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  1. Tychon of Knossos 24 | 18 June 50 CE | Slave | Occupation | Heterosexual | Original | Douglas Booth Personality. Appearance Were he better groomed and less reticent, Tychon might be considered handsome. While he has certainly outgrown the ancient Greek ideal of a pubescent male beauty, he is not without his appeal. He wears a beard in a more traditionally Greek manner than in current Roman fashion - which is to say, he has a beard at all. With dirty blond hair, some might believe he was once blessed by Apollo. His bronzed complexion and callused hands mark him as someone who works for a living, inasmuch any slave can be said to truly live. Family Father: Agepetos of Knossos Mother: Pelagia Siblings: Philon of Knossos, eldest brother, born 45 CE Sophia, eldest sister, born 47 CE Sophos, second brother, born 47 CE Zoe, younger sister, born 52 CE Spouse: None Children: None Extended family: Diodotos of Knossos, deceased grandfather and Citizen of Knossos Akakios of Knossos, paternal uncle and Citizen of Knossos Elpis, Akakios' wife Eugenios of Knossos, elder male cousin Eulalia, elder female cousin Zoe, paternal aunt Hagne, paternal aunt Erasmos of Gortyn, maternal uncle and Citizen of Gortyn Other: History Born in the year Gaius Aurelius Cotta & Servius Tullius Carminus' co-consulship (50 CE) as Hermogenes, the third son and fourth child of Agepetos of Knossos a Citizen in that ancient city, and his wife, Pelagia. Though privileged, Hermogenes was the youngest of his family's sons, and thus was not likely to inherit much in the way of influence and power in either the local government or within the family proper, especially as his father was himself a second son. Nevertheless, it was a point of pride in the family to have educated sons, and thus Hermogenes was afforded a tutor. From an early age, Hermogenes showed only moderate interest in academics and philosophy, though his active nature often drove him to wandering both the streets and even, on occasion, the outlying farms and wilderness of the island of Crete. As the Roman Empire descended into strife as he was growing up, Hermogenes was taught to fight alongside his family - he excelled in archery, was a tolerable swimmer, and learnt the ways of the sea with some level of skill. endwaar | GMT-5 | Discord
  2. endwaar

    Hello all!

    Many thanks for the warm welcomes!
  3. endwaar

    Hello all!

    Greetings everyone. While I've dropped by the site in the past to investigate, at the time I wasn't very able to handle more things on my plate. Now, however, I'm back, and I'm ready to get into the lovely (or, uh, "lovely") world of Aeterna Roma. I've been a role-player for about a decade or so, and am something of an amateur historian, so I hope to ensure everyone with whom I role-play enjoys themselves - including me! I also can't seem to get to the Discord via the site. Is there any way I could get a link?
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