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  1. Dan

    Ello Ello Ello

    @Beauty Absolutely, please let me know! Once I have my character constructed I will let you know! @Liv Ohh I played a wide audience! I was on everything from the Three Kingdoms (Ancient China) to World War 2! I am most looking forward to writing with yourself and everyone else!
  2. Dan

    Ello Ello Ello

    Some good memories there! Oh fantastic! It certainly seems so! I'm still doing some character construction prior to posting an app. In short, I'm hoping to make a Briton who was sent to Rome early on to study Roman ways. He was put in charge of Briton conscripts/volunteers to ease naturalisation and fought elsewhere in the conflicts of Rome. He has pushed himself as hard as he could to raise through the ranks. He's all about his troops despite the constant discrimination about being a 'Barbarian'. Other notes are that he always seeks about to purchase slaves, in specific British slaves. More so because the way slaves are treated normally makes him sick. Although attempting to free them etc would arouse a large amount of suspicion he just tries his best to treat them well so that they are afforded his protection and have their own dignity. Still a work in progress but an App shall be up shortly!
  3. Dan

    Ello Ello Ello

    Hello all!, I'm a fairly experienced RP'er (Around at the time of ProBoards and FreeBoards when it first landed!) who has taken a long hiatus due to career and children and I'm very much looking forward to writing once more! An absolute pleasure to meet you all!
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