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  1. Dev~ staying~ keeping: Jullus Flavius Alexander, Valeria Maxima, Rufia Flaviadropping: n/a
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    New Arrivals

    Flavia knew the second's name was something else. However, out of all the names they had came up with, none had suited her better. "You did not have to bring them or me anything." she, however, did mutter in protest. Time and circumstance had humbled what was once a precocious and demanding personality. Taking the box that was offered, and smiling as she flipped open the lid to examine the fine stones that laid within. She then cast a look up at her younger brother and smiled, "They shall go well with the amulets Gnaeus will present them." She said, her tone fond as she fingered the beads to examine them. "Thank you, when they're older they will know of the gifts." She said as she leaned over to place the now closed box on the table next to her bed, groaning softly in pain. This was the one thing she didn't enjoy about having newborn babies, the pain that came after. "I'm glad they have been treating you both kindly." Though Drusilla's kindness came to no surprise to Flavia. However, she knew Quintus could be quite formidable and intimidating. She needed to make sure. "And the rest of the family. I never hear from the other uncles and their families." She said, pressing onward, wanting to catch up as much as possible before they left. The offered invitation to visit did not go unheard, but still Flavia chewed her lower lip. The imperial palace was still very bloodstained to her. Memories she was happy that the twins did not have to live with. Of the terrors that reigned in the days after Junus, her father and mother had all left the mortal realm to find their places in the afterlife. "I will think of it, I promise. Maybe once I'm stronger and the girls can travel. That way I don't have to rush home." She offered, leaving the promise to visit open ended as far as a timeline went. It was as good a promise as any, right? Instead of keeping on with that line of discussion she decided that she ought to change the topic, to them and their future. "And what about the two of you? Any suitors? Has our uncle revealed his plans for your futures yet?" She asked curiously. @Sarah @Gothic
  3. october 74ad There probably wasn't many in Rome who had lived through Clemens that didn't recognize her, this much Flavia knew as she walked among the masses. The great market was bustling as always, and every once in a while she would catch glimpse of someone staring at her. Use to the stares bothered her, she never knew if they had been out of pity, respect or blame. Now with a happy marriage and four children later, she found she cared not for any of it. She didn't need any of it. Rome, which once was such a familiar and welcoming place to her - or as she called it in her youth: home, now felt foreign and smothering. She missed her villa the moment they were far enough away from it to not really desire to turn back. She missed the simple life with her husband and children. She even missed the gruff. often drunk but jovial father-in-law that had came with her marriage. She mostly missed the twins, her youngest girls still too small for her to trust to travel. However, she needed to come. To check up on things, to visit the family. To remind herself that her universe was much bigger than that pocket she lived in outside of the city. And today, she needed to shop. For threads and yarn to weave, for fabric to make clothing for her husband. Perhaps that was a practice slowly going out of date, but she still enjoyed the look of pride in her husband's eyes when she presented him something she had created for him. "Come, sweetheart." She said softly to her eldest daughter, gripping the girl's hand securely as they walked away from their litter and began the trek into the marketplace. Her eyes darting around the nearest stalls to see if something would catch her eyes. @open
  4. September 74 Swinging himself off his horse, Jullus landed on the dirt path in front of the villa's gate with a soft thug and small cloud of dust that kicked up. He pulled his cloak around him tighter as a breeze cut through him, and he handed off his horse to one of the slaves that came out to meet him. Unlike the city, which always seemed warmer due to the population and bustle of the city, he could tell that Autumn was slowly taking hold of the country side. Just by the feel of the air. He supposed it was only proper, the Queen of the Underworld had returned to her husband once more, after all. "Is my daughter home?" He asked the housekeeper as he strolled up to the stairs that lead up into the welcoming building that his daughter called home. He was answered with a mere nod as he was ushered in into the much warmer inside. He had come unannounced, but knew by the time he entered the home the slaves would have found their domina and alerted her to her father's arrival. That he should expect the children of the household to rush their way through the home to greet their grandfather, newly returned from his station in Gaul. He was never home long, just enough to check on his children and siblings. But it seemed to be enough for now. Though his boys were growing older now, and from quiet conversations with Valeria told him that he should be the one that saw to their training was never far from the back of his mind. However he had no desire to force them to relocate to Gaul with him, and away from the family they knew and depended upon. @Gothic for Flavia Juliana
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    Valeria Maxima - 30 - Dev Rufia Flavia - 27 - Dev Jullus Flavius Alexander - 49 - Dev
  6. Valeria stood behind her children, her hand affectionately combing through the mop of hair on Minor's head and she could feel the slight weight of Valeriana's body leaning against her own. She was grateful the two of them were well behaved while their father began the ritual to protect the family home from whatever evil spirits may lurk, looking for a place to feast upon. This was a ritual that she had seen played out every year since she could remember. First her father's home and now the home of her husband. A ritual she was proud to play her part in. One day, she knew, it would be her son's duty to honor the good spirits that kept their house welcoming and food in their house. Thus, when she woke them that morning to get ready to witness the ritual, for them to be observant and watch for the cues that their father would give to them. Solemnly, she watched as her husband reached out for the gong, expecting it to be placed in his hand within seconds and her eyes trailed over to the still yet unfamiliar face of the newest member of the household slaves. It was not her place to question her husband's purchases, but this young man was still new to the family, to her, and she had yet to find the familiarity in him that she had with the other members of their serving staff. But there was no malice in her gaze, instead she smiled encouragingly to the young man, hoping he would his duty in this moment with poise.
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    Dev's Plotter

    Hi everyone! I'm Dev and these are my characters! I currently have three people in play and they are all looking for plots. Jullus Flavius Alexander A younger brother of Caesar Alexander, Jullus is the more stoic and military minded of the lot. He hasn't much of a mind for politics. Has had a rocky relationship with his remaining living daughter and his youngest brother, has been working on those. Is in need of plots and perhaps a few wanteds, and a potential wife to be a mother for his boys. Although this would not be a love match of any means, but one found to be politically adventurous for his family. Rufia Flavia The eldest living child of Lucilla Augusta, Flavia is mostly a homebody who only comes to Rome to place her part as priestess. During the civil war, when she was nought but a teenager still, she was forced to marry Clemens and later would have his blood on her hands. She is now married happily to Gnaeus Sestius Vacticanus [he's open for grabs!], and is a mother of four children. She is looking for plots in most things but romantic, but chooses to stay out of political intrigue. Valeria Maxima Wife of Octavius Flavius Alexander and mother of two, Valeria is never far from Rome nor from the center of the Augusta's inner circle. She is a kind woman whose life focuses around her family and the betterment of it, but do not let that kindness fool you. she will protect what is hers. Could use plots with other ladies of her status and eventually I'll be bringing a wanted ad for her necessities.
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    New Arrivals

    It didn't surprise her that the first of her visitors where her younger siblings. So when Tiberius poked his head in, she smiled up at him, nodding. "I'm quite well, brother and please do come in." She said, gently nudging the eldest two children awake so they could make room should their aunt and uncle find themselves on the bed. Which much to Flavia's amusement, it didn't take Claudia long to join them. Bold as ever. "They are, but so where the two of you when you were born." Flavia said with a smile, "And these two have not yet expressed the same disappointment I had when my two new playmates turned out not to be what I expected." She laughed, a twinkle in her eyes as she watched Lucilla shuffle across the bed to wrap her arms around her Aunt's waist. Minor seemed to have more trouble waking up from his nap than his sister had. "Honoria, for my father." She offered the names, tickling the belly of the baby as it cooed, "Which was always the plan if we had another girl. We weren't expecting this one though. My father in law had bets running on another healthy robust boy and to be honest, I rather twins than the boy he had in mind." She said as she reached over to smooth the feathery hair back from Saturnina;s face. "So given their births happening during Saturnalia we figured Saturnina was as good as any name." After the introductions were over, she smiled at her siblings, "How have the two of you been? Our Uncle and Aunt have been treating you both well, yes?"
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    Aoide 20 | 22 october 53 | slave | prostitute and musician @ domus venus | bisexual | Original | Elsa Hosk Personality. There is no naivety to her, there never had been, considering how she grew up. She is flirtatious and sensual, seductive and offers a sweet lover to those that come to pay for her time. Appearance Aoide is a pretty girl with cat like eyes of sky blue and a mane of golden blonde hair that cascades down her back in gentle waves. She is lithe of limb and of petite stature, with sunkissed skin the color of honey. Her hips have a womanly roundness to them and her breasts are plump, offering her patrons two good handfuls to play with. Clothing is seldom a thing on her, but when she does wear them her dresses are light in weight and color. Almost sheer to emulate the goddess the Domus is named in honor of. Family Father: unknown Roman patron Mother: Ambrosia [deceased, former prostitute herself] Siblings: younger brothers Spouse: none Children: none yet Extended family: potential halfsiblings and family on her father's side, but they are unknown to her Other: The whole of Domus Venus History Aoide was born in Domus Venus, to one of the best whores the brothel had at the time. Ambrosia had many patrons and as such could never tell her children which man had planted them in her womb. It wasn't a loving childhood, their mother gave little care to Aoide and her siblings. From her youth, Aoide knew nothing outside of the Venus and the skills the others there would end up teaching her. Especially as she grew up into a beauty and could no longer be disguised as a serving boy while the others fucked merrily around her. And it was her beauty that would be her mother's freedom from the life Ambrosia had lived thus far, trading her daughter's life and innocence upon her first cycle to become a freewoman. She was fourteen when her flower was plucked, having been trained by the other workers of the Domus on how to please just about anyone that came through the doors. Taught song and dance to be a muse for those seeking more than rutting. DEV | EDT | DISCORD
  10. JULLUS FLAVIUS ALEXANDER 49 | 2ND JAN 24 AD| MALE | IMPERIAL | LEGATUS AUGUSTI PROPRAETOR GALLIA BELGICA | STRAIGHT | JOSEPH FIENNES Personality. The surface is the same as the core of his personality. Jullus is a serious and stern man, loyal and blunt to a fault. He has been harden by war and by life, so such a man is expected to have blossomed out of the studious boy he had once been. He is a man that loves seldom, but when he does love - it's deeply and any lost cuts to core and bleeds him. He's a honest man, one that takes betrayal of any sorts personally and can be unforgivable at times. Forgiveness is something he's learning over time as he grows older and sees his siblings and children thrive in the Rome that had been rebuilt since the Civil War. Despite his stern military manner, he is well educated and on topics that do interest him he's proven to be quite the debater. He would be what we consider in the modern world as demisexual, sex - to him - being a means for procreation. Romance was reserved for those that need not carry on family traditions. He cared for both of his wives, but love would not be something that came into the picture - at least from what he understood of it. Appearance Jullus favors neither of his parents greatly, but like Lucilla, was a mix of their best features. If anything, despite their gendered differences, the twins did resemble one another while Lucilla was still alive. At least until the very end when her illness had sapped her of her beauty. His body is marked with scars both from training, childhood and battle. He's most at home in his armor, but when the sisters manage to convince him to relax, his clothing is simple in style but clean and of fine fabric. Family FATHER: Cneaus Flavius Alexander Germancius; deceased MOTHER: Cornelia Annthea; deceased SIBLINGS: Quintus Flavius Ceasar Alexander Augustus, Alive Rufus Flavius Alexander, Deceased Flavia Lucilla Augusta, twin, deceased Dessius Flavius Alexander, Deceased Octavius Flavius Alexander, Alive Laelius Flavius Alexander, Alive [adopted, known as Marcus Aemilius Scaurus Alexander now] SPOUSE: current : widowed previous : Laelia Serginilla [first wife, divorced] Caecilia Metella [second wife, deceased via childbirth; d. 66AD] CHILDREN: Flavia Juliana (daughter of Laelia Serginilla) Flavia Alexandra (deceased; daughter of Laelia Serginilla) Flavia Alexandra (deceased; daughter of Laelia Serginilla) Lucius Flavius Alexander (b. 60 AD, by Caecilia Metella) Publius Flavius Alexander (deceased, by Caecilia Metella) Cnaeus Flavius Alexander (b. 66 AD, by Caecilia Metella) EXTENDED FAMILY: via Juliana Quintus Caecina Tuscus, Son-In-Law, alive Caecina Tusca , step-granddaughter, alive Quintus Caecina Tuscus Minor, grandson, alive Caecina Tusca Minor, granddaughter, alive Caecina Laelia , granddaughter, alive via Quintus Julia Drusilla Augusta, Sister-in-Law, alive Publius Flavius Alexander Belanus, nephew, legalized bastard, deceased Titus Flavius Caesar Alexander, nephew, alive Cnaeus Flavius Alexander Gemellus, nephew, deceased Flavia "Rutiliana" Caesaris, Niece, alive Drusus Flavius Caesar Alexander, nephew, alive via Lucilla Marcus Rufus Honorius, brother-in-law, 'deceased' Claudia Livia, niece, adopted into the family, deceased Marcus Rufius Honorius Darius, nephew, deceased Decimus Rufius Honorius Junus, nephew, deceased Rufia Flavia, niece, alive Claudia Caesaris, niece, alive Tiberius Claudius Caesar, nephew, alive via Octavius Valeria Maxima, sister-in-law, alive Octavius Flavius Alexander Minor, nephew, alive Flavia Valeriana, niece, alive via Laelius Pinaria Lucretia, sister-in-law, alive Aemilia Scaura, niece, alive Aemilia Laeliana, niece, alive Publius Aemilius Scaurus, nephew, alive OTHER: Household slaves and guards for his children, extended family both paternal and maternal. History As long as Jullus could remember, he was never alone. Born the elder of a set of twins, he would come into life the third son of Cornelia Annthea and her husband, the great war hero Cnaeus Flavius Alexander Germancius. Other children would soon follow them. As a child he always knew his path, to follow his father's footsteps into the military. To make his family proud with conquests whilst serving the Empire. His childhood was largely uneventful, at least for the children of the household. The first change in his life was when his sister was married for the first time and the twins were at long last separated. In the following years he would marry Laelia Serginilla and in the year 43 his first child was born. A daughter, named for him. It was hard not to express disappointment in the sex of the child, he needed a son and his disappointment only grew with the next two daughters his wife presented him. The marriage would later end in the year 59. His sister's life as empress, while not the cause, would eventually lead to destruction, though he found himself outside of Rome and stationed in places far away. And thus seemingly was unscathed by most of it. His fatherhood was much akin to his own father's, cold and dismissive towards his children - and the man knew no other way. As one of many sons of Alexander Germancius, Jullus threw himself into his father's footsteps, forging his career as a soldier. Which was where he would remain until his sister fell ill, their bond leading him back to Rome. And in the following months and years found himself divorcing one wife only to marry another. Desperate for the son he needed to carry out his legacy. His long awaited son came right before the purging of his family and eventually an action that would lead Roma to civil war. Life after the civil war and his elder brother's rise to Emperor was not as smoothly as one would believe they would be for him. He and Caelia did not remain compatible once he settled to the assignments Quintus gave him. He was too harsh a military man to understands the needs of a woman, but still the gods saw fit to bless them with a child in the autumn months of 65. A boy named Publius, bestowed upon the babe in remembrance of his fallen nephew. But that winter was harsh and cruel, and in the dawning of the new year, as winter dragged on, Publius died in his crib. His wife inconsolable in her grief blamed him for the incident. And in their fit of anger towards towards each other, lost themselves carnally in the heat of the moment. Cnaeus, conceived that night, was born healthy and strong, but his birth would mean the death of his mother. She would hemorrhage, and afterwards his living sons were left in the care of his daughter or sister-in-law. A new year began with 67ad rolling in and changes would not stop, he found. The young woman Octavius escorted back to Rome became the talk of the city, the daughter of Caligula and the last remaining connection to Augustus himself. Julia Drusilla had defied the expectations that she would be as mad as her father had been, and it brought much joy to the family and to the eternal city the day she was wed to Quintus. Jullus found himself protective of his newly made sister, quietly so, for he found her kind, well-educated and soft spoken - passionate for the down trodden with a compassionate heart to do better. Though his bond with her is clearly not as deep as the bond she formed with Octs, he did not mind. But the family's joy did not last long. Annthea's health could not withstand the good tidings and she spent most of the year ill. And in a twist of life, he found himself with something in common with his young brother. A dead wife. Laelius' suffering brought down the wall of morality and loyalty that Jullus had built between them and he began making strides to mend the bond. Annthea died in the autumn of this year, and he found himself orphaned. The birth of Drusus was enough to soften the blow of the Matriarch's death for the majority of the family and those that orbit it. Jullus wondered if, perhaps, the gods had decided to take Annthea to make room for the little prince. And the years to follow moved slowly, and he slowly began to build his bond with his remaining children. DEV | EDT | DISCORD
  11. Valeria Maxima 30 | July 7th, 43AD | Female | Senatore Patricianus | Housewife & Mother | Hetero | Anna Hutchison Personality. If it as all possible that being a mother and wife changes a person, Valeria would be the perfect example of such change. Once a capricious, vain, and somewhat selfish being, the past decade saw the change in Valeria that was much needed. Her teenage self is but a distance memory to her, and in her place is a wife and mother who would give the sun and moon to her children if she was divine enough to do so. Her loyalty and love towards her family is something that has never changed with the mother of two, if anything it's only deepened and became far more fierce due to circumstances. She has also become more empathetic towards people and their plights, and has found herself far more charitable than her pre-marriage and pre-motherhood self would have ever dreamed to be. Appearance Short in stature and thin in build, Valeria is a waif of a girl and motherhood hasn't really taken away her teenaged figure. She is fragile looking, breakable. Her naturally straight hair is a vibrant shade of red-orange. Almost the color of leaves in autumn. Her eyes are the color of the sea, a deep aquamarine. Her eyes have a sparkle of mischievousness in them when she's playful. She has her personal slave in the know of the current hair styles and makeup trends. Even if she seldom wears the latter, unless on an evening outing. An easy burner, she stays out of the sun and her skin shows it. A pale alabaster ivory, she has a light spray of freckles across her nose and cheeks. Which truly shows when she blushes. Her hands and feet are small, thanks to her stature and build, and she is well groomed. Befitting her station in life. Personal hygiene is important to her. Her dressing style is typical Roman garb of her station. Gracefully draped chitons in soft colors that complement her complexion and coloring. Of course the traditional white takes up prime residence in her wardrobe. She has a love for jewelry, however wears very little on a day to day basis. Her finer pieces come out when she's out attending more formal occasions. Family Father: Marcus Valerius Maximus, 57, Alive Mother: Cornelia Maxima, Deceased Siblings: Marcus Valerius Maximus Minor, 39, Alive Manius Valerius Maximus, 33, Alive Spouse: Octavius Flavius Alexander, 36, Alive Children: Octavius Flavius Alexander Minor, 9, alive Flavia Valeriana, 5,alive Extended family: Sempronia Maxima - Sister-in-Law - mid 30s Valeria Marcella - 15 - niece Manius Valerius Maximus - Grandfather - Deceased Sulpicia Maxima - grandmother -deceased Gaius Valerius Maximus - Uncle - 45 + family Lucius Valerius Maximus - Uncle - 43 + family In-Laws : check Octs' application! Other: Household servants and personal slaves History CHILDHOOD [43 AD TO 56 AD]: Born to Marcus Maximus and his wife, Valeria was the youngest of three and the only girl. As such she was doted upon from the get go. All the while raised, by her sainted mother, to be a proper lady among Roman society. Marcus Minor, her eldest brother was ten years older than she, and as such, she did not have the close relationship she had with Manius. Who was born just a few years before her. When she was old enough, her parents decided it was time she began her lessons. And along side Manius, she did so. In all things but those subject deems improper for young girls of gentle upbringing. Her mother's death defined the young woman Valeria became. Watching her mother waste away from illness, and begging the gods to spare her beloved mater, Valeria swore to herself that no one would ever take her mother's place. Cornelia's death took not only part of her daughter's heart, but ripped away the girl's ability to be a kind and gentle young woman to those outside of her family. Two years after her mother's passing, her brother was once more married and together with his wife brought forth a little girl that became the center of Valeria's family life. TEENAGE TO EARLY ADULT [57 AD TO 62 AD]: The last few years has gone smoothly for Valeria, even if Rome was shaking due the deaths in the Imperial family. With the birth of her niece, Valeria had something to focus on but even Marcella couldn't discourage her from her favorite past time. Which was keeping her father from remarrying. She, years ago, made it her life's work to dissuade her father from taking a second wife. There was no need for him to do so, in her opinion. He had two healthy sons. One married and starting a family. And if a decent girl could be found, one that was agreeable to herself, Manius would be married as well. Her father simply did not need a second marriage, be the match romantic or political. In late 60 AD and the dawn of 61, she , like the rest of the empire, waited to see what the world was destined to turn into. With the death of the Augusta and murders of the Caesars. Albeit a passing thought to the young woman who is looking forward to the marriage market and her father finding a proper husband to marry her off to. At least with the victory in Judaea, her beloved brothers had returned to the family fold. She never expected her father to aim as high as he did when it came to her husband to be. Nor did she realize what role she would end up playing in the near future. But by the end of 61, she was a married woman. Her husband, the late Augusta's own younger brother. ADULTHOOD [62 AD - 73 AD]: Motherhood found her in the time of the civil war, tucked safely in Syria with her mother-in-law and her dear sister and niece. She had lead her father and brothers to the side of Alexander, having been determined not to lose them in vain. And within the course of the year, she had born a son that was in the likeness of his father. Aptly named after the man who had sired him. She would return to Rome with her family, little Octavius tucked close to her at the rise of her brother in law to Emperor. Her own social role as a matron of Rome now more prominent as her husband stayed at his brother's side. As a mother, she found herself more willing to focus on Octavius Minor after suffering an early miscarriage term miscarriage nearly a year after her son's conception. And she would not fall pregnant again until after the great Annthea had made her journey to the afterlife. Valeriana came into the world, much like her brother, a quick and easy delivery. So her midwife would say. Healthy and heavy for her sex. Deemed worthy of life and presented to her husband as tradition called for. Eight days later when certain the child would not take a turn for the worst, she would name her little girl after herself, Valeriana. A decision made mostly thanks to the peach fuzz soft hair that was just a shade of ginger darker than her own. At her husband's insistence, she began taking tonics and potions to lessen her chances at getting pregnant once more. A path she was willing to take. Pregnancy and childbirth had taken its toll and made its mark on her young body. If the gods willed another from her, she would have it but neither would force the issue. Instead she becomes a supporting force in her husband's desire to build and focused on her children and certain charities she found fulfilled something deep inside of her. DEV | EASTERN | DISCORD OR PM
  12. Dev

    Rufia Flavia

    Rufia Flavia 27 | 2 / 25 / 45 AD | FEMALE | SENATORE | HOUSEWIFE | DEMISEXUAL | ALEXA DAVALOS Personality. "I miss the girl you were" "Many will, she was easier to kill." Rufia Flavia is a stunning mix of traits. Since her youth, she has been a vibrant, playful girl with a happy go lucky attitude toward life. It was as if she had the world attached to her finger with a fine piece of ribbon. However, that view was nothing more than rose colored glasses tinted by youth’s niavity. Still, even as she grew and was molded into the ideal Roman lady, she never lost her playful vibrancy. Instead, you see, it became her mask. The make-up she dons on every morning to face the world around her. Lessons and teachings told her to never let them know how intelligent she was. To keep it secret, and keep her safe. And she was intelligent. A brilliant student in her lessons early on, she soaked up the knowledge given to her thanks to her family. Which was the best that could be offered. If you were to ask her, she would even go as far as to say that she have wanted more, even if the best of the best was out of her reach. Her education was, and would always remain a passion to her. However, as she became more understanding in the political world around her, she learned she had to wear a mask. She had to deceive everyone around her. She became the owner of quite the silver tongue. And with her parents’ demise, she became wary of the world around her that she came to rely on her masks and veils. Instead the world’s only privy to the mask. It is what she must do to survive and to block out the depression that lurks when she’s alone. The brattish princess, pampered and given whatever she demanded. It’s wise to not be a fool, however. Her behavior’s anything but childish and immature. One could be spoiled without throwing a tantrum worthy of a toddler. There’s a side of her that cunning, spite and grudge-holding rules. And boy can she hold the grudge. She never forgets those that trespass against her and her own, and seldom forgives. The worst the offense, the more readily she is take action against them in spite. Beneath it all, there is the girl that loves her family very much. Her world revolved around them, and their happiness was her happiness in truth. She was devastated by her mother’s death, and when news came of her father’s demise she saw her world crumble down around her. Her mother and father had been immortal to her, and losing them both in such a short time rocked her in ways she never expected. At Junus’ murder, she became numb to the outside world and would remain so until years later. Becoming a mother would change that, as such she does heavily on her two children and often does the same on her cousin's children as well. But even now she keeps true self withdrawn to those not family or friend. Appearance Appearance wise, she is a mix of her parents. She is pretty in face, and will grow to be a beauty as womanhood takes hold of her. Her rich brown hair, much the same color of her late-father's, falls to her lower back when undone from the braids and styles her cosmetic weaves her hair into every morn. Neither too large or too small, her eyes are expressive of her moods. They are rimmed with thick lashes. and they are a blue-green hazel in color. Her skin is a light beige color, and her complexion is both clear and blemish free. She is modest in her dress, jewelry and make up. The scar Clemens left her as faded in the decade since, no longer a thought to her nor a reminder. Her wardrobe was and still is heavily influenced by her mother and tradition. In private she prefers the simple chiton in bright colors. If she leaves to venture into the city, she dons on the traditional and favored white. Jewelry is worn, but in moderation unless she is to attend formal gatherings. Family Father: Marcus Rufius Honorius, {thought to be deceased} Mother: Flavia Lucilla, {deceased} Siblings: Marcus Rufius Honorius Darius, {later Darius Claudius Caesar Augustus} {full brother} {deceased} Decimus Rufius Honorius Junus, {later Junus Claudius Caesar Honorianus} {full brother} {deceased} Tiberius Claudius Caesar, {half brother} {alive} Claudia Caesaris, {half sister} {alive} Spouse: Gnaeus Sestius Vacticanus, {alive, have issue} M. Arrecinus Ceasar Clemens Augustus , {deceased, no issue} Children: Sestia Lucilla, {alive} {b. 69} Gnaeus Sestius Vacticanus Minor, {alive} {b. 71} Sestia Honoria, {alive} {b. 73} Sestia Saturnina, {alive} {b. 73} Extended family: The Flavii-Alexandrae - her mother's birth family. She has many uncles and cousins through this blood relation. The Cornelii-Scipiones - again, the relationship is maternal, via her mother's own mother. distant cousins. The Juventius Geta clan through marriage via her great aunt on her paternal side. Other: Drusus Claudius Sabucius, {adoptive father} {deceased} Claudia Livia, {stepsister} {deceased} Body and cosmetic slaves Bodyguard History CHILDHOOD [46 - 57]: A girl, born some years after her two brothers, blessed Marcus and Lucilla in the year 45 AD. She had been named in honor of her mother’s father. Rufia Flavia was small thing, pink and squalling as she was placed in the youngest of her brothers’ arms. It was then when Decimus came into his nickname, Junus, after he swore that he would be her protector from that day forward. Growing up, she and Junus was close than the traditional relationship that was shared between brother and sister. Due to her father’s military career, she went many years without seeing the man that sired her. Even then, the child held a fascination with Marcus. An almost worship in a sense. And when he did return, a year after her schooling began it was to divorce her mother. So she could marry the Emperor, Claudius. It was not to her liking. She was wary of her new stepfather, and she wasn’t please with him taking it upon himself to change their names by adopting her and her siblings. It got things muddled and confusing. Becoming the daughter of the Caesar, in name, meant her education became more intense. Now THAT was to her liking. She was always a bright student for whatever tutor that was granted to her, and she often found herself learning along side Junus. Even if he was three years older than she. Her mother's marriage to Claudius lasted only a handful of years before the man was nearly assassinated once, before falling victim to another attempt five years after he forced her mother's hand in marriage. Not before Flavia became a big sister, to twins Tiberius and Claudia. TEENAGE TO EARLY ADULT [58 - 62]: Darius was now Emperor, and their father was back in their lives in some form. However, any joy from her brother's raise to power was quickly stamped out. After conquering Britannia, Darius fell gravely ill. Death would eventually win out, no matter anyone's efforts to turn him away. The next few days were a blur. Between her father and Junus becoming co-Caesars and her parents remarrying, the years following was blissful as she finally had the chance to actually know her father, instead of only getting nibbles and tidbits about it between his assignments. The year 60 became the/year that would forever define Flavia, in her own opinion. Her father had gone to war, whilst her mother's health began failing her. Although Mater had let not the first soul know, Flavia could tell. Things, while subtle, change in a person when they are dying. She had seen and studied it closely in Darius when he laid in his bed, wasting away from whatever barbaric illness he caught in Britannia. She had no choice, nor would accept any other, but to stay at her mother's side as the mysterious ailment drained her life away and the God of Death stole her soul to the underworld. What she was not prepared for was the news of her father's injury and subsequent death. Nor was she prepared for her brother, her Junus, to be murdered during the games he held to memorialize their mother. The new year dawned, and Flavia found herself under the wardship of the dictator. Her position precarious and future highly uncertain. Survival mode kicked in, and the masks she practiced from youth became a constant in her life. There was no time to wallow in the self-pity which lurked in the corner of her psyche whenever she found herself alone. Then Clemens happened and something deep inside of her gave in. She had become tired of everything and allowed her guard to lower, let him in. Only to find out the man and the fruit he was offering to her was poison. Upon her wedding day, she public denounced him, sparking a riot in her name by the common folk that had came to see the event. Clemens, in a fit of anger, gives her a near fatal wound as those loyal only onto him began a massacre through the streets of Rome. ADULTHOOD [63-NOW]: The Gods, however, seemingly had other plans for her. She would live and would come face to face with visions of her childhood. As she regained her strength, those who had been close to her parents and had decided do stay in Rome began to plot against the tyrant that held her prisoner. Coming in the form of Alarci Stilicho and Antonia Vitellia. The night he decided to bed her was the last night Clemens would breath. A poisoned dagger protruding from his chest, a tearful wife claiming an unknown assassin. Nothing was proven and nothing was ever looked into and she was finally free. Allowing her to finally grieve and heal. She married, for the second time, in the spring of 67. It was a quiet affair, unlike the one to Clemens. The man more or less nudged towards her in the years before by her uncles, a son to one of Caesar's generals. Gnaeus was, in truth, a simple man who had no love for a military life nor any great political ambitions. At first it was a marriage of emotions. He suited her own desires to stay out of the limelight that was Rome's high society, while keeping her close enough to it be with her remaining family. Most importantly, he took his time with her. Allowing her both the chances to get to know and to be use to having him around her. All the while, understanding of her past and fears. Even steadying her for the hard blow that came with her Grandmother's death. Upon the birth of her eldest child in the 69, Flavia found herself pulling away from Rome even more so than, drawn to the country side. Determined not to raise her children in the toxicity of the city she use to love. The walls of the domus that use to be home to her was tainted with too much blood. Too much violence. Too many bad memories. The years that followed saw the birth of her son and then the closing of the first decade her uncle held power. In the dusk of 73, she gave birth two more girl. A set of twins she did not expect. Honoria, named to honor Flavia's father and Saturnina, to honor the day the twins were born. DEV | EASTER | DISCORD OR PM
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    New Arrivals

    30th December 73 AD --- Labor had been quick for her this time around. Less than a few hours and not one but two new lives came into the world. Small but thankfully robust. Flavia was unsure what surprised her more. How quickly both came or that there had been more than one. Laughter had filled the room when Gnaeus had been called in to be presented his new daughters. His shock apparent but soon replaced by joy that his wife and both the newborns were expected to live. Motherhood renewed blossomed Flavia prettily, her color quickly returning as she slowly began to heal from her delivery. Each girl sported a head of dark hair and warm tanned skin. Like their siblings. Gnaeus was overjoyed with his fatherhood, boasted to his own about it. Who finally was sober enough to see to them. Flavia had expected disappointment, no second grandson. But the moment the youngest of the two latched her hand around his fingers and gripped it strongly, Gaius had nothing left to say but how proud he was. There would be time for another son. For now, as December began to round to its end, Flavia kept herself horded in the warm bedroom. Lucilla and Minor curled up next to her, asleep. Honoria and Saturnina laid between her and the others. Sleepy yawns on cute little faces. "You're so precious." She said to them as she traced the outline of Saturnina's face. Softly sighing at the silky softness. "Oh the family is just going to love you two so much." She said as she scooped up Honoria as she began to fuss, shushing her softly as she tried to determine what her daughter needed. Unaware that she would have a visitor soon.
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    For You...

    The woman allowed her body to relax into her husband's embrace, at ease with the closeness to him. A laugh leaving her as she listened to him with interest. "Still. They'll have you rebuilding all of Rome before the end of everything" She taunted playfully, however, she was proud of him and his accomplishments. And she was selfish enough to enjoy the fact that it kept him tied to the city. And not somewhere faraway. Jullus was still in Germania and Laelius was wherever Quintus had stationed the boy. She had a mind to ask her husband to do something about the latter. Quintus would listen to him. "She's doing wonderfully, the children adore her. All of them. I think it's because of her age. We're ancient in their eyes. Plus they are thrilled with their new cousin, even if he's too small to play with." She teased once more with a small laugh. "However, I think she would like a familiar, and welcomed face. We should make sure she doesn't dine in her chambers tonight." Octavius Flavius Alexander
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    For You...

    Valeria had came into her own over the last decade; as a wife, as a mother and as a leading matron of Rome. Not only lending a guiding hand to her sisters-in-law when it came to be the ideal Flavian wife. The children had wandered off to go oo-and-awe over the latest addition to the family home, little Publius. And to crowd Lucretia with attention as she recovered. Leaving Valeria with a rare and precious moment to relax and enjoy her home free of the demands of her small children. She enjoyed it, but still she missed them when their attentions were elsewhere. Footsteps neared her and she smiled as she recognized them almost instantly. They were the same as always. Firm, masculine, a slight hitch from battles fought and age taking over. Her husband was home, a bit earlier today than many days. She didn't mind his work. His work was important, he was busy carving out a name for himself, to keep from being swallowed up by Quintus' glory. His voice, deep and filled with mirth, echoed slightly through the quietness of the triclinium as he greeted her in their casual and usual manner. "Husband... all is well and the children have ran off to bother dear Lucretia, as if she needs more annoyances while she is on the last stages of her recovery" She muttered back in reply, tilting her head to accept the kiss as she eased into his embrace, her arms sliding easily around his shoulders as she shifted closer to him. "There is no need to apologize." She wanted him to hush with those apologies, she knew him. She knew how he worked and how he placed his family above all things. She was not insecure enough to believe that he was out chasing other women. Even if he wanted to, she wouldn't be bothered. "Your work is important, Octavius and is so as equally to me as it is to you. You need never worry if I am bothered by that, I am not." What he was doing was building a legacy for their son and their future grandsons, and he had that firmly in his hands, she was content in keeping their present in order. "But tell me, how are you? Do I need tell our Emperor and Empress to stop from working you too hard?" She questioned a bit cheekily. Octavius Flavius Alexander
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