about that there. On the connections with Aulus and my duo, I see nothing holding us up on them. @LivOh god, they could be such good friends-frienemies in their careers-drinking buddies. As far as mutual connections go, my Titus might be a little frightened of @Anna's Cornelia (Gorgeous woman, just a little too friendly with poisons, lol.) and your Titus' sister in law. All in all, They could be really good friends, we'll just have to toss them into a thread together to see. LOL. Same with Livia and Lucilla. Anything could go with them, lol. @Atrice Yesssssss. Because good gods, Lucilla is looking at her sister and looking at her life and looking back at Lucretia and going "which goddess did you sacrifice to and how can I go about it as well?!" As for the ship, we can always toss them into a thread to see how they go, he might even join the thread down in Naples as well. But they have plenty of chances to meet up as I see him around his cousins pretty often now-a-days and I imagine she would visit her sister every so often. Though it could be a good match for the two of them! As for Cynane, he'd give her no just cause to hate him outright, he has no illwill towards the younger generation, if anything he feels duty bound to see their success in life. @Anna OH GOD. Is that why she was cackling like mad the other night? I think it annoyed the neighbors, lol. Do it. XD Let Lu do it xD.
  5. Hope

    Hope's Plotter

    @Sharpie & @Atrice Just tagging you two here to alert you that I've added a new character to the mix! Feel free to plot with him! Sharpie's Crew! I think our best bets for posts is your Aulus and my two, though Titus might be known to Volusa as he is probably a known face at the imperial palace. Though Lucilla is highly approachable by anyone looking for a talk in the market place. Maybe she can stumble upon your others there? Atrice's Crew! I'd love for the sisters to have a thread, perhaps whine at the fact their baby sister is so lucky with life and they're stuck at home once more with their brother and his barrel of monkeys, lol. As for Helios, I'll have to discuss it with her muse first, but it's not a no.
  6. Titus Flavius Alexander 35 | 9th September 40 AD | Senatore | Senator - Military | Heterosexual | Canon | Luke Evans Personality. Duty bound, diligent and precise are all things that can be said to describe Titus Alexander, and as a military man and a senator, he is all three of those things. He serves his empire with great loyalty, often to the sacrifice of his personal life and those in it. And now that for the last ten years, the empire has also been his family, he is even more duty bound due to the great lost the clan had suffered in the purge of 62. He is a kind man to those he believes deserve his kindness, willing giving many a chance to prove themselves and the complete opposite to those that has stroked his ire to the point past forgiveness, but he is a largely grounded individual in the long run. When it comes to his personal life, as a lover he is attentive and passionate. He treasured his late wife, fully considering them a love match, even though the empire sent him a far as it could from her during the busier years of his career. As a father, now that his heart is slowly moving beyond the loss of their mother, he is equally as attentive. Hands on in his children upbringing. He wants his children to know him, not just of him. And he desires nothing more than to see them grow into citizens the empire will be proud of. Appearance He is handsome of face with dark hair and bright blue eyes. The sun, sadness and laughter has begun to weather his skin, and he is not too vain to be bothered by the laugh lines and battle scars that mare his face and the rest of his body. He is taller than average height and has the build of a soldier, though in the recent years that has softened a bit with him being bound to the city. He is a believer of practicing good hygiene, and prefers the simple tunic and sandals to his military uniform and whatever he has to wear to the senate house. Family Father: Titus Flavius Alexander Major (Parthicus) (deceased) Mother: Clodia Cordelia (deceased) Siblings: Flavia Cordelia (b. 39 AD) (alive). Flavia Fausta (deceased, d.62) Spouse: Widowed. | Caesennia Nebetia (d.74) Children: Flavia Titia, b. 69 . Titus Flavius Alexander Minor, b. 74 . Lucius Flavius Alexander Caesennius, b. 74 Extended family: His sister's children, The rest of the Flavii-Alexandrone clan Other: Guards and household slaves. History Born in the spring of 40 AD, Titus was the desired son and legacy of his father, whom wanted nothing more than to bring glory to their own branch of a family who was steadily rising in prestige and had been since the reign of Augustus. He rarely saw his father in his early years, which wasn't uncommon among their family or Romans in general. His father and his father's own older brother often away in the far reaches of the empire and just as often in battle. Life growing up was largely uneventful, even with his illustrious uncle passing in 56 AD, when the boy was barely sixteen years of age and still just a boy. Two years later in 58 AD, he would begin his path towards his future, joining the ranks of every young Roman man of his status. His cousin's death in the year 60 AD and the assassinations of her husband and son that followed would mark the days that the Flavii-Alexandronae were numbered. Rome fell the the ambitions of power hungry men under the newly laureled dictator, Cyprianus. The next few years is marred by death and war and the political upheaval that would eventually lead to civil war. And a 20 something Titus serves his more prominent cousins loyally during these times. Yet March of 62 AD is when the world guts the young man when news of his family's assassinations reaches him. His parents, the younger of his two sisters, her family and some of Cordelia's family all parish. Along with other branches of the family tree and even his cousin's own daughters. He grieved and he took that pain and made it into a will of steel that would lead him into the next few years of his life. And in doing so, he puts off marriage to the young woman that he had been courting. Promising Caesennia that when the time was right, he'd return to her and they would wed. Civil war would rage for nearly the whole year, ending with his family's murderer dying at the hands of Lucilla's daughter and with Quintus rising to Caesar. It would a promise pushed aside year after year before finally being fulfilled in 66 AD, returning to Caesarea and marrying Caesennia. He brought her to Rome before the year was closed out and they were among they witnesses of Quintus' marriage to the long forgotten daughter of Caligula, Julia Drusilla. Later that same year, in 67 AD, he was sent to Germania to serve as Legatus, and when news of a stillborn son reached him, he threw himself even more into his position. The man that came back to his wife in 69 AD was stoic and harder, gone was the young man she had fell in love with. And yet, a daughter would be born and named for her father that same year just in time for him to be appointed as Quaestor Augusti by his cousin, the Emperor, and he thrived in his new found political standing. But being home would be short lived, his cousin would eventually need him elsewhere and in 71 AD he was sent to Dacia, newly appointed as Legatus Legionus. He would return three years later, at the dawning of 74, much to the pleasure of his devoted wife and daughter. He and Caesennia made quick work of adding to the family once he returned home. His wife becoming with child within the month of his return. It would spell her doom, and a blow to Titus that was even more dearer to him than losing his parents were. She had given him two sons, Titus and Lucius and yet it would cost her her life. Unable to stop the bleeding after the breached delivery of their second son, she bled out without much of a chance to say goodbye. He was reminded to live. If not for him, then for his children. For the sons his wife sacrificed herself to bring into the world, for the daughter that looked so much like her with every passing day. He requested a mundane job that would let him stay in Rome to oversee his children's well being, and this was how he entered 75 AD. And with the year rolling onward, he became aching aware he would need to be in the market for a new wife and mother for the children that would probably never remember their true one. HOPE | EASTERN | PM ME HERE OR ON DISCORD @Anna
  7. Hope

    Hope's Plotter

    Hi there, I'm Hope! Welcome to my plotter, which will probably be a mess for a while until I can get the formatting of the site down some. You can pm me here or dm me @ Hope#6766 on discord. Currently I play Pinaria Lucilla, who is the elder sister (and eldest living sister) of Anna's Pinaria Lucretia and Atrice's Pinaria Gaia. Lucilla, as she is called, is looking for friendships, rivals and even those she finds utterly ridiculous. I might have modeled her a bit after my favorite Austen girl, Emma, so expect that. She is not looking for romance plots as I'm already in talks with that and have been since before she was created! Feel free to toss whomever you please at her, as I said, shes open for most things. I also play Titus Flavius Alexander, cousin to the Imperial Flavians. He is looking for all the things! Potential wife, lovers, slaves, friends, rivals and the sort. He's fairly down to earth and a calm person. I welcome anything! Please, feel free to plot with me!
  8. Pinaria Lucilla - 17 - yellow - Hope @Anna
  9. Hope

    Pinaria Lucilla

    Pinaria Lucilla 36 | 20th October 38 | Senatore | Widow & Mother | Demisexual | Canon | Flora Spencer-Longhurst Personality. On the surface - cool and collected, charitable and quick witted. appears to have everything under control. Behind the scenes - talented, fiery, will quarrel with certain people. At the core. loves her daughter, loves her siblings, loves the children that her siblings brought into this world. Unwavered by the sands of time and the change that it brings with it, Lucilla has proven to be adaptable in the face of whatever life throws at her. Steady rock against the storm. Yet, perhaps, people take that steadiness and adaptability to mean she is a pushover, she is not. She has strong opinions and when she feels like it, she will let them be known. Even if it gets to the point of quarreling with someone. She has no ambition to rise in the world, she knows she's close enough to top of the food chain of society and is secured in that. As well as well aware that it is easy to topple from that spot should you displease those with more sway than you. Perhaps she is her father's daughter in the sense. She is not a vain person by any sense, not even a cruel or hard-hearted one. But she has a certain lack of dislike for the ridiculous (especially when it's women of her own status) and yet, she does a good job holding it back from bubbling to the top. Often venting in private and away from the person her ire has been stroked against. Her favorite person to quarrel with has become her sister's brother-in-law, Jullus Alexander, whenever they find themselves in each other's company. Appearance Warm brown hair and eyes. A sweet face that life and laughter has begun to line. Petite in stature, has a mother's softness to her body. Likes linens and cottons to wool and silk as far as clothing is concerned. Styles her hair a little out of fashion but she prefers it that way. Simple in jewelry and makeup. While boasting a lovely face, she does not consider herself any great beauty worthy of praise. At least not in the way her younger sisters are. Laughter and sorrow have taken their hold over her faces as well. Family Father: Publius Pinarius Natta - Deceased Mother: Livia Ocella - Deceased Siblings: Pinaria Natta - sister, deceased Publus Pinarius Natta - brother, alive Pinaria Livilla - sister, alive Pinaria Gaia - sister, alive Pinaria Lucretia - sister, alive Spouse: Currently widowed, with no prospects (so she thinks) Decimus Ostorius Scapula - husband, deceased. Children: Ostoria Decima - daughter, living Several other pregnancies, most ending in miscarriages or stillborn children. Extended family: Her siblings' spouses and their children. Other: Lartia Gaia - stepmother, deceased + her connections Cornelia Annthea - step mother, deceased + her connections History In 38 AD Lucilla was born to Publius and Livia as their third child and second daughter, following her only brother by a few years. She would grown up close with Pinaria and Publius Minor, as well as with Livilla, the sister born to them in 40 AD. Yet there was always a sense of sadness with her and her younger sister. As Livilla's birth brought upon their beloved mother's death. Yet there would never be enough bitterness in Lucilla to blame her younger sister for the unfortunate happening. By the year 46 AD, her grandmother had begun her lessons for her, making sure she - like all of her sisters would be - well educated in the ways of a Roman wife. While her grandmother's influence wasn't short lived, it was however challenged within a year, as Publius remarried in 47 AD to Lartia Gaia. With another daughter, Gaia, following the wedding in 48 AD. As much as she was uncertain about her stepmother's affections towards her stepchildren, she loved her new sister and would later help her grief when their father's rotten luck with wives took a second the same way as he lost the first in. This time in 50 AD with the birth of the youngest of them, Lucretia, harolded in the deaths of the two matriarchs of the family. And nearly lost the baby with them. Life, as always, was a series of moving on and when she was 20 and newly married herself to Decimus Ostorius Scapula, her father married Cornelia Annthea, mother to the Augusta of Roma, in 58 AD. She tried to keep the peace between her father and younger sister, Livilla, but as time went on, the marriage was short lived, much to her baby sister's dismay. Annthea exited their lives via a divorce a few years later after the Augusta dies and things became sticky, politically, around Rome. She would suffer her first miscarriage in 60 AD and produced a stillborn son, whom she had hoped would by her husband's heir a year later in 61 AD. 62 AD then brought civil war to the realm and she was at her elder sister's side when Pinaria drew her last breath, dying of childbed fever, not even her former step-brother's victory and ascention to the highest seat of power in the Empire, thus marking the end of the bloody civil war brought much joy. Nor did her family's return to the city. 65 AD made her both an orphan and a mother all in the same month. Her father had fallen ill and she was not there to be at his side. Ostoria Decima came squaling into the world very unhappy to have left the warm of her mother's womb, but her arrival was met with much joy and happiness. 67 AD brings upon change as well, there is a new Augusta, who grew big with child, but there was heartache. Less with her, but still it was gut wrenching to watch her baby sister lose the only mother she knew once Annthea passed away. Her own life was in shambles, however, and she had to focus on that. Her womb was broken in a way, something about Decima's birth had made it that much more impossible for her to keep a child in her womb to full term. She and her husband began to live difference lives, her husband pushing her and her family away from him and all but ignoring his young daughter as she grew. Both Gaia Lucretia marry in 69 AD and she acts the roll of mother for her younger sisters. Lucretia's husband is a familiar face, little Laelius all grown up. Age had tempered the snobbish, stoic boy she had known a decade ago. It's a good match for her youngest sister. A better match than the rest of them would ever get. And she couldn't help but wonder if there was something more divine at play, knowing Annthea's meddling. Gaia's husband, while not familiar to her, became a friend shortly. She liked Gaius. He was kind and friendly to her sister and she felt that was a good thing. Respect could grow into love. She had seen it many times. The following years would see the family grow as both of her newly wedded sisters would have children. From Lucretia a niece and Gaia a nephew and while her marriage crumbled she found joy in the ever expanding family. And the following years would continue in this pattern. 74 AD would end with her husband's death and she eagerly moves her daughter and herself back into the home she spent her childhood in. Her brother welcoming them with open arms. 75 AD dawned and after her period of mourning, she placed herself back into society. Looking for a family tie her daughter to in hopes of securing her only child's future. HOPE | EASTERN | PM IS SAFEST
  10. Lemonia Prisca 33 | 15th March 41 | Senatorial Class | Widow & Caregiver | Demisexual | Original | Ellise Chappell Personality. Lemonia comes across as meek, mild and pius; a dutiful matron of Rome, a dutiful wife when she was one and now a dutiful daughter to her ill mother. And she is that, mostly. But like all people there are layers to her, masks and veils she wears in order to make it through life, as tough as it has been on her. She is kind and friendly, but anyone that looks closely will notice that her smiles do not light up her eyes, not in the carefree way joy should. Appearance Lemonia considers herself to be very plain in face. A shallow complexion with lips on the thin side and slightly to large hazel-brown eyes. She isn't one to draw too much attention herself. Her hairstyles are simpler than that of her fellow Roman noble ladies, and she keeps her make up fairly neutral, if she wears it all. Her only vanity comes in her clothing which she does prefer to be colorful. Blues and reds are among her favorites. She is not a towering woman, in fact she is of average height and is of slender figure. Family Father: Lucius Lemonius Priscus - Deceased Mother: Publicia Malleola - 67 Siblings: none that saw adulthood Spouse: Gaius Modius Equiculus - Deceased Children: Modia Gaia - Deceased Extended family: n/a Other: Household slaves. History The the third child and eldest girl born to her parents, Lemonia would be the only child out of eight that would live to see adulthood. And from a young age, she knew her parents would have rather one of her brothers to have lived instead of she. The last of her name, an ancient family faded into nothing, so were the ramblings of the aging, bitter Lucius. Hope | Eastern | PM
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