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  1. Jullus tugged his thick cloak tighter to his body as he stepped into the cold mausoleum, alone. The stone building making things colder in the October brisk breeze, and his bones ached. Or maybe it was just his soul bleeding into his body. He rarely haunted the places where his family's ashes were entombed. He had no need for such sentiments when he could find traces of his father, mother and even his dead brothers in his young boys, their mother as well ... and the hint of what could have been if the second of this three boys had lived. His living daughter was a corporeal ghost that had been
  2. Dev Jullus Flavius Alexander - here Rufia Flavia - here Valeria Maxima - here
  3. Jullus Flavius Alexander - 12 - Yellow - Dev Rufia Flavia - 1 - Blue - Dev Valeria Maxima - 7 - Purple - Dev @Anna
  4. Since becoming a mother, Valeria was no longer a deep sleeper. There was always pattering of feet, small bodies climbing into bed next to her due to a nightmare or monsters in the shadows. Their nannies unable to convince the two children no such things existed. Only mother's comfort could sooth those fears. She wasn't quite sure what her sleep addled mind thought it was when she felt the bed shaking, but after patting the bed to see which child had came to join her she knew something was off. Sitting up, she gently woke her body slave up, about to speak when the biggest of the tremors hit. A
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  6. Life in the last few years had been kind to Flavia, that was something she could say without a doubt in her heart. She had a home she thrived in, a love with a good man who seemed more happy to be a landowner than anything else, and four beautiful children that filled the halls with laughter and cheer. Sure there had been some rumblings of drama from beyond their orbit, her sister-in-law getting into trouble with her father-in-law. But it mostly left the family of six and their household alone, the waves of it barely rocking them. But perhaps what was because Flavia stayed out of the limelight
  7. The invitation found its way to her, and Valeria was struck curious of the subject. A social gathering where the ladies of Rome could read together. It was ... interesting ... to say the least, not something she had expected to have made its way to her. But she still accepted it with great curiosity. After all, it wasn't often she could get out of the domus for herself and not because she had other social requirements to meet for the day. The children were left behind. Valeriana, though she protested, was much to young for something as heavy as the Odyssey to read on her own and the mothe
  8. @Gothic May Jullus have a domus on Domi Palatini, plz and thank you!
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    @Jenn Flavia would love a visit from Julia! I'll probably toss Valeria in the book club so that might be a good place for her and Barbara to meet as well! @Brian I'd love to thread Jullus and Lucius and see where my others can fit in! at everyone else! Jullus could use a few friends and such so you know ... I might toss an open up to see where things go!
  10. Name: DevDescription: Dev's little corner to mark lives of her characters. @Anna
  11. Dev~ staying~ keeping: Jullus Flavius Alexander, Valeria Maxima, Rufia Flaviadropping: n/a
  12. Flavia knew the second's name was something else. However, out of all the names they had came up with, none had suited her better. "You did not have to bring them or me anything." she, however, did mutter in protest. Time and circumstance had humbled what was once a precocious and demanding personality. Taking the box that was offered, and smiling as she flipped open the lid to examine the fine stones that laid within. She then cast a look up at her younger brother and smiled, "They shall go well with the amulets Gnaeus will present them." She said, her tone fond as she fingered the
  13. october 74ad There probably wasn't many in Rome who had lived through Clemens that didn't recognize her, this much Flavia knew as she walked among the masses. The great market was bustling as always, and every once in a while she would catch glimpse of someone staring at her. Use to the stares bothered her, she never knew if they had been out of pity, respect or blame. Now with a happy marriage and four children later, she found she cared not for any of it. She didn't need any of it. Rome, which once was such a familiar and welcoming place to her - or as she called it in her yout
  14. September 74 Swinging himself off his horse, Jullus landed on the dirt path in front of the villa's gate with a soft thug and small cloud of dust that kicked up. He pulled his cloak around him tighter as a breeze cut through him, and he handed off his horse to one of the slaves that came out to meet him. Unlike the city, which always seemed warmer due to the population and bustle of the city, he could tell that Autumn was slowly taking hold of the country side. Just by the feel of the air. He supposed it was only proper, the Queen of the Underworld had returned to her husband once more
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